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E x c l a m a t i o n[Nas]  Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:48 am

Kenny was on edge today, he had something important to do, but the very thought of doing it made It had made his stomach unsettled and made his mind dissipate with rampant thoughts of anxiety and a sort of deranged joy. Never before had he scheduled lunch with someone, but that wasn’t what coiled his thoughts into a mess of deranged gaiety. The thoughts in his head were what made him excited for the day, the sheer girth of his imagination accompanied by a tiny bit of delusion was what fueled him ask her to meet him at this crossing… Their destination was a traditional looking building, the outside not too shabby but showed signs of wear over the years of business, a quaint little restaurant.

The raven haired male’s interest was drawn to this place simply because of the lack of crowd, and tranquility the inside of the charming little eatery brought. That and there was another feature that he intended to use later on, more or less depending on how things go for the duo. In Kenny’s hand was a beer bottle, he tilted it upward and emptied the contents into his mouth, a little liquid courage for the event.  

“Alright…” he closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he awaited Lilja’s arrival at the front of the shop. The bridge of his nose was red, as were his cheeks. Not from the drinking, but from his delusions of bliss that so vividly played out in his head. This was it, he had to do it now or never, they wouldn’t be doing much eating, not if he had a say in the matter.

Kenny looked to the sky seeing the scene play out in his mind, there it was again. Those feelings, he didn’t know her, he didn’t love her, but he had to see her he had to get this done.

He waited in silence as he looked at the passersby, devious smile on his face. This was it, this had to work, he was going to put an exclamation mark in their relationship.

It was either to ask her to just be friends or ask her some more about herself. He was ready to choose the former, as the latter was far too complicated for the two of them, somethings so simple undoubtedly cluttering their lives.

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Nastasya Crowe
Today she was Lilja again, she had done much. Too many jobs, she wasn't scared though, she had actually had a good conversation and well good feelings about something entirely different from her original plan. Although that was still on unsafe grounds if she would describe it herself there needed things to be done. She looked at the note that she got in her hand, telling the crossing she needed to go, "Meet at my hotel yet meet me somewhere else." she muttered before she finally found the restaurant after looking around for a while. She looked up and down, it didn't look too shabby but she wouldn't have picked it herself. She worked hard to avoid this kind of situations, this was the whole reason why she stayed in a luxury hotel, with a balcony, a mini bar and so on.

She looked next to her at Victoire, boy she had surprised her but vaguely Nasty remembered a conversation with Strauss, evolve he had said. Well here Vicky was no longer a little Vulpix but a Ninetails now. Victoire seemed to be carrying herself the way Nastasya was since she changed, as if the world was too muddy for her beautiful white paws. Nastasya could only giggle about it when she thought about it, she herself was dressed in a white innocent looking dress that was strapless and ended up with a circle form, if she would twirl it would go open like a flower, but she didn't plan to do that. It was a cream coloured white and around her waist there was a wine coloured red ribbon ending in a bow.

She didn't have to enter the building as she spotted Kenny in front of it and with the ticking of her red wine coloured heels, almost the same colour as her hair, she walked to him with a secure step, "I hope you didn't wait long." Victoire sat next to her instead of behind her legs, it seemed she got more confident.


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Kenny scratched his beard, sweat had begun to build on person, his nerves getting the best of him as he closed his soft, weak eyes. He was so weak, he couldn’t even move his eyes to look for her. He kept his crouched position on the ground. This was it, he had to make his move and clear his mind, yeah, they could have just met in their hotel room, but Kenny didn’t trust himself to visit her like that again. No, she had always looked beautiful and whenever he looked into her lilac eyes, or well, now red eyes he didn’t know how to control himself. It was almost magnetic, he couldn’t stay in the vicinity of her without wanting to show her his affections. Lilja, what was in her name? Lilja? It was only a name, by any other name would smell as sweet. She was far more to him than just some woman, and that was what scarred him. He had never engaged in a room visit with a woman, nor had he stopped himself like that. She was too much for him, he had to end this.

A tear would have ran down his cheek, the emotions were vague but they were there. He didn’t want to end this, he didn’t want to stop seeing her, but it was for the best… Wasn’t it? Yes, yes, it was. She was a grown woman and didn't have time for his games and he didn’t want to have his mind in a mess any longer. Kenny rolled his neck and nodded his head as he made up his mind. It was obvious what he had to do at the moment. It was his time to shine, there was no pressure in the slightest other than maybe getting killed for his actions, but it wasn’t THAT serious so he should be fine for the most part.

When she arrived she had Victorie with her, the fox now evolved into… Something beautiful, his jaw dropped at the sight of them together… “You both are… Wow. I don’t know what happened to you two but you look amazing.” he stood up looking at the ground.

"I didn't want long, no, but..." he sighed, "Listen, I’ll make it fast, and I probably should have just sent you this message but um…” he clenched his fist, “We probably shouldn’t see each other any more.I apologize for calling you all the way out here to tell you this.” he bit his lower lip. It didn't matter..

"I think highly of you, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known, but I feel like i'm not good enough for you..."

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Nastasya Crowe
Her hips swayed while she walked on the red heels and she simply pointed things out to her ninetails. She wasn't sure what he wanted to tell her or why he picked this location, she was clearly not able to read his mind. Something she had thought when she had been alone with Erebus. Her face was neutral one, a small smile to make sure he wouldn't be afraid of her because of her possible powerfull aura. Of course she had been angry about the whole process of what happened the last time they were together in Oak, the trip to Era wasn't the most pleasant one either but she was always getting grumpy of travelling, so it wasn't entirely about him.

She had a small smile on her lips and said hello on a rather calm matter, she tried to look happy to see him, her acting was something that she was skilled at, not skilled enough to hold on 24 hours and yet she did when they walked for eight days together. He gave a compliment to the both of them and Nastasya looked at Victoire with a smile but the fox wasn't really interested, she knew why but didn't feel the need to explain. She noticed as well as Victoire that there was something wrong. He was looking at the ground after the compliment and her eyes narrowed a bit. She had to resist the urge to cross her arms in front of her chest. That's when he sort of dropped that bomb.

She would have been angry but there was some sort of relief. She thought of Erebus and a sweet smile appeared on her lips for a few seconds, her eyes had turned big but quickly that sweet look disappeared and she stared with a cold hard expression to Kenny, if he would be able to meet her eyes, "I always thought that opinions were made by the person that would have to think them. Since you consider you are not good enough for me and you thus fill in my look for me, I can only agree with you. I'm a very independent woman and I rather have no one decide on what I should be thinking. I am actually disappointed. I thought we had something but apparently I made a mistake." She again had to refrain herself from smiling but it felt so nice to just pretend this, end this. Goodbye Lilja, may we never meet again.


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He smiled, it was wide, sincere and warm for the most part. It was relieving that she wasn’t angry, he was nothing to her and thus she had no reason to be anymore or any less furious at him. He took a knee and looked up at her, viewing her features one last time before their separation, Kenny would never see this woman again, and he was okay with that. The say with Aonaka was a mistake, him coming here was a mistake, he deluded himself into thinking he could kindle a flame with someone like this, someone like her. Well he was wrong, dead wrong, she was someone he couldn’t comprehend nor could he fantham who she really was and where she came from. In the end, this end, the punctuation mark he was right back where he started before they met; alone...

Loneliness wasn’t something that got to Kenny, he felt like he could move on from this, pick himself up and just do things on his own for a while. Not like it mattered, he was bound to die alone, bound to be slain and forgotten like a faint memory. It was a grim reality, but it was best he did this now and get it over with, let her go find someone on her level, he could let her live a more fulfilling life with someone who had everything he didn’t; wealth, looks, personality, where she would prosper he would be happy for her, as she moved on he would fade away and classify himself as obsolete. Kenny Obsolete, that’d be a better fit than Omega, heh. To think just a few days ago he swore up and down that this was the woman for him.  

She became cold not too soon after, the weight put on his chest dissipated into a feeling of warmth, no, this was bitterness creeping up on him. “I never said how you felt, never made an assumption, or assertion about your personal feelings.” he stared into her ruby eyes, there they were again. It was a strange shit, they were once lovely purple pools, now they were fierce and red. This wasn’t the woman he knew, and honestly he was glad to have this happen. He didn’t know who she was and he didn’t want to know anymore.

“You know I was delusional,.” he sighed standing up, “I would give the world to have you by my side Lilja.”

Kenny paused crossing his arms, “I will tell you one thing, one day I will be good enough for you, but If that day never comes and you love another I will envy them for the rest of my days, not out of jealousy, but because of how lucky they are to have you and Victorie.”

Damn he was talking a lot, he never spoke this much “But if you don’t find another, and our paths cross…” he stood up, looking down at the woman, amber eyes narrowed in a sharp gaze, “You will be mine again, so don’t see this as a goodbye, but a promise that I will be back.” with little hesitation he attempted to steal one last kiss, to leave a coal of his burning admiration for her in the pit of her mind.

What could he say, when it came to this woman he was delusional, foolish, and weak, but to say he didn’t care about her was a lie. Was he wishy washy? Yes, did he care? Nope.

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Nastasya Crowe
She didn't understand what he was trying because telling him that he wasn't good enough was something for her to decide not him. If he felt that way, that was in her eyes filling in her opinion. She wasn't asked, there was technically nothing he asked. He only once asked what she did because he wanted to know her relation to Odin or well as he knew Lucifer. Though he probably had no idea who was Lucifer since the Swineherd Pub had more than one barman. "I still see it that way as you decide that you are not good enough for me. I still think that it's my opinion and me that should decide upon that." So she crossed her arms because he just denied it and yet she believed he did. This didn't make her mood better even it made it more foul.

She wouldn't forgive him, even if he called himself delusional or the fact that he wanted Lilja by his side. She looked at it as if she wasn't the one called Lilja but she simply didn't say that. She leaned on her right leg and thus stood there a bit uninterested. She wasn't going to tell him yet that it was a no go and that it wouldn't happen but she hoped that her being sceptic was more than enough, "Again it will be up to me to decide that. The fact that you make this decision all by yourself makes me wonder why I should give you a second change. Please explain that"

She listened carefully and got more annoyed by the second, something that she hid because she didn't understand what he was thinking. "I shouldn't see this as goodbye, yet you just said we shouldn't see each other anymore. That sounds like a goodbye." She noticed he wanted to kiss her but she turned her face away from him, looking down to her left side and took a step back with her left foot, "Please don't." She said as she tried to imply that she was simply hurt. She had to continue the acting and had to see what the future would bring her but possibly not Kenny.


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He was kinda sort of losing his bearings, he wasn’t doing all that well right now. He looked like an idiot, but his conflicting emotions led him here. Led him to saying one thing and then exclaiming another. Making a declaration, while priorly saying he wanted it to be over. Kenny, truthfully, didn’t know what he wanted. Maybe he did want Lilja, maybe he did want to become stronger, but he was uncertain at the moment. This was a common thing for him, blathering on about nothing, saying he’ll do something only to never do it. He was certain when he called her that he was ready to let it go so he could focus on his development as a fighter,

Kenny would only smile, a toothy grin that flashed his pearly whites. It masked his disappointment in himself, her disinterest still apparent. He was told to explain why he deserved a second chance. That was a fine question, why does he deserve a second chance. He could say anything, he could say that he loved her oh so much, and that he would get over his addiction to bullshitting himself. But, alas, he didn’t have a good excuse. He could say all sorts of wonderful things, their life together, that he would be strong for her and always be with her, but he would only be lying. He won’t be around forever, he couldn’t give her anything but a life of travel, and uncertainty. He had to tell the truth, why he brought her out here, why he did the things he did.

“I know what I said.” he nodded, “I understand I’ve said a lot, I’ve been bull shitting myself. I thought I could be all dramatic and fiery, I thought I wouldn’t try to explain myself, I thought I wouldn’t feel anything.” he shrugged, he didn’t have a good answer, “Truthfully I’ve bean having doubts. Not only when we were walking for those long few days but in the hotel room. I didn’t lose interest because of what may have happened, I wanted to more than anything in the world, but I was indecisive I didn’t want to screw it up.” admitting something so weak pained him, but it was the truth, “But i also know that I’ve made a few mistakes and that I don’t want to separate. As pathetic and crazy as I sound.”

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya couldn't understand how could someone smile at the situation. She didn't know what he was feeling and she wasn't a type to smile all the time, maybe for that reason she didn't even came close to understanding it. He was setting her up and yet she was here defending herself while she couldn't be more satisfied with how the situation was going. Sure she still needed to continue on her acting but she would find someone else. Maybe it was easier if she had found someone less attracted to her. But then again, situations changed and so did hers.

She listened to him again and leaned now on her left leg instead of her right. Victoire wasn't even looking at the two of them anymore, "The walk was a disaster but I was waiting for you to ask me anything." She looked at the ground, play it cool and nice Nasty, she thought to herself as she looked up again and shook her haid to get the hair out of her eyes, "I don't know what to say anymore. The whole situation is what you made from it, you filled it in all by yourself which gives me the idea to not even try and say what I felt or what I thought because it feels like it doesn't matter. I thought we had this connection but now I think it might have all been in my head. Though I know what you are more or less saying, I don't think I can handle it to give you a second chance. Afraid it might happen again." Even if she didn't think that because she wasn't in love with him, she would think it in one way or another the same. Never get back to someone who you broke up with or who broke up with you because hell, the first time it didn't work out. So why would the second. She didn't feel to explain this word by word, the first situation made it completely clear. She actually wanted to leave but she would wait until he was done, that's the least of respect she could give to him. She hadn't anything better to do anyway.


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What on earth was he doing, sitting here begging her for a second chance? How far had he sunk? Ridiculous. She was pretty and all, but she wasn’t worth losing what little self-respect Kenny had because he thought she was great.  He made a T with his hands as if he was calling a timeout and laughed, “Sorry, sorry,” he waved his hands in a shooing motion, not to shoo her off but to sort of fan away the idea that he was going to ask for a second chance. He screwed up, he said his peace, and now he was being wishy washy because he didn’t know what to say or do.

Instead of further embarrassing himself he spoke calmly, “Well we can be friends right? It’s not like we dated..” he shot her a cheerful smile, “Besides it probably wouldn’t work out if you did give me a second chance at whatever this was. You better get going wouldn’t want to keep you from who or whatever you had to see around here.” and with that he waved her off and leaned against the building. “Don’t be a stranger Victorie.” he nodded to the dog, “You too Lilja, be sure to write me if you head back to oak we can meet up for a drink.” and with that he posted up against the wall, waiting for the two to leave the area, and his life.

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Nastasya Crowe
She wasn't exactly sure what she would have to think, it was going weir and her mind couldn't form the conclusion. They would probably meet again, fate was that cruel to her and he would be the next victim of her fate. Her eyes narrowed and she wasn't entirely sure. He talked to Victoire and back to her, "I'm not a good writer but I'll try." She said calmly and she looked at Victoire who didn't say anything but simply turned around.

Nastasya waved goodbye, still angry and stuff but she turned around herself and walked away. She wasn't sure what would tell her future or what would hold it but she was done with everything that brought her pain. "See you probably again."


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