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Time to Get Stronger (Training)

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Time to Get Stronger (Training) Empty Wed Feb 16, 2022 1:23 pm


Yuurei’s next training area was on the outskirts of Magnolia. He made sure that he had gone a good distance away from the city before starting his training. Renji had stood behind the ship as he didn’t want to be there like last time. He needed to better the spells he already had, and he would start with a simple one. He was going to make a better version of his dash spell. Yuurei started off by creating his magical circle. He thought about what he wanted as he put his hands together to pour his mana out. There the magical circle would appear. It was stable and from there the young man would start pouring his mana into it. He had gotten better with his control and used less mana. The light mage made sure everything was going correctly before he moved on to the next step.



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Yuurei would put all the mana that he needed to do put in this spell, and once he thought he was ready He would take a step inside of it. He found himself being pulled into the direction he was looking in and fell on the floor. He found himself rolling on the ground as he would laugh. He should have expected this and had gone with a running start or something. Still, the spell had sent him pretty far and that was good to know. He would get up from the floor as he would dust himself off before trying again. He would relax a bit before putting his hands together to create a circle. When he did another Magical circle would appear.

Yuurei would add in the mana that he needed to put into the spell itself and when he felt that it was ready had rushed straight into the magical circle.



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When he did it this time, the spell would disperse as he had laughed a bit. He had forgotten to keep putting the mana into it before he enter the spell. It was his own fault and since the spell was new he needed time to adjust to it and become accustomed to it. Yuurei would try it again as he would use both hands to create a circle in front of him. It was then the magic circle would appear in front of him. He would run into the circle this time sustaining it until he was through. This would send him going back to where he had started his training at such a fast speed. He would slide on the ground as he had gathered his footing and he would stand straight.

He was glad that it worked out, but he wasn't done just yet. There was more work to be done with the spell, and just because he had got it this time didn't mean he had mastered it.



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Now that he had done it once, the light mage would try the spell over and over again. He was doing his best to make sure that using this spell would come naturally to him and that he wouldn't have to think about using it or how to use it. He found himself moving back and forth from his location. It would take a few hours of doing this, but it would be enough that Yuurei would be able to take a break from everything he was doing. He had been able to master the spell, but there were so many more that he had to take care of. With this new spell of his, he would be able to get away from bigger danger than before.

Yuurei would take his break as he wondered what his friends were doing and if they would be strong enough to fight the evil he was going to put them against soon.

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Yuurei was ready to start the next part of his training. It meant that he had to work on his next spell. He had been able to shoot arrows at his targets and move them, but the next thing he thought about was if he could create a slash range attack made out of light mage. He figured what else could he do with this magic. It would be nice if he could move it after he launched the attack, but would that require more mana for him to do? Still, he thought about what he wanted to do and now it was time to put it into reality. He would get up from the ground as he was wondering what he could do. It seemed like he would close his eyes for a second and then create a magic circle. Still, nothing would come out of it, which brought him to think about what he was doing incorrectly.



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Yuurei shook his head as he stretch his arm out, but nothing would come out of the circle either. He was a bit confused and wondered what was happening with the spell he was trying to create. It made him rub the back of his head as he was trying to figure it out. While thinking about it he thought about what people with swords would do when fighting and figured that he should be doing something like that. His eyes ideas ran wild, he would look excited to try this out. He had done this with his arrow spell, so he figured it would work if he did something like that with this spell.

Yuurei would gather himself as he would prepare himself for the worse. He pretended to hold a sword in his hand, and when he looked in front of him he would pour the mana into his arm before doing what he wanted.



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He would swing his arm downward and when he did that the magical circle would appear, but a small light slash energy would come out of the circle and disperse soon after. He was excited because he was heading in the right path, but he needed to be able to pour mana into his attack as quickly as he could swing his arm down. That was the difficult part of it all, and he knew he had to try a couple more times. He had poured a lot more mana into this spell than he had ever done before. It was quite annoying, but every time he had tried to launch the spell it would disperse right away. He wasn't putting enough into it and he was starting to realize that. It wouldn't take long, but he would relax for a few seconds before trying it all again.



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Yuurei would pour out more mana he had ever done previously and when he swung his arm he would see the slash attack going through the distance. The light mage would try to direct it to change its path and it would do just that. His eyes widen when he saw that it would switch direction from its previous trajectory and continued moving it around the area. It was then he would make it go upward and then motioned his hand to make it hit the floor. When he did that he was excited about what he was able to do and to see how strong the spell was. Still, he needed to make sure he had this down without thinking too much about what to do.

Yuurei would train on this spell for a few hours as he was enjoying the results of training. It wouldn't take long for him to get this down and when he did he would rest up a bit before continuing on with the next spell.

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Yuurei was now onto his next spell, this one being one of his favorite and interesting spells. This was going to be a spell that was going to be so big that it could take out multiple people at the same time if they weren't strong enough. The light mage thought about using light arrows more than anything this time. Instead of shooting one arrow and controlling it, he figured he could just have a rain of arrows coming down on a person's head.

The half-elf was excited to start, so he would stretch his arm forward and he would create a magical gold circle in front of him. The mana he would pour into it would create another magical gold circle, but this time into the sky. He would look up to it, but he would see that it wasn't bigger than the circle he made, which cause both magic circles to disperse from the vicinity.



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Yuurei figured that his circle was going to be bigger than any of the magical circles that he had ever created. He wondered how big this attack would be, so he did his best to make sure when he created the spell, it wouldn't be too close to him. The light mage would jump up and down before shaking his hands and stretching his arm out in front of him. He would sigh as he would pour in quite an amount of mana into his arm. This would bring up the magic circle that he was hoping for. It was then that the second magic circle would appear in the air and it was much bigger than it was before. This was great, but now it was time for the next part. Yuurei would see light energy coming out of it, but it would soon go out of control.



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The light coming out of it wouldn't be arrows, but just pure light as it would explode before leaving the magic circle and caused a huge force pushing Yuurei back. He would find himself trying his best not to fall and then on his back. He wasn't sure what he had done wrong, but he figured it must have been the part where he didn't individually make arrows with the mana. It was that or was he even thinking about arrows when the second magic circle had appeared? In the end, he would get up from the ground and he would try again.

The light mage would stretch his arm out in front of him and would pour his mana out of his arm again. The first magic circle would appear as that was perfect, and then the second would appear. It was the same time as the one before, which meant it was going perfectly so far.



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He would continue to look up, but this time he was thinking about light arrows coming out of that huge magical circle, and soon enough a barrage of arrows would find themselves falling straight down. It looked like it was just raining arrows, and the damage they did where they landed brought Yuurei to look nervous and scared. It was a lot, but he was able to do something like this right now. It wasn't just that, but the half-elf could tell that he could cast the second magical circle at quite a distance, which he really was happy about that.

Still, Yuurei knew what he had to do next and he continued training this spell until he had mastered it. He kept doing the same spell over again on the spot to not cause any more damage for hours. There were times when he would mess up, but soon enough he would be able to cast the spell without a problem.

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Yuurei was almost done with his training today as his next idea of spells was ones that he enjoyed using. He had created a spell about the same power as his previous spell to boost his strength now he figured he would do the same thing for his speed. The light mage knew what he was going to have to imagine and he was going to have to make it so that the stars he create would focus on increasing his speed within new heights. He had a base for the spell, but now he was going to have to carry it all out. The light mage found himself standing still with his hand closed and when he looked at his hand, he would open it up.

A magical gold circle would appear in this moment as the mana poured out of his hand into the circle. After this, he would only hope it would go alright.



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Yuurei would see the stars come out of the circle all that the same time. They would float around the circle, but then they would all fly around and out of control. They didn't have a destination to go to, so the spell would disperse right then and there. The half-elf had jumped away from all of this as he didn't want what happened last time to happen again. He would sigh with relief when he saw it was gone. Shaking his head, he knew that he had messed up, but had an idea of what he needed to do the second time.

The half-elf would prepare himself for the worse as would open his hand once again. It was then that the magical circle would appear above his hand he could feel the mana pouring into it. He would shake his head as he was watching what would happen next.



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Yuurei watched the stars being formed, but their destination was clear this time. He had thought about it and they were going to go straight into him. The stars flying right into him, he would feel the surge of energy. While this was happening, the next thing would happen. Yuurei would feel the pain around his body again like the last time he trained. This would cause him to scream and shout from the pain as the stars had come out of him and he would gasp for air and try to catch his breath. His heart racing he hated when that happen, but he couldn't give up on learning this spell. He would give it a second and when he was able to gather himself he would stand tall again.

The half-elf would look at his hand and he would be serious. There was no way he was going to mess up again.



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The light mage would open the palm of his hand and he would form the magical circle for the third time. This time he had to keep himself calm and collected when doing this as he would watch the stars being formed all at the same time. WHen there were twelve of them, they would float around for a second before entering Yuurei's body. He would feel the surge of energy inside of him and he could feel his body feeling lighter and faster. He would start running throughout the area he was training, and when he picked up full speed he could see the difference than he previously ran. This was perfect and he enjoyed this.

Yuurei would disperse the spell but continued to train throughout the hours with the spell. He plan to master and constantly messing up and correctly doing it would continue for hours. It was then he would fully be able to master it and it was on to the next and final spell.

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Yuurei had always thought about how he needed to have more energy when fighting. He had a lot of mana, but his stamina and his will to continue fighting were lacking. He needed a way to make up for it. He thought about it and he figured he could use his mana to transfer into his stamina, so his mana could boost to last longer in battle. The spell he wanted to do was the same idea as he had done for boosting his speed and his strength. He figured this wouldn't be different, but he knew from the spell he just learned, that it wouldn't be easy.

Yuurei had gotten ready as he open his hand and a magical circle would appear above his hand. His thoughts were towards making sure that he had more stamina than he usually had. He had known what to do now. Still, it was new to him; the stars would start appearing and when it was said and done there were thirteen stars floating.



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The stars were above the magical circle one second, and the next they had started entering Yuurei. They would all enter his body at the same time, and he would feel more energized than he ever did before. This was an amazing feeling, and he was excited. Of course, it was too good to be true as the stars would come out of Yuurei quickly, and it would make him feel like he was drained of all his energy as he would fall on his knees, and he was trying to figure out what was going on. He didn't feel pain from all this, so he thought he was doing it correctly. That wasn't the case and he had to figure it out. The light mage stood where he was as he was thinking about if there was a missing component to the spell. His thought continued to run wild as he knew he could find the answer he was looking for.



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It wouldn't take long, but he understood that it wasn't just about having more energy. He needed stars to make sure that his body was also stronger than it currently is. This would be perfect because he needed a stronger body to be able to withstand all that energy. Now that he had figured that out, he would get up from the floor slowly as he would crack his neck. The half-elf would look at his hand as he hoped this would work. Once he was prepared he would open his hand and a magical circle would appear in his hand. The stars that would come after that would quickly form and thirteen stars would appear floating around.

It was then that they would all fly straight into Yuurei as he closed his eyes with everything that was happening to him. That was when his eyes opened and he could feel the energy within him.



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He didn't just feel the energy within him, but he felt like his body was stronger and that it could take on more attacks than he normally could. This was perfect, and while moving around he noticed nothing bad would happen with the stars in him. Yuurei would disperse the spell as he was happy to be able to do that correctly. He stretched a bit as he was still tired, but couldn't stop here. He needed to continue practicing the spell so that his body would memorize the feeling of it all. He continued training this spell for hours as he wanted to make sure that it had been engraved in his body. When Yuurei was done with this, he figured that he would be able to travel into the other Region of Fiore to do some scary missions. Of course, he knew that he had more training to do, but for now he would travel after getting Renji from the ship.

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Note: I get 40% reduction for training spells, due to Intelligence being at 121. It's why the training number went from 1000 to 600.

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