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Testing The Waters [Quest | Kailani & Yuurei]

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#1Kailani Fleurn † 

Testing The Waters [Quest | Kailani & Yuurei] Empty Fri Dec 03, 2021 9:29 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
Lilac locks flowed gently in the salty breeze. The smell of the ocean was still something the young wood elf had been growing used to. The scents they were used to were far more earthy from living in the forest. Rather than the small chirps of sparrows, the squawks of seagulls rung in the air. Everything was so different, yet so enchanting, Kailani found it difficult to focus properly on the woman she had come to help, only snapping back to attention as she heard a voice speak up beside her.

"Grab that one, and give it the green sticky label." The blue-haired woman gave short, but understandable commands as she urged Kailani to be careful with the samples.

"Oh... Yes." the wind mage blinked as they focused back on the task at hand, carefully they picked up the capped tube before placing the correct coloured indicator on the side and placing it to the side.

Kailani had been hesitant when it came to picking her first quest since joining up with Blue Pegasus; she wanted to ensure there would be no failure on her part. It hadn't been until her best friend had convinced her that this one was truly important as it had to do with the environment and they could easily extend their knowledge by simply spending the day helping out a well-known marine biologist, Raina Burke. Naturally, Kailani had asked several questions, immediately winning over the woman with their shared passion of ensuring nature remained as undisturbed as possible.

"And you, Yuurei, correct?" Raina would ask, waiting for some kind of acknowledgment before continuing, "Are you able to place those carefully in that box, they should be able to simply slide in." The woman pointed towards a couple of other samples they had gathered, each with various coloured stickers to indicate where they had been collected along with a box used for carrying the test tubes. Once they were all put away the trio could head back to the lab to begin the actual tests.



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Yuurei was excited to leave the forest, and everything that he had come upon since had been fascinating. The world outside of the forest was interesting indeed, and he didn’t think he would get enough of it. Still, his mission was to make connections, become stronger, and find more clues for his future goal. This quest he was doing had something to do with the cleansing of the aquatic side of the earth, or that was his understanding. He figured helping the earth heal would be for the best even if it was something unknown to him.

They walked throughout the edge of the land and his eyes wandered at every boat docked and every merchant stand that was nearby. He didn’t say much now, but it wouldn’t take long for him to be snapped back into reality. Raina had asked him to do something for her, and he would smile at her.

“Yes, of course, Raina I can do that for you.” He said not hesitating to do what was asked of him.

He grabbed the tubes gently as he wasn’t too sure how durable they were. The youth had examined the sample as he had never seen anything like this before. Yuurei would place the samples into the box and while he was doing this, he figured he would make conversation. He hoped it would be the right thing to do or else he would be quiet from here on out.

“It’s good to see someone caring for the land that we live in, or at least the water that coexists with our lands.” He said lifting up the box once he was finished with putting the samples where they belonged.

“Raina would be considered a water elf or a water human. Your care for the condition of the water is how we feel about nature. It’s one of the main reasons why I asked Kailani to take it.” He said looking at his best friend.

“How’s everything on your end Kai?” He asked her wondering if she had everything taken care of.


#3Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"I'm ready." Kailani replied quietly, her voice barely audible through the rest of the port's noises. Standing up she'd double-check all the labels she'd been in charge of before nodding to herself and placing the supplies back into the satchel she'd been given for the day.

"Hehe." Raina chuckled slightly at the half-elf's comment, "Being called that is a first, I simply care greatly for the creatures and unfortunately..." the woman paused, her expression turning sour as thoughts ran through her mind, taking in a deep breath to calm her inner rage, as the two assistants were certainly not to blame, "They have no power of their own to stop people from poisoning their home." her voice was laced with disgust for those that seemed to either fail to notice or simply didn't care, as they went about polluting the ocean.

"Hopefully though, if I can just gather the evidence and show it to the right people then something can be done about it." She forced a smile as she led them through the town and back to her lab a few streets into the port town.

Upon reaching it she'd open the door, gesturing for the duo to go in ahead of her as they were carrying most of the gear.

"You can put the bag over there," The marine biologist pointed to the table near the entrance for Kailani, before pointing to a bench next to the testing equipment, "The box of samples can be placed next to those. Once you're ready you just need to split them up based on the colours of the labels and put them in batches so I can complete the tests." She'd stride over to a set of drawers, opening one and taking out a variety of test kits.

"Yuurei, stick one of these into one of the samples of each batch, it'll test the acidity and these are salinity meters, put them into one of the others." The orders continued, giving the young boy more of the physical work while she took Kailani over to the bookshelves, offering her a journal that they had discussed earlier in the day, "You can take down the notes, all you have to do is open up to the latest page and fill out the table, I'm sure you can handle that, yes?"

"Of course, no problem." The elf muttered, bowing her head slightly as she agreed before taking the journal offered and waiting for her partner to read out the results, pen in hand.



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They were ready to head back, but before that he heard Raina’s words and he could hear disgust coming from it. He shook his head because it was like what he saw the other wood elves having to deal with when a human tried to do something to taint their lands.

“That would be good if you could get things fixed. There are a lot of people out there that just don’t understand that this is truly hurting the world we live in.”

With his comment, they were ready to be on their way to her lab. Yuurei was very careful with the crate of samples he was carrying. He didn’t want to break it or mess up on their first mission. It would be embarrassing if something like that had happened. Still, everything around him was too interesting for him not to see. Their trip though wasn’t long enough for anything bad to happen to the samples. He was relieved when she opened the door for them. He walked in after he was told where to put the samples.

Yuurei carefully placed the box down next to the other samples before waiting for the next set up instructions that Raina would give him. The task was simple, and he would nod at her.

“Understood.” He said as he got to work.

The half-elf would find himself moving the samples around based on their colors. He could have finished that quicker than he did, but he was making sure he didn’t break anything. Once he was done with organizing everything as told to, it was on the next task at hand. The next thing for him to do was stick something that would check the acidity of the sample and a salinity meter in another sample of each batch that was presented. Yuurei was glad to do this as the thing he was holding was new to him.

He would make his way to two samples of each batch doing as he was instructed. It took quite some time at first, but he got the hang of it quickly. When he was done with everything, he moved towards the first batch and started giving out the numbers that were on the meter that he put in each sample. Once he was done, he would stand up straight as he looked over to Raina with a sense of accomplishment.

“All tasks have been taken care of Raina. What else would you want us to do?” He asked willing to help her out with anything else.


#5Kailani Fleurn † 

Testing The Waters [Quest | Kailani & Yuurei] Empty Fri Dec 03, 2021 10:44 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani diligently took down notes on the figures thrown her way before handing the journal back to Raina. The human woman scanned the results, muttering things under her breath.

“Hmm… The PH levels are more acidic than this time last year..” she mumbled before finally turning to respond to Yuurei, “Well you two have made for excellent assistants, naturally I will be paying what I owe you as this was all I originally requested. There is however one more thing I would like to do today if you have time, after lunch perhaps? I will pay extra of course.” Raina added, glancing away from the notes to look at the two elves.

Kailani’s lilac eyes glanced over towards her friend, they themselves had no issue doing more for this woman and as far as they were aware the duo had nothing better to do in the afternoon.

“Of course, it would be an honour to assist you further in your endeavours.” The wood elf replied, another small bow causing Raina to chuckle.

“Haha, there’s no need to be so formal dear. For now you two can go get something to eat, there’s a nice cafe just down the road, just head left when you leave. Meet back here in around an hour.” the bluenette stated before heading towards the door to another room attached to the building.

Unsure how to respond, Kailani would stand there for a moment and blink before looking towards Yuurei.

“Lunch then?” More of a statement than a question as the lilac haired girl turned, heading out towards the direction of the aforementioned cafe.


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Yuurei had gotten his answers from their client, which was fine to him. He had a small smile on his face as he was glad that he could help those who needed it. She was giving them a break before they continued helping her, which was fine. It also seemed like Kailani was fine with doing more work. He had slightly bow around the same time his best friend did, only to hear Raina tell them they didn’t have to. He stretched his arms into the air while she recommended a location for them to re-energize.

“Thank you for the recommendation.” He said as he watched her walk off to another part of the building they were in.

His eyes turned to Kailani as he was wondering if she was ready to go. In response to his glance, she had spoken and soon after walked towards the door. He followed behind her and soon to her side. They had finished their mission and were now doing extra work. The half-elf was hoping that all their missions would go this smoothly but knew they were doing simple missions. They needed to start somewhere in the guild and at the bottom seemed just right. Still, for now, they would get a meal come back, and help Raina with anything else she might need assistance on.


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