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Deep Green [Void Caverns-The Wings of the Void]

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Strange things were happening in the Worth Woodsea and no one knew what to make of it. As two weeks passed, the calm gales shifted into a raging tempest. Most villagers would stay home or behind the walls of their defenses, while wild animals native to the areas most affected were long gone.

Lumikki's ravens could barely fly around to survey the location, as the erratic gusts posed too much of a threat. It left the Demoness and the avians in the dark, but a few birds were able to note strange winged creatures emitting from where the gusts were most dense.

Lumikki wasn't in a rush to run into the fry. After all, it doesn't do a bird any good to fly in blind. But she did begin preparation to travel within the storm and sent word to all that could accompany her.

The first would be her Uncle Brone, whom she sought out in person with the news. Hoping to recruit him and Spell Cleaver to face whatever dangers were in the woods.

Next would be a friend of hers, Ittindi. A man she encountered just a few times but one she figured would appreciate being made privy to the phenomena. As the Rune Knight could always make do with more risks to take and cases to settle. And it would so happen that he remained conveniently stationed in the North.
Ittindi of the Knights,

There is a disturbance in the Worth Woodsea that I ask you to investigate. Should you accompany me to it, we should meet in a day. Just tell my raven that you accept and they will guide you to the spot where we meet at noon.


The last would be a man often lost in the Woodsea but crossed the Demoness before. It would be this familiarity that convinced the ravens to pass Lumi's message along, so should he take it.

To whom my raven encounters,

There is a danger within the Worth Woodsea that I can't identify, but I plan to see the problem for myself. If you got this note, it would mean my raven figured you could be useful in the efforts. If you choose to come, simply tell my raven so and they will guide you to the location. we shall meet in a day, at noon.

A member of the Paradise Dawn

With those things settled, she waited for the answers.

***The following day***

When the time came for Lumikki to leave the guild, she would join her Uncle during travel. And by her insistence, they would arrive a half hour earlier than planned. The Demoness knew she had to be there to accept the others as she couldn't be sure anyone else would know anybody.  And in her wait, she tried to entertain a book while fighting the breeze that constantly tugged at her pages.

On this crisp winter day, it was made colder by the gusts of winds. Anyone who attends the mission would be mindful of the cold. Meanwhile, Lumi herself wouldn't but all that bothered by the chill. Instead, she would wear a long black dress with long sleeves. She presented as human and her hair was tied back in a bun while dark round shades covered her eyes.

" I hope I'm making this out to be a bigger deal than it is," she grumbled to Brone before realizing someone else was approaching. " Oy ye've come. Good, I have a feeling something like this would benefit from the more, the merrier." Lumi's annoyed face would soften to one more excited and friendly.


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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The intensity of the issue had reached Paradise Dawn. Gnicholas, the gnome, had tried to explain to Brone Heavyaxe the severity of the situation, but as per usual, the dwarf ended up losing focus on understanding the small creature after the rambling began. Indeed, he had noticed the intense winds for his own ravens struggled to fly about; they had to resort to remaining grounded, making it difficult for the dwarf to get his intel on what was going on in the world.
When Brone was approached by Lumikki about quest she herself proposed, he was quick to accept since he was beginning to feel entrapped within the dormitory while this odd weather behavior continued.
”Gnick told me something about weird happenings and weird weather, but he started using big words so I left” Brone fastened his breast plate; the majority of the armor was made of nevermelting ice, emanating soft frozen air off the surface. He removed his helmet to reveal that he had already tied his white hair into a ponytail and groomed his beard, two braids framing the entirety of his beard and connecting at the end. Unlike Lumikki, the dwarf wasn’t able to change his visage to look more natural; his skin ashen gray as if he was born and lived all his life in a coal mine. Though he, just like Lumikki, could withstand the cold, he still donned his brown bear cloak that continued to flap in the constant wind.
”Whatever the danger is, we’ll handle it, best not stress it so early when we haven’t even seen the problem first hand” he gave his niece a smile. Due to the weather, neither of the ravens accompanied them as they normally do; Gnicholas chose to stay back, stating it was madness for him to go on such a risky quest, even though he neither knew what was happening, and as for Benimaru, the oni didn’t reply to the offer, but simply lounged, stating he wanted to finish his romance book he was currently reading. For this quest, it would be the uncle, the niece and whoever answered the call-to-arms.
Brone placed his horned helmet under his arm as he would look towards the forest before them as he stood upon the boulder that acted as a waiting platform.



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Ittindi sat behind his post, the perfect picture of decorum, stoicism and discipline. His men all sat uncomfortably occasionally moving in their chairs or fidgeting with their feet or hands. They were currently attending an award ceremony; some members of their administration had received a reward for heroism in the garrison. Ittindi had to admit he hadn’t been properly listening when a raven came crashing through the ceremony and landed directly on Ittindi’s head. As always he was wearing his magical tuxedo, this time his top hat off and to his side was sporting a white striped cloth. The raven sat on Ittindi’s head and nested realizing that he was currently distracted. The knights in his squad were sure this was a test from their Seargent or an actual distraction.

The ceremony wouldn’t take to long, only 40 minutes instead of the usual 1-2 hours, Ittindi felt part of it was due to the raven on his head. There was more than 1 time that the speaker lost their bearing and would chuckle looking over at Ittindi’s head. As soon as the ceremony was over, Ittindi would stick his left forearm out for the raven to roost while he undid the letter attached to its foot. It was from Lady Lumikki detailing some issues inside their favorite vacation spot.

Ittindi did not see this as Lady Lumikki cashing in on one of his many favors to her. Worth Woodsea was just as much his home as the city itself, if not for his side jobs serving in his butler capacity in different restaurants he might spend more time in Woodsea than the city. It set their investigation for tomorrow, he’d look at the raven feeling silly but assuming it’d understand him.

”Tell Lady Lumikki I’ll be there, do I need to pay your or anything?”

At the mention of pay the raven would squawk, Ittindi could swear it was laughing. Still, he was unsure in avian formality so he’d take out one of his small coins and offer it to the bird. It would snap its mouth squawk cackling as it headed back to its master a little richer.

Next day

Ittindi would wake up, donning his usual tuxedo, the money sign in place of a bowtie having a familiar weight after months of wear. Looking at his hat’s stripe he decided to go in a dark green to show his sympathy with the forest.  He’d have a simple morning only doing his personal hygiene letting his part of the barracks get a day of rest from his insistence on cleaning. Like clockwork around noon a raven would appear at his window signaling him. Ittindi would rush outside, to see the raven waiting at the door for him, it would take off at a leisurely pace. The intellect of such a creature had Ittindi wondering if it was truly just a bird.

The wind was chilling, but Ittindi had checked the weather mages reports, opting for a heavier undershirt so that it would break the chill. He was oddly comfortable, which meant that if there was action he’d no doubt be sweating up a storm and ruining this undershirt. It wasn’t designer, as Ittindi expected trouble, but he was running out of white floral button ups.  As he arrived he’d see Lady Lumikki in a wonderful black dress, one that would be perfect for hosting a dinner party with more conservative guests. The idea of her and his Young Master creating a household and images of their children and antics put a smile on Ittindi’s face. Besides her was a shorter fully armored individual with a bear cloak, Ittindi could see that he was a warrior no doubt one of the many challenged by his Young Master if he lived in town.

”Of course Lady Lumikki, I couldn’t let such a prestigious place be endangered think nothing of it. Greetings Sir I’m Ittindi Amali, pleased to make your acquaintance”

Ittindi would give a deep bow while introducing himself to the armored individual. He expected the usual response from the warrior type, a small amount of acknowledgement and then questioning of his skills. His gun holster was under his jacket beneath his left armpit it would give off a small bulge if anyone looked.

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Another day, outside in the woods. Another day of trying not to freeze to death, and another day of him losing his mental sanity. He was exhausted with nature at this point and just wanted to live in comfort of civilization again. A warm bed and hot prepared meal with seasoning was all he could dream about but he wasn't in a warm bed. He was in a temporary bases of sorts as he was currently staying in a tree hollow of one of the massive trees that's thrown all about. It was enclosed on all sides expect for the gaping hole to enter and exit from. And he had managed to fashion a curtain of leaves and tree fiber to stop the wind from blowing instead, he would place rocks on the bottom of the curtain so that way it wouldn't flap around from the wind. This was the first thing he had ever made, and it was a leaf curtain, a fucking leaf curtain as he sighed to himself. Setting aside mounting depression, he decided to kill the small fire that was warming his shelter as he left the warmed tree to seek food.

The cries of the wind was loud like a child hollering for it's mother and animals of the land had left in fear of something or someone. At this moment, he felt certain that he was the only one here. At least that's what he thought when he came across, a brown bear. King of the forest in a small clearing not to far away from his shelter. The bear was wounded. A nice big gash ran across his side, as the bloody ichor within poured out heavily staining the bear fur. He didn't have any blood on his mouth or paws and it was breathing very heavily. All this told Ixedde that it wasn't from a fight but from nature.
"Looks like nature is trying to kill you too. Huh, buddy?" He would say bravely stepping into the clearing to face the bear. The bear turn to see him As it began to stand as tall as it could before giving off a mighty roar as it eyes told of great pain. "Yes. Yes. I understand. Survival of the fittest. You want a fighting chance then? Earn it! " He would say as he raise his hands up in fighting gesture challenging the bear. The mighty beast would let out one more roar as the two rushed at one another.

The fight didn't last long as the bear quickly collapse three minutes into the fight leaving the man cuts and bruises as he began to drag the bear corpse back to his shelter. It would take him a few hours to prep and skin the beast but soon a thick, richy smell of cook bear and tree sap would fill the air being carried by the wind. He was halfway through his third helping of bear covered in tree sap when a crow came inside the hollow causing him to quickly speak up in-between bites.
"Beat it. I hunted this fair and square, you little- wait a minute. Hold on. Where you get that paper from?" He would say as glimmer of hope that a town was nearby and this crow had just carried this paper with it. The crow would drop the letter as he took it gingerly, tossing the crow a piece of bear as he would begin to read the contents of the letter out loud. "Danger... Worthwood Sea... useful... tell my raven... noon. Wait. You can lead me into town?! Fuck eating flame cooked bear! Take me into town!" He would say rushing to his feet as he quickly put out the fire and draping the freshly skin bear fur over himself as he began to follow the crow as quickly as he could.

~~~Next Day~~~

Him and the crow has been traveling together all through out night with him taking an odd nap here and their but otherwise made good time as he was the last to arrive. Coming from out the thicket of the trees, he saw two unknown people and the thing that gave him a few nightmares for a good week or so. Quickly pointing at the lady and he shouted,
"YOU?!" Before quickly turning to the crow saying "and I trusted you to get me to the nearest town." He would say genuinely hurt from the betrayal from the corvid. The man standing before the group was dirty and out right filthy. His hair was pinkish red from the freshly skinned corpse of a bear that hung from his shoulder, his clothes torn and frayed, with a mixture of frost and blood coating it. His eyes held a heavy dark bag underneath them and had a crazed wild look to them. As his quickly darted to the other two men looking at them back and forth repeatedly. "A butler and a half person? Midget, dwarf, or gnome? I wonder which one." He would say out loud clearly speaking what he was thinking as he began to scratch his head furiously. He would suddenly stop as if lightbulb went off in his head about the situation. "Ya know what, this is fine. This is fine. I can work with this. I can just eat whatever is causing trouble after we kill it and try to find way to the city afterwards." He would once again think to himself out loud as he look to group as a whole now. "Good afternoon. Name's Ixedde. Spelled I-X-E-D-D-E. Got it, memorized?"

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Lumikki was pleased to see Ittindi who was dapper as always, the dark green stripe being a nice addition as it popped along the green of the wood. It was always interesting seeing a man who cared about his dress as she grew with Dwarves who much favored armored. As properly emphasized by her Uncle and his appearance.

Lumi met Ittindi with a happy smile and after his introduction, she would speak further on her guest. ” Aye Uncle, consider him a good friend of our honorable Knuckles. Though I will say his company is still far pleasing without the context. I figured his careful attention to detail would suit out efforts nicely. Especially when ye are I are both blind to the happenings within the tempest. And this would be me Uncle, Brone Heavyaxe of the Dawn.”

She began tucking her book into a void from her magic when one of her ravens sloppily flew to the clearing to meet with them. And soon enough a man would come stumbling as he followed. His disgruntled appearance at first amused the Demoness, but the more he spoke the more annoyed she became. Until the already chilly air around him could have become reminiscent to that of the high mountain peaks of Iceberg. If her harsh glaze piercing through her shades didn’t slow him, the drop of the temperature would. And soon enough his name would be known.

” Ah yes, the imp of the woods. Still stumbling I see.” She pointed into the direction to the east,” If ye still seek a village, ya could find one there around eight miles from here. Be gone, the danger here is high and no one here cares to babysit ye.” Lumi would turn back to the prior pair to finish the introductions and prepare their plans.


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#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Looking over to the new arrival, Brone was surprised to see a well dressed man approach. It was Lumikki who had introduced him; the dwarf felt more comfortable knowing that his niece as well as Knuckles knew of the stranger. "The pleasure is mine" Brone returned the bow with his own gesture, sweeping a strong arm with a clenched fist which ended at slamming into his breastplate where his heart was. What many people don't know was that the dwarf had learned of some forms of etiquette from when he was apart of Blue Pegasus, given there were several requirements he was expected to follow, such as proper attire and social queues. Though it was a great annoyance to him that he had to wear a full suit to special occasions, he did enjoy several proper mannerisms the guild promoted; it was refreshing and nostalgic seeing Ittindi present in such a way, but the dwarf was joyful that he didn't need to be set in a suit himself, albeit the attire he currently wore was his best presenting outfit, such as expected from usually dwarves and warriors, which the exception such as the dark brown gloves and matching bracers he wore that bore beautiful dwarven designs that were threaded in with gilded threads from a master weaver.

Soon after, another person approached, though his appearance and introduction would be considered the complete opposite to that of Ittindi; this person looked like a mess and is entirely rude. The bear pelt was proof that this young man had indeed fought his way out of a situation, given his look. Brone wasn't entirely bothered by the appearance, for it was a look that would be expected from fighters and dwarves of the like, but even Brone's own mother demanded her kin bathe before ever stepping foot in her home.

The first interaction and the dwarf saw too that Lumikki knew this person as well, but the reaction was, once again, opposite of the introduction with Ittindi. Brone was confused by why his niece would react in such a way, but he soon understood the moment this man by the name of Ixedde, spoke. "ᚹᚺᚨᛏ ᚦᛖ ᚺᛖᛚ ᛁᛊ ᚨ ᛗᛁᛞᚷᛖᛏ?" he turned and asked Lumikki in the dwarven tongue, questioning what a 'midget' was. He didn't see the question as an insult, but assumed Ixedde was some form of an idiot not being able to know the difference between a gnome and a dwarf, but then again, Gnicholas had told Brone that dwarves weren't too common in human society and gnomes were very rare to anyone's eyes.

"Afternoon" Brone returned the greeting, though he lacked the enthusiasm he normally had with introductions, he didn't have the same icy cold tone Lumikki had when she responded to the rude man, "If ye want to join us on this quest, then feel free te tag along, but the lass is right, we ain't babysittin', but if ye want te get te a town, feel free te move on, safe travels regardless" the dwarf made sure his straps were secured before turning to Lumikki.

"If we're ready te go, lass, lead the way, I'm ready te find out what trouble there be and what treasures or secrets we'll find" he drummed his fingers on his helmet that he still held beneath his arm. The excitement in his voice was obvious and the movement in his feet reflected it as he paced back and forth, psyching himself up.

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Ittindi had studied some Iceberg traditions and cultures after his talk with Averie, and it seemed that Lady Lumikki was from there as well. He wondered if the warrior in front of him was until the introduction, this was the legendary dwarf; the one his Young Master wished to kill one day. No doubt about it, between Lady Lumikki and Sir Brone his master had found his newest aspirations. At least it would motivate him, it was what those motivations would lead to that worried him. It was rare to see decorum from a decorated warrior. Ittindi was impressed and curious. Was this man a demon like Lady Lumikki or was he related to her mortal bloodline. Ittindi wondered if Demons even had those, maybe people they sired then again how long did dwarves live? Ittindi’s racism had never bothered to think of these questions of confusing familial lineage human bloodlines were so much simpler.

The other person…well they might as well be a demon or a small beast with how appalling their appearance was, that intruded even past looks the smell the attitude it was all sour. Ittindi immediately sided with Lady Lumikki attitude on Ixedde. A man such as him needed a foot washing and more, it was times like these he thought that being a water mage would have been more fitting.

”I hope you don’t mind Sir Ixedde, but if you do stay I’ll be keeping my distance. You smell awful, I imagine you’ve been out in the woods for a while now.”

Ittindi kept a neutral tone as he spoke to Ixedde, but internally he would be disgusted by the man. He wondered what guild would allow such a reprehensible representation of themselves to roam freely. Brone seemed fine with the man traveling with them, so Ittindi would be fine either way.

Ittindi was nervous to see what had both Lady Lumikki and Sir Brone excited. He felt confident enough in his skills to offer ranged support like how he had performed against that avatar. Now he even had a back up plan for if someone got close, and Naki purred at Ittindi’s anxiousness. Whenever they felt too pleased it only added to Ittindi’s dread, wondering if this might be the time his demon claims his life.

His right hand would rest under his jacket above his holster, ready to draw his gun in an instant. His left hand ready to cast, Ittindi was on full alert when they pressed on deeper into the forest. His head would be on a swivel checking their immediate area, the sounds of the forest were quieter than usual indicative of the strangeness ahead.

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He had went and babble on a bit too long as the crow lady was shooting him a harsh gaze as the air around him went frigid. "Did I say something wrong?" He thought to himself as he sneezed and hugged his body. She had seemed upset or bother by what she said telling him that the nearest village was about eight miles east from here and that no one here was going to babysit him. He quickly brush the comment off his shoulder as the shorter man also second the motion. The well dressed men however said that if he did stay, he'll be keeping his distance as he smelled. "Oh right. I bet I do smell rancid right now, don't I?" He would say as he lift up one of his arms and sniff at himself. He wouldn't be able to notice his own stench as his nose had simply grew accustomed to it due to his prolong time in the woods and the lack of soap. As he would continue to sniff around himself only really picking up on the smell of blood from bear. "Oh yeah. Sorry the smell is coming from old king of the forest here." He would say patting the pelt before adding on,  "I was eating him yesterday till I got the letter, then I rushed right on over here.."

Turning to his thoughts, Ixedde began to think to himself happy that he was around people again. "Man, I never thought I would miss talking to people. It's been so lonely in the woods and all I really been doing is moving from place to place and hunting. I also gain some valuable information just from being here. A town east of here, that means a bath and food. Real food and not just meat cooked over a fire. I just need to figure out where east is. Well, I can figure that out AFTER we handle whatever is out here. I could always try to stick around with someone. Somebody might prefer company along the road after we finish whatever this is." He would think to himself as he was ready to travel with the group as he now look over the two men in the group and look into their appearance. The shorter man, who's name he hadn't caught yet was well, short. His skin was grey like the ashes from a fire or coal, and his beard had two braids twisted in it. The most interesting thing, that grabbed his eyes was the mans' breastplate. The breastplate look like it was enchanted with constant cold or as if cold air radiated from it. "Hey Sir, we got some similar taste. Though yours is a bit more refined at the moment." He would say pointing to the each others bear cloaks as he like the shorter man sense of style.

Next, he began to study the slender butler. He was wearing a full tuxedo and that was really all that he could fine interesting about the man. Just the sheer fact that he look so spick and span on an outing such as this, cause him to raise an eyebrow. He honestly didn't know what to make of the man as what he was seeing was just a butler or a servant. Rubbing his chin, he tried really hard to figure out the man's deal was but gave up chalking up as a butler. while he waited to know more details of their current outing, he would look over to the undefinable thing that nearly killed him.
"Wait now that I think about it, everyone here was invited here by her. Which I can assumed she did by sending them a message via bird as well. And! Judging by way they react their definitely familiarity between them all. That means I'm the odd man out. Wait. Now that I really think about it. She's probably not a forest spirit either. Oh. Right I don't need to get to close to anyone since I smell."He would think to himself as he would keep behind the group away from slender man as to keep his nose from turning upwards as he spoke towards the crow lady. "So you're not a forest spirt?"

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” ᚺᛖ ᚹᚨᛊ ᚲᚨᛚᛚᛁᛜ ᛁᛟᚢ ᛊᚺᛟᚱᛏ ᛁᚾ ᚨᚾ ᛁᚾᛊᚢᛚᛏᛁᛜ ᚹᚨᛁ, ᛁ ᛊᚨᛁ ᛚᛖᛏ ᚦᛖ ᚷᚨᛚᛖᛊ ᛏᚨᚲᛖ ᚺᛁᛗ.“ Lumikki responded, telling her Uncle in clear wording that he had been insulted and should let the wind snatch the boy. Though the party would not understand her, the venom in her words was apparent. But it would be her Uncle who would be the “bigger” man as he pushed off the tension and was inviting where Lumi was not.

Ittindi on the other hand, for as polite as he was, shared his displeasure, and the Demoness would nod along; but if the man really wanted to join them in this venture, she wouldn’t chase him off. In her annoyance, she didn’t discard the opportunity of his value yet but her previous point still stood. None here were in the mood to babysit, not when major matters were inflicting the wood.

Yet to her surprise, Ixedde addressed her again. This time with a remark far too entertaining for her to ignore.” No lad,” she spoke in her real voice, cold as the tundra and the howling of the wind,” No ye probably would have preferred that. No…but a Demon in the flesh. So mark yer luck yer still live.” A malicious grin pulled at her lips from the pleasure of announcing her nature, but it would only be Ixedde what had not been formerly aware. The two men beside her were far well acquainted by this point.

” Let’s get going,” Lumi remarked as she turned to her guests. ” Let’s right this wrong and be done with it.” And so Lumi would begin to lead the charge, thankfully remaining upwind from the feral man when doing so. It was a benefit to them all and a surprising blessing of this quest; but as much as his introduction vexed her, she was glad for his intrusion. The random factor of his actions and questionable intelligence opened for promisingly rare interactions. Or if anything anything at all, the potential to amuse her.

The party met at the very fringes of the trouble, and only caught a strong breeze there. But now walking to the center proved difficult with the whipping gales lashing every which way. Torn branches of trees now littered the floors, while a few trunks had been split in two. If this was only the beginning, then it foreshadowed the damage ahead. Meanwhile, a tornado would twist at their destined point and the sounds of howling winds and ripping bark began to blare louder the further they traversed, easily drowning out their voices on their walk.

Deep Green [Void Caverns-The Wings of the Void] Img_0213

The winds could easily push around those without the strength to hold still, Lumi included if not for her frost cutting into the gales. The two elements repeatedly clashed, sending powered snow and splinters of ice into the air. Still, the wind could not overcome the Demon’s magic pushing back, letting the mage walk undisturbed and unbothered. Her tight dress clung to her skin and her hair braided tight so it would not flap too much in the wind.

After minutes of walking at a quick pace, Lumi’s eyes would catch movement in the distance. Flashes of green would skid through the skies and often in groups. The remaining trees would cut off her sight to make them any clearer but she gestured to the rest what was going on. Saving her voice from hitting deaf ears.

That was until they made their first encounter; three bird-like creatures would appear. But they were not anything normally seen, instead looking clearly out of this world. The body consisted of sharp and jagged green segments with daggers for feathers. There were no eyes or normal faces either, instead, it was replaced with a bright green gem in a star-like shape. And on the movement of the flock, they tried to fly right past the adventuring party.

Deep Green [Void Caverns-The Wings of the Void] Img_0310

Lumikki quickly thrusted her hand outward, pulling a staff from what looked like nowhere. In a swift twirl, working with the momentum of summoning her weapon, she cast a bind too quick for the birds to escape. Black tendrils would warp from their very own shadows, snatching the avian monsters and dragging them from the sky. Holding them in place long enough to be investigated and dispatched after.

Lumi would be the first to approach in full trust of her spell to hold them. And from there where would circle them and observe. Her cold ice blue hands occasionally reach out to feel their shells and rip out their feathers.

” What do ye make of it?” she attempted to yell over the winds, looking over to the rest of the party with a perplexed look on her face. As she spoke, she played with the “feathers” between her fingers.

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#10Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Finally they began to trek inward with Ixedde behind them. Lumikki had pointed out to Brone that the newest of the party was in fact insulting him, to which the dwarf began to wonder about that, but the insult, if it truly was intended, had already passed and it would be a waste of energy to react to it, so he left it in the past.

Ixedde ended up getting a little close to the dwarf, though the wind's direction was preventing from the smell to reach the latter's nose. He commented on the armor; Brone looked down at his breastplate, at times he would forget how appealing and mystical it looks. He would smile and point out the young man's own appearance, "Thank ye, lad, tis made of nevermelting ice; as for ye own pieces, ye don't look like a ruff and tumble sort, more like ye from the classy parties" The dwarf would notice under the dirt and grime, the young man had features humans would normally call attractive and genetically blessed, whether it's the color of his eyes, or his hair, even his trinkets such as his cross earrings that added the flare of luxury, "Ever been te a party at Blue Pegasus?" the guild of South Fiore was known for throwing very high class parties, even high nobles would know of.

Concerning Lumikki, when she spoke to Ixedde, her demonic voice came through for a moment which sent a chill up the dwarf's spine. He worried at times if her emotions, especially that of anger, would ever consume her due to her demonic nature; sometimes he would forget she's actually a full demon and that human form of her is simply a visage. He was surprised when she admitted to Ixedde what she truly was, but then again, she never feared revealing who she is as a person... That's right, she is still a person, and Brone knows that he'll never forget that of his niece.

* * *

The winds were strong. And just as Brone wondered if this would get worse, a tornado formed, though luckily the act of nature was too far for them to get swept up in it. He is a heavy being, small but heavy, he didn't fear being taken off the ground unless he willed it, but dwarves never enjoyed the wind, such an element was a nuisance to the people of the rock and stone. But they moved forward.

Eventually they would come to see strikes of green. Brone had difficulty trying to make out what they were, that is until Lumikki managed to cast one of her spells and capture three of them. She pulled them down to them and plucked at their feather. Brone moved in, making sure his beard wasn't blown into his face by the wind. He looked at the avians, "Look like animated emeralds, but feel like quartz" he yelled over the wind as he touched a feather.


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To Ixedde’s credit he acknowledged his acrid smell, and his speech had turned into one of a more friendly tone. For now, Ittindi would work with the dirt of a man, he just can’t imagine why one would want to show up too possibly their last day on earth not dressed to impress. Even worse if your soul departed in your last worn outfit how embarrassing it’d be to be in paradise in dirty clothes. Though he could easily understand how someone could confuse Lady Lumikki with a spirit, the power difference did make her seem mythical. Then again a full-fledged demon was on the same level, Ittindi was still very curious as Lady Lumikki didn’t seem like the demons he’d been warned about.

It also seemed to confuse Naki, and nothing else had done that his whole time being paired with the being. Brone and Ixedde started to converse about their wardrobe options, so this Ixedde was probably a warrior, strange as Ittindi didn’t see any visible weapons on the man. Then again one could say the same as him, that’s when he’d notice the winds. They were roaring, and even with his magical clothes Ittindi couldn’t keep all the powder off his outfit. It would have to be his first injury in the battle for the safety of the forest. Not to mention he’d have to worry about his top hat so far it had managed to stay on his head. He’d have to look down and follow behind Brone, Ittindi was ready to cast a spell to tie him to the mountain and in his other hand hold his top hat if a gust picked him up.  

It was unneeded and worse the trek felt like it would never end. Ittindi face was too frozen to acknowledge that it was cold, his hands maintained enough warmth to flex due to his white gloves. He would occasionally wipe some of the snow off just for it to replenish a couple paces ahead. The winds battered down any warmth his body would manage. When they finally stopped Lady Lumikki was holding some odd creature. Her and Brone examined the creature’s noting features, it mattered little to Ittindi though shooting would have to be closer range than he generally liked due to the wind.

Ittindi would draw his pistol, he wouldn’t aim it at the creature but would try to look around the sky above. Between the flurries of snow and wind he could see some green blurs, but they were hard to make out individually. He didn’t see the point in blasting blindly so Ittindi would keep his gun ready while keeping his head on a swivel. He was curious what decision the group would come to his instincts were just to shoot the things and press on.

WC: 469/1,625


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At the mention of having similar taste, Brone had look down at his breastplate. He then explain that it was made of never melting ice and that he doesn't look like the ruff and tumble sort. Which took him aback a bit, "Well I didn't grow up rich but, I didn't grow up poor either. If I wanted something I had to ask to for it but, that doesn't mean I got it right then and their. No, I had to wait two weeks or so. Or I just wouldn't get it at all. I wouldn't say I was spoiled but I did learn to be appreciate of the hand that I was dealt." He had quickly explain as Brone ask if he ever been to a Blue Pegasus party.

"Sir, I haven't even heard of Blue Pegasus." He would reply chuckling. Did however finally get an answer from the Crow Lady, she was a demon. "Don't take this the wrong way but I already thought of you as one." He would say with a simple shrug as their wasn't much to say as their first meeting had put him in a very precarious situation. Nothing else needed to be said as demon began to led the group towards the winds. Torn branches litter the ground, entire tree trunks split in half, and the winds howl with evil glee. In the distant, every one was able to spot what appears to be the cause of the situation.

A tornado twisting and churning the earth far ahead.
"Well at least, I know what injured the bear now." He would say the gale began to force him back as he dug his heels in and tried to press on. The issue was that with each step he took back, he felt as if he wasn't taking a step forward at all. "Fuck." He would mumble under his breath as he felt a strong sense of weakness and frustration. "Push. Dammit. PUSH!" He commanded himself as his eyes once again to glow a bright gold as he push through the strong gales.

"Good. Good. I just got to keep this up." He would think to himself as he begun to match the pace of the others as his clothes would flap and billow in the wind as he tore the loose fabrics off himself. It didn't matter that the wind was strong or that snow would cling to his body sapping away the little warmth he had left. He just had to keep pushing forward his eyes locked on the demon as he marched on. Well that was until small birds tried to fly pass the party. In her might the demon quickly bind all three creatures as the butler drew his pistols aiming at the sky. "Ah is that why his hands was in his pockets?" He thought to himself as the demon drew his attention asking what they make up of it.

Brone simply replied that it look like animated emeralds but that it felt like quartz, the butler didn't say a thing as he kept his eyes to the sky as he slowly approach the thing. as he grab the entirely of the creature body and squeeze as hard as he could in an attempt to crush it to see what would leak out.
"I THINK IT MIGHT BE AN ELEMENTAL OR PRODUCT OF SOME TYPE OF MAGICAL BEAST!" He would shout to the others as the wind would push him back slightly.

WC: 583

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” Curious and curiouser,” Lumikki mumbled, one of the avians were in her grip and she slowly freeze it over with her ice. The other two would still struggle, but now they’d make a peculiar sound. Like many bees flying around you at once. At the time, Lumikki paid it very little mind, opening a portal with her ring to tuck her capture inside. She was curious of its nature and pondered if she could corrupt it for personal use later.

” I think I’ll hold onto a few of these for later, but yer free to destroy as many as ye’d like.” Upon her statement, the group had their chance to destroy these. Whether with gun or axe, the creatures wouldn’t last; but neither would the peace as more came flying. It was a flock of green gems buzzing with fury as they approached. Unlike the three that were encountered before, it would be a few dozens now. All kicking up the wind in their wake so that it tore every which way.

The gales could slash all they were careless to their edge, but the lack of concise control opened the way to not being bothered at all. That. Was if someone was skilled to spot and seek them. And within a minute, the pair would be surrounded, trapped within their closing wind vortex.

” I’ll try to collect the ones on the left,” Lumikki gestured with her thumb before swinging her staff like one would a golf club. Massive shards of black ice erupted from the ground, encasing her specimens and breaking their control of the wind wall from that portion. The vortex weakened but didn’t dissipate entirely. Nor did this halt the creatures retaliation as a few lunged for the men below, hopping to whip the wind in their directions and created harm.

A few would approach Lumikki as well, only to be frozen and thrown into her portal like all the others.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had an idea of who Ixedde was now, but it still left him as a mystery. Nevertheless, they had quest to complete, so his focus went to these little creatures. Though everyone was stumped, Ixedde suggested they may be elementals, "Never seen an air elemental! Just earth!" the dwarf shouted over the roaring winds. With the experience of a dwarf, he has met several earth elementals in his time, stone giants and earth golems, neither had put fear into him, but the idea of air elementals made him concerned.

Lumikki was collecting the creatures, though her uncle would prefer to keep away from such things, he chose not to say anything. The wind whipped up and irritated Brone; he was use to load noises, especially when it came to loud parties and taverns, but the roar of the wind was different, all the while it pressed against his body, howling in his ears, it was all kicking up his anxiety. Then, when he gained his focus again, he realized they were trapped within a cyclone created by the avians.

"Blast these creatures!" he yelled as he drew forth from his bag his golden axe in his right hand and his green axe in his left. As any of the avians neared him, he would swing his axes, popping them into puffs of crystal-like feathers. Though it was proving difficult due to his anxiety, his divine insight he developed through his God of War trials gave him the edge he needed to see where the elementals were coming from so his axes can strike true.

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As the wind continued to whip all around them, there was a small difference in pressure as one got closer to Lady Lumikki. It seemed that the creatures she was capturing and destroying were responsible for the snowstorm. The realization hit Ittindi at the same time one of the bird creatures did. It swooped in fast, cutting Ittindi’s right shoulder, it wasn’t that strong of an attack. Ittindi could probably take a decent amount of those cuts, but he couldn’t get an accurate sight on the creature. It was flying to fast, Ittindi didn’t have the reaction time either. He saw that Brone seemed capable of reacting in perfect time to cut them down as they swarmed him. Meanwhile Lady Lumikki was handling them by freezing everything around them taking out swaths on her side.

Ittindi refused to show up before he even attempted anything, he’d take another 2 hits while considering the best option. It was after the second hit that he realized that the birds would swoop in to attack, they were following a straight-line trajectory. If Ittindi shot down the same angle it didn’t’ matter if he could clearly get a picture it should still collide with the elementals all the same. This time when he was hit he’d immediately point his gun straight after and shoot his strongest bullet.


It would collide with the creature, and it would shatter, and Ittindi would think to himself only a couple hundred more give or take. That’s when Naki would tell him to use a defensive spear posture, and for once Ittindi agreed. It would be easier for the creatures to impale themselves, Ittindi would holster his gun. Then he’d take a wide stance his knees lined up with his shoulders, his Naginata would appear in his hands, a basic looking blade. Like Ittindi the real terror lied with the strikes not the appearance the shaft was 5 feet while the blade was 3 feet. He’d start the spinning rotations it was a difficult move, it started with Ittindi’s right hand near the hilt of the naginata he would turn it down while his left arm grabbed the shaft near his armpit from there it was a crosscut with his right arm while he brought the haft up with his left. From there he’d rotate his body as he brought down the right again then repeated these steps to continuously create wheel movements around his body. So far only 1 creature was struck trying to approach Ittindi. It would fly for a bit before succumbing to the aftereffects of his blade.

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As he attempted to crush the small  thing, he quickly realized it took more of his strength than he initially wanted too, but soon the small bird thing crack underneath his gripped as it shattered as his hand was throbbing in pain.
" Never going to do that again. " He thought to himself as the air suddenly became fill with buzzing of more of these things. Things began to happen fast, first the Demon had spawned a staff encasing multiple of the birds in ice. As the massive wall of Ice formed and created a barrier against the wind.

The birds that left speed past her was quickly meet by the short man who was expertly swinging a green and gold axe as the creatures shattered under each blow. The butler went and shot down one before switching to a halberd and smashing the next few that came his way. What was Ixedde doing? Guarding his face as his body and arms was being shredded by the birds.
" I went from barely being able to move in the wind. To now getting sliced to pieces by jeweled birds! " He thought as he struggled against the fast creatures.

" No armor, No weapon, just grit and magic.  I just have to dig in and bear my teeth. " He thought in pain as more and more of his body became covered in cuts. " Wait no, that's how loser's think. I Need to think liberate the weakness! " As he uncovered himself as he picked up a tree branch and wind the wood up like baseball bat. Swinging purely with blind faith and luck managed to send one flying into the wind.

WC: 276

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The party waned at their numbers and so the vortex would soon relent. But there were still more creatures to be seen zipping through the skies and returning to the source. As the gales would loosen until they broke away, it was like sitting within the eye of the storm. A glimpse of peace parted just before their eyes.

Before Ittindi could realize it, black frostflowers would sprout and creep along his suit. Flourishing the most in places that were wounded. In rapid succession, the blossoms would bloom and wilt aliveating whatever damage he had sustained in combat. Though Lumikki wouldn't speak much on it, it was simply her support in silence. As her gaze was fixed on the growing storm just ahead of them.

Deep Green [Void Caverns-The Wings of the Void] Img_0313
The winds that slowed them down during their journey forward did not cease, nor did they tire. Instead, the blasts from the currents swelled with more force than before. Ripping the last bit of trees from their roots all around them. It would take magic just as great or massive strength to press on forward now. Perhaps those creatures were now all conjugated in one location, hoping that their combined might would deter their impending extinction. This thought only made Lumi laugh.

Deep Green [Void Caverns-The Wings of the Void] Img_0214

" Heh..should we wrap this mess up, Uncle?" Lumikki turned over to the Dwarf with a snide look on her face. Her fangs were apparent and her eyes aglow. But this would last for mere seconds before the shadows cast along the floor and the party all pulled toward her. Clinging to her skin as it reforged into her other form. Lumi looked human before but now her features extended further past it. With four wings unfurling from her back, plumage and talons forming, when her transformation finished and the dark subsided; breaking off like fresh fallen black snow and revealing a harpy.

With all wings pulled back, Lumi lunged into the sky. She flew up high hoping to pierce through the strongest gales and glide above. Taking a moment to collect her power and pool it into a single blast, she'd unleash a beam of dark frost to cut into the wind and open a path for the party. Ice walls made of sharp shards of ice rose to black the crashing tempest on both sides. From there, the Demoness would fly ahead and await her Uncle's assistance in the core's destruction.  

The Scene Before Them:

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#18Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The vortex of wind seem to be strengthening; trees were being uprooted as the avian creatures continued their assault. Brone did he best to swing his axes about and cut down whatever green creatures would come close, but was proving difficult as time went on. A gunshot drew his attention towards the butler. The dwarf had seen such weapons before, albeit rarely. He was then struck from behind; the avian creatures would now pelt him as they flew by. Though the dwarf's armor was protecting him, the constant pelting would begin to cause cracks which worried him. The others were holding their own, including Ixedde who was utilizing a tree branch to counter the creatures.

Lumikki called to him, the smile on her face assured her uncle that they were about to turn the tables on the situation. Her visaged changed before taking to the sky. Her black ice shot from her and heavily disturbed the vortex. As the demoness flew on ahead, Brone directed the two young men, "Follow after her! Don't let these flying maggots slow you!" he yelled over the roar of the wind. Though the cyclone stopped, the wind that blanketed the region was still posing a threat. A dozen of the green avians encircled one another, causing another cyclone to form; luckily it wasn't a large as the previous one... yet.

Brone swung his green axe; the moment it's blade touched the base of the cyclone, the wind immediately stopped, undoing the magic that caused it, "Ha! Tis' magic!" the dwarf laughed as he began to run after Lumikki. The green birds were too many for them to take down like simple foes, so hopefully they can find a solution up ahead.


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Before Ittindi had time to respond he saw flowers blooming over his body expecting the worse he was pleasantly surprised when his wounds were all healed. Whether through their own means or through Lady Lumikki's the storm seemed to calm around them. Ittindi didn't realize just how covered in snow, some melted now he had a moment to breathe. It was just a moment, the full force of the galestorm ahead rushed at Ittindi, with trees being yanked out of the ground from the root. The winds had to be over 40 kilometers/hr Ittindi was fully aware he was going to be swept up in the storm, an idea formed in his mind. He had seen another version of him, no not him another avatar of Naki had used in a battle on a waterfall. When the wind came Ittindi was prepared to attempt wind surfing.

That's when he'd see the beam of ice pierce the storm from some point high in the sky. Lady Lumikki had taken her true form well at least what Ittindi assumed was and created a path forward to some unknown goal. Her uncle took no time ushering the group forward. Ittindi would follow he’d stop his whirlwind motions with his naginata instead holding it blade upwards against his shoulder. He wondered what Lady Lumikki had spotted so easily through the storm, he also sighed the thought of wind surfing seemed kind of  fun. He’s sure the scenario might happen again, perhaps Ittindi needed to think of ways to fly.

”Quite nice of Lady Lumikki to get us out of that dreadful wind.”

Ittindi would say to no one in particular as they continued to walk down the walled off hallway. He figured if Brone did know what was up ahead he’d of told them. With the confidence in which he strode it seemed like he was familiar with where they were going. Instead of in a makeshift hallway in the middle of a forest up north. It did not reassure Ittindi just because his Young Master acted similarly even after the trap had been sprung.

WC: 351/2409


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Wayward gales would spill every which way, causing Lumi to cut back with her wings and ice. Her glances shifted from the prime vortex and her allies consistently, supervising that they crossed her path to the storm safely.

Deep Green [Void Caverns-The Wings of the Void] Bf478710

The energy pulsed strongly here, and the void influence was more apparent. There was a green tinge to all the void magic and the creatures would follow it like trails as they usher more wind of their own. The wind was very thick and the magic imposing. Stealing glances within the vortex was not easy, but Lumikki could make out glimpses of a green glowing gem. As she began to generate the magic needed to slash the wind, the avian creatures would react almost instantaneously to her mana. Surging toward her and surrounding the Demoness in an insidious swarm. This caught her by surprise as they hadn't seemed quite this hostile before. And with each contact on her skin, as they brushed passed, it almost felt like they were ripping out her mana.

The green creatures were weak and pitiful, but their numbers looked endless and for the moment Lumikki was overwhelmed. At least until she could recover from their consistent onslaught.

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#21Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
As the cyclone died out after being sliced by the legendary Spell Cleaver, Brone rushed after the butler who was already entering the makeshift corridor made of black ice which resembled a small canyon. "Aye, the lass is talented with her magicks and has a heart for her own" the dwarf replied to Ittindi who made a very agreeable statement. Brone caught up to the butler and continued to run, though the wind was more steady now given the ice corridor was holding, he didn't want to slow his pace, expecting the green birds to catch up to them and conjure more cyclones.

Eventually, Brone would come in sight of of a green vortex. Though it was large, it didn't have the full power of the tornado they dealt with before, the whipping swirling green was magical energy, resembling an underwater vortex; beautiful with a steady swirling pace. The dwarf's eyes shot to a cluster that was nearby, the avians were bundled, attacking something... no... someone! It was Lumikki entrapped within the cluster. Brone wanted to help his niece, but realized the swirling vortex had some glowing sphere within, more than likely the nest of these birds that fluttered about, though this was an assumption, he couldn't assist his niece by attacking a cluster, that was her specialty, as for him, he could simply attack single targets at a time.... And that's what he intended by focusing on that sphere that hid within the vortex, "Lad! Help Lumikki! I'll go for the damn ball!" he cried out over the wind as he picked up speed and rushed onward.

As he got close, he could feel the pressure of the wind was intense, more concentrated, because of his sturdy form and training, he was able to push through the intense blowing wind that threatened his footing... but he worried about everyone as well as himself. As the seconds ticked, the trees were ripping off the ground and the roaring was growing; the dwarf didn't realize that the swarm attacking Lumikki were draining her mana and using it to drastically grow the vortex's strength and with the demoness's magic reserve, she had enough to cause a natural disaster. Knowing this information or not, the dwarf's instinct told him danger was increasing with each passing second, so he pushed forward with all his strength.

Just as he closed the gap between himself and the vortex's wall, he swung his green axe, the blade slammed into the wall, causing the magical energy to rip open and unravel almost immediately, causing a silent boom and silencing the wind in the area, but almost just as quickly, the energy that was being taken by Lumikki was beginning to recreate the vortex. The dwarf didn't stop, his momentum pushed him pass the perimeter of the vortex that was trying to return. There in the center was an emerald gem, glowing and floating. Brone pulled back his golden axe, readying for another attack; as he took his final step closer to the gem, his golden axe instantly changed places with his black axe: Dhuraindarin. His full strength pulled on the axe, fighting against the resurrecting wind. As the black blade arced, the sound cut through the wind just as the axe cut through the gem.

The glow stopped and the wind came to an end.

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Sir Brone would pass him by as Ittindi followed him down the demon made tunnel, it opened up to a vortex of wind. He could see that Sir Brone was going straight for the source of all their destruction, he tasked him with helping Lady Lumikki. He’d look over the battlefield for a moment before realizing that the pile of creatures were swarmed on Lady Lumikki. Ittindi would quickly store his gun while summoning his naginata as he ran towards her. Once he arrived he’d start slashing in lines on as many of the creatures as he could. H e knew that he had to be careful not to slice to deep, just in case any touched Lady Lumikki. He didn’t need her learning how his spear worked in case he ever had to die trying to take her in.

”Don’t worry Lady Lumikki I’ll get you out of here. Focus on defending yourself.”

Ittindi would continue to slice trying to ensure that all of the creatures had been hit once before returning to wider slices for his second attempt before they had much time to respond. Ittindi still wasn’t entirely sure where the naginata came from, but he knew that it didn’t give off any signatures even better it looked like a plain naginata. He prefer to keep its advantages to himself, making sure to use it at as a last resort ending typically with the witnesses dead. This would be one of the few times that wouldn’t be the case, but with powerhouses like Sir Brone and Lady Lumikki Ittindi hoped to escape any notice.

It was while he was slashing that the wind would stop and he’d hear the creatures start to die off whether it was from the aftereffects of his spear or a reaction to Sir Brone’s feats of justice. Ittindi still couldn’t believe this elaborate setup had been put in without the Rune Knights or Paradise Dawn’s notice. Powerful forces were at play to be able to sneak something so sinister in their backyard, and that’s who Ittindi had received his powers from. What had he been thinking, he knew there was an easy and hard way why ever take the easy way. Who cares if everyone else around you ere receiving objects of great power he needed to resist next time.

He wondered what kind of power Sir Brone had to slice through the core of this nest with little problem. He wondered how long it would be until his Young Master challenged such a man again. He wouldn’t be able to resist around him, he acted so nobly Ittindi hoped some of that rubbed off as well. He’d look around for Sir Ixedde who had been useful on their adventure to give him a thumbs up.

WC: 464/2,873


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He was falling behind. The situation had quickly became something that was out of his league and this caused him to panic as the small creatures was shredding his body as he tried his best to assist the others but ultimately he couldn't even defend himself much less assist them. He knew that if it wasn't for the ice wall that the demoness had put up, then he wouldn't even be able to defend himself right now as he would be struggling against the wind.

Then the situation quickly changed. As the tree roots was being ripped from the ground flying through the air as any word that came out of his mouth was quickly drowned in the wind. As the demon disappeared into the sky, leaving him with the initial thought that she got sucked into the storm. As he watch the sky darken, he continue to look up in morbid terror as giant walls of black ice fell as crash down upon the earth.

" Reality check. " He simply thought to himself as his body was now sweating a mixture of blood and fear as he looked on as the other two rush ahead without a worry leaving him behind. It was here that he felt that he came upon a crossroad of his life. He could continue down the path before him. The trail marked with cold spikes and freezing follows. Or he could walk away, the path that many before him had probably chosen and walked down as they felt the situation was much greater than they was. " What do I do? " He asked himself as he began to take two steps back ready to run as he shook his head in anger and bite down hard on his own arm and ripe out flesh. Spitting the torn flesh from his mouth to the ground as he ran forward to others.

Coming upon the scene late, he would arrive to see the well dress man giving him a thumbs up as Brone slashed a green orb. The situation appeared to be handled as his legs gave out from underneath him as he was sitting down on the ground with his legs shaking like a newborn deer as he look around at all the destruction.
" I could've died here. My body torn to shreds like the tree's that was ripped apart. I am so weak and I'm suppose to fight her in a years time?! " He thought to himself as he looked up at demoness in her darken glory. " How do I get to that level in a years time?"

WC: 432

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Lumikki wasn’t all that bothered by the ambush, she had mana to spare; but she could not risk spilling too much of her power if it meant feeding their storms. If she did any of her more devastating moves too close to this “nest” of theirs, Ittindi might not survive the rapturous gales nor was she sure Brone would efficiently cut through them all. It was best that she stayed tucked away for a bit longer, at least until the source of their power was destroyed.

As she settled on her plan, Lumikki curled into a ball with wings wrapped around her as to avoid anymore needless damage. The Demoness’ strength alone hardly sufficed to fight them all off, but she was sure Brone’s did. Yet it came as a soothing surprise to hear Ittindi call out for her instead. She’d rely on her friend to pry them off for the moment while she managed to maintain most of the creature’s focus. They were too busy draining her to be bothered with the many slicing them apart.

But the moment Lumikki had felt freed from their link to drain her, she’d return with full force. Her eyes glowing in an eerie hue as the mana remaining within her swelled and poured out into a deep freeze. The ball she was stuck within froze over entirely with black frost, reminiscent of an egg now more than her prison. And the raven Demon would crack it open, ice shards splintering and falling off in chunks and she re-emerged from their grasp.

” Thank ye kindly,” her voice like the gale of the tundra as she showed her appreciation. She’d glide her way toward Ittindi to give him a hug. From the corner she’d see Ixedde alive and well.” Ye live after all~” she uttered with a smirk on her face. Lumikki then pulled away and flew toward Brone, her form slowly fizzling out back to a human vestige. ” Seems ye destroyed it well enough, but it annoys me how this thing came to be. I’ll have to look into it further and find out if it’s tied to the strange magic of Lagaar. I can’t afford the magic from island spilling onto the rest of the world.”

She’d open a portal with her ring and let the broken jewel fall inside. Tucking it away for further investigation when she got home, though she’d leave behind a peace that was the size of her head and carry it over to Ittindi.” wouldn’t serve me to keep it all to meself, so take this with ye back to yer Knights to see if they could offer more information. I doubt yer content with being out of the know as much as I do.”

And for now, that was all that could be done as the party needed time to process just what has occurred. Besides the investigation, members of the nearby villages needed to be contacted and nature mages employed to restore the forest promptly.

Lumikki sought to handle the matters on her end, though the movement of her company were their own. Remaining creatures that weren’t killed we requested to be captured so that she could both study them and shape them into tools for her use. Hoping that with her Obscura, she could use them as a boon to her defenses back home.

Curtain Call

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Pokedex Entry
#25Brone Heavyaxe 

Deep Green [Void Caverns-The Wings of the Void] Empty Wed May 22, 2024 6:49 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
The wind died out, now simply a winter breeze remained. Brone looked up to see the green avians seem to be dissolving, or returning back to the world they came from, he wasn't sure, nevertheless, the region was now safe. He rested his two axes on his shoulders as he walked through the black snow over to where the other three were, "Lazaar!? Why is it always that damn island?" he heard Lumikki mention the name of the island of the future; he rolled his eyes in annoyance, thinking back to every odd situation that threatened the safety of the realm where the center or source of the trouble was the island.

"Anyway, thank ye for the help, we appreciate it; now we need to figure out what the next move is" Brone gave a nod to both Ittindi and Ixedde; though the dwarf was seeming to get a grasp of the situation involving these abnormalities, he wasn't sure of anything, or what that jewel was. He was sure Lumikki had an idea and may inform him later, but so long as the threat was neutralized and the Rune Knights were informed, then all was well at least for the day, "Wait, yer a knight?" Brone had processed what Lumikki had said to Ittindi, now the dwarf was inspecting the butler for any insignia that showed of knighthood.


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