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The Ship is Sinking (Neutral Quest)

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Yuurei had become very familiar with Hargeon now; he figured pirates would come back, but of course, it would be a different ship. He had done this type of job on his own, with Kailani and now he was going to be doing this with Renji. The half-elf was fine with that as he figured that it would give those around him a new experience every time. The Exceed was on Yuurei’s shoulder, a place where comfortability would come to him. There was a ship being plundered by pirates, and it was Yuurei’s job to take care of the pirates, take back the stolen loot, and make sure these pirates wouldn’t come back.

A small boat was being taken to the pirates that were out of the sea. They were preoccupied with the ship they were stealing to see him coming. Renji whistled a tune as he wondered how this was going to go. The last time he watched Yuurei fight wasn’t pretty, so he hoped things were different now.

“Who taught you how to whistle?” He asked Renji, which caused the Exceed to pause for a second as he looked at Yuurei.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but Santa Claus taught me how to whistle.” He said this to Yuurei as the half-elf was surprised indeed.

Still, he never asked Renji where he had come from, and he figured that the Exceed would tell him when the time was right. It sound like a lie but hadn’t lied to him yet, so he believed him.

“That’s cool actually. So you know Santa Claus, or do you call him Saint Nick?” He asked Renji.

“I call him Nick.” He said as he continued his whistling.

The person who was rowing the boat was confused about the conversation they were having. They were talking nonsense at this point, so he chose to ignore them. It wouldn’t take long, but the boat would reach the ship. Yuurei would bow slightly to the person who got them there and would start climbing up onto the ship and the small boat left before things got ruffed.



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It wouldn’t take long for the half-elf to arrive at the top of the ship and when he did he would calmly land on the deck and start stretching. Renji would poke at him a few times as he saw something that apparently Yuurei didn’t see. When he was done stretching he would look at Renji, and then he would see where he was pointing at. It seemed like one of the pirates had seen him and was putting loot onto the floor.

“You could have snuck better than this Yuu. Now we don’t even get a surprise attack.” He would complain to the light mage.

He laughed when he heard Renji’s words as he didn’t plan on sneaking upon them in the first place. The half-elf would open the palm of both of his hands and stars would come out of the magical gold circles that appear. They would float around for a second before they entered the young man’s body. He would take it in as his body was filled with magic. He felt himself quicker and stronger than he was before.

“You looking for a fight, well then you got yourself one. Hey gu…” He never got to finish his sentence as Yuurei had rushed straight towards him and punched him right in the stomach before he tossed another punch into the pirate’s mouth.

The pirate would stumble back, and Yuurei would find himself kicking him once before spinning and kicking him with the other leg and knocking him out. It was then he saw more people coming from the other ship as they were surprised to see that a stranger had gotten onto their ship. They looked over to see that their companion was taken out, which made them get angry as they dropped the loot down on the ship they were stealing from.




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“You going to pay for hurting our friend you hear me!” One of the pirates shouted as they started running straight towards Yuurei.

The half-elf shrugged as he raised his hand into the air as a magical circle would appear once again. It was this time another magical circle would appear into the air and a ball filled with light energy would appear falling to the spot where a lot of the pirates were running to. The light mage found himself moving back a bit as he didn’t want to get hit this time and have Renji nag him about him being able to avoid the attack.

The pirates thought that they had the man scared, but they didn’t notice what was happening. They were inexperienced when it came to magic fights after all. When they got to where they needed to be the light ball would hit the ship exploded and hitting every pirate around the spell’s radius. With that being done, Yuurei had rushed in straight towards his blast as it dispersed which revealed him to the hurt and staggered pirates. It was then Yuurei would find himself attacking each pirate as he was knocking them out for the time being.

His light attacked had done a lot of damaged to the ship he was on, which meant that their ship wasn’t durable to begin with. That was good because it meant that they wouldn’t be able to use it for a while. When he got to the last pirate, the ruffian nervously crawled away from him.

“Please don’t kill me?” He pleaded with him.

Yuurei laughed a bit as he wasn’t going to do such a thing.

“I was never going to kill any of you guys, but you suffer the pain for trying to loot people you shouldn’t be stealing from. Now take a nap.” He said as he chopped the pirate on the back of his neck before moving to the loot that made it onto their ship.

Yuurei would pick up the loot as he was heading to the ship that was on the other side of the ship he was on.




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While Yuurei was walking towards the plank that connected the two ships Renji looked at the pirates that were on the floor and he could only shake his head. They chose the wrong day to be stealing and so close to Hargeon as well.

“That was much better than before Yuu, but you need to try and sneak attack your opponents when you have the opportunity to. It wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t especially when you’re alone.” He said to Yuurei as they made it to the other ship.

“Alright next time I will take your advice, but I thought you could fight Renji.” He said to him wondering what he would say.

“I could, but I choose not to. You got to impress me before I join you on such a thing.” He said this, which brought Yuurei to shrug.

It wouldn’t take long, but they would find the crew to the ship tied up as they were nervous to see that he was here. The half-elf would free them all and explain the situation. They would thank him for what he had done and they would sail him back to the shore of the Hargeon. The pirates would wake up to their ship all busted. Yuurei had done damage, but the other ship had shot a few cannonballs at them before they left. They were stranded in the middle of the sea, and when their repairs were done, they left never to be seen in Hargeon again.

As for Yuurei, he would be rewarded for the jewels that were promised him, plus extra due to the Exceed being with him. The job was quick, but it was a good day to get paid.



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