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Nastasya's Sheet

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Nastasya's Sheet Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:38 am

Nastasya Crowe





Name: Nastasya Crowe aka Lilja Oswald

Birthday: 19th of December

Gender: Female

Class: Trickster

Guild: Grimoire Heart

Relationship: Single

Hometown: Orchidia


Height: 168 cm/5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Sand brown

Eyes: Red

Overall: Nastasya is 5'6" and rather skinny. She has long legs and a very pale skin colour. She has some birth marks but not much and most of her body contains no flaws. The Scars that she had around her left eye had changed since her changing into a Vampire and now that she is human again it turned into a birth mark, probably as a reminder. She has short hair that reaches just above her shoulders and is a sand brown colour. She has red coloured eyes. She has a small dot nose and a strong jaw line.


Personality:Nastasya is a lot to take in. She has her good and bad moments, she is an alert woman and quite energetic, she likes to do things rather than sitting still. That makes her Fun-loving, but the question is what is fun to her. She is rather full of herself which makes her arrogant and daring. But a good thing that comes with that is that she is rather charismatic, she likes to get the things the way she wants but she also likes to play it safe at some points.

Her life contains playing roles which she sometimes loves, she can be childish because of that but she also has her pride and is outspoken. When she is alone with someone she trusts, she can be different but with her guild members or partners in crime, she is her full sarcastic and cruel self. Because of the fact that she likes to play roles, which she picks per situation or day, she is dishonest but clever. It all depends on the situation.


  • Acting: Life would only be boring if you stayed the way you are all the time. What's life without a little play and a little acting? She likes to pretend she is someone else, especially when she was just a child, now it has continued in just being a liar and another person all together for some.  
  • Dolls: Being born as the daughter of a Doll maker, she loves dolls. She always got them and most of the time brings one with her even though she is now an adult.


  • Eyepatches: Nastasya herself had an eyepatch to cover up her left eye for particular reason. She hated it but she also hates other people with eyepatches (unless she gets to know them, she might change her opinion) the reason behind this is because you can hide your true feelings better if you can't read the two eyes.
  • Liars:She hates people that lie to her and when she finds out. She doesn't mind liars in particular but bad liars or liars that don't play there story completely. If she tells lies and plays another role, she would make sure that no one would find out in the first place. You are a good liar or she will hate you.


  • Finding Answers:  She wants the answers to the story behind her eye and the reason why she should go on with living in the Crowe family. Although she killed two of her own family members, she still has a lot to find out. Maybe it wasn't her smartest idea but it was needed.
  • Getting Stronger: If she wants to keep her place in her guild and just become a person that is impressive, she has to continue with her path and whatever she needs to do to become impressive. Actually she likes to become impressive. But no one is really there to teach her, except for a dead mother.


  • Fear of Insanity: Nasty knows exacty what she is doing, but she is afraid that talking to the dead and going on in her life of completing every act, that she might forget who she is herself. She has her crazy moments but she isn't insane.
  • Fear of Losing a Limb: She already lost her eye that doesn't work properly anymore and the fact that it sort of gives her a limited vision, she is afraid she might loose more than just an orb in her head. Although she seems recless, it is on her mind.  
  • Fear of Home: After turning away of her own home, she has no place to stay. She is one that travels a lot and one that doesn't want to call something home. If there is something it might be her Guild, but she rather avoids the word. She definitely is afraid to return to the home where she was born and doesn't like the idea of settling down.


Magic Name: Heavenly Body Magic

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: Heavenly Body Magic is a powerful form of Light Magic which enables the user to wield the properties of many astronomical objects, focused heavily within offensive, supplementary, and buffing capabilities. Utilizing astronomical objects such as meteors or the generation and manipulation of the energy of stars, the user can create powerful light blasts or beams of highly destructive power at enemies. Utilizing this power, reminiscent of starlight, the user is able to shroud themselves in magic, thereby enabling them to increase their speed significantly, as well as utilize advanced flight capabilities, enabling the user to fly at twice the height than that of what regular magic allows for.









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