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The Training Begins (Training/Solo)

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The Training Begins (Training/Solo) Empty Wed 02 Feb 2022, 03:37


Yuurei was in the outskirts of Hargeon as he was ready to train. His first list of magic to master was dashing through his spells. He had one in mind, and he was ready for it. The first part of it was learning about the spell, which he did. It was something he watched Kailani use. He figured that he would try and create magic, which would allow him to travel a certain distance with how fast he could truly run. The half-elf decided it was best to try it out right away. He would use his mana and pour it into where he needed to. It was then he would visualize what he wanted his magic to do. It shouldn’t have been too hard, but the concept behind it made it difficult. When he was done with the magical circle, Yuurei had found himself stepping into it, but the circle had dispersed right in his face, showing him that there was something missing.


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He felt as if he wasn’t concentrating hard enough, but the second time would he felt as if he would prevail. The light mage would start concentrating as he had to visualize what he wanted. At the same time, he was pouring mana into one point of his body before unleashing it. A magic circle would appear once again, but this time it wouldn’t disperse. That meant things were going possibly well. He wouldn’t know for sure until he had gone through the circle. The half-elf did exactly that as he wanted to go straight ahead. Once he stepped in, his body would feel a surge and he would shoot out, but in the wrong direction. It wasn’t just that, but it was unstable, which caused Yuurei to fall on the floor and roll on the ground. He would slam his fist onto the floor as he thought it would be perfect right there, but at least he was making progress.



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Yuurei would get up from the ground as he would dust himself off and he would look around to see if anybody saw what happened, but nobody was around, and Renji was napping under a tree a good distance away. Still, he had an idea of what he had done wrong now. He would clean himself up to the best of his ability before he decided to continue with trying out the spell again. He would sigh of relief as he felt like he knew what he was doing wrong. The half-elf would repeat the same thing he had done not too long but decided to try to balance out the mana dosage that he was putting into his spell. When he felt like he had it, the light mage would have a magical gold circle appear in front of him and when he stepped in, he would choose to go to his left. He would dash at his maximum speed and found himself five meters away from his initial location. Yuurei would continue to practice this spell for a few hours until he had gotten in the down pack. Of course, after resting a bit before continuing with his training.


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Yuurei was ready to continue with his training. The next spell he had in mind was the same as the last one. Still, the difference between the two was the magical power he would have to put in this new one. It would be a much more difficult thing to master, and he was fine with that. The half-elf created a magical circle, and this one was around the same size as the one he had done last time. He had put more mana into this one thinking that it was the solution and that he was going to be able to get the spell done on this one try. He was sadly mistaken, when he stepped into the circle, he got a backlash from the spell. He would find himself flying backward and hitting the ground. He would lay on the ground as he was in pain from that one. What went wrong, and what did he need to do to make the spell better and make it work.



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Yuurei would relax a bit as he was taking some deep breaths on the floor. Did he need to concentrate more? It couldn’t be that right? The light mage would get up from the ground once he was done calming down. His eyes looking fiercer than ever, the man would start concentrating pouring mana specifically into his hand and he was doing what he had done the previous time. He was getting the mana correct, and soon enough another magical circle would appear in front of him. It looked the same as before, but he was confident this time. His steps were so quick, but all for it to backfire once again. The mage would bounce back from the spell, hitting the ground and groaning from the impact.

“What is going on with this spell?” He would ask himself.

His position changed as he was on his ass thinking about what the hell he was doing incorrectly. His mind wandered and continued doing so for quite some time. There was something that he needed to change, but what could it be?



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Yuurei’s thoughts ran wild as he was thinking about what he needed to do. Then he had an idea, and it was creating a bigger circle than he had done so before. That was the best thing he could think about, and with that, he would get up from the floor. He cracked his neck and then stretch his arms as he needed to do this. He couldn’t get stronger without mastering certain magic. His body shook a little bit from the pain he felt, but he kept at it. His hand out he would visualize a bigger circle than he had created before. This would be the first time ever, and hopefully, things would go right this time. His focus was steady, and he would find a magic circle appearing before him. This one was much larger than the one he had created before. He figured he was indeed doing something right, but now what would happen once he had stepped in?



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Yuurei would find himself entering the circle, and he would feel the power that was surging through the circle, and he would dash a certain amount of distance. The only problem behind this was that he wasn’t used to the kind of magic. It wasn’t just that, but he needed more concentration as he would find himself falling on the ground, and at the same time, he wasn’t able to go in the direction he wanted. The half-elf would get up from the ground as he was excited to try this again. The light mage would try this once more, but this time dealing with more concentration than he had done before. It would go well this time. He found himself stepping into it as he decided to go in front of him. He would dash at maximum speed now and at the same time, he noticed how far he had made it.

The half-elf was glad to see the progress he was making and continued practicing this spell for a few hours until he felt that he had gotten it down to a feeling. Once he was done, he would take a quick break before moving on to the next spell.

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Now that he had mastered those spells, it was time to move on to the next one. This time it would be one that could take down multiple enemies. Yuurei had a similar spell, but he knew that it needed to be stronger. It would be wonderful to do, and he knew what he wanted to do. Yuurei prepared his spell as he was pouring mana into his hand. He created the same size magic circle that he had created for his previous spell. While doing that his mana poured straight into the magic circle, but it would disperse right then and there. It had malfunctioned for some reason, which confused him. He looked at his hand to see if there was something wrong, but he wasn’t sure. That was when a huge implosion would occur, which take his attention to the sky. He would cover his face, but he would be swept off his feet from the power of implosion.



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The young lad found himself on the floor again and stood there while the magic dispersed. He was surprised that something like that had happened but knew that the idea of his spell was like his last. Yuurei would get up again, and this time he figured that he was overdoing it with his mana. He had to relax a bit and see how it went from there. He thought it would be different from his last spell since it wasn’t offensive, but he guessed not. Yuurei would try once again and this time he was hoping things would go better. He would pour less mana into it this time as he created a magic circle in front of him. It was when he would look up into the sky this time to see the second circle being created. He had a smile on his face because it seemed to be working, but in the end, the spell would disperse, and nothing would happen.



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It was confusing to him as he didn’t know what he was doing wrong. Still, he figured that he needed to find a sweet spot between the mana he had used just now and the one that he had used prior to this screw-up. He wasn’t sure if it would be easy, but he had to try again. His abilities needed to get better, and this was one way. He remembered what he did both times, so he figured that he would go with something in between. Yuurei moved his hand forward once again as he focused his mana into one area where he was looking at. His focus was steady and soon enough a magical circle would appear, and he would keep a focus on his face as he would look up towards the sky and another would appear. His thoughts ran through his mind hoping that this would be where he succeeded.



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His eyes stared into the sky as he was wondering what was going to happen, and soon enough a smirk would appear on his face. The magic would start as he watched as a bunch of light beams would shower down on the ground that was below the circle. It was interesting to do, but surprising to see how strong the damage it had caused. He looked around again to see if anybody had seen what he had done. When he saw he was in the clear, Yuurei had decided to test it out a few more times. The half-elf wondered how faraway the spell could reach, so he would cast the spell once more, and this time tried his best to move it as far as he could. It took a couple of tries, but Yuurei would be able to see that the spell could appear anywhere within a ten-meter radius. Still, now that he was able to do that, he figured the next part was to continue with his training until it became natural to him. After a few more hours of training with this spell, Yuurei was able to master it, and with that, he decided to take another break. The use of mana was extensive, so taking a break was necessary.

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Yuurei’s next spell was different than any of the spells he could think of or currently have in his arsenal. This was something that he was thinking about for quite some time and now it was time to try and make use of it. He closed his eyes as he stretched his right hand out in front of him. He was picturing a weapon that he could manifest from a magical circle. This type of weapon was something he figured he would use for range as well. He knew that if he wanted to get up close to fight, he could use his hands whenever he infused them with magic. The light mage figured a bow would be sufficient and it would be nice to have just in case there were enemies in the sky. A magical circle would appear in front of him, and something would appear to come out, but as soon as it would appear it would disperse as well.



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Yuurei’s eyes would open to see that there was nothing in his hand. As a matter of fact, the magical circle was no longer there either. He looked confused and figured that this was something he should see with his eyes open to see what happened. Still, he also knew that he had to approach things differently because it didn’t work right there. The light mage would visualize the same bow he thought about last time, but this time with his eyes open. The mana that surged through him would come out of him allowing him to create the magical circle that was now in front of him. That was when he saw something coming out of it and it was what looked like a bow, but it dispersed once again. When he saw what had happened, he had to think about what was going on right here before continuing to spend his mana.



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The light mage thought about the things that he was doing wrong. It looked like the magical bow he was creating was perfect but was there something missing. He thought about using this new spell as if he were using any of his normal offensive spells, which he was wrong. The half-elf would give it a few tries, each time failing after the other. It wouldn’t take long for him to come up with a conclusion on what he was doing wrong. He didn’t need to create a bow to shoot out an arrow. Instead, he could pretend to hold a bow and arrow in the first place and would launch an arrow out of the magic circle that he would create. He would have to pour out more mana into this and then make sure he could direct the arrow around. It made sense to him, and this time he figured that trying to again would work this time. Yuurei found himself pretending to hold a bow and arrow allowing for a magical circle to appear in front of him, and he would hope this would work.



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Yuurei continued with pouring his mana into the magic circle and the next thing was getting it to work, and he would pretend to let go of the string he was holding onto. A magical light arrow would appear out of the circle as it would start flying straight ahead. His eyes were surprised about what he saw, but at the same time, he was excited about this. He noticed the arrow wasn’t going to hit anything, so he moved his right hand in front of him as he started moving his fingers left and right to direct its path. Soon enough it would collide with a rock that was still standing after everything he had been doing in this area. The light mage was excited about this and continued with his practice with his magic shooting out arrows and changing its path from the original course. It was good to see what he was able to do, and after a few hours of mastering the spell, he was able to do it without a problem.

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It was time for the spells he was waiting for. He had ideas in mind to make sure that his enhancing spells were much stronger than they were already. That means it was time to get in the moment. The light mage would find himself getting ready and soon enough he would stretch his hand straight in front of him. He started with something simple as he would let out a magic circle as big as every other spell, he had done prior to this one. His mind was to work on his strength first, so he needed to make sure that he didn’t go overboard. Yuurei would turn his hand around with his palm open, shifting the magical circle to be around his there. It was then that he would see stars forming one by one until there were four, and then it would burst. He tried to take it slow, but it didn’t work as he was blown back by the spell and found himself on the floor once again.



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The half-elf would bring himself back on his feet as he would sigh as he figured that it was time to try it again. He would look at his hand, and it would begin again. His magic circle appeared on the palm of his hand and soon enough the stars would appear once again. This time he took it slower than he did before as the stars would come out one by one. They were forming, and he would continue concentrating until there were five of them that would appear. He would smile when he saw this as this was what he was hoping for. The light mage could feel the power surging from the stars and soon enough he would allow the stars to enter him. They would all find their place within Yuurei and when he thought everything was fine, he would feel shocking pain within his body as he would find himself yelling.



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Yuurei would drop to the ground as he couldn’t hold in anymore and he noticed that he had put too much power into his magic. It wasn’t something that his body would be able to take at this time and he was panting from the pain he had felt. Still, he knew that he couldn’t stop right now, and he would find himself pushing off the ground slowly and onto the floor. He was back on his feet, and he knew that he had done everything right, but he needed to make his spell much weaker than it was a few seconds ago. He would close his eyes for a few seconds before opening them up again and would go through the same process again. The magical circle would appear floating on the palm of his hand and soon after the five stars would appear. He would look at each of them and they would soon start entering his body waiting for something to happen.



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Yuurei would feel the surge of energy going through his entire body and he would move his arms around. The light mage would try it out as he moved to the ground next to him and he would punch the ground without hesitation. When he landed the blow, he could see the impact that came from the attack. It was powerful and different as it was much stronger than he had ever done before. Still, now that was able to control it without any backlash, the half-elf figured it was time to continue with his training. He stood on the same spell for an hour or two as he made sure that he was able to master it. It wasn’t just that, but he wanted to make it as natural as it could be for him. Once he was done with the training though, he would take a break from training as he needed it from the damage he felt not too long ago.

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The next spell was like this one, but it would touch a different area. The light mage was ready to do his best with this one. He was getting closer to finishing off all the magic he had planned out through the day, so it made him excited. Yuurei open the palm of their right hand as they were concentrating magic again. This time he was making stars to make him faster than he normally was. The half-elf started making stars appear and while the number of stars increased it would soon come to six stars. He had a smile on his face and when he was ready to have the spells enter his body, they would instead scatter around Yuurei. He would dodge a few of them that had been flying in his direction and he would fall to the floor when he saw the last one coming his way. He would sigh with relief as he was confused about why they had done that.



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He had to be gentler with the spell, and he had to make sure that he was thinking about the stars increasing his speed and nothing more. It was hard to do when he had just finished the other spell not too long ago. Still, he had to give it a try and he would get back on his feet and would try again. The light mage would allow a magical circle to appear in his hand as he was taking slow again. The stars appeared one by one as they made it to six stars. He had calmed himself down making him less tense than he was previously. It was then he would see that they were perfectly fine, unlike the other time. The next step came and each of the stars would find themselves entering his body except one. The last one dispersed, which threw the entire spell off. He would feel a spiking feeling throughout his body as the stars would come out and disperse from existence.



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He wasn’t sure what he was doing wrong, but he figured if the pain wasn’t that bad, then he had to go into a middle ground of it all. He had used a bit more magic than he did just a few seconds ago, but not enough that it would go out of control. He was hoping this would work as the magic circle appeared above the palm of his hand. The stars would come out once again and when all six of them would appear, they would find themselves entering the half-elf. While they entered, he would feel the power behind the spell, and after they all entered, he could feel the new energy he obtained. Yuurei would start running around as he would move around the feel leaving nothing but dust behind him. It was to the point that he even woke up Renji with how much particle was in the air. He would look around at all the disaster that was around him before going back to sleep.



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He was happy that he was able to finish this spell, but now that he knew how to do it he had to make sure that it stood with him. He needed to master the spell, so the young man continued with casting the spells and going through the entire process again and again. His body tiring out, but he was far from over on what was needed to be done. Yuurei time had gone by quickly, and once he felt that he was done with all, he found himself laying on his back as he would think about what he was doing to himself. This was too many spells to be learning at once, and he felt like this would be the last time he would do such a thing. Still, resting was the focal point right now as he needed as much mana as he could for the last part of his training.

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It was time, and for Yuurei it just meant that he could rest after this was over. He was going the extra mile, and this would be the first spell he would make of such caliber. This was going to be weird as he wasn’t sure how things would go for him. The light mage learned from making his other spells that if he wanted to make a stronger spell, his magical circle had to be bigger. The first thing he needed to do was construct a bigger magic circle. He thought about doing that and he would open his hand and he would do his best for his circle. The formation would start now, and while he was looking at the circle it would seem like it was twice the size of the last one, he made. It would go well for him, and he was glad that this was going fine, but of course, this was just the beginning of the spell, and he hope that would go just as smooth.



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He would disperse the circle as he needed a specific mindset when creating this spell. He wanted to be able to deal more damage to his body, and he needed this spell to be stronger than the last one he mastered. His thought was all about strength right now, and he was only hoping it would be a greater strength than last time. When he was ready, he found himself with the magical circle appearing above his hand, and soon enough the stars would start to form. They were appearing and he would notice the number of stars that would appear floating around. His eyes widen when there were ten of them and soon enough the eleventh star would show up. They would float in the air surging with energy before they started entering his body. Once inside, Yuurei could feel the enormous strength dwelling inside right before something would go wrong. A huge shock would run through this body, and he would become paralyzed right then and there.


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