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A Day to be a Knight (Good Quest)

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Yuurei and Renji had taken a stroll through the docks of Hargeon in search of some fresh fish. He was going to make something for Renji and see whether or not the Exceed would enjoy it. It was colder than usual today, but it was still as busy. While moving through the area, Renji would droll a bit as he could see the different variety of fish that were around them. Still, while they were looking they would be interrupted as they bumped into them. This man was scrawnier than Yuurei and they both stumble back as they looked at each other. The light mage could see that there was something going on with him, so he figured he would ask him what it was.

"Are you okay? You look like you have something you need help with?" He asked him curious to see what he would say.

"I'm sorry, and yes I do need help with something. I mean no it's nothing." He would frantically speak to Yuurei.


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Yuurei and Renji could see that he was lying and they were looking at each other before looking at him. They would shake their head as they figured they would press him on the matter.

"Hey man tell us what is wrong and we could help you. My friend is actually good at helping out with requests." Renji said with a stern look on his face.

Collin would look at the cat as he was surprised that it could talk but looked at the half-elf to see that he might be what he needed. He would sigh trying to relax and when he did he would be able to explain the situation.

"So I was walking around the streets to see if I could find someone who could do a job. The lord of Hargeon wanted me to find someone who could patrol the streets for him. Do you think you could do that?" He asked wondering what Yuurei would reply with.



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Yuurei would rub his chin as he was thinking about what was being asked. He was going to have to walk around these streets in the cold. He looked at Renji and figured they would need more money anyway, so why not.

"Fine, we will take on this job. I was walking around anyways so I don't mind." He said to Collin.

The page would bow down slightly as he would then find himself walking off away from Yuurei. The half-elf and the Exceed would sigh as they started doing the job they would take on. He moved through the streets of Hargeon, his eyes examining everything that was around him. He had to make sure that everything was fine and that there wasn't anybody causing trouble. It seemed like everything was fine, and he kept moving around hoping that it would stay that way. Of course, all things came to an end when he looked into an alleyway nearby.



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His eyes widen when he saw the event that took place. In front of him he would watch two men talking and dealing drugs with each other. It seemed like they didn't notice Yuurei, so the young man found himself walking towards both of them. He wanted to get closer before addressing them, and before he could say anything he had gotten too close. They both looked over to him and they were caught by surprise. They looked at each other and soon enough they both started running away. Yuurei sigh as he was going to catch one or the other, and he decided to go for the one that wasn't big, which allowed Reagan to get away from him.

While chasing the other one Yuurei would have magic activated to make things easier for him. Two stars would appear floating into the air and soon enough they would enter inside of his body making him quicker than before.


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The man would continue running away and he had thought he had made some good strides. Still, when he looked back he would be surprised about what he saw. The man from before was gaining on him, and he was shocked to see that this was happening. Yuurei could see that he was nervous and scared, but soon everything was going to end. His strides had gotten him close enough to the man and he would shoulder tackle the man on his back, which would cause him to fall and roll on the ground. The half-elf continued running until the man stopped rolling and he was next to him. He would crack his neck as he was ready to get this man to talk. He needed to know who that other guy was, and what they were trying to sell. The man would lay on his back as he would look at the predator. He gasp for air as he had never run that much in his life.



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Yuurei would watch as the man would do his best to get up, but before he could, he would activate another spell. A star appearing out of the palm of his hand would enter his body making him stronger than he previously was. He would step on the man's stomach to make sure that he couldn't get up. He would sigh as he would look at him with a happy face on him.

"So I have a question for you. Who was the man that was selling drugs to you and where did they get them from?" He asked him hoping he would have the answer he was looking for.

He would groan and moan from the pressure he felt from Yuurei. He couldn't tell him anything or else he would be screwed forever. Still, he also didn't know how things would go if he gave up all the information.

"I don't know I just wanted the drugs that he was selling nothing more." He said to Yuurei.




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Yuurei would shake his head when he heard that because he knew that he was lying out of his ass. It wasn't just that, but they wouldn't be selling anything to this guy unless they could trust that he wasn't an undercover knight or someone trying to catch him in the act. The half-elf would put more pressure on the man's chest and he would groan and wiggle because of the discomfort.

"I'm not stupid okay. How about this you tell me what I need to know, and I will let you go, and leave you out of this? It would be best for everyone right?' He asked him as he stared down at him waiting for an answer.

"Fine I will tell you, but please stop putting so much force on your foot. And do I have your word that nothing will happen to me?" He asked.

"You have my word." He said as he was being honest and waited for him to speak.



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The man would think about it and he could see from the man's tone that he was true to his words. He would nod his head up and down as he figured it was time to tell him everything that he knew. He was going to be fine, and if they captured Reagan, then he would need to leave Hargeon for quite some time. This was it and honestly, he hoped things would go right.

"Okay, the man's name is Reagan Hullston. He is a smuggler who usually sells things that he gets from the pirates that dock outside of Hargeon. He smuggles for them, and in return, they give him things that he can sell and make money off of it. If you go with this information you will be able to find the pirates, stop them for future wrongs, and put Reagan in jail for good. So, please let me go." He said pleading that he would keep to his word.

Yuurei would nod hearing his words and he was trying to decide whether or not this man was lying to him. Renji would just rub his chin trying to figure out what the hell they were talking about.




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"Thank you for all of the information you've given me. I will do as promised and let you go. As you can see I didn't even ask you for your name." He said this as he would let go of him.

The man would get up from the floor quickly as he was nervous and scared for his life. It wouldn't take long, but he would start running again as he was doing his best to make it to his home quickly. Yuurei would stretch his arms into the air as he had done something good. He kept moving throughout the city of Hargeon as he continued his patrol. There wasn't anything else that caught his attention and it seemed like what he dealt with was his only problem. When the day was done, he figured he would go and meet up with Collin. Yuurei kept moving through the streets and to his final destination.




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Soon, Yuurei would have met up with Collin. The page noticed the arrival of Yuurei they would shake his hands and he would wait for his report before handing him the reward for his good deed.

"Everything in the city was perfectly fine today. There was only one situation that I have to report about." He paused a bit before continuing on.

"I was told by a man who was purchasing drugs about Reagan Hullston. He smuggles things for pirates that usually dock outside of Hargeon. They give him illegal merchandise and drugs so that he could sell them throughout the city. The informant told me that if you find the pirates and mention Reagan they will speak up not being able to trust him anymore. That should be enough to entrap him and then take out the pirates." He said to Collin.

The page knight was surprised that this guy had gotten this information about a man doing such a bad thing within the city. He was happy about this and with that, he had given Yuurei his reward, and the half-elf would be on his way to buy his last-minute fish for the day.


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