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A New Friend (Brone/Yuurei)

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A New Friend (Brone/Yuurei) Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 5:08 pm


Another day in the guildhall meant that Yuurei would take his time in learning more about the land that he was living in. He was a Fiorian, but knew nothing outside of the forest; he continued his studies about the world so that he didn’t find himself getting lost, or even being manipulated in a certain region. It was interesting to learn the different types of lands that were waiting for him outside of the forest. His studies found him in the lounge once again with his nice coat on the chair. The weather outside was harsh for someone like him. They were near the water, so everything was much colder. In the end, he was still adjusting to everything.

The guildhall was empty today as well, which he found relaxing. He didn’t know where Kailani was located, but he figured she was out doing her own thing or just being lazy. His eyes scanned the pages with focus as he was trying to absorb everything. He was almost done with the first volume of the books and plenty more to go. Still, he wasn’t alone Renji was with him today. The Exceed bored out of his mind was found pacing around the lounge. He would look over to Yuurei every few seconds as he would shake his head and start pacing again. It wouldn’t take long for him to reach his limit, and the Exceed would move towards Yuurei.

“Are you almost done Yuu? I wanted to go outside, but I’m not trying to go out on my own. Someone might try to take me as a pet and I don’t need that.” He said that as he would climb on Yuurei’s chair and onto his shoulder.

Yuurei would stop reading as he would look over to Renji and laugh a bit.

“If you were taken as a pet, they would put you back where they found you with the attitude you possess.” He laughed a bit before he came to a stop.

“I’m almost done with reading and then we can go outside and enjoy the snow.” He said as he would continue reading and Renji would huff and puff as he would give his friend a few more minutes.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had made his way to the guildhall, though not the first time today. He muttered and grumbled under his breath while stomping his feet, pulling at the collar of his brown buttoned up dress shirt. The day started well enough, his attitude was bright as the morning sun, at least until he had reached the guildhall, to which he was then turned away and asked to return after he had improved on his appearance. He had made his way back to his studio apartment he had recently acquired to pick out a better outfit, though he was then sent back twice until he was fully showered, had to purchase a pair of slacks and a dress shirt.

Once Brone reached the front of the guildhall, he took a deep breath, staring at the double doors. He made sure to check his outfit, the pantlegs were straight, his cologne was carefully selected, a cross between sandalwood and some form of musk, the collar of his shirt was fixed and his cuffs were folded correctly.

"Alright" he said to himself as he pushed through the double doors. Before he could say a greeting, he realized he was met by the empty open area of the hall. As beautiful and clean as it was, only one person was there, a young man with white hair reading a book. Without wanting it to be awkward, Brone made his way over to the young man. The sound of his heavy feet in brown dress shoes clacking against the marble floor echoed throughout the silent hall.

"Good afternoon" Brone tried to keep his tone positive, albeit irritated due to his running around all morning, He stood straight, trying to appear as elegant and proper as possible. Hopefully this time he won't be turned away.


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It was a while, but he kept reading his book and Renji could see the dedication that he was putting into this book. He wondered what it was about, and he looked at it. His eyes widen when he saw this because it looked like he wasn’t the only one who didn’t know anything about the world outside. He had to praise this guy for trying to learn about his surroundings like this. It wouldn’t take long, but both would hear walking coming from behind them. The young lad knew that he didn’t have to worry about someone doing anything bad to him in these halls, so he didn’t turn or get defensive. It wouldn’t take long, but he would be met with a greeting from the stranger behind him.

“Good afternoon to you too. One second I’m almost done with this book.” He said this to the stranger behind him as he continued his reading.

It wouldn’t take long for this to happen, but he would close his book as he would sigh with relief that he was done with this. He would lean back on his chair, and he would have a smile on his face.

“Now that I finished with that book I could read the next book later.” He spoke to Renji as he got up from the chair he was sitting on to turn to the man who was behind him.

He didn’t see anybody at first as he was looking straight ahead of him, but then an idea had come to mind. The person might have been shorter than he was, so it was best that he looked down to make sure. Yuurei would look down to see that there was a small man in front of him and he could tell from an instant that these were the infamous dwarves that he heard of in the forest. It would seem like there was one in this guild, which was cool in his eyes.

“How’s your day going? The name is Yuurei by the way, and the guy on top of my shoulders is Renji.” He said to him.

“Yeah the name is Renji and don’t you forget it. Still, what are you? I thought everyone out here was human, but you’re a half-elf Yuurei, Kailani is a wood elf, and now we got a strong-looking short guy. Is he a small-elf?” He asked as he was curious to hear what the man had to say to him.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had waited for the person to reply. At first he wasn't sure whether the person is a male or female, so he also unsure of what formalities he should use. Normally he wouldn't need to worry of such things, but one of the requirements, or expectations of the guild is to be "Genteel and respective". The moment he got an answer, he realized by the tone of the voice he was most likely male, but he couldn't be sure which irritated the dwarf just as much as the white haired male not even lifting his eyes from his book while he asked for Brone to wait until he finished reading. Through gritted teeth, Brone said Understood, sir", he noted at least the guildmember asked politely.

During the moment of silence, Brone took another look around to see if there was anyone else he could talk to. Confirming they were alone, he sighed and looked back at the guildmember, then something caught his eye, through the white hair, he could see the guildmember's ears are slightly pointed. A slender build, pointed ears, elegance and possible arrogance; Brone suspected this person to be an elf, though he has only met one decades ago.

"Nice to meet you, Yuurei, my name is Brone Heavyaxe" he was about to stick out his hand, but hesitated and kept it at his side. The communication was off to him, he was trying his best to be presentable so he wouldn't have to be sent home another time. What threw him off was the sudden emergence of an orange cat speaking quickly and seemed a bit more intrusive than the dwarf would liked, but seeing the cat act so forthcoming gave the dwarf some ease, trying to see if he can let loose a little within these tight walls.

"I'm a dwarf" Brone answered the cat, a little put off by the cat's ignorance, though he was surprised by the fact the cat was able to talk, he was appreciative of the talkative feline, now Brone confirmed Yuurei is a half-elf.



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Yuurei would find himself smacking his face when he heard what the Exceed had asked Brone. He knew that he was a dwarf, but he couldn’t correct his companion quick enough. Still, he couldn’t help but feel relieved that this dwarf wasn’t upset with how Renji approached him verbally. He looked at his companion and then back at Brone waiting for something to be said.

“I see a dwarf. Now I can understand why you’re so short. Still, I can’t say much about that as I’m short as well, but nice to meet you Brone.” He said as he saw that the dwarf wasn’t trying to argue with him.

Yuurei would stretch his arms into the air as he would look at Brone.

“Sooooooo... how long have you been in this guild Brone? And are the people in this guild always outside doing something or locked up in their rooms?” He asked him wondering what he would say.

Renji would climb down from Yuurei’s shoulder as he would land on the floor safely and he would walk towards Brone. When he got close enough he would approach him as he would extend his paw out for him to shake it. Yuurei saw this and decided to do the same thing as he figured it was a form of greeting that people did do in Fiore.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone nodded at the cat, "Right" he said. The feline seemed very talkative and possibly speaks it's mind without filter. He wouldn't be surprised, actually, he figured if normal cats had the ability to speak, then the personality fits. Now that he thought about it, he wonders why is the cat able to speak?

"This is actually my first day, and I couldn't tell you about the member's schedules" Brone answered Yuurei's question, though the way the half-elf asked his questions seems to imply both of them are new to the guild, "What about you, Yuurei? How long have you been in the guild?" The dwarf reached down and shook the cat's paw, though it seemed odd, he was enjoying the feline's personality so far. Then when Brone stood up and shook the smooth, slender elven hand, his body tightened against his dress shirt, then 'pop', his top button flew from his shirt and flew across the hall.

With the emptiness of the hall, the button was able to make a few clatter sounds as it traveled it's way to becoming lost, "...Sorry, I'm not use to wearing such clothing" Brone chuckled slightly. He found a nearby full length mirror and checked his reflection. He still looked fine, though the the collar was open given that there is no longer a button holding it in place. Hopefully the guildmembers didn't throw him out due to this change.



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Yuurei’s eyes widened with the surprise that he was new to the guild. The surprise was filled with excitement as he had a huge smile on his face. He wasn’t the new person within the guild anymore, which was a good thing. Still, this also meant that he was possibly the first person he met today. He asked him a few questions and he would look up to the ceiling as he would rub his chin to think about how long they were here. While he was thinking about it he would hear something pop, which would bring him to look down. He noticed that one of Brone’s buttons from his shirt had popped.

He was surprised that it had happened, but what made it funny was that Renji had thrown himself onto the floor as he thought he was being attacked.

“Watch it Yuu, the Dwarf is attacking!” He shouted as he covered himself not understanding what had happened.

Yuurei would only shake his head when he heard those words as he knew that wasn’t what was happening.

“His button popped, Renji. He’s not attacking anybody. I’ve been here for a few weeks now. I’m still getting used to this place as everything around here is new to me. I can see you’re are definitely not used to wearing such clothing.” He said to him as he laughed a bit.

Renji would uncover himself as he would look over to Yuurei and Brone and got up slowly.

“Oh I knew that. I just wanted to see if you were quick to react to my words.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei chuckle at his words as he looked over to Brone as he figured he would ask him a question.

“So what kind of magic do you use Brone?” He was curious to know about the dwarf.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone inspected himself in the mirror. Everything seemed fine through his eyes, though he wasn't the final verdict and given that Yuurei is new as well, he couldn't really go with his opinion as final verdict either. The outfit looked great on him, though he wasn't able to move his body much without feeling the tightness from the clothing against his body. With a sigh, he figured he would take some time on his off days to find an outfit that was acceptable, but also can be used in battle, but for now, he needed to make a good first impression to the rest of the guild... though they weren't present at the moment.

The question of magic finally came up and Brone hesitate to turn around. He knew well from the stories he heard of the guilds of Fiore. Most guilds are magic focused and only allow mages; the fact that his own mother pulled in a favor to give him an interview was like hitting the lottery, as far as the dwarf knew, "I have no magic" Brone turned about and walked with his head up with confidence as he made his way back to the half-elf and the cat, "But worry not, all the magic I need are here" Brone flexed his arms, showing the thickness of his arms, "And here" he switched his pose and flexed his arms back to show his chest through the shirt, however the shirt tightened against and the second button from the top popped as well, flying over to Yuurei, Brone froze, amazed that he had only been in the guildhall for no more than a few minutes and he is ruining his outfit, "Sorry" he laughed.



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Yuurei was caught off guard when he heard this. He didn’t think someone would join any guild without magic, but who was he to judge. He didn’t know much about the outside world, so this was new. He noticed that Brone had turned away from him, and he reached out a bit and then placed his hand to the side as he wasn’t sure if he upset the dwarf. That was when he smile when he watched the dwarf turn to them again and show them his arms. It wouldn’t take long, but another button would fly straight towards him. He would move his right hand in the direction of where it was moving in, and he would catch it. This would only bring him to laugh at the matter that his shirt was falling apart.

“It’s alright, at least nobody is getting hurt. I mean your shirt seems to be falling apart slowly.” He laughed a bit more.

“I see you’re the first person I’ve made that I couldn’t use magic. I’m also new to the outside world, so I have a lot of new experiences that I face every day.“ He said this to the dwarf.

Renji had nodded as he was impressed with what Yuurei had done and he could only puff his chest outward before speaking.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Look cool when you do things Yuu. It’s the only way and if you don’t then you’re just lame then.” He said as he gave him a backhanded compliment.

Yuurei would shake his head again as he would look over to Brone.

“So, you must be really strong then Brone. That freaking cool, what kind of weapons do you use then?” He asked curious to know more about him.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Seeing Yuurei laugh, Brone joined in with a laughter of his own. For a moment he was concerned his appearance would affect his membership, but hearing of Yuurei being new to the 'outside world' assured him that it was alright to be comfortable, at least until another, more experienced, guildmember walks in and judges him on his attire. The moment Yuurei asked of his weaponry, Brone inhaled and puffed up his chest, thankfully no more buttons have flown due to his swelling pride.

"My clan have been known to use axes, mainly doublehanded, heavy axes, given my name, of course" Brone took a sit at the table Yuurei had initially sat at, he was finally feeling comfortable and the tension in his shoulders lessened, "Didn't bring any armor or weapons in yet, they seem to be very interested in my clothing and how my hair looks" Brone ran his hand over his well kept beard which was tied at the end with a bronze clip, "What about you? What kind of magic you have" He was indeed curious, not much of his village wielded magic, most of the dwarven culture were more focused on weaponry and mining, though when Brone does come across magic, it was in the form of enchantments being placed within weapons such as swords and axes that can produce the elements like fire and lightning, but he had only seen mages twice.

He took a moment to prepare himself, though he was sitting, he hoped the half-elf would give him a show, despite his parents having no interest, Brone had always wanted to see the magic of mages, like dreams being weaved.



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Yuurei waited for an answer, and he would get what he wanted faster than expected. He nodded as he was able to learn about him a bit more now. He was able to use heavy axes, which really made him realize how strong he could be. It wouldn’t take long, but he would be asked the question he was waiting for. The half-elf approached the table he was sitting in previously and took a seat next to Brone. Renji looked confused when he saw this as he figured they would stay standing and possibly take a walk but shrugged at it as he climbed onto a chair himself.

“I use light magic. I heard of some crazy and strong magic, but I think mine is fairly simple in a sense.” He said to Brone as he placed his hand on top of the table and opened the palm of his hand.

A gold magical circle would appear around his palm and a light ball would appear floating in the air above his hand. He couldn’t do anything else but this right now because he didn’t want to damage the guild’s establishment. After a few seconds of holding onto it, the magic would disperse as he had looked over to Brone.

“That is just a simple thing I could do with my magic. I mean there are better things I could do, but I don’t want to get in trouble for damaging anything in here.” He said to Brone.

“As for clothing, I just think they want you to be cleaned and well dressed. So yes finding clothes that you will look nice and at the same time fight in would be preferable.” He said this to Brone as he was leaning back on his chair.

“I wish I could have seen a heavy battle-ax. It’s probably bigger than me and Brone put together I bet.” He said as he could imagine something massive like that in such a short man’s hand.

"Also, Yuurei if you use your light magic you might hurt yourself." He laughed when he said that to him.

Yuurei would only shake his head as he figured he was trying to be funny from what happened to him last time when he got punched in the face.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was drawn in as Yuurei explained his light magic. When the half-elf placed his open palm on the table, the dwarf leaned in, anticipating the wonder of weaponless magic. The moment the ball of light appeared, Brone was in awe as he watched the ball float above Yuurei's head. The light was bright and looked warm, such a small fragile thing, but such a description was discarded by Brone once Yuurei hinted the ball could cause major damage to the guildhall, the dwarf instinctively leaned back but as he looked up, the ball was gone.

"I can't wait to see your power unleashed on a monster" Brone began imagining what light could be done in battle, "That is if we do such missions here" he had yet to ask about the missions, though he hoped there would be jobs that consists of fighting foes.

Brone took a moment to think about his appearance and figured "Maybe I can keep my beard groomed and... maybe use my best outfits" he shrugged; he had little experience with such detailing, but he was willing to try for the sake of being apart of the guild.

"No worries, cat, I'll bring my axe next time" he leaned in and patted the cat on the head.



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Yuurei heard his words, and he would nod; the only thing he could think of was the pirates that he and Kailani had taken care of. It was the only time they had to fight, and when they rescued Renji and Nimbus. The half-elf did his best to try not to get into a fight because he felt like he turned into a whole different person. It was spooky, but the truth and he honestly didn’t know what to make of it. After Brone finished speaking, Yuurei was glad to hear what he decided to do. That was good, wearing his best outfit and keeping himself groomed would be best in this guild. He wouldn’t want to hear anybody complaining because he didn’t fit the role of being a Blue Pegasus.

He decided to give Brone an idea of what to expect when taking up the jobs that are in Hargeon.

“I don’t think there is a lot of fighting in the jobs we take right now. I think it’s more of helping the townsfolks. There are times when the town needs us to get rid of pirates, but that is honestly the only time we see any type of fighting.” He wanted to let Brone know this, so he didn’t get disappointed later.

Renji would look at Yuurei as he was glad to hear that himself. He didn’t think this young elf would be able to protect him from every dangerous thing out there.

“That’s good to hear because you’re still wet behind the ears Yuu.” He said to his partner.

Yuurei would nod as he agreed with the Exceed on that one. He was fine taking slow and knew that when the time was right, he would be strong enough to start looking for the thing that took his parents away from him.

“I do need some good training, but I need some good gauntlets to wear. I’m a brawler and I usually fight with my hands or with a sword.” He brought it up as wondered how surprised Brone would be to hear that someone that looked like Yuurei actually preferred fighting up close.

“We should definitely fight each other someday Brone. It would be good training for the both of us.” He said to the dwarf with a smile on his face.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone looked about the room subconsciously, once again, no one was around. The table they sat at, as well as the general area, seem to be similar to that of a taproom, albeit classy, and the dwarf was use to having a drink in his hand when at such places; he sighed before returning to the conversation.

"No monsters or bandits" he took note and shrugged; he had figured he wouldn't be bloodying his knuckles so soon, which he was fine with, "That's fine by me, no worries" he smirked.

Talk of training and melee combat brought a wicked smile to Brone's face. At first he had thought Yuurei was purely a spellcaster, but to hear such fighting style, he was surely impressed, "Closing the gap, huh?" he leaned in and slammed a fist onto the table in excitement, "Now that's what I'm talking!" his voice echoed throughout the hall, "I would love some formal combat to better know what you are truly made of, Yuurei my friend" Brone has officially accepted the half-elf as a friend now, these are the first steps towards his adventurous life, and ironically, he would have never expected this milestone to be shared with an elf, half blood or full, but either way, he was appreciative.

"Do you fling spells and swing swords at the same time?" Brone asked, interested to know how a magical elf fights.



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Yuurei would hear Brone’s words and he was glad that he took in everything. It wasn’t just that, but he seemed excited to hear how the young lad fought. He was glad that the man could smile the way that he did. It wasn’t long before he asked another question, and he could only rub his chin as he wouldn’t really consider him flinging spells. Still, he guesses someone who didn’t use magic of their own would say such a thing.

“Well hopefully we could get into combat whenever I can get me some good gauntlets to fight with. As flinging spells and swinging swords, I guess it’s not far off.” He paused for a second as he decided to get into more detail.

He would move his elbows towards the table as he leaned forward, and his hands were under his chin. He was now ready to explain things to Brone. Renji leaned forward as well as he wanted to hear what Yuurei was going to say.

“I have spells that allow me to launch them from the sky or even towards a target, but what I pride myself the most is when I’m able to buff myself with my magic. I magically buff my strength and speed, so that I can get the edge against my opponents when the time comes. I don’t really enjoy using my range spells, but there are times when I got to use them.” He paused for a second as he wasn’t done talking.

“These spells that make me stronger are something I can show you. I would probably be stronger than you when I used them.” He said with a smile on his face.

He looked at Brone as he wondered if the Dwarf had weapons that were imbued with magic in them. The half-elf knew about those as there were a lot of wood elves that had magical bows and magical arrows of different kinds. There were also daggers that he saw that could shoot out fireballs as well.

“Does your heavy battle-ax have magic inside of them Brone?” He asked him curious to see if he could at least use that.  


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Brone Heavyaxe
Hearing Yuurei mention the gauntlets again hinted Brone that the half-elf possibly favors hand-to-hand combat over his other options, though having access to magic, weapons, and using your own fists makes the half-elf well rounded, "Jack-of-all-trades, aren't ya? Na, seems way too complicated for my taste" he patted one of his biceps, "I prefer keeping it simple".

The explanation of the 'self buff' tactic wasn't foreign to Brone, "I've heard of such fighting; some dwarves I've met spoke of certain old clans that used magic and potions to empower their own body during battle, real natural disasters they'd become" he gave a low whistle, thinking about the stories he was told, recalling once he had heard of a dwarf that managed to lift a giant with one hand, "I wouldn't mind seeing what you got, Yuurei, you seem like a whole package of suprises" he slammed a fist on the table again, laughing out of excitement.

"Na, my axe, though well crafted, has no magic in her, but don't get me wrong, I've seen enchanted weapons wielded by some of the finest dwarves" Brone puffed out his chest, pride swelling within him, "Weapons said to be forged and enchanted with powerful magics at the same time within the deepest part of mountains, such forges that create these powerful items are only mentioned in legends" Brone felt he was getting ahead of himself with his story telling so he leaned back and bellowed a great laugh.



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Yuurei would chuckle when he heard Brone’s words. In a sense, he was just that. A person who could do a lot of things, but it was to make sure that if one thing fails, he could alternate to something different. He would hope to one day show Brone what he could do, but of course, today wasn’t the day. He heard what he said about his weapon, disappointed that it didn’t have magical property, but enjoyed the tales of magical items being forged within the depth of a mountain. He could see something like that happening and understood that this was one of many forms to create magical weapons.

“I guess I’m well rounded. I’m not that strong, so I can’t really say much about it.” He paused for a second.

“If I can get a hold of one of those items, then that would be nice. I plan on taking a walk if you want to go on one Brone.” He said as he got up from his seat.

Renji would see this as he would huff and puff as he didn’t want to go outside because Yuurei wanted to. Still, he had no choice but to go because he wasn’t going to be inside of the guild on his own. The Exceed would get onto the table and he would walk over to the half-elf and get on his shoulder.

“Fine we can go outside, but only because I feel like it.” He said out loud as he waited for Brone to make a decision.

Yuurei was fine with whatever the dwarf wanted to do, and it would either continue their conversation or end it right here.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone enjoyed boasting about stories, especially of the legendary forges, such tales were great hits, especially with people outside of the dwarven community, and just as he expected, it caught Yuurei's fancy, "Maybe we can find one of those items" he laughed as he got up from his chair, "Yeah, I don't mind going for a walk, my legs are getting tired from just sitting" though it wasn't his legs, just that he wasn't comfortable being within the guildhall as of yet, it was too clean and polished for him, fearing he would dirty something just by being in proximity to it. The dwarf got off the chair and made his way to the double doors.

This time when he opened the doors, he felt happier, he wasn't being sent home, but going out for a walk with a fellow guild member. He was already feeling welcomed, though Yuurei was practically just as new as he was, it still felt like an assurance. "So half-elf huh? How does that work?" he wasn't sure how one could only be half an elf, though he's heard of humans mixing with other races, it seemed impossible to him though, his curiosity got the best of him and he asked.



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Yuurei nodded when the dwarf mentioned himself in the process of looking for the items. It depicted that the dwarf was a man who was friendly and could be a close friend in the long run. He had gotten a good answer and off they were, the way outside of the guild would commence. He looked at Brone as he watched the dwarf open the door. It would bring the half-elf to walk straight outside and now they could move through the cold, but move their legs. A question was asked, and it was a simple one indeed. Still, he found himself rubbing his chin as if it were a hard question to answer. Renji was surprised that Brone had asked that question as he was sure that it made sense what it meant to be a half-elf.

“Well since you asked… To be a half-elf means that half my body is just part elf and the other is emptiness.” He laughed when he said this because he was joking.

Renji would only shake his head when he heard this because he couldn’t believe he would say something so childish and stupid as that.

“But seriously, being a half-elf means that one of my parents is an elf, being my mother, and my other parent is usually another race, in this case, my dad being a human. Technically Brone, if we are close to the DNA strand of a human we could reproduce with each other. We kind of all create kids the same way I think.” He said to him as he kept walking.

“Does the item you own weight you down Brone? I know you don’t have them, but thinking about how big a heavy ax, I can only imagine how heavy it is.” He spoke to Brone wondering what he would say.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone took in a deep breath, feeling the cold air which made him feel alive. He and Yuurei walked down the steps that led from the front doors and made their way down the cobblestone road in a random direction. At first the dwarf had thought the half-elf was serious with his explanation, but hearing his laugh, he quickly dismissed the "Half emptiness" statement, however it seemed easier to understand than the actual explanation, "DNA?" he asked under his breath, trying to figure out what Yuurei meant. Maybe he was referring to the similarities, "Like how similar a human and elf look, right? Except for the pointy ears and soft hands" He believes he understands, "Right, and if both have do-dads to make a baby, it should work" he shrugged, though it sounded like it makes sense when he hears it, it seemed all too confusing the more he thought about it.

"Ah, yes, at first I could feel the weight" Brone saw the switch of subject a saving grace, especially a subject about something he actually knew and specialized in, "But with enough training, the blade became an extension of my arm" he said this with confidence, but he was obviously lying; yes as he continued to train with his axe, it didn't seem as heavy as before, but swinging the large axe slowed him and he felt the weight of it well enough.



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Yuurei would nod when he heard his words; it seemed like he understood what he was talking about, which was a good thing. Still, that was a subject they didn’t want to talk to each other about. They had just met, so it was kind of weird. While they were walking the other subject had been answered, and he was glad that he got an explanation. He thought about it and it seemed like that was something he couldn’t do. He relied on his speed and his strength, if he had lost either one it would be a problem to him.

“So, if I were to wear your armor it would be a hell of heavy for me? Yeah, I wouldn’t try that,  and I could only imagine how heavy that ax can be.” He said this to Brone.

While they continued their walk through Hargeon, they would find themselves in a district with many things to offer them. It was interesting because Yuurei had gone through here quite a few times. Kailani had gone to the café nearby, and he wondered if Brone wanted to go.

He moved ahead of him and then turned to him with a smile on his face.

“Hey do you want to go to a café that’s nearby? Me and my friend, Kailani, usually go there. If not then we can go somewhere else.” He said to him making sure that he was fine with the choice.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was enjoying himself as he walked beside Yuurei and the talking cat. "Well I don't want to brag" a small lie of course, "But my armor well crafted ringmail, a series of interlocking metal rings, great for protection and flexibility, though because of all of those rings layered over the leather hide, it is quite heavy indeed" for many, the weight can be a detriment, leading to unavoidable attacks, but to Brone's clan and bloodline, to be able to handle such weight is part of the obstacle of life, "Yeah, the battleaxes are indeed heavy, and my clan intends on that, my name isn't just pretty to the ears" he laughed.

Yuurei showed the cafe to Brone and the dwarf was quick to answer "Aye! I would love a cup of red-eye" he walked right in through the front door and called out to the barista at the counter across the room, "One red-eye with three extra shots of expresso, lad!" the young man was startled at first given that the area had a calm theme, the patrons were either silently keeping to their business or having small talk in whispers while the area was magically enchanted with soft piano music to be played without the need of a pianist. The barista nodded nervously at the loud dwarf and began making the cup.

"So with your magics and your hand-to-hand fighting, wouldn't you have a good amount of strength as well? any favored weapon?" Brone asked the half-elf as he made his way to counter.



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Yuurei and Renji would hear what he had to say about his equipment and a bit about his clan, which it was nice to hear about him and his family. He had also agreed on going to the café, that he had recommended, so he showed him the way. When they got there, the dwarf had quickly expressed what he wanted without hesitation, and it made the barista really nervous. Yuurei would chuckle when he saw this, and he would look over to a table that was empty for them to be sit down and relax for a bit. He thought about what he wanted at first before he came to a conclusion on what it was.

“Can I have a white chocolate mocha latte please.” He expressed his order to the barista.

“Can I get some nice warm milk for myself.” The Exceed would ask, and the barista would nod.

He wasn’t surprised about the Exceed talking because it wasn’t the first time Yuurei had come here. He would look over to the seat that was available for them and would look over to Brone. His dwarf friend would ask him a question, which he would think about before answering.

“Let’s take a seat right there, our server will bring our drinks to us.” He said moving towards where they would sit.

When he got to the table he would sit down on his seat as he was looking at Brone.

“If I can wear gauntlets, then I’m perfectly fine with that, but I do favor one particular type of weapon. I enjoy using a katana more than anything, but I haven’t truly been training with it. I been mastering the art of hand to hand combat more than anything right now.” He said to Brone as he had preferred to use a sword, but forced himself into using his hands for the time being.

Renji was surprised to hear about this as it seemed like Brone knew what kind of answers to ask him.


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The smell of fresh brewed coffee always helped Brone start his day, truth be told, he would prefer a strong cup of coffee over a pint of ale. "Oh so hand to hand, like those monks in the mountains huh?" Brone followed Yuurei to a table and took a seat across from him, "Katana? That's one of those slender swords" though the Katana was foreign, and his own clan specialized in axes, his uncle had taught him about the array of different weapons that were out in the world, "Never held one, but heard they are usually well crafted, all-around blade" the sword, as slender as it was, probably fit the half-elf's form the best, "Probably look good on ya".

Brone leaned back in his chair and thought about how Yuurei would fight between using a slender blade or strictly hands, "If you prefer the gauntlets, you'll need to have some strong guards and fast moves. The sword has reach, but relying just your arms and legs, you'll have to get pretty close" Brone knew it was a dangerous way to fight outside of a taproom, but he's heard of well trained monks in the mountains that can use their own bodies like a warrior would use any form of weapon. He had never seen it happen, though he would like to.



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Yuurei would chuckle when he heard the way he related things. He didn’t know about monks on the mountain, but he could assume the dwarf knew about that more than him. Then he brought up the katana, and he would nod as he had described the blade.

“I would like to say yes about the monks. I don’t really know much about the outside world. When you saw me, I was reading about the Fiore. I kind of lived in the forest where the elves are my whole life.” He paused for a second as the barista had brought over everyone’s drink.

Renji would get on his seat, and start drinking some of the warm milk that he asked for. The light mage would also take a sip of his own drink and would groan from how good it would taste. He would place his cup on the floor as he would look over to Brone once more. The man would explain things to him, and he would nod as he would agree with him.

“Yeah, they are nice and I think it suits me the best, but I think I’m really good at using my fists more than anything. I hope one day I could get some gauntlets to protect my hands from being harmed. Still, there are times when I won’t be able to use a katana, so I feel like having a second option is always great.” He said with a smile as he would take another sip of his latte.

When he would put the latte down he figured he would ask a question of his own.

“What would you use if you couldn’t use your ax Brone?” He asked him wondering what he would say.


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