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Ship Ruined Chore Boy on Duty

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Yuurei’s first quest was on his own and of course, it had to be with a ship. It wasn’t a huge ship, but it was a part of a bigger pirate ship. His problem today was to take care of the smaller ship, but how was he going to get onto the ship? Simple, he had gotten himself dirty, dressed up with old raggedy clothes, and decided to act as a half-elf who was abandoned and needed a goal in life. He walked around the docks looking for the ship in question, and his travels wouldn’t take long. The place around him was busy as ever, yet he needed to get the pirate's attention.

He shuffled his feet on the ground and towards the ship, doing his best to look as desperately as he could look. The youngster knew with his personality, they would believe him to be someone who has nothing to live for. He was compliant and did his best not to get in trouble after all. Once he got close enough he would get on his knees he would start begging for someone to help him out. His voice was soft-spoken as ever, but it made it even more convincing. One of the pirates would see some dirty guy with dirty white hair in front of the ship and made his way off the small ship. Yuurei looked at the guy to see that he looked angry with his presence.

“What do you want man? You are barking on the wrong ship. Get out of here if you know what’s good for you.” He said to Yuurei.

“Please sir, I’ll do anything, but I just need a place to sleep. I will work for you just for a little bit of grub and a place to sleep.” He said this to the pirate.

The pirate rubbed his chin as he started walking around Yuurei trying to get a feel for him. It wouldn’t take long, but the pirate felt like Yuurei wasn’t a threat to him or anybody on the ship at all.

“I guess I can make use of you. You can be the chore boy on our ship. Our last one kind of went missing.” He laughed as he got back on the ship. When he reached the top, he would look at Yuurei waiting for him to follow him.



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Yuurei looked down on the ground and while he was getting up, he had a small smirk on his face. It didn’t last long as he started walking on the same path as the pirate had done before him. When he got up there, the half-elf was met with a huge surprise. The pirate had a bucket of water and he tossed it at him so that he could get a lot of the dirt of the elf. He was surprised about the splash of water, which caused him to shiver from how cold it was.

“I needed you to be a bit clean before starting your chores. I need you to take this and go through the entire ship. I want you to clean it all up and then report back to me for more things to do.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would look at him and bow to him without hesitation.
“Thank you, sir. I will get right to it.” He said this as he started scrubbing the floors without wasting time.

Yuurei’s plan was to do this all day and eventually figure out where the loot was being kept. The young man started moving around the ship working hours cleaning. It was rather tedious and tough to do and honestly, he wouldn’t wish this upon anybody. Still, he kept going making sure that he was doing everything that was asked of him. The pirate that brought him to the ship gave him more tasks, which brought Yuurei to do more work throughout the day.

While he was working, he had learned a couple of things about the ship. There were a bunch of weak points throughout the ship, which meant it was easy to sabotage, and he had also found the location of where the loot was being kept at. This was all good, but he had to play his part to make sure he didn’t rile up suspicion. The sun had gone down though, and Yuurei had been told to stop working for the day as he had gotten a shitty meal.

It was scraps of what remained, but to be honest the food was better than Kailani’s cooking. Yuurei would eat and act as if it was the best thing he had eaten in a long time. When he was done the pirate had taken Yuurei under the deck and gave him a corner for him to sleep in. Yuurei would thank the man before lying on the floor and pretending to sleep before his work would begin.



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The half-elf waited a bit as he was hearing footsteps throughout the ship. He was making sure that everybody was in place before he started the task at hand. He would get up from his corner and he would move onto every location on the ship that he saw would give way if hit hard enough. Yuurei’s arm would move back before he would bunch all the beams that were ready to give. The cracks could be heard throughout the ship and soon enough the ship started to shake. At this point, the youngster had moved towards the location of the loot.

The pirates on board were waking up from the noise and were stumbling around. They were trying to wake up from their little nap and trying to figure out what was happening. While this was all occurring Yuurei had picked up the loot and made his way off the ship without much of a problem. Their worry was losing the ship that they were on, and they didn’t have time to blame it on anybody right now. The half-elf walked through the streets of Hargeon and towards his client without wasting a second. He made his way to his client, and he would hand them the loot that had been stolen from the pirates.

Yuurei was rewarded for his actions and his good deed to return the loot even though what was inside of the loot was far more than what he earned. The pirates had noticed the white hair chore boy was nowhere to be found and would remember that they had been robbed by a white-haired boy with a red strip on his bangs. This was the only time Yuurei could take this approach, but it was a nonviolent approach he wanted to take for now. Still, his job was done and he was heading back to his real home with Kailani.



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