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The Training Begins (Training/Solo)

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Yuurei would start screaming louder than he had ever done before. He put too much power on that one. It was more than his body could handle currently and he was feeling it. It would be too strong that he would find himself falling out and out cold for a few minutes. When he woke up, he would get up slowly due to his body aching as he would look around to be surprised that what had happened to him. Still, now he knew that when he was trying out the spell, he would have to make it weaker than what he had done. He found himself laughing at the fact that he tried to go beyond his limits, and it backfired. Still, it was time to try again, and he had an idea of what was needed to be done. Yuurei would open his hand again and he would activate the magic circle that he created for these types of spells.



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The stars would start to form one by one each weaker than the last time he had made his spell. He was making sure there was an in-between, and he hoped this was fine. The light mage would create eleven stars that would float around for a second before entering his body in an instant. He would feel the surge of power going through his body, and as he walked around, he was trying to test it out. It wasn’t just that, he waited a bit to see if there was anything wrong with the spell as there was previously. When he saw that everything was okay, he was now near a ground that was untouched by the mess that he had made with his spell. He would ready up and he would soon strike the ground with all his power behind it. The ground would crack a bit from the blow he had landed, and it was a better result of the lower rank spell.



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Yuurei was glad to see the power he had acquired today, and he needed to master the spell now. He had decided to keep it going at it as he was making sure that everything was easily done when casting the spell. The light mage found himself activating the spell repeatedly going through different parts of the area and trying out his new might. He kept going at it though because this was going to be the main spell, he would currently use for all the jobs that he was planning on taking in the future. Hours would pass and he couldn’t help but enjoy the move and it was then he would come to master it all. When he was all done with this spell, the half-elf would try out the other spells a few more times before calling it quits. He would go and pick up the Exceed from the floor before leaving the barren land he was training in and heading back to the guild.

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