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Ruining the Party [D Rank Kailani/Yuurei]

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Ruining the Party [D Rank Kailani/Yuurei] Empty Tue Dec 21, 2021 12:19 am


Yuurei was surprised to see there was another job for taking out pirates on the board. It seemed like these guys didn’t learn the lesson the first time. Still, he didn’t know that the pirates that were at sea might have been from a different crew. His movements were settled as hadn’t taken all day to decide that he was going to take this request and tend to this matter differently than last time. He had done it peacefully, but now he was with Kailani, and he had to make sure that she was safe.

The two had been tipped off that the pirate ship that was at sea had docked not too far from the beach outside of Hargeon. It was strange that they were doing that, but it might have been because they didn’t want to be bothered by anybody at the docks. The sun had set a few minutes ago, which was a good time for the pirates to relax and enjoy their night at peace.

Yuurei found himself on the small cliff sitting down and waiting to see what they were going to do. He looked over to the pirate ship that was anchored down and he can hear the partying that they were having on their ship. His mind wandered to what they could be having a celebration for. His eyes looked over to where Kailani was as he wondered what her thoughts were.

“What do you think they are celebrating for? And do you have any plans on taking them out?” He asked her wondering what her response would be.


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Ruining the Party [D Rank Kailani/Yuurei] Empty Thu Dec 23, 2021 4:49 am

Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani frowned as she stared out towards the ship, the sounds of the party raging sweeping through the wind all the way up to the cliff the duo sat upon. It seemed that no matter how many times they were dealt with another group just took the place of the previous lot when it came to these pirates. It irked her to know this was going to be a never-ending battle.

"Last time I was lucky enough to be able to strand them on an island... Sinking the ship won't work this time, or we won't be able to return the stolen goods..." She stated bluntly, her mind racing as she tried to come up with a solution to the problem. Her purple locks flowed in the ocean breeze as she sighed, realising they'd have to use force in a careful manner if they wanted to return back to the docks with the ship in one piece.

"Our best bet would be to wait until they are asleep and capture their leader, use them as a hostage for them to take us back to land." The wind mage's eyes narrowed, "Although, if they are not loyal to their leader they may get violent." Kailani added with another sigh, closing her eyes momentarily before turning to look at Yuurei for his opinion on the matter.



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Yuurei heard Kailani explain what she did last time to stop the pirates. His eyebrow arched as he didn’t know she had gone on a job on her own. It would seem like they both had tried to clear out the pirates, but it didn’t work out for them. He found himself rubbing his chin as he was thinking about what to do. They couldn’t do what he did last time either as he figured they might know of him due to what he did last time. While thinking about what to do, Kailani would speak up and he would turn to listen to his best friend clearly. He thought over what she said, and it would be a good idea, but from what he saw when he was cleaning the ship, he destroyed was that they don’t really treat each other with love or care.

“I see so you also had pirate problems. When I was on a pirate ship, they were harsh with each other. I felt that if anything went wrong, then they would just cut whoever we take hostage off. We can wait until they are all intoxicated and take the fight to them. It would give us the advantage that we need. I don’t think we could handle everybody on that ship if they were not drinking.” He said to her as he continued to look at her.

“I guess we could wait a bit before heading over to crash their party. Still, if anything we could go with your plan. I was just giving some suggestions as well.” He said this as he stretched his arms into the air and wondered what they were truly going to do.

Yuurei had gotten a hang of his magic now, and he was sure that using it wouldn’t cause anybody to die unless that was the intention. The half-elf had come out of the forest, but his spells were truly unstable once he left their home. Now he was able to change that and use a more direct approach in taking care of these pirates.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani's brows furrowed upon learning Yuurei not only went to previously deal with pirates on his own but he also put himself in danger by actually boarding the ship. He really was becoming more and more of a stranger these days. Still, it wasn't like he wasn't honest with her, they just tended to both keep quiet about things they did on their own, so she couldn't blame him.

"Alright, wait until most of them pass out drunk it is." The wind mage nodded in agreement, "How do you want to board? I could ask my captain friend to borrow his rowboat this time, now we both know how to row." she offered, not bothering to explain who her friend was exactly or how she met them, it was how she had managed to deal with the pirates last time and she doubted they'd say no this time after how successful they had been before.

"Another alternative is to swim I guess, and I can dry us off once we board with my magic." Kailani added. Swimming would mean less time wasted and they could head off sooner rather than going to find her friend who she couldn't even be certain would be around at this time.



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Yuurei heard what Kailani had suggested, and he was fine with that. It also seemed like they had a boat they could use to get to the pirate’s ship as well. It was interesting to see that she had made friends, but out of the two, she was the one that would achieve friendship above him. Yes, it was due to him being a half-elf, and how he was treated growing up. She had suggested something else, and it brought him to rub his chin again as he was trying to figure it all out.

Quick and wet with possibly fighting more people, or take longer, and have fewer people to fight and at the same time does not soak themselves in water.

“That is a hard decision, but I don’t think we got time to look for your friend.” He cracked his neck a bit as he stood up from where he was sitting.

[colo=red]“We should swim. It would be time-consuming, but at least when we get there, they will possibly be ripe for the taking. Still, let's get going or we will probably stay here for the entire time.”[/color] He said to Kailani as he had a smile on his face and jumped down from the cliff and onto the sand.

Yuurei ran towards the edge of the water before he tossed himself into the unknown and started swimming through the water without much of a problem. It was a nice feeling around him and he wondered if Kailani would be doing the same and join him.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Alright then." Kailani nodded, taking a deep breath and diving in after her friend. The cold, dark water instantly soaking her to the bone, causing her to shake momentarily before rising back to the surface for a breath of air.

"L-let's g-go." the wind mage ordered, her teeth chattering as she began to swim towards their target. After a few minutes of swimming her body grew used to the cold water, warming up as she used her muscles to freestyle over the ocean's surface until she reached their destination. The ship above them was large, but not impossible to climb up, they just had to swim around until they found the anchor and begin climbing up the chain.

Kailani would allow Yuurei to take the lead, planning to dry them off with her magic as they clambered up, putting a halt to their shivering as they exposed themselves to the cool air whilst doused in seawater. It didn't take her too long, warming the winds as she showered them both in a light breeze, causing the water to fall back into the ocean below. By the time they had finished climbing up to the edge of the ship, they would both be almost perfectly dry.



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The two of them would swim their ass off until they reached the anchor of the ship. It wasn’t a hard find, and while they were climbing up, Kailani had done her magic. He felt his body warming up and drying up all at the same time. This was beautiful and he was glad that he didn’t have to feel the coldness that came with being wet on the dry land. The climbing was simple and their arrival at the top of the ship couldn’t be any weirder. Yuurei would land on deck and look around to see that there were a lot of pirates around here. They were all drinking, dancing, laughing, arguing, and even fighting with each other. Of course, things would stop as they all noticed the arrival of the two of them. It was kind of funny because they couldn’t stand straight, yet they were serious. The half-elf nervously waved his hands at everyone.

“Who the hell are you?” One of the pirates asked.

Yuurei rubbed the back of his head and figured that it was best to just attack rather than answer his questions. He would open both palms of his hands downward, and two different gold magic circles would appear. One star would appear out of one of his palms, while two stars would appear out of his second palm. All three stars entered him, which brought the pirates onto the defense. The buff he felt within his body was just what he needed as he ran straight towards the pirate who spoke to him. The young lad would land a blow straight into his abdomen without hesitating.

The man gasped for air as this happened and Yuurei would look at him as he worried about him.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he hoped he was still breathing after that hit.

The man didn’t answer him but threw up on the floor from the attack as he dropped to the floor. The other pirates were not happy with this, and they started running towards Yuurei and Kailani angry about what had happened. Their chattering meant nothing to him because he knew how bad they were. Their movements were not smooth, and he could tell they were drinking too much. His body moved towards another pirate as he had lunged straight towards him and grabbed a hold of his face and slammed the pirate onto the floor.

With this, he would leap up into the air and land on the deck as he would see a few more of them approaching him quickly. Yuurei would find himself launching blows after blows on each pirate that got close to him. It seemed like Kailani was right that they were great in numbers, which brought Yuurei to wonder if he should use his other spell to go beyond what was needed.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani sighed as she watched her friend rush straight into a fistfight, knocking one man over and making him release his stomach contents over the deck of the ship. Disgusting. The wind mage looked almost bored as she stepped carefully to avoid the vomit, her steps almost completely silent considering the squeaking boards beneath them.

"Gross..." She muttered, looking up just in time to see another pirate staggering towards her, clearly intoxicated, but ready to throw hands as he swung a fist towards her face. Her natural instincts and agility as an elf came in handy as she managed to swiftly dodge to the side. "Sloppy." She commented as she clenched her hand, raising it up and opening it to draw in the air around her as it compressed into a sharp dagger that she'd toss towards the one that had attempted to attack her. The pirate tried to dodge, but his reaction time was too slow due to drunkenness as he took the dagger of wind on his side, causing him to go flying a few meters back, falling flat on his arse and knocking his head into the wood, causing him to be knocked out.

Kailani sighed, her magic wasn't particularly strong, but the effects of the knockback were a force to be reckoned with. Glancing around she'd count five pirates still standing, possibly more below deck, but unless they woke and came onto the deck they wouldn't be an issue. The biggest problem right now was knocking out the ones still conscious then raising the anchor and figuring out how to steer the ship back to port. She had a little knowledge from the last time thanks to her captain friend, but this ship was far larger than the previous boat.

"First things first, I guess." Kailani muttered under her breath, cracking her knuckles as she prepared to fight with the pirates still standing first.

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He wasn’t worried about Kailani and he knew that if she needed his help, then she would call for it. His attention was to pirates that were still on the deck. There were five of them left, but he was pretty sure that there was more downstairs. It would be best if they dispose of them before they could wake up the other ones that were below. He had started running around going straight to the first pirate of the five. His acceleration was quick, but he had to wait to reach his full speed. The young lad would connect a blow onto the drunk pirate with a lariat. It allowed him to continue moving while taking out his targets.

The second one didn’t wait until he had gotten hit and he was quick to run towards Yuurei. The movements of the pirates were clearly sloppy, however, and he would catch onto that as he had rushed onto his next target. At full speed, he found himself grabbing onto the pirate’s throat before slamming him into one of the sails before he continued his running throughout the deck. The pirates were finding it difficult to follow his movements now as he had looked over to his next target.

“I wasn’t just twiddling my thumb in the forest. I had to learn how to fend for myself because I couldn’t let Kailani do it for her entire life.” He would say out loud, but make sure not to yell.

He could see that two pirates were together, and when they prepared to fight, Yuurei found himself lunging towards them with his legs towards them. He had dropped kicked both on their chest and they fell together as they rolled away until they crashed into something. The final pirate was nervous at this point, and he figured that it was best to wake up the others because he saw that they couldn’t handle the situation they were in. He started running away and towards the entrance to get into below the deck, but Yuurei wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

His hand stretched out as he would aim straight to the back of the pirate and another magical circle would appear before a beam of light would shoot out of it and onto the back of the pirate. Yuurei would watch him fall to the ground as he would sigh as he had stopped him onto. Hye would look over to Kailani and he would smile at her.

“I will start steering the boat back to Hargeon Piers, and you go find the treasure they stole. You have the better luck when it comes to moving around without being heard.” He would say this as he knew that much about her.

Yuurei would find himself lifting the anchor and soon enough he would be at the helm. Moving the boat without a problem as he was heading towards their destination. It wouldn’t take long for them to reach their destination, and one thing he didn’t know what to do was dock the ship. He got as close as he possibly could before tossing the anchor into the water. He didn’t want to crash the ship and then get blamed for all the damage he would have caused. He decided to do a few more things before they got off the ship and it was to punch some nice holes into the sails as they would crack a bit and begin falling away from the door and into the sea.

“That should stop them for the time being, and hopefully they’ll learn their listens, but I thought about that with the last pirates I bumped into.” He said out loud as he was done with this job request.



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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani glanced over towards her friend he seemed to be doing well enough on his own, they were only dealing with a few thugs none of them seemed competent in magic as well, making things much easier. It seemed that he definitely didn't need her to fight his battles for him anymore, that was good. Now she had the easy job of simply slipping quietly down below to find the stolen goods. A hidden smile as she thought of her friend growing stronger, it wouldn't be long until he surpassed her at this point. Or at least it wouldn't be surprising if he did.

Slinking down below deck, her lilac eyes would count half a dozen more shadows in the darkness of pirates now sleeping. As silently as a mouse she'd slowly pass them, careful where she stood as only a few lamps lit the room down here, she didn't want to rush and run into anything accidentally. It seemed the pirates hadn't been incredibly scrupulous with the goods they'd taken, the crate of wares not hidden in the slightest. In fact, it was practically put on show in the center of the room for them to party around. Then again, they probably weren't expecting to have them stolen back.

With a silent, steady breath, she'd summon forth a small amount of wind magic to aid her in lifting the box, her magic wasn't good for increasing strength, but at least it could help lessen the load as she made her way back up to the deck with the small crate in hand.

"Was that really necessary?" Kailani muttered quietly to herself, seeing how Yuurei was destroying the sails. With yet another small sigh, she'd lead the duo to hand in the goods and report the ship to the local authorities so they could deal with the people on board.


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