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The Wait is Over (Social/Khalfani)

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Yuurei was fascinated with Astera so far. The weather didn't make it great, but honestly, he had gotten used to the winter by the sea. Yes, the wind around this atmosphere was horrible for someone who lived in the nice warm forest. Still, the day was nice, the sun doing its best to keep the planet warm. The sounds of birds chirping in the sky as they flocked around were similar to what he heard in the streets of Astera.

There were a lot of people who were walking through the small streets that were created between the stack houses and other establishments. Yuurei and Renji found themselves sitting by a table that was on piers they were on. It was interesting, but there was a small open food shop near the pier, and they had ordered their meal.

They had ordered a nice meal for the day, Yuurei ordering some shrimp with corn on a cob and a side of the water, and Renji ordering fried fish and milk.

"Aren't we supposed to be training your spells?" He asked Yuurei.

"Yes, but right now we relax and enjoy the scenery. Astera is a beautiful place don't you think?" He asked.

"Whatever you say. If you wanted to enjoy the water, then we could have stood in Hargeon Yuu." He said to him as there was only one thing he was looking for.

The meal they order would come and both of them would start digging in. Their meal was amazing and tasty, and he was glad he had come here. There was also the water crashing onto the pier that would sound so peaceful, and it was why he had come here first.


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Khalfani †

Sure, it was as cold as the mountains of Iceberg and the sky was filled with the odor of days old dead fish, but that didn't mean that it wasn't a beautiful day. The sun was bolstering with life, matching the scenery of the lively city. It's rays penetrated the concrete likely giving warmth to the life produced under it. People were ready for spring and to be quite honest, the young vampire was too. Despite the fact that Khalfani was no longer affiliated with the sun in terms of element alignment, they were very much appreciative of the life the sun gave them- especially during the season where plant life bloomed. All that was worthy of being seen in west Fiore had been seen, but fun and relaxation was something Khal hadn't really given themselves the opportunity to embrace. So today was all about enjoying as much as the Morningstar could enjoy, including the piers of Astera.

As they walked alongside the the gate that separated the ground from the seas, they tried hard to face their fear of large bodies of water. The ocean reminded them too much of their past, yet reliving and facing that trauma was the only way for them to get over it. Khalfani stopped for a moment and turned to face the ocean. They embraced the sharp winds and sounds of the oceans waves. After a few moments, it became easier to face- that was, until a wave crashed upon the walls causing salt water to splash onto them. Not good. Caught off guard, the tan-skinned chaos controller stumbled back, "Woaugh!" falling onto their back. "Shit." they mumbled. People turned their heads to look, but none were foolish enough to laugh or say anything loud enough for them to hear. A fall that random was embarrassing, so they just remained on the ground for a moment...just laying. "Bwahahahahaha!" they laughed.


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Yuurei and Renji munched on their meal without hesitating as it was really good. While doing so it would seem like something was happening nearby. The only reason why it caught his attention was because of the random laugh. His head turned to see someone on their back. He saw others avoiding the person, but the light mage figured he could stop eating and help out. When he swallowed his meal, his eyes widen as he was choking on his food. He would slam his fist onto his chest as he quickly grabbed his water and drank as much as he could to feel better. He would gasp for air as everything had gone down as it should have done so in the beginning.

Now that he was safe, he rushed over to the guy or girl? He wasn't sure which, but he knew that they were pretty. Renji would stay back as he would eat his food in peace. He looked over to Yuurei for a second shaking his head and continued.

"You should have ignored them. Now your food is going to get cold, dumbass." He said out loud but not loud enough for anybody to hear him.

Yuurei would reach out with his clean hand to the person in front of him with a smile on his face.

"Are you okay? How did you fall?" He asked as he had waited for them to grab his hand so he could help them up.


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Khalfani †

It was a good thing that their cropped puffer jacket was so puffy, otherwise that fall would have been quite annoying. Still on the ground, Khalfani gazed into the sky. As they enjoyed their unexpected time on the ground a hand appeared over their eyes and blinded them from gazing above. Who would have been kind and selfless enough to actually offer help? The vampires eyes shifted towards the back of their head to see a white headed person standing over them. At first glance, they were fairly attractive. Their cold glare settled onto the strangers eyes as they smiled awkwardly and grabbed the strangers hand to stand up. "Honestly I have no idea. I guess I'm just clumsy." they said with a brutally cold, yet harmoniously gentle voice. "Thanks-" The desiertan paused as they stood to their feet, realizing that they were standing in front of a known Blue Pegasus mage. "Oh, you're that mage from Blue Pegasus, right?" not once breaking eye contact.


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Yuurei would be glad to help the person in front of him, and he would chuckle a bit when he heard about them being clumsy. He could relate to that, but what shook him was the fact that this stranger knew he was from Blue Pegasus. That actually startled him as a person who was in a forest his entire life, he didn't think people would know of him.

"Uh... uhh... yeahhh... How do you know that? Of course, the name is Yuurei. Yuurei Starlight. Nice to meet you um what's your name?" He asked curious to what their answer would be.

Yuurei didn't know that all the jobs that he had taken had given him a reputation throughout Fiore, so of course, those who would pay attention would know who he was.

Renji would finish his food and after cleaning his hands and mouth he would walk over to the two of them as they seemed to be having a conversation.

"So what are we talking guys?" He said as he was climbing on Yuurei's back and was now relaxed on his shoulder.


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Khalfani †

"Your reputation proceeds you. You must have a lotta fans." Khalfani stated coldly. They took a moment to analyze Yuurei before giving their name, only because they were wary of who may have had issues with whomever they were affiliated too. "Khalfani Morningstar." they said flaunting the last name of the famous Wizard Lord. They watched closely to see their reaction because it was the first time they had ever told anyone who they were so boldly. Suddenly a little creature walked up to the pair. He..talked. His orange coat was so bright and he was just soo cute. He was more than enough to take all of Khalfani's attention. The vampire squatted to the exceeds level, glaring into his eyes before blushing and throwing their hand over their mouth. "You are so. fucking. cute. Oh. my. god. I'm gonna throw up." They exaggerated. Khal turned to Yuurei with their glistening eyes developing tears. "Is he yours? Can I have him? Oh my god." they fan-girled.


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Yuurei would hear the introduction as well as how he knew of him. It would seem like doing what he was doing throughout Fiore was bringing people to be alert about him. Still, when he heard their name, he could only nod because when it came to Fiore, he knew nothing about the Wizard Lord since he had just finished learning about the Region themselves.

”Nice to meet you Khalfani.” He said to them with a smile on his face.

It seemed though that Renji would steal the attention of the young lad. Renji would look at him as he tilted his head as he was thinking about what to say to him.

“Oh you think I’m cute. Then you ain’t see nothing yet. The cute female Exceeds are cuter.” He said as he was enjoying the praise from this mystery person.

“He’s my friend, we hang out and he keeps my head on straight.” He said to Khalfani.

Renji at this point would climb on Yuurei’s shoulder as he would look at the person in front of him.

”So, do you live around these parts, Khalfani?” He asked nicely.


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Khalfani †

Khalfani, truthfully, wasn't all that into people in general but this kid was not only cute, he was also kind. Not to mention he seemed very close to Khal's age. With a pet to match who was also just the cutest thing in the world. The little cat was a hot head, that much was obvious. Apparently he was a good friend to Yuurei too. Khalfani smiled warmly, nodding to Yuurei's question. "Yeah, I live in Eternal Nightmare." They said proudly. To be a child, what a gift. A gift that would soon be snatched by father time himself. A gift that they wouldn't have realized was a gift until it was too late. Nevertheless, this moment, little did the vampire know, would be the foundation of a great friendship. One where they would find their first true friend in this world. "What about you? Do you live around here?" they asked as they walked alongside Yuurei. Together they would venture around the city, getting to know each other and building a bond blessed by the gods.

- Fade-


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Yuurei nodded at hearing the name Eternal Nightmare. It must have been a spooky place to live in, but it wasn’t his problem. He also didn’t see anything wrong with someone feeling at home in a guild like that. The half-elf knew about all the guilds throughout the country, but only in the way of him reading on them. He was glad to meet someone who seemed to enjoy his presence. When he asked him about where he lived, he would rub the back of his head.

“Nah I’m along with from home. I live in the Blue Pegasus guild, but I did live in a forest my entire life though.” He would say to Khalfani

They would start walking through the city and getting to know each other. It was good to do as Yuurei would add another friend to the list. He wouldn’t know that a lot could and would change throughout the span of two years.



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