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The Travel to Crocus (Good)

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A few days had gone by, and Yuurei had decided to take on another quest. Of course, when he chose one, it was from a familiar client. This guy did need a lot of help it seemed. He had made his way to the cathedral, and he would find Jared with a little girl next to him. He would walk over to both, which would bring the girl to move behind the priest. She didn't know him, which put her on edge.

Jared would see Yuurei and he would smile because this guy was a lifesaver. He knew why he must have been here, and he was glad.

"Hey there, I see you're here for my request, right? Well, she's the person that needs help today. Her name is Joanne." He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would go to the girl, but she would tighten up behind the priest and hold on for dear life.



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Yuurei would smile as he could see that she wasn't an open person when it came to strangers, and he was fine with it. He would look over to Jared and rub the back of his head.

"I will gladly help her. It seems like she doesn't trust easily." He said to Jared.

The priest would laugh a bit as he would pat Joanne on her head before looking at Yuurei again.

"Yeah, she's been through a lot with her family, so she takes time to get used to everyone around her. Still, she is a good person and I wish for the best for her. What I need you to do is take her to Crocus as the Grand Cathedral there will train her as she uses light magic. She can't travel alone because that's too dangerous, so could you escort her?" He asked, hoping that he wasn't too busy for this type of request.



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"I will definitely help out. As a fellow light mage, I wished I had somebody to train me when I was younger." He said out loud with a smile on his face.

Renji would look at Yuurei on his shoulder and shake his head before getting comfortable again.

It wouldn't take long, but Joanne could tell Jared trusted this man if he was going to allow her to travel with him. She would move her hand towards Yuurei, and he would smile at her.

"My name is Yuurei it's nice to meet you Joanne. You don't have to worry I will make sure to get you to the cathedral safely." He said as he would grab her hand softly.

She would walk towards Yuurei and she would say her goodbyes to Jared before Yuurei would grab her bags and be on their way to their destination. The two started walking off as they would travel through feet, and it would take about three days to do so.



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Yuurei and Joanne would travel through the outskirts as they were keeping each other company. She was able to play around with Renji as he was fine with allowing the child to play with him. Yuurei and Joanne would show off their light magic to each other as she was excited to see that someone else had similar magic to her. She was explained what had happened in her family and why she didn't want to be there, and how Jared took her away because her parents thought something was wrong with her. She also explained that she wanted to do good in the world like Jared.

Yuurei had heard it all through their travel and he shared his own problems with her as well, as she saw that she wasn't alone with it came to parents. Their arrival to Crocus was a long one, but once there, Yuurei would make his way to the Grand Cathedral.

There was a priest waiting there and they would talk before he got his reward, and he would say his goodbyes to Joanne and told her he would visit sometime.


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