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Babysitting Abigail (Good Quest)

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Yuurei had taken a quest to take care of the young lord who took care of Hargeon. It seemed like he had to take care of his niece today, which he was fine with doing. It would be nice to do a lord a favor even though he was getting paid for it. The day was nice outside, but it was still cold, so he made sure to bundle up. He didn’t understand why the girl wanted to go outside when he heard she was sick, but he wasn’t going to tell her no. He had gotten acquainted with the young girl and her name was Abigail Valystasia. She wore a nice coat and warmed clothes to keep her warm outside. It seemed like she had an attitude with Yuurei, which made him feel bad because he wasn’t sure what he had done wrong. Still, their adventure would start at Hargeon Beach.


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"I want you to collect all the seashells by the shore and bring them to me." She would say this to Yuurei.

He would look at her when she had asked them but was fine with doing it. He would smile at her and he would bow slightly before heading off to take care of what she wanted him to do. The light mage had used his magic to speed himself as he would have a magical circle appear above his hand and stars would enter his body. It was then he would start running through the entire shore as he was constantly looking for the shells she wanted. He was surprised that she would command him to do this, but he could tell from the beginning she wasn't happy with him being around her.

Still, he continued scooping the shells that he would find while Abigail would just relax watching him do what she wanted him to do.

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Yuurei kept going through the entire shore and soon enough the mage would have found all of the shells. He was glad that she had brought a bucket with her, but it all meant that she had planned to make him do this. He would make his way back to her and he would smile at her as he wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"Here are all the shells you asked for Abigail. Is there anything else you want me to do?" He would ask her wondering what she would say.

Abigail looked at the shells that he had collected, and she was surprised that he did that without complaining. Still, she wanted to get mad about something, so she decided to complain about the sun.

"It's so hot for some reason! The sun is beaming down even though it's cold outside! Yuurei stay in front of me and block the sun for me now!" She demanded from Yuurei waiting to see what he would do.



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Yuurei would bow again as he was fine with doing what she wanted. He moved in front of her as he gave her the shade that she wanted. He would stretch a bit as he was glad to relax a bit. She noticed that didn't bother him, which frustrated her a bit, but she could see that he was genuinely a nice person. Still, she wondered how long it would take for him to complain to her.

"Abigail how are you feeling? Feel any better?' He would ask trying to make conversation with her.

She heard him but would ignore him. Instead, she would huff and puff because she didn't want to be here anymore. Abigail knew what she wanted him to do, and she had a smile on her face. She was devious with seeing how far she could poke the bear, but with Yuurei he had a lot of patience.



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"Yuurei, carry me on your back and take me to the forest on the other side of this beach. I want to see the flowers that are in the forest." She demanded him more than ask.

Yuurei hear this and he would nod as he understood what she wanted, and he would kneel down, so she could climb on his back. The light mage would start walking with the girl on his back as he started whistling a tune that he loved listening to back in the forest. Their trip to the forest wouldn't take as long as she might have intended. The half-elf walking strides were long, and she noticed that he didn't get frustrated with taking her to wherever she wanted. Once they got there, Yuurei would walk into the forest, and he would search for where the colorful flowers were. It wouldn't take long to find it and he would kneel down so she could get off his back. She was happy to see the flowers but was upset that her uncle wasn't here.



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Abigail looked over to Yuurei and knew what she wanted him to do now. This was going to get him angry, or at least that was the plan.

"Yuurei collect those flowers for me and bring them to me." She said to him.

Yuurei would smile and nod as he had joyfully walked to where all the flowers were located and started picking one of each different color flower that was there. As he was doing this, Yuurei wouldn't notice that Abigail had left the area they were in. Still, he had continued whistling as he finished picking up all the flowers. When he got back to where Abigail should have been, his eyes widen as he was surprised that she left him alone. He looked around as he panicked because he didn't want to get in trouble for losing the little girl.

"Abigail where are you!" He shouted hoping that she would answer him.



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Yuurei wouldn't get an answer, so he did what he needed to do and he used his magic again. It allowed him to move faster than he normally could, and he would be able to cover distances easier. The half-elf would run through the forest as he was nervous that something might have happened to her. He shouted her name but of course no answer. His venture through the forest was not enjoyed and took a while, but he would hear someone crying not too far from where he was. He stopped moving to make sure he wasn't going crazy and soon enough he would hear it again. Yuurei ran in the direction where it was coming from and soon enough he would find Abigail next to a tree cuddled up and crying. He would sigh with relief that he had found her, and rushed straight to her as he was hoping that she was fine and didn't get hurt.



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When he got close to Abigail, he came to a stop so he didn't scare her.

"Abigail, are you okay? You scared me when you disappeared. I thought I lost you." He said to her.

Abigail would notice that he looked for her and she stopped crying slowly as she was happy that he had found her. She saw something interesting and walked away from him and got lost doing so. She was looking for him and she got more lost than she already was.

"Ye... yes I'm fine. Can you take me home Yuurei?" She asked him nicely this time.

Yuurei would hear her tone of voice change, and he would smile as he would kneel down, so she could hop on his back.

"Let's be on our way then." He said as she would get on his back and he would start walking off and out of the forest.

Yuurei moved throughout the town of Hargeon with Abigail on his back as she embraced him for finding her.



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It wouldn't take long for them to make it back to the castle, and when they got there. Yuurei would put Abigail down on the ground. The little girl would move towards Yuurei and hug him this time, and he would smile as he was glad and felt so much warmth from the hug.

"Thank you for finding me, but also thank you for spending the time with me today. You're one of the nicest people I ever met. I'm sorry for how I acted and treated you." She said to him.

Yuurei would pat her on the head with a smile on his face.

"It's fine I'm used to helping out anybody that needs it. I've done my whole life." He said to her.

Yuurei would walk her all the way to her room as she insisted that he did. He would do that without a problem, and once they got there she would enter her room. They had exchanged their goodbyes right before that as he saw his way out.



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Yuurei would be met with one of the housemaids as they had seen both of them come in. Renji was also there as he would climb on Yuurei's shoulder. She would hand him the reward for taking care of the girl, but she was happy to see that Abigail wasn't angry but happy to have spent her time with this stranger. The light mage would walk off with the reward and his partner in crime.

"That girl was rude she forced me to stay in the castle. What did you guys do?" He would ask curious to hear what he had to say.

Yuurei moved out of the castle and figured it was a good time to tell him what they did. The half-elf explained everything that had happened, and Renji was not happy with what happened. Still, he understood why Yuurei didn't persist in taking him with him, or he would have gotten Yuurei in trouble.


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