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Experimental Hexes [Quest/Solo]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Experimental Hexes [Quest/Solo] Empty on Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:23 am

Nastasya Crowe
Another bright day well it was only bright because there was snow outside. Which was something Nastasya had been fond of when she was but a child. There always had been a lot of snow where she lived. There was basically not a moment when there wasn't snow. She looked outside her hotel window. She had no view on the streets but on the woods that started behind the hotel a little down the road, because of the hill structure on which Oak Town was build. She liked it now too, not as much as when she was younger but it reminded her of the good old days. Which weren’t even that good but she liked to daydream about it. She turned her head and almost jumped out of bed. She smiled to one of the dolls that she had brought along and was sitting on a chair, ”Let’s check around Arya, what you think?” It was an old habit and it just came around because of the fact that the snow was there. She took a shower and went to dry her hair before she stepped back into the bedroom shared living room. It was probably best to dress a little warmer than she normally did. She didn’t want to look different from other people, even though she was used to the cold. She hoped she wouldn’t sweat too much. That would definitely be unpleasant. She sighed as she put on a dark red jumper and black trousers. She went to look for her brown knee high boots and socks. She was almost done now, because she couldn’t find a scarf or mittens. Maybe she should buy them later today. She brushed her hair once more and put it up in a high ponytail before putting on her black leather jacket. Now all she needed was a coffee. She checked the mirror one last time to see if her insignia was still hidden in the back of her neck before she headed out. Again she passed the lobby of the hotel and just went outside, she would eat out, that was more fun and she had the money anyway. So she went to buy a coffee and went to look around in the shops of the town. She found a shop where she had not been before, a magic shop but it seemed there was more than meet the eye and she grinned when she noticed it. She had once seen these shops before in Crocus or somewhere else, she might have mixed up the location.

After a little chit chat the guy Mabuz wanted her to do something for him and she actually liked that. Saved her another time from being bored again. So she accepted gladly, reminding herself too late of trying to be more neutral but it was already too late so she went on with this act for now. She really had to think about Yumi her options but right now it was not an option, she had a job to do. She had to test out some hexes, which sounded really interesting. She got a piece of paper and read it a couple of times so she got the idea of it before she headed out of the shop into the streets. She had to speak them out loud once she had found a target. So she was just strolling around as she had done before, in and out of shops. She found her target because the woman had pulled things from Nasty her hand, the scarf she was holding was pulled out of her hands and the woman paid for it and left. She couldn’t understand how somebody could be so full of herself so she followed the woman a little and muttered the hex when they both turned into the same alley, "Stimuli," she whispered under her breath and watched what was going to happen. Suddenly the other woman stopped walking and looked very uncomfortable, Nastasya simply passed her and bumped into her shoulder: mission completed for 50%. She hang around the town for a little more when she found her second victim and she used the hex rather quickly again she whispered under her breath "Decrepify," but instead of completely numbing the legs, the person started to limb. She made a mental note and put the empty paper in her jacket pocket before she walked back to the magic store to talk to Mabuz. ”First one worked fine,” she started, ”second one didn’t work completely, so could use some perfection.” she described what happened with the decrepify spell. Mabuz thanked her for the work she had done and paid her. Since it was early in the morning Nasty decided to use the money for food.

She went back to the place where she had been a couple days ago, to buy a doughnut that she ate by looking out at the street. The woman that she had hexed was still there and she was still looking very uncomfortable and holding her shoulder, the one where Nastasya had bumped into. It was so funny to see. She would laugh out loud if that was appropriate but it wasn’t. She headed outside and bumped into the woman again, this time apologizing to make it look innocent. She headed to another street vendor to buy a scarf and checked out the man that was still limping. An hour that would be quite long. But it was amusing to watch as she wrapped the scarf around her neck. It felt a little safer that way too, with the insignia hidden properly. She bought another drink somewhere and decided to head into a bar to do what Yumi had told her, if she was paying more attention to it, she would soon be used to getting better at her own facial expressions.


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