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Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus]

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Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus] Empty on Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:47 am


Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus] 57112ce059

Job Requisite:



Quest: Gang Tension

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Remy Martello: Martin's younger brother, acting as a voice of reason during the man's violent outbursts. He wants to do his best to support his brother, and will do whatever he can to please him. While a bit of a yes-man, Remy serves as an advisor to his brother, his plans often accounting for much of Martin's success.

Summary: The Martello family is doing their best to thrive in Oak, despite the constant pressure from Vincenze. Feeling bold, Martin wants something done to assert some sort of power over the prominent crime boss. So, he had his brother Remy hire a mage to try and rile up Vincenze. Remy's plan for you is to have you go to some of the establishments Vincenze controls and tag them with the Martello crest. It is a pretty simple task, and Remy doesn't foresee any complications.

Enemies: None

Objective: Tag three buildings with the Martello crest.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • You stand outside the Martello family's house, spray paint and template in hand, ready to vandalize some property.
  • There are many buildings that are run by Vincenze available for you to spray paint: A bar, a magic shop, a fine restaurant, a grocery store, a jewelry store, a tattoo parlor, a bank, a casino, a horse race site, an apothecary, a pharmacy, and a safehouse. Pick three of them to deface.
  • When your quest is done report back to the Martello's home for your reward.

After meeting her earlier, Erebus was out to take to the town. Him and Nastasya were to head off and after meeting a gang adviser, be given their job. Well, that first bit had been done early and they now were ready to begin. Spray cans in hand, and templates in the other.

Erebus carried a green canister, he was curious as to what color his superior chose. She seemed like the flamboyant type, but who knows? "Whenever you're ready, we'll hit the bar first. The Martellos' handed me a list before we went out the door. I'm use to stuff like this, but I know you carry the higher rank. So I'll follow in behind you." Vanitas carried no ill intent, snark, or perverse atmosphere when in the presence of his guildmate. She was an ally, not an instrument to be toyed with. However, the guild as an entirety couldn't be considered anything more than a tool to further Erebus' ascent to power.

He refused getting attached to people. Because at any given moment they could become the enemy. The male exhaled heavily. Ready for his first mission under the brackets of Grimoire Heart.

#2Nastasya Crowe 

Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus] Empty on Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:10 pm

Nastasya Crowe
It had been quite a strange day. Even though she had been busy for quite some days, preperation and all she had planned to quickly eat a pizza but instead she bumped into one of the newest members of Grimoire Heart, Erebus. He had been quite funny to hang around with and she had the feeling that he carried a lot of respect for her, something that she enjoyed. Who wouldn't.

Erebus had asked her to do a job together and she had said yes. She was now wondering why for she didn't like to work with others and that time with Odin hadn't gone really splendid. Her mood had been really foul. With her back towards the building, she couldn't understand what stupid job she had ended up in again. Was everything this weird? She held onto a can of spray paint and had a templete of the Martello crest in her right back pocket. Time to vandalize. She sighed before turning to Erebus.

Erebus suggested the bar and she nodded, "Go ahead." was all she said at first, because she had heard the list of buildings that Remy called but she didn't got the list, Erebus had it and she couldn't really care less. "Let's do the Safe House after that. Makes them not feel so safe anymore." she grinned as she followed Erebus to the bar. Time to spray paint!



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Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus] 57112ce059

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Erebus skimmed the list as his partner spoke, she seemed intelligent enough to know which places needed spraying. However Erebus was skeptical about hitting their safe-house first. It'd alert them of what they were doing ahead of time, quite probably. Then again there was little many could do to stop Nastasya in general. She had an aura to her, which was notable in even small town badasses like E. Cassiel himself.~

"You're the boss, safehouse it is after this."

The boy yawned, stretched, and which began jogging down the street off into the night. Minutes later he was slowing down at a turn, and looking both ways t the fork in the road. Thankfully, the male had successfully surveyed the city prior to pizza with Nas this morning. So, turning to his superior he spoke with a dignified tone. "Sharp left." Was all he managed before picking up speed again.

At the bar, the male flicked a tongue across his lips. Music could be heard echoing from inside, lights illuminating outside of window panes. Erebus tossed the can of paint in his hands a few times. The list was already pocketed upon start of his fifteen minute jog to arriving here. Nas keeping up didn't seem like a problem so he rarely looked back. Merely trusting her physical body as equal if not greater than his own. Something he would not have done, had she been anyone outside of Grimoire Heart.

"You tag one side, I'll get the other?"

The question actually seemed rather dumb, considering 'E' had already made his way to a wall and was painting it up beautifully with street graffiti. Something the male had practiced extensively with back home, after being abandoned by a sickly mom and a bastard stepdad.


#4Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
He did seem like he didn't want to agree with her about the safe house. However he didn't say anything which made her grin a little bit because it was funny too see. She might even use her powers to show him why she was enjoying this much more than she should. For it was a rather boring job anyway. She wondered if jobs like back in Crocus would be around the block again. For master instead of locals here that she absolutely couldn't care less about.

She sighed shortly at the moment that Erebus took off. It was her job to follow, not that there were much bars but she had no idea which one they meant on the list. She simply jogged, no need for putting on too much speed for it was easy to keep up with Erebus. She remained around three steps behind him to make it a bit easier. He didn't give much directions and otherwise they were caught in the wind but she simply followed.

Finally they arrived at the bar. There seemed to be a party going on inside which was only more fun. She watched him for a few seconds before she decided that taking a side of the building was rather stupid and she would simply take the front. First she become one with the wall by using her spell to end up half way out of the wall between the windows on the second floor and started to paint the picture of the Martello's there. She moved back down and got out of the wall like it was nothing and dusted off her black leather jeans.

There was a little bit of paint on her fingers but it was fine, it would be easily washed off with some good soap. It would be more of a problem if her scarf or clothing would get painted. "Next stop?"


Spell: Shadow Blend


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Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus] 57112ce059

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By the time the boy walked from behind the wall he examined the front of the building, surprised that no one came outside to fight back. Guess they were drunker than they let on. No matter. The boy, still fairly blank faced except for the surprise on him shook his head and popped his neck.

"Safe house."

Erebus said before tucking the can into his jacket, smudging more liquid on his jacket than he would've liked, but it was for his betterment to get paid. That meant he wasn't allowed to give a damn, honestly. So the boy just kept on his merry way.

"Around the block, off Sunset Terrace. They have a pretty large place. Feels weird hitting them in the hard spot while all the little buildings still remain. But if this is how Grimoire Heart works, so be it..."

Something didn't sit well in the pit of Erebus, he felt GH was meant to be secretive and what she was instating he do, well... It was reckless. Careless, and his gut told him to get the job done. But what could be said? A simple 'no' surely would have her angry? Wouldn't it?

".. Mmm, actually, no. As much as I want to listen to you. I think we should tag the surrounding city before we run all the way out and hit their local spot. The job comes before the entertainment."

He slowed his jog and-- where it might've seemed rude, pulled out his parchment again. "Seeing is how we're already so familiar with that pizza place, I think we should go tat it up in paint, and then go to the safe-house. You're welcome to pursue the place without me, though quite frankly it might jeopardize your cover to go in alone."


#6Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya looked proudly at her stupid work. For she didn't have any connection with the insignia of the Martello family but it was funny to have done without being busted. Even if someone did have looked, she could have jumped back into the wall. But it wasn't necessary.

So they would have to go to the Safe House, it was more the address she asked for but Erebus almost provided it after he said Safe House. She had a vague idea where the Sunset Terrace was so she started to take a few steps that when but Erebus stopped talking and she turned to look over her shoulder and frowned. However he said nothing anymore immediately so she started to run towards the Sunset Terrace before she heard a no. So she stopped running as well. Again she raised an eyebrow and gave a small annoyed smile. "Alright you might think that way but let me explain this to you. When we are able to hit the Safe House, there is no if needed, we paint their property. Everyone will be called out to see and they will be distracted while we paint the other buildings. However if we first paint the other buildings and they gather at the Safe House, that will be more difficult to do. Don't get me wrong I will still be able to do it but not everyone has to see my magic tricks."

It was actually both an option, only she rather hit them nice and hard before they realized they were wounded on several spots. Up to Erebus. She only crossed her arms and waited for him to form an opinion. She totally ignored him about her cover that might be jeopardized.. He didn't know she could move as a shadow through walls. No one would even see her nor recognize her.



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Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus] 57112ce059

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The boy resisted the natural rebellion in him, sensing irritation within the wells of the curvaceous female. Closing his eyes, he lit a cigarette, and nodded after inhaling a large smoke cloud. "You're right I guess. Let's get this done asap." He began walking, seeing is how the place wasn't that far and that no one was peeped to their job just yet. It'd be wise to take things fore-fronted from here out anyways.

"Martellos' sure do give me a head ache."

The man had finished his cig' quite hurriedly as he made his way alongside Nastasya. Arriving there he assumed she would probably be their fail-safe if any gun-toting mobsters saw them. For that he tagged not just the walls around the house bu decided to spray the vehicles, the driveway. All of it. E was smart as to using the stillness of the area, the darkness casted by the night, as a means to shroud himself. Though he possessed no supernatural control over it like his friend did.

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#8Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya yawned a little while they walked towards the Safe House. Seriously everyone was allowed to think differently and she would say that Erebus was obviously allowed to go to another place if he didn't find this safe but he tailed with her.

It wasn't a difficult job to paint the Safe House, especially not with her shadow being on the look out and her move to go into the walls made it easier too. She again took the front of the building and heard voices when she was just done. She jumped out of the wall close to where Erebus was and pulled him along. "Time to go." Her shadow came back at the same time and attached itself to her heels.

She moved to the pizza place which they sprayed at last. As she had predicted a lot of people were hurrying towards the Sunset Terrace and it was a piece of cake for there were no onlookers for them. Everyone was probably at the Safe House. "I agree with that Headache. And this paint.. I sure hope it does come off." Her hands were covered in the neon blue colour that she had used.

It didn't take that long with the Martello's. She just said she was done and she wanted her money, same goes for Erebus. She stood outside rather fast again. "I sure hope there will be better jobs on the horizon. See you later." With a short smile towards the other guy, she walked away towards her hotel.



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Gang Tension |Job| [Nastasya & Erebus] 57112ce059

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The boy followed in behind, and tagged the buildings with her. He remained quiet for the remainder of the job, and wished Nastaysa well once they finished. Collecting his money from the Martellos' and feeling exalted to have redeemed some respect out of it. Erebus felt very comfortable around his superior and knew this would be a job he'd always remember. As it had actually been his first under Grimoire Heart's banner.

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