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Travel (East to Central)

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Travel (East to Central) Empty Wed Feb 16, 2022 1:33 pm

Yuurei had decided that he would take a trip throughout Fiore. He had been to the South, the East, and a bit of the North. He decided he would head to the North first and then make his way around until he got back to Magnolia before the airship would leave him. He figured he could do it and he prepared his trip with Renji on his side. When they were ready, the two of them would be on their way out of Magnolia. Once on the outskirts, the two of them would start their travel.

He was in no rush, but he wanted to get to their destination quickly. It was in the North, but a new place. He wasn't heading to Crocus, but Era. He read about it being a large town and that it was built on a rocky mountain. It was interesting and he wanted to check it out. They would take a small break throughout their travel as they were enjoying the view of the outside. Of course, their break would finish up and Yuurei would continue the travel as he had to go through a small path that would lead them to the town of Era.



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