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IV. Kami No Chikara

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IV. Kami No Chikara Empty Thu Feb 24, 2022 6:07 pm



Name: Kami No Chikara

Slot: Weapon

Type: Gauntlet

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: Light

Damage: +80 Damage

Durability: 2x S Rank


Description: Kami is a gauntlet that fits on the use’s right hand. It has a shining turquoise and gold color scheme to it. It is made so the user’s fingertips are unprotected, but more so the user isn’t constricted. The steel used to forge the gauntlet is made in a scale formation with one steel overlapping the other, so the user can bend and flex the gauntlet without a problem. Where the back of the hand is located there is a gold plate protecting the user’s hand. It has many different gems embedded in it, in the color that represents the gauntlet itself. The gold plate has a nice design to it, but it has a god-like creature on it. The blue scales over the gold that covers the forearm could be used to disarm people whose weapons get caught on them.

Lore: Kami no Chikara is a gauntlet left by Yuurei’s father the day of his disappearance. It was one of the two things that he had of his dad. The history of this weapon comes from fighting against monsters since the beginning of time. Humans who didn’t have magic needed a way to fight those stronger than them. That was when a blacksmith was able to create a gauntlet to be used to fight. Those who wore it couldn't take on the power that was dwelling within it. It took many people to try it on, and eventually, one man would be able to. This person was Yuurei’s ancestor, and they were able to use the gauntlet's special abilities, to gain power strong enough to fight against monsters that were stronger than them. It came to the realization that only those that have their ancestor’s blood of a Starlight were able to wield this weapon, and those who didn’t could only use it as a regular gauntlet and nothing more.


  • None

  • +40 Speed

  • None


  • Divine Love 15% Mana Cost Reduction on item spells.
  • Lucky Light 10% increase in Jewels from any quest.


  • Name: Kami's Gift
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Kami no Chikara
    Type: Self-Buff
    Element: Light
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user will focus their mana into their gauntlet causing the gauntlet to glow all around. Once it takes in the mana it will send a surge of energy straight into the user as it will engulf them in energy that didn't have before. The user will feel their energy manifesting inside of them allowing them to become stronger and faster than they were before. This brings the user's strength and speed to get a buff of S rank. Using this spell still counts as them using their weapon for weapon mastery and effects.

Points Breakdown

  • Legendary
  • Weapon
  • Effects: 25
  • Spells: 15

Total points Acquired: 40
Total Points Spent: 40


IV. Kami No Chikara Empty Thu Feb 24, 2022 6:12 pm


Custom Claim Source

Please state you received the custom:
  • This custom was received as part of completing 250 roleplay posts



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@Yuurei has claimed Kami No Chikara using 250 Posts to claim a legendary custom.

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