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Scold the Brat [Quest/Solo]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Scold the Brat [Quest/Solo] Empty on Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:39 am

Nastasya Crowe
Where the birds just stupid or was her mood killing? It was a difficult question in the life of Nastasya Crowe as she just woke up from her nap. She had stayed up too long at night, lost her will to sleep and was now throwing up her routine as what was necessary and what was smart to do. With no closed curtains and happy birds singing next to her window in the middle of the winter, she was grumpy. It meant that she should get to do something before her mood would become worse and she might make mistakes that she didn’t want to do. She checked the whole room for that extra shadow when she thought about the mistakes that she made. It was suffering, it was not fair and it was everything that it was, but it happened and there was nothing anymore that she could do about it. She decided that showering was a good option and her arm muscles were still sore for playing a mason for a day. Ridiculous idea that it was. It was nice to stay underneath the shower and follow some drops of water that run over her body. She just cleaned herself with soap and her hair with shampoo. It would take some time to dry but that’s where hairdryers were for.

After getting dressed in again a plain set of jeans and a dark coloured top, she put on her jacket and went outside to see anything that she could do. It was cold and it looked like it was about to snow or hail or rain, depending on how cold it was and she did look forward to that, it softened her mood a little. She bought some food at a vendor and went to look around in town, she thought it might be smart to buy some stuff that she needed and thus she headed to one other shop. Right after Nastasya answered the man behind the counter pointed at her and grumbled some words that she at first didn’t understand. ”Took you long enough to get here.” She looked left and right with raised eyebrows and pointed at herself, a little surprised and soon frustrated. ”That’s not how you talk to a customer. I just got here in town and I am well aware of not having an appointment with you, if you would be so kind to explain yourself, I might want to help you but otherwise a good day.” The man grumbled an apology and explained that he was waiting for some chick to help him with his problem but she still had not shown up. Nasty grinned to herself and turned back to the man saying she would be so nice to take the job if he explained what it was. It was annoying that he got the idea that she would do the job no matter what and now it meant that she had to find a child, kick his ass and be done. She didn’t feel like doing that at all. However the shop owner pushed her out of the door and pointed at a little kid, ”That’s him, that’s Jerr. Stop him.” Nastasya rolled her eyes, couldn’t he do it himself? But alright she slowly walked towards Jerr, maybe a bit too obvious because before she could even reach him, the kid started to run. She looked over her shoulder, at the shop owner that was still outside. With a big sigh she started to run after the kid, thank god she wasn’t wearing heels today! He was rather fast, he was just out of her range and again and again he put on a burst of speed and was gone again. She would have to come up with something. She stopped shortly and made sure that no one noticed that she lost her shadow and was now definitely shadow less. She looked around the corner, where he was sort of waiting for her, taunting. Her shadow would go from the other corner, from the other side of the street and she would go here. There was no one else but him in the street. So when she stepped in the street and he burst away, he was surprised to see a shadow coming his way, implying that another person was coming. People didn’t tent do recognize people their shadow and just as she had expected, he didn’t see it looked exactly like her. So it was easy to grab this Jerr his shoulder while he moved away from the shoulder. She whistled only to show that the shadow he was afraid of attached itself to her feet. ”I expected you smarter.” she said with her normal voice, nothing too sweet and neither to harsh just neutral, no role to play, only to show her annoyance with the world and the day today, it might make him afraid without having to put much effort into it. The kid seemed to be afraid, apparently shadows weren’t his favourite thing in the world and that made everything a bit more fun. ”If you don’t want anything to hunt your nightmares, I might tell you that it’s smart idea to leave this street and the shop or else all the shadow will capture you.” She gave him a wicked smile to make it even more creepy, ”You know.. even your own.” it was fun to see the child turn his eyes to his own shadow as if the thing could betray him any second and with that she laughed her fake evil laugh to make it even worse. It was just a child, how could he make so much trouble. ”Of course we call all avoid this if you just stop your stealing and stuff and apologize to the shop owner. I will tell the shadows that all is well and they will leave you alone.” He nodded and without letting him go she pulled him to the shop and let him apologize, where after she waved him goodbye and was done with the idea. It was time to get her own reward and leave!
Wordcount: 1060/1000

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