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More Hexes [Solo | Quest]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

More Hexes [Solo | Quest] Empty on Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:48 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Mabuz had been a total pain in the ass since the beginning of their acquintanceship. Or whatever you officially wanted to call it. He gave her work, she accepted it ‘gladly’ and went on the job to get the money that she needed to stay in Oak for so long. So actually it was a nice thing that the doctor had many jobs, the bad thing was that he obviously didn’t recognize her for doing them. She first recalled that she had done hexes for him and well he half ignored her, than she got send on a job but she needed a companion, as if she wasn’t good enough on her own to find some stupid mushrooms! The second time she had to gather something for him, she was apparently capable enough to go on her own. And that one, she could have used a little help with that one if she hadn’t been just recently changed and everything. And now here he was again after her last mission for him finding another stupid herb with again another companion, because she needed a baby sitter. She was twenty-three for god sake. Did that man didn’t look at her enough to see she was an adult? Besides the guys he send together with her were all younger than she was! They nee.. oh they needed the baby sitter, and she was it. She more behaved like the child by being so childish though. Not that she would admit that.
It was almost six o’clock, a few minutes to spare while she walked to his little shop in one of the back roads of Oak Town. He had asked for her to come again, said he had made a good development on the last experiment. He probably said it in that way so the boy that gave the message at the hotel and the hotel manager or whatever person it was, had no idea what it was about. Nasty knew enough. She had been up for not too long, living more in the evenings than in the mornings lately, which made sense with the recent changes. Victoire didn’t seem to mind, but why would a Fox mind if she liked to live in the twilight parts of the day. The fox was trotting in front of her, while she lifted up the collar of her jacket, there was a strong wind and it was rather annoying and Victoire did seem to have a bit of trouble to walk in front of her. She could always stop the small fox from flying away, which wasn’t really needed. Thank god she had put her long hair in a ponytail, that would be trouble. It wasn’t far to Mabuz and thanks to walking through the back roads, it was safe to not immediately get all the wind in her face or pull at her clothing and hair, still pleasant was entirely something else.
Because of that it might have taken a little bit longer for Nastasya and Victoire to arrive at the shop, ”I’m closed.” Mabuz called, ”Oh well than I guess you don’t need me.” Which finally made the doctor look up and apologize, he was too busy with all the potions that he was brewing at the same time. Well at least he knew how to multitask. It was something. He explained to her that it would work the same as last time. Giving her two pieces of paper that she read a couple of times before she put the two pieces of paper in the inside pocket of her jacket. Just to make sure that the papers wouldn’t be blown away by the wind. She recognized the first one as the one that didn’t work properly last time. She would try that one first again. It was a nice timing, people were either heading home or heading out for dinner. She said she would be back soon and turned her heel to get again into the windy evening. She should find something to eat soon for herself, but she wasn’t planning on finding food in a restaurant. She licked her lips as she walked through the streets, she looked left and right to find her first target, she actually looked forward to see someone fall because of being paralyzed, she was done with playing nice as she had done the last couple of days. She definitely didn’t hang out with the right sort of people. She made it look like as if she sneezed after which she quickly whispered the hex to make the person that just passed her, feel nothing more in his legs. He actually fell face forward. She acted like one of the worried citizen that came running towards him together with Victoire but walked away as soon as someone said the man needed space. This spell worked indeed better than last time.

Only one hex was left over and she had to just find the right victim. There was a man gloating about himself in front of three girls at one of the outside terraces, close to the heater. She let Victoire stay behind as she walked to that place, muttered the spell and wanted to watch how his strength sapped away from him, however nothing happened. But some sort of heat travelled over her skin that made her feel stronger. It wasn’t burning it was actually rather pleasant, which was weird to say for someone that preferred the cold. She stared at the man, shortly, he even winked at her and she simply looked at him with a disgusted look before she turned back to Victoire and headed back to Mabuz. She wasn’t sure what happened with the hex but she told him carefully and he looked rather surprised, muttered a few words that didn’t really catch her ears. He observed her and checked her pulse, looked in her eyes, everything. He didn’t know she was a vampire but she caught a look in his eyes that she didn’t like at all. There was no pulse, obviously. She waited for him to pay, after that she simply left with a bag full of jewels.


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