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Picking Flowers (Good)

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They had been in Magnolia for quite some time, Yuurei wasn't really doing any job requests with anybody except for Renji. He also noticed that the jobs that were on the boards weren't needed for him to get the others. Still, he made his way towards the church of Magnolia and he had would enter to see one man constantly moving around and taking care of everybody that was sick. The man would look at Yuurei entering and he would rush over to him wondering what he could help him with.

"How can I help you today?" He asked.

"I'm here for the job request on the board." Yuurei replied.

Jerad would bow slightly as he was glad this guy was here.

"Can you please head into the Eastern Forest, and collect Blessia flowers. These families need it to get better and I been doing all I can alone." He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would look at him with a smile on his face as he was fine with the job.

"Sure I will go right now and do this for you." He said to Jerad.

"Thank you they are delicate, small flowers, with a red center and when they are bloomed they have orange petals. I need the ones that are bloomed." He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would nod as he would leave the church and make his way towards the forest. He wouldn't take long to get to his destination, he would enter it without hesitation as he would start searching for the flower. This was easy for him, and that was because he lived his entire life in a forest. He remembered seeing these flowers and remembered that they would grow under the shade of tall trees. It was interesting to see a flower do that, but this world was unique.



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Yuurei would look around the forest for tall trees, but there weren't any around, which meant that he had to go deeper into the forest. He moved around the area as he felt right at him and so relaxed to be away from everything. It was weird, but he missed his home but knew that it would be a waste to go back without doing what he came to the cities for. It wouldn't take long through his thinking he would soon come to find one of the tallest trees in the forest. His search began there and he would look around to find a small shrub with the Blessia flowers around. He remembered what the man had told him and he wanted the ones that were already bloomed.

Yuurei would search for those and when he found them, he would start taking them while adding them into Renji's bag.



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Yuurei remembered the Blessia Flowers having thorns, so he did take precautions when taking them and eventually he would have all that he needed. The light mage would start making his way back to the church, which wouldn't take long to do. He would enter the facility to see Jerad doing what he was doing last time. The man would see Yuurei's return and was joyous and hopeful that he had what these families needed. Renji would drop to the ground and opened up his bag as he allowed all of the flowers to come out. Jerad was impressed and glad that they brought this to him.

"Thank you so much. This is enough to help everyone out and take care of anybody else who get's sick. Here's your reward for the help." He said as he handed Yuurei his reward.

Yuurei would thank him and both of them would leave to find other jobs to do for the day.


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