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Magical Bait [Quest | Kailani, Yuurei & Brone]

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#1Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani leaned against the pink bricks of their guild hall, waiting for her best friend to join her outside. She planned to introduce him today to the friend that had helped her out with the pirates the time he had gone alone, figuring the two would get along well. Her long purple locks floated in the salty air around her as the wind picked up causing her to look up to check the weather above. It still seemed calm, definitely cloudy, but calm, not terrible weather for heading out. The breeze was simply just a little chilly alongside the already naturally cold winter.

She had dressed relatively warmly, remembering to wear a waterproof coat in case it rained or snowed. Beside her sat Nimbus, an exceed who had strangely taken a liking to her despite the fact he seemed to do nothing but insult her. The black and white feline as always was dressed in his strange red and white coat with matching accessories. At least they seemed warm.

"Ugh... what is taking them so long?" Nimbus grumbled, clearly irritated that their friends weren't here yet.

"Patience, we were here early." Kailani chided, causing the exceed to scowl, but grow quiet as the duo continued to wait.



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Another quest, and once again their quest had to deal with them going into the water. It was a pattern and Yuurei figured that any quest within Hargeon would be them going into the water. He had dressed appropriately for this event as the cold air outside was terrifying to him. He couldn’t believe such weather could exist. He wasn’t the only person taking on this job as he had brought along Renji, and he was dragging Brone with him. He figured Kailani would be waiting for them, so he didn’t bother to get them.

“Sorry for dragging you into this Brone, but this is one of the best ways to get money. We help out the clients we work for and then boom they reward us with jewels.” He said this to Brone as he walked towards the exit of the guild.

Renji followed Yuurei by his side as he had kept up with him as best as he could.

“So, you’re getting paid for this Yuurei? That’s good I think I can make sure we get more money out of this whole thing. So, what are we going to do?” Renji asked.

“I think it has something to do with fish.” He said this and Renji’s eyes would widen as he couldn’t wait to see the fish.

It wouldn’t take long, but all three of them would exit the guild and they would meet up with Kailani. He saw that she was with Nimbus and he was glad that they were all here now.

“You got here so early Kai. Are we ready to go then? And did I make you wait too long?” He asked as he hoped that she wasn’t waiting out here for too long.


#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone started his day excited. His blood began to surge the moment Yuurei had notified him that they will be taking on a mission. The dwarf quickly readied himself, making sure he was prepared for whatever the quest entailed. He stepped out of one of the many luxurious changing rooms; a woman who was about to step into the nearby available changing room was startled as she witnessed the dwarf show off his attire: The most noticeable and what drew the eyes first was his ringmail armor, from the chest to his arms and legs, the ringmail armor consists of tough hide material with metallic rings interwoven like a layer over the hide. His dark brown boots matched his gloves, which also matched with his beard and hair by color and ruggedness. And finally, fastened on his back was a large iron battleaxe that seemed too large for someone of his size.

In the next moment, Brone struck a pose and flexed his arms; though his overall appearance looked like a rugged hunter, it worked well for him. When he caught the expression of the woman who he had startled, he smiled, gave a slight bow and walked by her, yes indeed, he got her approval when she had given him a slight smile before she made her way into the changing room. Brone was now more confident in his appearance. At first he wasn't entirely sure about how he would pull off 'looking his best', especially with the suit he was suggested, but now he realizes he needed to wear what is good for him. And the rugged look is always good on him.

He met up with Yuurei and Renji at one of the lounges and they made their way towards the exit. "Don't apologize, this is what I've been waiting for" Brone couldn't hold his excitement, he had walked with such swagger as he made his way to the front and pushed through the double doors, leading outside. There waiting for them was Kailani and a black and white cat who's name he never caught. "Good day" Brone greeted her, so energetic, he placed his fists at his hips, but then remembered "Etiquette" and ended up giving a sweeping bow. Before hand he was told Kailani would be their third, though the dwarf had never formally met her, he had caught sight of her a few times within the guildhall, especially speaking with Yuurei, "Pleasure to meet you, I am Brone Heavyaxe" he stood up again, then brought a closed fist to his chest.


#4Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"Waiting any amount of time is too long..." Nimbus grumbled to himself, to which Kailani rolled her eyes as she stepped away from the wall.

"Not at all, we have only been here for a few minutes at most." the wind mage replied with a smile towards her best friend before turning towards the new face amongst the group. He seemed exceptionally excited, "Kailani," she bowed low with a graceful flourish of one hand, "and the pleasure is all mine." she gave him a nervous smile as she raised her head, unsure if she should also introduce the exceed. However, before she even had the chance to do so he had already pushed past her legs and was standing between the two.

"Are you the reason it took Renji and that other one so long to get here?" He spat, paws folded in front of his chest as he huffed.

"NIMBUS!" Kailani exclaimed shaking a little at how rude the exceed companion was being, "I apologize, he's a little...." she chuckled nervously unable to find the word to describe him, unable to meet the eyes of anyone else in the group as she picked up the furball ignoring his complaints.

"Anyway....." She trailed off trying to change the subject, "We should get going, Jacob should be waiting for us at the docks. He said something about a surprise and to bring extra hands. Hahahaha...." the wind mage suggested with yet another nervous-filled laugh quickly striding away as she muttered scolding words to the feline in her arms.



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Yuurei was glad that Brone had introduced himself to Kailani because he forgot to do that for them. It also seemed like Nimbus was ready to complain about their arrival. He would only shake his head as he didn’t like how he was acting.

Still, before he could say anything Kailani speak before she walked away in a certain direction. Yuurei would start walking as he was following her. She knew where they were going, so he figured that being in front would be stupid. He looked over to Brone, and then felt his pants being tugged and soon he could feel Renji latching himself onto his shoulder.

“You guys walk too fast, so I need to hitch a ride.” He said to Yuurei as the half-elf was fine with that.

He would eventually catch up to Kailani and look over at Nimbus with a serious look on his face. He didn’t like how he spoke, and he couldn’t even remember his name.

“By the way if you didn’t want to wait for us, then you shouldn’t have followed Kai, and got here on your own time. At least that’s what I think.” He said to the Exceed.

Renji heard those words and he shook his head as he didn’t like that Yuurei spoke to Nimbus like that.

“Well Nimbus doesn’t like to wait so next time how about you get here early, so neither of them has to wait.” He said to Yuurei.

“Then how about you eat your meal faster next time then.” He looked over to his shoulder as they both glared at each other walking to their destination.

#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The greeting was going well and Brone could tell the young lady is polite and slightly shy, though her cat was similar to Yuurei's cat, a tad rude and assertive in discussion. Though Kailani was embarrassed, Brone just laughed, "Don't worry about it, I never met a cat that liked me at start" He looked down at the black and white cat and replied "If I held up the group, you have my apologies, but trust me that I want to get on this quest as soon as possible, I've been dreaming of this" he happily said.

The dwarf caught the name "Jacob", possibly a fourth person. Truthfully, Brone wasn't sure of the details of the mission, nor who is taking up the job, only that there is a job and Yuurei invited him, whatever the trouble was, if there was any trouble, he was determined to help handle the situation.

Yuurei snapped at Nimbus and Renji snapped at Yuurei. It was comical to the dwarf, though he feared his friend would get several scratches by the time they reached their destination, "Take great care, Yuurei, cats tend to bare their claws quickly" he said to him before he walked over to Kailani's other flank. He looked at her and noticed her ears to be much pointier than Yuurei's, this has confirmed his suspicion. The slender body and colorful hair and skin complexion, Brone had suspected Kailani to be an elf, now he was sure of it, but not a half-elf like Yuurei, but full blooded as far as he could tell. It was like the stories had told about their appearance, "So... do elves speak to trees?" he wasn't sure how he was suppose to work his way to such a question in a conversation, but getting there seem to be too tedious and figured it would be best to just ask before they started their mission.


#7Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani was slightly relieved that the newcomer wasn't offended by Nimbus' words. It would have made for a very awkward day for sure. Yuurei on the other hand seemed annoyed for sure, however, she had no clue how to fix that, the exceed just had a way to sound sour all the time. Seeing that he was about to respond to the light mage, she quickly shuffled him around in her arms as he went to open his mouth, causing him to stare in annoyance at her instead but keep quiet as he continued to huff as Renji stuck up for him.

Honestly, both were far more of a handful than she had anticipated when she'd promised to take care of them as long as they needed. Thankfully, Brone made for a nice distraction on their walk to the pier. He asked a rather strange question that made the wood elf tilt her head in thought momentarily.

"Hmm... Well, I can't... but my magic affinity is the wind so I never really had much to do with plants..." Kailani responded trying to recall the others back in the forest, "But I have seen others talk to plants, whether or not they talk back to them, I couldn't tell you. They definitely appeared to act as if they did." she shrugged apologetically as she couldn't give him a conclusive answer. It wasn't something that had ever occurred to her but she supposed that some people did, or at least claimed to do so now that she focused on recalling the memories of her home.

"Do you need someone to talk to them for you?" The wind mage asked in return, curious as to why he needed to know. Perhaps it was just simple curiosity, but it seemed like an odd choice of questions out of the numerous ones he could have asked her.

While waiting for his answer, she would notice that the group wasn't too far from their first destination for the day. The ocean and boats that lined the pier of the port town soon came into view. There amongst some huge ships, was Jacob's smaller one, it wasn't overly fancy, but it was definitely well taken care of and 'large enough for fishing' as he so aptly described it the first time she had spoken to him. From the distance she could make out his figure already aboard, seemingly preparing numerous fishing rods. As she had suspected the boy that had hired them for the day was already eagerly awaiting them, ready to set sail the moment they would arrive.



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Yuurei would hear the dwarf’s warning about the cats. He figured they were like that, but he couldn’t help but talk back to Renji. That cat kept making fun of him, bringing up the past, which bothered him a lot. Still, he would keep quiet about this as he heard Brone asking a question, but it was towards Kailani. It made him chuckle as it seemed like anybody who wasn’t an elf or didn’t have knowledge of them all thought they spoke to trees or plant life for that matter. In the end, Kailani would answer him, but Yuurei didn’t feel offended by the question at all.

The half-elf would feel the glare from Renji still, which would bring him to look at the cat. Their eyes locked and they were at a staring contest. Yuurei would win this bout, but it was only because Renji was staring at him for a long time.

“Fine you win the battle today, but not the war.” The Exceed said to Yuurei as he looked ahead, which Yuurei would do the same thing.

Their destination would be very clear to them as they would see the small ship that they were going to be boarding. He also saw a guy preparing a bunch of fishing rods in certain areas of the ship. This guy was preparing to fish for his life. When they arrived at the ship, Jacob would look over to see that there were a few people next to his ship. He would notice one of them was Kailani and he would wave excitedly to see that she was here.

“Kailani, I see you came back to see me and you brought some friends with you this time. Do you need my help with the pirates like last time or are you here for the request I put up?” He asked her as he looked at everyone else.

Yuurei was surprised to see that they knew each other, but he couldn’t get upset that she was branching out to other people. They needed to network after all, so that they could have better help with anything in the future.

“We’re here for the quest you put up. My name is Yuurei, and this guy right here is Renji.” He said as he started walking up the ramp and onto the ship.

“What kind of fish are we getting today?” His eyes sparkled when he said this as he was excited as ever.

“Well with this new magical bait that I bought we will be baiting fish that I could never really catch myself. I heard that these fish are tough ones, so I needed people to help. That’s where you guys come in. I’m pretty sure if I can bring a fish to the surface, you guys could knock it unconscious for me to reel it onto the ship. Still, once you’re all ready let me know and we can set sail.” He said this to everyone.

Renji was excited to see what would appear out from the sea, and Yuurei now knew what their purpose was for this job, and he was fine with it.  


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#9Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The answer Brone had received from Kailani wasn't satisfying to his fantasy, though at least he can check off one myth he had heard concerning elves, "No, no, lass, thank you though, I simply just wanted to know if you such a gift" he laughed it off, slowly falling behind. He kept note to tell his cousins, next time he sees them, that elves apparently don't converse with the plant life as they thought. As they made their way, Yuurei and the cats bickered while Brone was thinking about the magics of the elves; Yuurei held light, and Kailani had wind. A chill ran up the dwarf's spine, being earthy creatures that find caves and tunnels as foundation for home, he didn't really fancy bright light nor heavy winds; then he thought about the possibility of Kailani being able to manipulate the wind to fly. Another shiver went up his spine, to be elevated off the ground didn't sound appealing, Brone felt solid when he was feeling the ground.

Soon enough, they spotted the pier and the smell of saltwater reached Brone's nose which didn't really bother him, but the occasional breeze did. He began examining the boats as they stepped upon the dock. The vessels looks appealing, though the small boat they reached seem to disappoint. The man Kailani had exchanged words with seemed to be a familiar face, this is more than likely Jacob, "Brone Heavyaxe, at your service" The dwarf slammed a closed fist upon his ringmail armor in salute. He was ready for whatever job was offered.

At first it seemed like a simple fishing trip through what the dwarf could make out in conversation, but the moment Jacob mentioned 'knocking out' tough fish, the dwarf began to speculate whether or not they will be fishing for large prey, like giant tunas or maybe even sharks. This didn't frighten him, but made him even more excited. "Alright then!" He slammed a closed fist into his open palm as he walked onto the boat, making it bob a moment which caused him to to hesitate. He looked out at sea, seeing how beautiful the ocean was beneath the gray sky, all the while trying not to think about the deep abyss beneath the boat.


#10Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Seeing that Brone was satisfied enough with her answer Kailani would nod to herself. It was just curiosity then, something she herself often felt about particular subjects. The wind mage would wave as Jacob spotted them, it was nice to see him again, she hadn't really spoken much to him since that one night a few weeks back. Hearing him call out, she went to answer, only for Yuurei to beat her to the punch as he explained to the group that they would be helping to wrangle some fish for him.

"Oh, what could be large enough that even you might struggle with it?" Kailani wondered aloud as she stepped aboard the vessel. Considering he constantly jabbered on about his expert fishing skills the last time they met the wind mage assumed that whatever Jacob was planning to capture today must be incredibly difficult to reel in.

"Hey, even master fishermen, like myself, can't always do it alone." Jacob swatted her playfully, causing the wind mage to chuckle as she eyed the strange bait that would supposedly lure in a monstrous fish. Once they were all on board, their captain would explain a couple of safety rules in case anyone went overboard before starting the ship and sailing out towards the endless ocean. Jacob's eyes however trailed momentarily to the feline in her arms.

"Oh! Is this your new pet?" He'd ask, stretching out to give Nimbus a scritch behind the ear only to have him swat at him with his paw.

"HEY! I'm no pet!" He growled, narrowing his eyes, causing Kailani to sigh once more. Fortunately, the fisherman simply laughed off the antics of the exceed and turned to start up the boat instead.

As they traveled out Kailani found her hair becoming incredibly annoying as the long purple pigtails were blown everywhere in the blustery wind that formed. Raising her hand slightly she'd conjure a small amount of mana to create a small barrier of magical wind that helped to force the natural kind to move around her form, calming the purple locks.

"Hey! I was enjoying the breeze in my fur!" The exceed in her arms pipped up suddenly, causing her to jolt, she had grown so used to carting him around at this point she almost forgot he was there.

"Too bad, if you want that you'll have to go join Renji." Kailani muttered. In response, Nimbus simply pouted, clearly not wanting to leave her arms for whatever reason. Rolling her eyes, the wind mage would instead turn to Brone rather than continue to argue with Nimbus, "So um... what kind of magic can you use? I just realised I never thought to ask but it might come in handy to know." she smiled still a little nervous to converse with the stout man.



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When they were ready a few things had happened, which was good. He learned new things especially things when it came to falling overboard. He didn’t think there were procedures behind that, but now he knew. The wind that would push against the ship, would cause Yuurei to shiver a bit. He had a nice coat on him, but he didn’t enjoy this weather at all. Renji, on the other hand, was used to this weather and he would enjoy the wind without a problem. Still, it was nice to be on a ship that they didn’t have to fight on. He kept fighting pirates on ships, which he honestly didn’t enjoy doing.

“I wondered if we should even use our magic against the fish that Jacob lures in.” He said out loud, but mainly to himself.

Jacob did hear those words and he could only move towards Yuurei before coming to a stop.

“You can use your magic, but just make sure that it doesn’t blow it up to smithereens. I kind of want to bring it back as a whole as possible. It would be nice to show everyone what I caught.” He said to Yuurei.

The half-elf would nod as he understood and figured that it was best to use his fist then when the time had come.

“Please don’t have the fish eat you. I swear if I get eaten by a fish because of you I’m going to haunt you for the rest of your life.” Renji said as he was still on his shoulder.

Yuurei would laugh a bit at the thought of them both getting eaten by a fish. It wouldn’t have been great, but it would have been contradicting that they would have fallen prey. Jacob moved around the ship as he could see that they were getting close to their destination. When they arrived their client would anchor the ship before moving around to the different rods and placing the bait that he bought on the rods. He would look at the three of them and would smile at them.

“Now we wait and hopefully we get at least one fish to take the bait.” He said excitedly to see what would happen.

Yuurei prepared himself for what was to come, and Renji held on tight.


#12Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The deck of the ship was filled with good chatter between the lot of them, save for Brone who had been looking out at the sea, trying to keep himself from thinking about the water and it's bottomless abyss that was filled with darkness and whatever that hid within it's shroud. The boat rocked and the waves moved, then he began hearing the echoes of the deep. He was suddenly lost in the water, the floor of the ship was gone and he was beginning to slowly sink.

Kailani's voice brought the dwarf back upon the deck of the ship and he quickly looked at her. He took a moment to realize what she had asked and chuckled, "I don't have any magics of my own, just this" he reached up and gripped the handle of the battleaxe that rested on his back, "And these" he then flexed his muscles with confidence, he wasn't ashamed for not having any magic, though he hoped his team wouldn't hold any doubt on his participation, and if they did, he was sure that wouldn't be a problem after he proves how reliable he and his axe were.

The boat sailed off, the breeze, though a little wild, was enjoyable to the dwarf, along with the smell of salty sea. The gulls above squawked as Brone assisted in manning the sails. So far he was getting an enjoyment out of this simple task, though hearing hints of giant fish did heightened his excitement. The anchor was soon dropped and the fishing line had soon followed. Now they waited.


#13Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"Huh... I guess there are those that don't wield it..." Kailani mumbled to herself, thinking how most, if not all, elves back home had some sort of natural affinities with the magic of the world, it didn't occur to her that outside their forest home there were those that didn't. Now she thought about it, she hadn't seen a lot of people in Hargeon use any kind of magic other than simple items. That didn't necessarily mean they couldn't per say, but it also didn't mean they could.

Fortunately, Brone hadn't seemed offended by her asking, which meant it wasn't something for him to be ashamed by. If his axe-wielding abilities were even half-decent, perhaps he would be even more useful than herself considering all her offensive capabilities tended to knock her opponents around semi haphazardly. She'd continue in silent thought as they continued their travels until the boat finally slowed down to a halt.

"I think I have somewhat of a plan." Kailani announced, placing Nimbus down while Jacob began to fish, "Once he's managed to pull it to the surface, I can use my magic to help knock it up and out of the water and hopefully towards ourselves, from there if the two of you," She'd look both Yuurei and Brone in the eyes briefly, ensuring they were listening, "Can help Jacob to pull it on board, it shouldn't be able to fight back while in the air, once onboard, pummel it." Turning to Yuurei, she'd narrow her eyes, considering saying something but holding back. He was surely smart enough to not use the wrong kind of magic for this situation.

As long as no one disagreed all they had to do now was wait for one of the fish to take the bait, be forced to the surface, and then begin the plan. Kailani, figuring no one would argue had already begun, a magic circle appearing on her hand as she thrust it upwards towards the sky causing the wind to siphon directly into it and form a magical dagger. The moment she could see the fish, she'd toss it with incredible precision so it hit the fish just underneath it to knock it upwards.


Mana Used: 25/250

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Yuurei wouldn’t pay attention to the conversation that was between Brone and Kailani. It was their business and he didn’t want to be nosey. He knew that the dwarf was a good person, so he didn’t have to worry about him. Still, the waiting game had begun, and sooner rather than later Kailani had formulated a plan for them to follow. When he heard it, the half-elf nodded as he was fine with it. It was a good plan and it would be for the best. The group of course would have to look around to see which rod got a hold of a fish.

This wouldn’t take long, and soon enough Jacob would move straight towards one of the rods. He grabbed ahold of it, and he would start pulling back. That would signal Kailani to do what she needed to do and the daggers would do the trick. The fish would find itself flying into the air and out in the open for all of them to see.

Yuurei and Renji’s eyes would widen when they saw how massive the fish was. It looked scary and it seemed like it was ready to fight. That was good because they were going to show it who was boss. The light mage would move straight towards Jacob and help his client pull the rod so that the fish would fall onto the ship. It was couldn’t do anything in the air, but struggled to make sure that it would land in the water again. The mage knew that with Brone’s help they would be able to do it, but he needed to be stronger.

He found himself letting go of the rod as two gold magic circles would appear in both hands and three stars would find themselves entering Yuurei. It was then that he found himself moving quickly towards Jacob and using more power than he was able to before. It wouldn’t take long, but the crash between the fish and the deck of the ship would happen, which Jacob knew his cue to step away and let the mages handle the work.

Renji for the first time would release his claws as he was planning on helping them out. They were fighting a fish, which was his prey and he couldn’t help but join in. This was the first time Yuurei could see the exceed fight, but the movements of the cat were so fast he could barely keep up. The fish would splash on the deck harder than it before, and it was because Renji had scratched it on the side. That was good, which meant that it was time for Brone and Yuurei to get to work.

The half-elf would dash straight towards the fish as well leading to punch and kick the monstrosity of a fish before pushing off of it and landing on the ground. He would look over to Brone hoping he would finish the job.

“All up to you Brone. Take it out.” He said as he would wait to see the results of what would happen.

Renji was excited as well as the cat would lick its lips waiting for it to end.




#15Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone wasn't put off by Kailani's question, nor her reaction when finding out of his magicless combat style. He had figured he would actually receive worse reactions from a magical guild. He had made sure the sail was raised and tied down just as Kailani gave her plan. The dwarf took a moment to take it in, it seemed simple enough, even for him, so he flexed his left arm and slapped where his bicep was under the armor with an open hand, "Ready!"

The elf conjured some kind of purple wind which then condensed into a a bladed weapon; Brone's mouth hung open in awe. Then all went quiet for a moment before Jacob's fishing line tugged. Where the line vanished in the water, were ripples that grew in size. Brone quickly grabbed the handle of his large axe and pulled it from it's hold. The weight of the weapon felt welcoming in both his hands. He held himself, waiting for the plan to go into motion. When the sound of a loud splash echoed, the purple dagger left the elf's hand then suddenly in the next moment, a giant fish soared high above.

Brone's head went up, keeping the massive thing in his sight, he didn't notice Yuurei had moved to help Jacob with the line. When the fish landed on deck, the ship jerked, sending water up and rain coming down. Then Brone blinked and Yuurei, along with Renji, were on the fish for a split moment. He heard the half-elf's voice call to him as he made way, "Aye!" Brone called as he ran forward towards the flopping monster. He pulled back his axe then when he was close enough, he jumped into the air, arching the axe over his head. As he came down, he brought the flat side of the battleaxe down upon the flopping fish, slamming it against the wooden deck, causing the ship to rock.

The fish was now motionless as the faux rain finally stopped. Brone bellowed a laugh in success, "We are a force of nature!"


#16Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"Indeed." Kailani chuckled, impressed they had managed to pull off her plan flawlessly, and she noted that even without magic Brone was a force to be reckoned with. She wished never to be on the receiving end of those axes, that was for certain. In the heat of the moment, her adrenaline-filled body scooped up Nimbus and spun him around in celebration.

"WAIT AHHHHHH!" The exceed screamed, his heart racing before as he was placed down gently again, "W-warning next time." The feline grumbled under his breath, but it seemed Kailani had already moved on and ignored him.

"Well look at that, it's huuuuuge!" The wind mage gasped, all smiles and excitement, as she eyed the monstrous scaley creature before them all. Her lilac eyes then trailed to Jacob, "Do you need another, or...?" she asked curiously, glancing around and noticing that the small ship was barely able to hold the one, let alone another.

"Nonono, this is PERFECT!" Jacob proclaimed, grinning gleefully from ear to ear, "You guys were simply amazing, we should do this again sometime for sure though!" He added as he went to just ensure the fish was indeed completely incapacitated.

"With this, I will certainly be the talk of the docks for the next month at least." He claimed, his smile turning into a smug grin as he secured it tightly to the boat, ensuring it wouldn't fall offboard before he prepared to set sail back towards Hargeon.

The trio had done an outstanding job and given a spectacular performance, along with memories Kailani would not soon forget.

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Yuurei was glad to see that Brone was quick to act. The dwarf was actually a slow runner, but in the end, he got the job done. The half-elf would watch as the fish that was on deck would no longer struggle, which would put him at ease. Renji would see that it was over, and he would run towards Yuurei and start climbing on the light mage until he was back on his shoulder.

“That was a good finisher from the small guy don’t you think Yuurei?” He asked him as he wanted to eat the fish they caught.

Yuurei would smile at Renji as it was something that they could agree on.

“Yeah that was actually pretty nice to see. Good job Brone.” He said to his dwarf as he looked over to Kailani.

He would smile when he saw how excited she was. That made him happy as well as it would seem like this fish would be the only one that they need for the day. He walked over to their client as it seemed like he was fine with this fish being the only one that they got for the time being. Still, with that, they were done with their job and now Jacob was securing the fish before they made their way back to Hargeon. He wondered what they were going to do next, but their job was done for the day.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The fish had stopped flailing and the rest of the crew cheered in celebration, or at least Brone did with his laughter and swinging his large axe in the air. "Come hither and bring forth more of your kin, beasts of the waters deep!" he cried out, his axe high above his head. Though once hearing from Jacob that the job was done, the dwarf dropped his arms and his excitement, "Oh..." he looked disappointed, but kept a smile on his face, he was still satisfied with being able to complete a quest while swinging his weapon against his foe, even it was just one swing.

The battleaxe was fastened on the dwarf's back before Brone unraveled the rope that controlled the sail. Within a moment's notice, both the dwarf and Jacob coordinated to turn the ship about, catch the wind, then sailed their way back to port. Even though the quest ended rather quickly, Brone couldn't help but mentally note a milestone, this would be the start of his adventure, and hopefully Yuurei and Kailani will be the team he had dreamed of all those nights ago, when he fantasized being a hero.

"Onward, and onward, we shall see what lays ahead"

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