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Fetch me This and That [Quest: Nasty]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Fetch me This and That [Quest: Nasty] Empty on Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:15 am

Nastasya Crowe
It was a boring setting of the day, the only exciting thing that had happened lately was Nastasya bumping into Chi Lau and that was well already a couple days ago. Right now she was upside down on the bed of her hotel room. She had rented this room before and apparently they had not forgotten Lilja Oswald and here she was, bored, her head over the edge looking at the world upside down. She noticed Victoire who tried to pretend to sleep, they had to wait till dusk to get into action because she always got more grumpy if she had to go around her day while it was daytime. Perhaps that’s why she liked the winter so much. Apart from being the time that she was born, it was also quicker dark outside so she could go outside sooner. Sleep less but that wasn’t exactly necessary for the vampire, it was something she liked to do. So she sighed, no idea what more she should do today but perhaps find a job or so. Odin had said not to do too much and certainly not to attract attention, which was a rather boring instruction but she kept to it. But still she had decided that she wanted to get better at whatever it is that she could get better at, which was definitely her strength and endurance and thus she should work on that. Spells would be nice to since she barely used them lately. She took a deep breath and lifted up her legs, bringing her balance into danger but she wouldn’t fall off the bed just like that. She dropped her legs rather quickly and because of that was able to sit up straight.

It wouldn’t be bad to find a job, she used to do small silly jobs that didn’t even deserve her work and she could do something like that again in Oak. She thought Oak would be exciting since it all started here but it was rather boring in the end. Now Nastasya was quickly bored with everything but that still wasn’t an excuse. She didn’t say anything and stood up from the bed, immediately the little white fluffy ears of Victoire propped up and she opened her eyes to stare at the vampire, ”Let’s go do something.” Was what the red haired mage said and she took her jacket and dropped it over the corset she was wearing as well as the black pants. It was almost dusk; those last minutes wouldn’t be a problem. She was very certain of that and stalked out of the hotel room with her companion following her quickly. All the jobs were boring compared to Dahlia, she would be sure of that, considering what she had been doing in Oak about a year ago, the most interesting one was testing the White Claudia. Which at that point she definitely had not liked but sure there were options right now. She didn’t say anything to Victoire, she simply stared at the quests.


#2Nastasya Crowe 

Fetch me This and That [Quest: Nasty] Empty on Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:23 am

Nastasya Crowe
There was nothing interesting at first, there were only a handful of quest and she tend to ignore one that looked rather old, as if it has been hanging there for at least three days. But finally because the other ones were only more boring; she decided to read it. Her red glowing eyes scanned the paper, there was something about a scavenger-hunt and that sounded rather interesting. She read who had made the quest some woman called Serena. She didn’t know her, hadn’t even heard any rumours about her, perhaps she had come in the time that Nastasya had left. She shrugged, ripped the paper of the board and decided to go out and find this specific old plant that was mentioned, this certainly were strange items that you needed for a scavenger hunt but it at least brought her some activity so she went for the walk that it so gave her and she looked left and right as soon as she was out of the town. She had been here a couple of times with Odin and Yumi and now she was alone, boring again. She noticed the little drawing of the plant and found it rather soon in the woods and took it with her. She also needed to find some burned wood and hopped towards the spot where she had helped Yumi training her spells a long time ago. Perhaps there was something left from last winter and she went to look around. It first took a while before she finally had found the point and most of the burned wood was gone or some fresh new plants were growing on it. Which made her groan and walk on to find another place where she might find the burned wood. Once back in town she found it at a house that seemed to have burned down recently, well it was something. She wouldn’t complain too much and went on to find the last item. Which was a chunk of metal, there was no specific metal written down so she headed to the blacksmith and stole some. No one said she would have to find it and not steal it, this was a lot easier.

As soon as she got everything she headed to the location that was written on the quest and went to find this hidden house that was from Serena Nightless, she knocked on the door and stepped in with Victoire close behind her, ”Got your stuff.” she said as she dropped it on the table that she saw, she didn’t care if that was the idea. The woman started to laugh which definitely wasn’t a good idea when the vampire was standing this close. It also didn’t make her happy what she heard, she fell for a prank! ”You will regret that you made this prank on me. Mark my words.” she caught the jewel pouch that the woman tossed towards Nastasya, she didn’t say anything about the threat, she simply laughed it off again. Nastasya shook her head and headed out, at least she had to think of a payback plan now.


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