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Khalfani | Sheet

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#1Khalfani † 

Khalfani | Sheet Empty Thu Mar 24, 2022 11:51 am

Khalfani †

Khalfani | Sheet Attemptwithoutbackground

Name: Khalfani Atenhotep | Morningstar
Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Eye Color: Gold
Pronouns: She/they
Sexuality: Sexual
Ethnicity: Desiertan | Savannan
  • Crowned Princexx of Desierto
  • [Former] 1st Commander of Paradise Dawn

Class: Sorcerer
Race: Vampire | Godsblood
Rank: S-Rank
Guild: Crime Sorciere
Tattoo: Left Shoulder [Black]
Relationship: Polyamorous


Khalfani, in the past 3 years, has grown a lot. She's gone through significant changes which have resulted in her becoming more experienced and altering her personality in many ways. The Desiertan Princess has become colder after acquiring the blessing of the world. Due to her experiences with death and violence, ultimately resulting in a great amount of trauma, she's also become sort of immune to the pain of the people around her. She is a master at completely disregarding those she uses. Many people find it off-putting how easy going she seems at first. Always presenting themselves with a warm smile and a devilish glare. Contrary to how straight forward, cold, and stoic she was once becoming Commander of Paradise Dawn, some would say she's become more of a mystery.

Once upon of time, Khalfani aimed to become the Monarch of Fiore, however after embracing their Desiertan nobility and being brutally honest with herself, she now has sights set on becoming the ruler of the Sands. Being Princess isn't enough for someone as ambitious as she is. They've become a lot more goal oriented, taking the time out to map and plan their every move and figure out new ways to manipulate the people around her. In that regard, they're still the same calculative person that they've always been. Now, however, they're more selfish in obtaining what they desire most.  

Gold, luxury, power, are all things that she has embraced. The finer things in life, while once frowning upon them, have a distinct taste that Khal can no longer ignore. While she still isn't fond of too much interaction with other people, she enjoys the sensation she gets from touch, like sex. She's boiled it down to her embrace of her rightful place in this world as a God amongst mortals. By extension, they believe themselves to be a superior being.



  • Hunting: Hunting has always been an essential part of Khalfani's life. In order to survive, she has had to learn skills that makes her an excellent hunter.
  • Nightlife Scene: Parties, orgies, Khalfani's time as a vampire exposed her to all of the excitement the nightlife scene has to offer and she loves it.
  • Children: It's no secret that as a child Khal has had a rough life. For that reason she has a soft spot for children.
  • Rare Items/Trinkets/Treasure: Pretty self explanatory, Khal likes to explore and find unique items to put in her personal museum.
  • Thrill: Fun, excitement!
  • Authenticity: Too many people aspire to be like other people. Average mages wanna be like the most famous of mages, lower-classed people want to be like famous nobles. Khal hates ideas that seem unoriginal. She loves originality. No matter how damaging it may be to society or oneself, the princess respects authenticity.


  • Cowardice: When times get rough, people who buckle are people he just can't associate herself around. Not only that, but she hates the idea of backing down herself. Be bold, be courageous.
  • Large Bodies of Water: This stems from her long history of abuse as a child slave in Stella. Once upon it time it was her biggest fear. Now she just gets very seasick when transversing overseas.
  • Tobacco: Gross. The smell, the flavor, everything about it.
  • Slavers: Why tho?
  • Routine: Khalfani couldn't stick to a routine even if she tried. Routine is boring, she needs something different consistently or else he'd just go crazy.
  • Slow-talkers: Get to the fucking point.
  • Tight spaces: This is linked to his time as a child slave where he'd be cramped into a box or a dark room as punishment.


  • Vengeance: Khalfani’s and her adopted sister were both sold into slavery. The family of her adopted sister had been hired by Khalfani’s parents to watch over her. She initially believed that this family was her blood related family. When Khalfani and her sister were sold as slaves, they remained together for the first few years in Stella but she was sold to another family and never heard from again. After destroying multiple human trafficking rings, she learned that her sister had been murdered. It is for this reason that Khalfani has a strong hate for Stella, but her motives are aimed at only the people connected with the underground human trafficking ring.

  • Overpowering the Gods: Once upon a time, young Khalfani loved the Zharian gods. She was taught from a young age, by her adopted family in Savannah, that she was linked to the Zharian gods. Of course she never understood it, but the Zharian religion gave her purpose as a child. She prayed multiple times a day and would sacrifice small animals that she'd catch. After slavers raided her village, killed off her adopted family and sold her into slavery, she held onto that faith. Somewhere down the line she had given up. Growing up, she was introduced to new people, learned about who she was and began to develop a strong distaste for the gods. They’ve played with her life, had a hand in altering her fate and had decided to take away all that could have loved her. After learning that the gods had literally placed a bet on her, Khal has officially denounced them. Now, she believes them to be monsters and only dreams of becoming strong enough to destroy the heavens so that they may never control hers fate again.

  • Freedom: Freedom is often subjective, but to the Godsblood it means being able to live in a world where he is able to thrive.No longer held by the shackles of her master, she aspires to push the limits of freedom in modern Earthland. She intends on keeping her freedom. As it stands, the current Kings operate by catering to upper-class folks. Freedom, in her humble opinion, rejects that notion.

  • Legacy: Khalfani seeks to build a legacy bigger than any being on Earthland. Furthermore, they seek to claim all of their brith rights, the crown of Desierto, their dragonic legacy and then some.


  • Thanatophobia: Khalfani has a huge fear of losing her loved ones. More specifically, she fears losing the people she has decided he would rather not live without. Because of this she can be overly protective sometimes, sometimes even too controlling but all for what she believes will keep those closest to her safe. This fear also stems from a long history of abandonment.

  • Losing to the gods: The gods have twisted fate and have had a hand in all of his hardships. At first she blamed it solely on Kings, lords and ladies, but now she has determined that it is the gods who are at fault. The Sorceress understands that to the gods this is all a game, and she fears losing and allowing him to control his fate any longer. Its part of the reason why she has become such a rebellious person, it's also why she trains hard to one day defeat the gods. Losing could present a fate more horrible than the one he experienced on Earthland.

  • Drowning: As a child, the Dragon Slayer had a severe fear of large bodies of water. When she was enslaved in Stella her masters would hold him under water until he nearly died as punishment. Although she has overcome his fear of large bodies of water like the oceans and seas, she still has a deep fear of drowning.

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#2Khalfani † 

Khalfani | Sheet Empty Thu Mar 24, 2022 10:28 pm

Khalfani †








Name: Grand Warrior Armor

Slot: Armor

Type: Armor

Class: Unique

Weight: Heavy

Quantity: Unlimited

Element: None

Durability: 3x S-Rank

Description: A warrior armor forged out of exotic metals.

Requirements: None.


  • +30 Strength


  • -40 speed








Name: Anga

Race: Gryphon

Sex: Female

Slot: Mount

  • The user receives a 20% wordcount reduction on traveling when flying on their gryphon. Gryphons do not travel on land, they fly towards locations. The user can travel freely on their gryphon towards islands that are no further away than 1000 words (including the discount) without using a ship.

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Khalfani | Sheet Empty Mon Jul 11, 2022 11:28 pm

Khalfani †

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