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Road to Nowhere

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Road to Nowhere  Empty on Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:49 am


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Erebus inhaled a puff of smoke, and held it in as his amber irises scanned the area in front of him. The streets of Oak Town, huh? He released the smoke from his lips and nose, smiling. As a member of Grimoire Heart, he was always well undercover, but to think so many dark mages were in Oak Town right now. It'd make a grown man shit themselves, and not only that, it'd probably scare the entirety of the Rune Knights too. But alas, that wasn't an intention of Grimoire Heart; they were a guild of mystery. Outright conflict wasn't something they aimed for often.

"Tsk, it's a shame. It is what it is though, regardless... I'm curious what the town holds entertainment-wise, I wonder if I'll run into any trouble today."

The boy exhaled more smoke, which slid against the cheeks of his face as he began moving forward. A bronze shortsword was held at his waist in a sheath, it was his only source of protection currently. Then again, he wasn't the type to be underestimated either. Erebus was only just now beginning to prove himself. Failing this early in the game, anywhere, was unacceptable.


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Road to Nowhere  57112ce059

Rather than wait for something to happen, Erebus took matters into his own hands and began his expedition of Oak Town. First visiting national monuments as well as important town gathering locations. He continued on his path, seemingly heading nowhere, until a nice little pizza place caught his eye.

He walked in by pushing his way through the door ruggedly, nearly knocking a couple going out of it, over. Though, the male seemed more intimidated than expected and the two went about the merry way instead of causing conflict amongst the boy. The dark-haired adventurer took a seat by the far wall, throwing his feet onto the chair and relaxing for a moment.

"Mm, man am I hungry."

The boy said, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. The place looked like it was pretty good, but there'd be no way to prove that unless he could chow down. Hopefully the waitress could hurry over soon, Erebus was not the type to be patient about his meals.

#3Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 7:59 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya entered a pizza shop. She had been up for quite a time and thus was hungry right now. It was more like her breakfast but the Grimoire Heart mage never really looked at time when she was eating: she ate whatever she liked whenever she wanted.

This was the reason that the young woman entered a pizza plaza. She came a little bit later and wasn't wearing her eyepatch today. It was surprisingly busy but than again she had no idea what the time of the day was, staying up too long at night. She was just looking at a place to sit. It was peculiar how many poeple took up too many space. She rolled her eyes at the sight and decided to take the last empty table, close to the far wall next to a guy who also had a table for himself. She grabbed the menu, not sure what kind of pizza she would want. It's been a while since she had pizza. This was a good idea.


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Road to Nowhere  57112ce059

Well, well, well-- what do we have here? A smug grin stretching from ear to ear slid across Erebus Cassiel's boyish face. A woman, though he didn't catch her face quite well, bent over to take a seat, and-- being the covert male he was, bent his head to watch. He'd already been given his drink, so he just stood up, and made way to her table. Where he sat down and winked. By this time though, he was probably discovering whom she was. Since they shared a guild, and therefore, lived on the Ark together.

"Oh. I thought you were one of the locals." -- his happy energy went back to a lax, unphased one. He then leaned back in his seat across from Nastasya. Since he was already here, he might as well pay for the food and situate himself with her company. "I'm Erebus Cassiel, we're in the same 'guild'. I just made the ranks about a week ago, I guess it's just luck we both had pizza in mind?"

The boy said humbling himself, he knew of Nastasya Crowe's rankings, but it would break cover for her to just get angry for him sitting here. At least, he assumed. Erebus was no fool, despite contrary belief. As a matter of fact, he was great at playing off other's emotions and moods. They were his best talent. ~

"I'll pay? Eh?"

#5Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:23 am

Nastasya Crowe
Before she herself had even ordered a drink someone was sitting opposite her. The guy from the table on her left side. She arched her right eyebrow, ordered her martini and looked at the new company. He might look familiar. Apparently he knew her since he said he thought she was one of the locals. Apparently knowing that she wasn't. Which made her small smile immediately disappear.

She took a sip of her martini first when he introduced himself. "Let me say a few things so it's easier to be nice to each other." she whispered in a hushed tone. "Never say your full name in the open. Never use the other's full name or name in the open. We don't talk about a Guild," was all said in a hushed voice, she didn't want other people to hear. The good thing was that it was busy and thus many people were already talking to each other. "However it is nice to meet you. You can call me Lilja today. And indeed it is lucky that we bumped into each other." she closed the menu and put it back in the holder. She clicked her fingers for a waiter, she had learned this more or less from Yumi and she had been here more often.

"Yes miss?" Nastasya gave her fake smile again, "We would like to order." she didn't answer the fact that he would pay. She would see whatever went on before she would simply accept that, though she didn't mind obviously. So she ordered a chicken barbecue pizza and turned her eyes on Erebus.


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Road to Nowhere  57112ce059

Erebus was nondescript aside from his relaxed body demeanor. He listened, as it was his job obviously, and after Lilja's waitress exited, he too went back to dialogue. Though he kept his voice low enough not to be heard. He paid no attention to the scar lines circulating her eye. It wasn't apart of his business nor did he care. "Mm, I don't have a name then Lilja, and yeah I heard the rules, hence why I didn't say the guild's name, but it's not strange for us to talk about a guild. Relax, worst comes to worst we can lie. You gotta loosen up. See, what you just said could've gave yourself away to a Rune Knight. Think about it?" The boy sipped from his alcoholic beverage, why he decided to be drinking at noon, he couldn't fathom. But-- booze is booze.

The dark mage was very good-looking, should she have been a local, he probably would've continued his pursuits. However that may be, he knew when to get serious, like now for example. The boy started at Nastasya, almost trying to read into her by it. Before speaking, he took another sip of the drink, he felt a need to smoke again, but there was a policy against it here. "So, here's the thing. I have a few favors to ask of you. Maybe you'll help-- maybe not. But I only joined for a reason of my own. I think after this you should hear me out. Though it probably isn't in your character to talk to lowlifes like me."

#7Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:50 am

Nastasya Crowe
She gave him a small smile, an honest smile when he mentioned that the Rune Knights could have heard her. It reminded her a little of her adventure down in the Church catacombs with Odin. Only because she had said one word wrong and how she had been on her toes for a good week and now she was here. Giving the instructions that Yumi had more or less given her. "It was just something that another Guildmember told me." He was right, she could mention a guild and so could he. There were many enough, this was even the town of Phantom Lord. No one would have guessed about Grimoire Heart. No one actually knew the name but the members themselves so good luck guessing to strangers.

She brushed her long lilac hair of her shoulder and took again a sip of her martini. She again arched her eyebrow when he asked her for a favour. No one had done that before in the Guild and well she wasn't sure what to say. She chuckled though when he finished, "I don't think of anyone as lowlife. Not in our Guild at least. We are all companions of each other. There are all reasons why we joined and we all have our own. Tell me the favour you want and I shall decide if I can help or not."


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Erebus exhaled softly, and then looked to make sure no one was listening. Before chiming in to speak on his own behalf once more, this time with wicked seriousness in his eyes. "I can't use magic. But I need something in this world that will put me on the same level as one who does. Any information, aide, or even mere rumor... I need it." Erebus specifically forgot to mention that he wanted to murder his money laundering stepfather. That much was for the best, it wouldn't sell his story straight if she mistook him for some brat.

Though with all things in mind, that guy was truly a crook. This was about more than just salt-- it was about hate the likes of which hadn't been seen in this world. He swore death on his enemy. He'd carry it out once and for all; should the time come. But that was a far off dream for now. He had many ranks to progress through. Nastasya however, could take a wall down for him merely by pointing him towards a path. He needed guidance from someone, something. She seemed like she had seen at least enough to know what he was looking for. Because he didn't.

#9Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:14 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya was prepared for a lot of things. Asking for an assassination was even more normal than this. She frowned and looked at the table and ticked against the olive in her glass. "I can't give you a direct answer. I have never really spoken to someone without magic." her family all were ice mages, here she was as a shadow one but that wasn't the point. What would bring someone higher up, on the same game as a mage. When there was no magic. "Fighting? Using magical weapons might even be an option?" it was the only thing she could think off doing. Not that she ever had her hands on a weapon, but it was an option, "Maybe get a familiar. Who can fight with you, so you can train yourself.." she was now just randomly throwing out ideas.


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Erebus had thought of all these things before, and now more than ever felt hopeless, yet even still. The boy would persist. Magic items were harder than one might think, obtaining them was strenuous, on top of that; companions weren't always something you could depend on either.

Despite being reasonably upset, he shrugged appearing to have it not phase him. "I guess. Hm, hey are you busy later? Maybe we can take a job or something. Help get some cash in our wallets, that sorta thing." This was just his way of getting an accomplice mind you, but having someone there on a mission was loads more fun. Besides, she hadn't turned him away thus far, so that was a good sign.

#11Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
She was still thinking but could see the waitress coming back and give them their pizzas. She looked at it and wondered if there might be other options. "What about sparing with mages? I mean we have quite some impressive people. You might get stronger from that, as long as you might learn the technique of the mage users, you can use that for your advance, since you would have a total different technique of fighting."

She wasn't sure if he really didn't care or not but it was not for her to decide and she grabbed the cutlery to get the first piece of her pizza and put it in her mouth. She looked up to Erebus when he asked another question. "I have time," she replied, "We could see what we could do."


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Erebus smiled, tipping a make-believe hat to her suggestion. "Not a bad idea there." When the pizza arrived, Erebus began writing Nastasya bill, and seeing is how he was paying for it helped himself to a slice. The hot melted cheese was good on his tongue, and the chicken was tenderized perfectly. Easily a five-star restaurant-- this place.

"So what are your hobbies, your pass times? Stuff of that nature, Lilja." The boy asked, swigging from his beer bottle as he sat there with her. She seemed passive enough, though anyone in a dark guild wasn't one to piss off. So his rude snark was died off for the time being-- she might see it later on though.

#13Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:30 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya shrugged. It still wasn't the best idea for there must be better solutions but up till now she felt like there weren't any that were good enough to work with. She still thought about it a bit, but better solutions didn't come up in her mind yet. So they had to do with this for now.

She looked at her pizza, with little chicken strips, cheese and some greens. It looked nice for a pizza. She had even took a first bite and that tasted well. She turned her eyes back at Erebus when he asked about hobbies. No one ever asked her that, did she have hobbies? "I like to read. Watch plays." She thought a bit more, she liked lying as in acting in roles, that's why she said plays. She didn't mind watching plays though. So instead of saying that she liked dolls, as in the porcelain dolls that she kept with her wherever she went she said: "I like watching art." and that was it and she sounded like such a sophisticated person, she wasn't even sure how she came up with this so easily. "What do you like to do in your spare time?" She wondered if he knew about the Yumi plan. When did he arrive? Did they have to visit the Purple Mist to ask Yumi?


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"I see." The boy managed, finishing off a slice, and pausing. He didn't really know if he had any himself, but if anything, he liked walking. "I like seeing rare sights." Was all he said, keeping it short and sweet. He didn't want to be a bore, but to put it shortly; he wanted to see things no one else would ever get the chance to fathom. It was the beauty of the mysticism in the world-- it chose select few to grace itself before.

"Watching art? Plays? When I was in high school I acted for a short bit, lame shit though. Nothing Shakespearean. But I know quite a bit about it. Kabuki, Noh, all of the Japanese stuff isn't for me. I prefer modern dramady personally." It was then that the tall boy realized he was rambling. He blinked twice. Then changed the subject. "E-eh... Anyways, I get it... I take it you did similar things when you were younger?"

#15Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:32 am

Nastasya Crowe
She wasn't entirely sure what Erebus expected from her but she just simply listened about him going on about plays. They might be able to visit one. Cast some ruckus over there for fun and unseen but she didn't suggest it. Simply because she didn't know him that well and because he was new. She wanted to look like the sophisticated one at the moment. Which she had done by stating that she liked plays and art because it did sound boring. He stopped suddenly about himself and asked if she had liked the things in the past as in when she was younger. "Maybe if I had seen those things when I was younger. My grandparents took me to no such things and my father was too busy making dolls to look after me. So I just played outside alone or with dolls before I was old enough to travel on my own ". It wasn't really lying. It was simply not stating all the facts of her childhood and thus not lying. Just simply hiding the truth.

#16Cornelius Darth 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:56 am

Cornelius Darth
Cornelius was rather bored; he had recently finished helping a rather annoying client gather some information and was simply looking to enjoy himself. Oak town; this place was always filled with dark mages, it was odd. One would expect the Rune Knights to raid this place, or perhaps even the Garoue Knights. Alas, such events never occurred. It was rather boring. Why did they not grow a pair and simply attack? Attempt to wipe out the "threat."

With a slight sigh Cornelius simply exited the inn; yes, he had decided to take a short nap. It allowed him to relax for but a moment, regain a bit of his energy. This was one of the most important things for a mage; their mind was their greatest weapon. Without that what else did a mage have? Nothing.

With a slight sigh Cornelius would find himself in front of a rather dull establishment. Walking in he would simply walk to the corner and take a seat. What could go wrong?


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Erebus lost attention right around the time grandparents were mentioned, that was a dry subject of his, he would've said that too but it was only then that a man passed by his chair. The dark mage wasn't hostile or anything, he just didn't' appear very energetic, for this Erebus grinned. Cornelius had the same thing in mind as he did earlier. The adventurer began eating another slice of the barbecue chicken pizza. "Why don't we invite him to the table? He looks like he just hit a blunt and fell down the stairs at the same time. Haha." Of course part of that was a joke, but the Cornelius fellow did have a sour look to him. Might do good to get to know the locals... He was a local right? Erebus shrugged at the thought, since he only knew the names of mages ranking over him.

#18Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:40 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya was cutting off another piece of her pizza and put it in her mouth. Erebus had fallen silent and she knew that if she didn't want to make the same mistake she would have to ask something about him. She wasn't so silly as that moment with Ash. She looked up when someone passed close behind Erebus, since he was the one being at the path between the tables. She recognized him immediately, which was actually kind of an achievement for the Shadow mage. She kicked away the chair next to Erebus to get his attention, not hitting him with the chair though. "Well well if it isn't Specter." she said, that was the name had used during the gathering right? "Take a seat my friend, order a pizza." She would say if he would sit down at their table.

#19Cornelius Darth 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:59 pm

Cornelius Darth
Cornelius had been present for no more than five minutes before he was noticed; while he had noticed the eyes of the young male glance him over, it was the noise that made him present some sort of interest. Reaching out with his hand he simply stopped the chair; halting its movement. Standing and raising the chair he simply walked over to the pair; he had heard his name called and assumed this was an associate. She seemed familiar. Her body was rather average, but he did recognize the face and voice. Looking over to the male he would look back at her once more. Is this a date? Are they fucking? With a slight raise of his brow and a muttered sigh he simply turned the chair around and sat down, crossing his leg over the other. "Hello." Was all he said, waving a male over and pointing to a slice. With a nod the man would simply return with his food. What fun this will be! He thought to himself, simply taking a bite of his food. Simply looking between the two he would motion for them to speak.


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Road to Nowhere  57112ce059

Erebus didn't appear surprised, curious was more like it. Upon Cornellius making his arrival Erebus turned his gaze back to Nastasya. "You two know each other?Specter is a weird name. Very shonen, assassin-y, anime-type stuff right there." The shorter boy seemed less of talker and moreso a listener, judging by the wave of the hand for them to speak more after getting a piece of pizza. This made Erebus somewhat pissed off, while he naturally felt this guy wasn't half bad, Erebus just couldn't settle for the rudeness. Alas though, in front of his superior, he chewed up the boiling sensation that was birthed in the pit of his soul. Spoke up again, and offered yet another shot in the dark to create conversation. "Is he.. Part of it too Lilja?"

#21Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:28 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya had some vague memory that Specter, whom hadn't introduced his name had talked much during the party discussion. The most people that talked were Yumi and Caius. She had left quickly after everyone introduced themselves so she couldn't be sure of course but she had this feeling. It might explain the only hello. She could see that Erebus was a little aggitated by the idea, she didn't know what he was thinking obviously but everyone had their weird things, their perks. So she was going to see how this was going. Although she eyed the clock above the counter and noticed that she didn't have that much time anymore.

She turned her eyes back on Erebus when he asked her a question. Gladly that he understood the situation of their guild rather quickly. She gave him a smile because of that. "Yes. I have met him before. Even though it was a short time." He must know, Specter that is, that she wasn't called Lilja, but maybe he was someone with a quick wit to understand the situation or someone to just shut up.


Road to Nowhere  Empty on Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:38 am


Road to Nowhere  57112ce059

Erebus nodded understandably, as they sat in silence for a moment. The taller boy had noticed her head perk for the time and it became obvious to him she was not trying to be rude. So he triggered the question for her. "You look like you might be late for something? You wanna cut this meeting short and get in touch later for the job I mentioned? Might do me some good to get back to surveying the area and all."

#23Cornelius Darth 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:46 pm

Cornelius Darth
Watching as the two interacted Cornelius simply sat there and ate. There was not much for him to say; in all honesty, he was interested in how it would play out. Well, it seemed he would not get that luxury. With the female eyeing the clock it was clear that she was rearing to leave; who could blame her? Being around someone who was still wet behind the ears was unnerving. They could make any sort of mistake. It could lead to death. With a slight nod he simply stood, looking between the two. "Time's up." He spoke in a rather monotone voice. Turning he simply rose his hand and waved over his shoulder. A rather short encounter, but interesting none the less.

#24Nastasya Crowe 

Road to Nowhere  Empty on Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:25 am

Nastasya Crowe
It was a difficult setting. She wanted to stay and get to know the people better but time was still ticking. Which meant that she kept checking the clock above the counter. However Spectre disappeared as soon as he had showed up. He wasn't much of a talker and she simply looked surprised when he walked away.

"I have some things to take care off. Let's meet up later for the job." She asked the waiter to pack up the last of her pizza so she could take it with her. She was in doubt to leave so money but she could always give him some later, he had offered. "Well see you later. Let's meet in front of this building." and after that she left.



Road to Nowhere  Empty on Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:21 am


Road to Nowhere  57112ce059

Erebus nodded understandably once more. First Cornelius, and then Nastasya-- he sat alone writing the bill himself. Five bucks tip sat on the table too. With a scratch of the neck, he exited the building and began lighting another cigarette. He'd see them again soon anyways. "--'Sure are some mysterious people in this guild. I'm more than curious to find out why though, hm..."


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