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A Short Respite [Social | Kailani & Yuurei]

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#1Kailani Fleurn 

A Short Respite [Social | Kailani & Yuurei] Empty Sat Dec 04, 2021 4:01 am

Kailani Fleurn
Kailani inhaled, sucking in a deep breath of salty air before slowly exhaling, the sea breeze blowing gently around them. Calming themself after feeling a little on edge during their first day working as a Blue Pegasus guild member. Turning to her job partner, and long-time dearest friend, she tug on his shirt before pointing a little bit further down the stone streets of the port town.

"I think that might be the cafe Raina suggested." The wind mage announced, indicating their intentions towards a circular hanging sign with a little steaming coffee cup symbol above. They weren't far off it, but she hadn't been able to spy it earlier as all the tall sailors and locals in the area made it difficult for the short elf to see over them.

It wouldn't take long for the duo to find themselves outside the entrance. the door and windows decorated with various seaside-related objects and the words 'Oh Buoy Coffee' written clearly on the glass door. Looking through either the door or the windows they'd see a quaint, but busy store, most of the tables already filled leaving Kailani unsure if they'd even have room for them. Fearful that they'd be turned away, Kailani was hesitant to push the door, but eventually built up the courage to enter.

Stepping inside they could easily get a better view of the place. The tables seemed to be oddly shaped, crafted out of local driftwood, in the center of each sat salt, pepper, and sugar sachets along with various condiments, for patrons to use freely with their orders. Along the walls were local paintings of the harbor and various views of the township accompanied with more sea-related objects including; sea sponges, lifebuoys, and ropes with various knots.

Kailani found herself a little overwhelmed, it was unlike any store she had stepped foot in before. Her sheltered life had left her with very few experiences. Nervous about grabbing anyone's attention, she'd turn to her friend with pleading eyes to help with the social aspect that came with eating a meal out in public.


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Yuurei walked beside Kailani as they were heading to the café that was recommended to them. It was enjoyable to work with his best friend, and at the same time help someone who needed it. The scenery was something he didn’t think he would ever get used to, and while he was admiring it all he felt a pull on his shirt. The youngster knew it was a way of getting his attention, so he looked over to Kailani who directed to what might be their destination.

“I think you might be right on that Kai.” He would say to her as he started walking in the direction that she wanted them to head to.

While they marched over to the establishment, he had a smile on his face as his best friend was right on the nose. When they got to the front of the café, he looked over to Kailani and it seemed like a large number of people inside had made her nervous. The half-elf was going to open the door for her but remember that she needed to overcome this. She wasn’t good around a large crowd and he was hoping that she would be okay inside her. In the end, he was there for her and of course, she would open the door and he would enter the store before the door closed on him.

Yuurei was looking at everything around him and he was surprised by the imaginative mind that created this place. It was very unique and he wasn’t sure if he could have created such a thing on his own. His eyes moved over to Kailani who seemed to have taken too much in. Her eyes met with his and he would approach her without hesitation. His hand moved on top of her head as he looked down as he was obviously much taller than she was.

“Everything is okay Kai. Just focus your attention on me only. Think of me as the only one around, and if you can’t ask what you want, tell me and I’ll get it for you.” He said to her as he rubbed the top of her head.

He was calming her down and at the same time, trying to take her focus away from everything around them to just him.

#3Kailani Fleurn 

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Kailani Fleurn
"Hey, my hair..." The purple-haired mage muttered as they pouted slightly as he pet her head possibly leaving a hair out of place and feeling treated a bit like a child. However,t she couldn't stay mad as it did in fact comfort her a lot to know he was by her side her anxiety easing a bit. Still, it felt weird to be the one having to be protected after spending her life defending him prior to leaving their home.

"Oh buoy! Welcome aboard! Are you looking for a table for two?" A deep voice called out from beside them, Kailani too preoccupied to even notice the young man approach them, wearing a stereotypical sailor-themed outfit, along with a nautical-styled apron holding a pen and notepad in the small pocket. Glancing upwards, the wind mage would note his medium-length brown hair messily tied back into a short ponytail.

He didn't seem overly threatening, quite the opposite in fact, an aura of friendliness radiating from the young man, probably not much older than the two elves. Despite this, Kailani found themselves unable to talk, they'd open their mouth, no words coming out as her anxiety spiked once more after being caught off guard by his sudden appearance.


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Yuurei let out a small chuckle due to the response he got from her. She always had his back, so he figured he would do the same thing for her. It wouldn’t take long for someone to approach them, and when he looked over to him, he could see that this guy worked here. He smiled at him as he was helping them out, which was a good thing. The youngster would nod as he was happy for the hospitality.

“Yes, that would be very delightful, sir.” Yuurei would agree and their server would smile and giggle a little bit as he walked over to an empty table for two.

“You two can sit here, and I will be right back to ask you if you’re ready to order.” He said as he would move the seats for both of them.

Yuurei would walk over to the table, and he would sit down, but only after Kailani would. When she was seated, he would look at her and he hoped his smile would calm her down. He looked over to the menu that was behind the counter. The words were big enough for anybody to read without a problem.

“I think I will have this croissant that they have on the menu and some ginger tea.” He spoke to Kailani with a smile.

She knew that he didn’t like drinking tea, but for her, he would drink it, so that she would feel better. He also didn’t know what else to order here for drinking purposes. The half-elf usually drank tea because of Kailani, so everything else besides water was foreign to him. Still, now he needed her snap out of it and their server to come back.

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A Short Respite [Social | Kailani & Yuurei] Empty Sat Dec 04, 2021 5:32 pm

Kailani Fleurn
With a silent, but deep, breath Kailani settled her nerves down a bit as she followed the waiter over to their table. The wind mage quickly settled in, taking her seat and eyeing the menu with eager lilac eyes. So many new possibilities. She had spent her life accustomed to only what nature provided, usually simple meals like stews and on rare occasions roasts. The wind mage had tried a few new foods since they left their forest home, but not as many as she would like.

Her mind focused on what they should order, she nearly missed Yuurei's order, her ears pricking up only at the mention of 'tea'. A small smile appeared on her face as she glanced up briefly before returning to the menu. He did know her rather well and the fact he was willing to bear with something for her sake made her feel warm inside.

"I... will... have..." Kailani paused trying to decide on just one of the many items, her eyes lingering on something that sounded the most interesting, "An apple turnover." she grinned back, her anxiety somewhat drowned out by her excitement at a new experience, as she temporarily forgot just how many others were surrounding them right now.

"You don't have to drink the tea if you don't want to." She'd state, pointing to something on the menu, "This iced chocolate also sounds nice." She'd offer, as a thank you for his support. The wind mage wasn't sure if it'd be something he'd like, but at least it wasn't definitely something he disliked.


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Yuurei would hear what she was going to have, but on top of it all, it seemed like she wanted him to drink something he would enjoy. It wasn’t just, she was basically telling him to try something new, and she recommended something. He looked at it in the menu and he thought about it and figured that he would go for it after all.

“That sounds like a good idea, I will get it then.” He said this to her with a smile on his face.

It wouldn’t take long, but their server would return to them with a huge smile on his face. He really did have a friendly aura around him, which made it easy to talk to.

“Have you guys decided what you wanted?” He would ask them.

Yuurei would look at him and he would give him a smile back.

“I would like a croissant, an apple turnover, and two iced chocolate please.” He said to the server.

He would write everything before repeating it. Yuurei would nod as he had everything right and their server would walk away from them. The half-elf would look over to Kailani as he figured he would talk about what they thought they are going to do on their next mission.

“So what do you think Raina is going to have us do when we go back?” He asked her curious to see what she would say.

“I think she is going to have us drink the water next.” He laughed as he joked about that.

He didn’t think Raina was that type of person, so he was sure they didn’t have to worry about such an act for money. Still, he was glad that she recommended this place to them because it allowed them to experience something new today besides working for money.

#7Kailani Fleurn 

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Kailani Fleurn
Kailani's face brightened upon hearing Yuurei agree to her idea. This was a special day for both of them, not just herself, so they should both get to enjoy it to its fullest. Her smile would falter as the waiter returned asking if they'd made a decision and causing the purple haired mage to grow quiet. Thankfully, her best friend was a man of his word, ordering for them both allowing her to breath once more. Her eyes lingered momentarily as she watched the young man take their order and leave towards the kitchen, only pulling away as Yuurei asked her a question.

"Huh?" Kailani muttered, as the thoughts of what she had heard processed in her mind, staring at him with slight disgust at the idea of drinking the salty water, but ultimately started chuckling along with him, "Gosh, I would hope not. Although that would also technically be a new experience, I suppose..." She added, looking thoughtful as if it might not actually be that bad of an idea.

"I mean, maybe seawater tastes really good, especially polluted water. I doubt anyone has tried it before...and there's really only one way to find out..." Her mind would seemingly drift off before giving Yuurei a sly grin, "And I think you'd make for the perfect test subject. Heh heh heeee..." She put on her best evil laugh, stretching her arms out across the table with her fingers wiggling towards her friend.


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That was true, if they had drunk salty water, it would be for the first time. They didn’t live near the sea, so the occurrence of drinking saltwater never happened. Still, she had spoken about this nasty scenario of this type of water being good and that he would be the test subject. This caused him to shiver a bit at the thought of him drinking dirty water. He shook his left hand out of the goosebumps that he felt all over his back. He shook his head at Kailani because she was teasing him. Still, he was glad that she was calming down and returning to her normal self.

“Don’t joke like that. I wouldn’t try such a thing. If I did I might grow an extra limb or something. I don’t want to see how that feels or looks like.” He said to her as he could imagine him walking around with another ear on his forehead.

“So, are we going to talk about why you decided to leave the forest? I’ll tell you my reason if you tell me yours.” He asked her.

The two of them left the forest, but none of them had asked why. He knew she would tell him, and he wasn’t keeping his reason a secret, but she never really asked him in the first place. The answer would have to wait though as the guy had arrived with their drinks and their small lunch. He would place their food in front of them on the table along with their drinks before providing them two seal straws for them and leaving.

Yuurei would nod to the man who had walked away from them and unsealed the straw and placed it into his drink. He would sip it and he would shake his head up and down impressed by the flavors that were brought into him. It was a new experience indeed, and he could only imagine how this croissant would taste like.

“I wasn’t expecting this.” He said delightful with Kailani’s recommendation.

#9Kailani Fleurn 

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Kailani Fleurn
"I think an extra limb could be useful for you." Kailani declared with a sly grin as her hand returned to her sides, His next question causing her smile to drop. Neither of them had really spoken about it. The wind mage had told him about sneaking out of the forest occasionally and meeting up with a human when he had noticed her taking frequent hunting trips, yet only bringing home small game each time, but never any of the finer details. It wasn't like she didn't trust him, it was just that she was afraid someone else would overhear and her father would have found out.

It wasn't normal for her to seem so nervous when it came to talking to Yuurei, he was the one person they felt completely safe around. As her heart started racing over having to explain they would be interrupted by the waiter bringing the food. Kailani quietly thanked the man as she gazed over the food in front of her. It was some sort of pastry, with cream and cooked apples, it smelled absolutely delicious, causing her to forget momentarily about the question she'd been asked. Her eyes glittering briefly before she remembered she was going to have to talk. It would be best to do so before digging in so she could properly enjoy her meal after getting stuff off her chest. If it hadn't been for the promise of learning why he had joined her outside the forest, she most definitely would have simply used this opportunity to skirt the question entirely.

"Well... I learnt a lot from that human friend I made, that one I used to go meet occasionally." Kailani started, looking up from her meal to meet Yuurei's gaze before glancing off to the side, finding it difficult to make eye contact as she spoke, "But even then I could only learn so much without experiencing it for myself. While they certainly live differently to us, I do not think humans are as inherently evil as my father makes them out to be." she whispered the last sentence as quietly as possible, not wanting to offend anyone else in the cafe. There was also the fact she wasn't entirely convinced about what happened to her mother nearly ten years ago, but she felt it would be a weird thing to bring up. After all, they had treated it as if she'd been dead all these years without question.

She'd hover her hand nervously above her food, waiting to see if he'd have more questions for her first or if she could dig right in.


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When the topic at hand had come, he could see that she had shut down about the subject. He was ready to laugh it off and tell her that he didn’t really want to know. He was getting ready to take a bit out of his croissant before she spoke up. He placed his food on the plate as it had something to do with the human she met outside of the forest. His eyes moved towards her, his ears ready to listen and his total focus on her. Of course, she had other plans barely making eye contact with him while she spoke to him.

Still, he didn’t say anything as he didn’t want to interrupt anything she might say. It would seem her reasoning for leaving was because she wanted to see if humans were as evil as her father made them to be. Well, her father didn’t really like him, but that was because he was also half-human. The only reason why he was able to live with them was because of her mother and after she died, he was able to stay because the father felt like he would betray the woman he loved if he kicked Yuurei out. The young man figured there was more to it, but he chose not to pry into it anymore.

“I see, so trying to see if it is really true. I mean it can’t be all true, I am half-human after all. I don’t think I’m like that. I am a little short-tempered, but what can I say when you've been bullied most of your life it kind of just sticks on you.” He chuckled a bit taking his serious matter as a joke.

Yuurei wouldn’t wait any longer and he would dive into his meal without hesitation. He took the bread and took a bite into it. It was hot and it was smothered with light butter inside of it. This was a different taste than anything he had ever eaten, but it was a good one indeed. The half-elf wondered if he could learn how to make this. It would be good to have for the future whenever they had a day off.

“This croissant is amazing. Humans do know how to make amazing food.” He said to Kailani as he moved towards his drink to take in more of what they ordered.

Yuurei got nervous for a quick second because he thought about how they were going to pay for the meal, but then remembered that they had gotten paid by Raina not too long ago, so they would be perfectly fine.

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Kailani Fleurn
Kailani smiled at his words, he was correct, it definitely wasn't true. In fact, she had met very few people with bad intentions, let alone be as horrible as the way her father spoke about them. Something definitely had to have happened between him and someone for him to have that way of thinking. They definitely didn't all respect nature the same way the elves did, but that wasn't enough to justify hating them. After all, there were some kind ones that did care, like Raina and her love for the ocean-dwelling creatures. The wind mage would lean over the table and tussle his hair.

"Yes, you are definitely a very good person." she'd agree before leaning back into her chair. He did sometimes get annoyed at things, but so did she and everyone else. No one was perfect, even if some people tried to appear otherwise. Seeing her friend tuck into his meal, she would quickly do the same, the explosion of mixed flavours hitting her mouth and causing her to wiggle slightly in happiness.

"So delicious..." She mumbled after swallowing the first bite, grabbing the drink to take a sip and try that too, the chocolate flavour something she definitely wasn't used to, "Oh so sweet!" She'd gasp almost forgetting Yuurei had promised to tell her his reasons too. She'd glance at the wall to stare at one of the paintings while continuing to eat, wondering if she should bring it up himself or if she should ask.


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Yuurei could only smile and nod his head when he heard Kailani’s words. That was good to hear from her, but what he was eating was also good. The combination of everything just made this a great day and he was happy about it. The light mage took a few more bites of the croissant as he couldn’t help but want more of it. He knew that his way of cooking would change, and that was perfectly fine for him. His free hand had instinctively grabbed his drink and took some in as he couldn’t help but be happy about what was happening. They were going to have to thank Raina for this recommendation when they saw her again.

The half-elf was relaxing a bit as he saw that his meal was almost over with, and while he was doing that he had remembered that he was going to tell her his reasoning for leaving the forest. Still, he didn’t want to overshadow her reasoning. This was hard, and he scratched the side of his head. He wasn’t the type of person to lie to her, but if he didn’t tell her then he would be putting her in danger that she might not welcome. This brought him to sigh as he looked down at the plate of croissant and he finished it all up and enjoyed at the same before he took another sip of his drink before sighing of relief.

His drink on the table again he would look at Kailani seriously now as it was important, she'd listen to him.

“Sooooo… The reason I decided to leave the forest… I met a wood-elf who was kind of enough to speak to me. The cherry blossom tree I always went to, I would meet up with someone on occasion there. After hanging out with them, even though they were older, they finally told me about what happened to my parents. I don’t know if they are dead, but it has been fifteen years since their disappearance. The only thing I know is that it was a vampire with dark long hair.” He whispered the last part as he didn’t want to scare anybody who might be overhearing their conversation.

“So that is my reasoning and right now I plan on getting stronger, which is why I bothered you to join Blue Pegasus. I heard being in a guild in the human lands is the best thing to do. They will have your back and you can get stronger through training with powerful mages.” He finished saying this and leaned on his chair and started drinking his iced chocolate.

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Kailani Fleurn
It didn't take long for Kailani to devour her meal, but she took her time sipping her drink, they had plenty of time left until they were due back at the lab, once they were done here. Perhaps she might recommend that they take a short walk to work off all the sugar she had consumed before getting back to work. The wind mage was about to ask, deciding against forcing Yuurei to speak when he started without her even prompting him. Her face turned serious along with his as she listened.

'He met someone in the forest and didn't tell me?' she scowled slightly at the thought, wondering why he felt the need to keep it a secret from her, 'Since when? How long had he been unwilling to tell her? Perhaps he hadn't been and had been expecting her to notice and say something the way he did when she went missing from time to time?' She'd stare at the drink she now held with both hands, unable to keep eye contact, but still listening intently.

"Are you sure you can trust that they were telling you the truth and weren't just trying to get you to leave the forest?" Kailani asked, she was usually incredibly optimistic, and she trusted Yuurei's judgement on the matter, but she was still irked that he had kept this from her all this time. Deep down she knew even if he had been told a lie he'd still go through with his plans, his mind already made up on the matter.


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Yuurei had finished speaking and he could see that she wasn’t happy about the fact that he had been hanging out with another wood-elf. He figured she was trying to make sure that he was safe, and that nobody was trying to take advantage of him. He thought about her words however but knew that if they truly wanted him out of the forest, then they would have never seen him after that one day.

“I thought about that plenty of times Kai. The thing is, my parents lived isolated from everyone else. My dad was a human after all, and I’m pretty sure nobody inside of the forest wanted him there.” He paused a bit taking a hold of his drink before speaking again.

“The wood-elf who hung out with me a couple of times wouldn’t have appeared to me multiple times if he truly wanted me out of the forest. I think just telling me about my parents would be good enough for me to leave and search the outside world. Still, they also are the ones that had given me markings or like the humans called them tattoos throughout my body.” He didn’t show her them, but that would have to do with the fact that he was never shirtless around her.

Yuurei would take his drink and consume more of it before putting it down on the table again. His eyes looked at Kailani as he could see that he probably upset her a bit by not telling him about the other person sooner.

“I can show you them if you want me to. I also figured it was strange that nobody talked about my parents’ death, or that they didn’t even have a grave for me to go visit. It seemed like there were people in the forest that knew what happened, but kept shut because they didn’t think I deserved to know since I’m a half breed.” He said leaning on his chair.

Still, he thought about everything he said, and he figured that he would apologize to Kailani for not telling her this sooner.

“Sorry for not telling you about all of this. I just felt like there was never really a right time to tell you. Since I asked you your reason, I figured I would come out without hesitating.” He said looking at her and waiting for her to say something.

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Kailani Fleurn
Kailani felt rage stir throughout her. Tattoos!?! How many other things was he keeping from her? She thought they were closer than this. She practically told him everything there is to know. She'd take a deep breath, holding in her anger, her face deadpan as she continued to listen to whatever else he had to say even if she really didn't want to hear it right now. She was thankful she had already finished her meal, this conversation may have even turned her off food for a bit.

"I understand." Her response was curt, but polite and could be possibly taken in many ways. They were still in public right now and she would need some time to calm down before speaking further about all of this. He wasn't necessarily incorrect, people had been awkward with her about her mother as well despite not even having his heritage. He was already discriminated against just for being born.

"I think I need to take a walk outside." She'd state, not bothering to listen to anything more he had to say and instead finishing off her drink and placing some jewels on the table to pay for her share of the food. An odd occurrence as she'd normally offer to pay the entire bill. Her chair would squeak as she rose, causing a few other customers to glance her way, Kailani too focused on other things to even notice and grow nervous this time as she strode forcefully outside, taking off down the street.

They still had some work to do in the afternoon, so she couldn't let her emotions get the best of her. A brisk walk around town would hopefully be enough to calm herself so she could remain polite and dignified.


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Yuurei could see the reaction in her face, and his eyes looked away from her as he knew that he was in trouble. The half-elf probably shouldn’t have told her this after all. He rubbed the back of his head as he was trying to calm down. The light mage didn’t like that she was angry with him. Her simple response was enough to let him know that she needed to calm down and process everything he told her. He watched her finish everything before getting up and storming off. He shook his head as he knew that he needed to go after her. He would finish his drink as well, and pay for the rest of the bill.

He would jump out of his chair and he would bow to everybody. They were staring too hard and some of them started whispering to each other. Yuurei would run out of the café store and look around to see where Kailani had gone. It wouldn’t be too hard to find her as he could see her hair moving around as she walked. The half-breed would follow in the same direction as her, but he kept himself a nice distance away from her.

I shouldn’t have told her. Now my only friend outside of this world is angry with me. How am I going to make it up to her? I guess I can always make her some food she had never tried. That always helps and works out. I did say I’m sorry, and I did tell her everything now. What is the saying better late than never? He thought to himself as he continued to walk.

This was hard, but how long did he continue to tail her instead of walking by her side. Yuurei couldn’t believe how something so small could produce such anger and pressure. People would look at her and then at him and he would just bow to everybody as he continued following her.

“I guess I should have told her this back when we were in the forest.” He muttered to himself.

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Kailani Fleurn
Kailani strode briskly through the township for a good five minutes before finally stopping at the edge of the docks, taking in a long, deep breath of the cool, ocean air. Her anger was quickly being replaced with sadness, as she contemplated why he had felt the need to keep this from her for so long. What had she done wrong? Sitting down, she'd dangle her legs off the edge of the seawall, staring down into the water below. Not long ago the duo had been collecting and testing data for their client, as happy as could be.

Maybe it wasn't her fault, he had said something about not finding the right timing. Perhaps it was similar to how she didn't want to discuss her mother despite her suspicions. However, it's wasn't like she had any solid leads on that if she had found some sort of proof similar to having been told by another elf like Yuurei, would she have opened up to him? Maybe. However, right now all she had was her gut instinct telling her something was off. That wasn't exactly a good enough reason to start investigating.

"Ugh..." She groaned as she felt herself finally start to go calmer. Why was she so stupidly emotional? He just opened up to her and here she was only thinking about herself. His parents were most likely dead, and if not, they were prisoners somewhere for certain. Otherwise, they would definitely have had returned to him. With one last deep breath, her heart stopped pounding, but only momentarily as she stood back up and turned around only to be met face to face with him. She had been so preoccupied with her own thoughts, she hadn't even noticed him following causing her heart to race nervously once more.

"Ah... S-sorry..." Kailani stuttered, looking anywhere but his eyes, afraid of making contact with them the same way she was with strangers, "W-we should probably head back to the laboratory... Raina's probably waiting for us..." She mumbled quietly, too afraid to bring up the topic again in fear of her emotions getting the better of her once more. She didn't waltz off this time, instead, she waited to see if Yuurei had anything else to say before heading back.


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Yuurei kept following her wondering when she was going to stop moving. It seemed like her anger would never end, but he would sigh when he saw that she had taken a seat by the docks. He stood still for a second giving her some time to calm down a bit more. After a few minutes, his body started moving, but slowly as he was making his way towards her. He didn’t know what to say to her, especially not after everything he had told her. He rubbed the back of his head coming up with many scenarios to make things better. Still, there was nothing he could do about it, but hope she would feel better.

The light mage wouldn’t take long to get close to her, and while he had inched the gap closer within every second, he would see her getting up from where she would sit. It wouldn’t take long, but their eyes would meet with each other, and Yuurei would look away from her and it seemed like she would do the same thing.

“I’m sorry.” He would to her around the same time she did, which was funny because he was also trying not to make eye contact with her.

He wasn’t sure how angry she was, but when she said sorry, he figured that she had calmed down a bit. The half-elf was close enough to hear her mumble her words, and he thought that it would be for the best.

“Yes, I think we’ve been away for too long. It’s time to be professional and get the work done. After you Kai.” He nervously said doing his best to make sure he didn’t stutter his words.

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Kailani Fleurn
Kailani sighed quietly to herself, not sure if she had simply overreacted or if she was right in her feelings. It wasn't easy to say. Yuurei was correct though, it was time to be professional and put her personal feelings aside. She could sort them out and deal with them after they were done working and back at the Blue Pegasus guild base. The awkward silence only grew as they walked back through the streets towards the laboratory. The wind mage ultimately decided to keep quiet for now, trying to get her headspace right so she could greet Raina again without any signs of her emotions.

Kailani's gaze occasionally glanced to the young man beside her, he didn't seem upset with her for getting upset, just sad she got angry. It was understandable, they didn't fight often, even as children they had barely argued except over stupid things that all children fought about. Never anything serious or something that couldn't be sorted with an apology and a hug. The wind mage scratched the back of her neck, the idea of hugging him right now didn't quite sit right with her, when she wasn't really completely ready to talk about why she was upset.

And so she continued to walk in silence until she stood once more in front of where they would be working this afternoon.



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Yuurei saw Kailani start walking, but with every step, she took he could feel the silence that was drowning them. It seemed like he needed to give her space for a bit so that she would rationalize everything that was said to her. Still, he kept quiet as he looked around to absorb the scenery around them. It was the only thing he could do at the moment and he would just rub the back of his head. He would catch her looking at him every now and then, but he didn’t say anything. He figured she was trying to figure out a way to let it go and move forward between them.

Their silence in walking would soon come to an end. They would finally make it back to Raina’s home. She had told them to take a break and they did exactly that. It was an amazing break, but towards the end things got sour. Still, he was glad that she had recommended that place to them and that he was able to get that off his chest as well. In the end, it didn’t matter what was going on between the two of them. They had a job to do right now, and that was what they were going to do.


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