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Era Town to Dahlia [Walking]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Era Town to Dahlia [Walking] Empty on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:42 pm

Nastasya Crowe
"We should leave my love." Nastasya said with a hush voice in the night. The room that she had rented on the outskirts of Era was bare, only the furniture was left. There wasn't much to begin with but it looked even more lonely and empty than before. She was wearing a casual outfit, oversized dark gray sweater, black jeans and red allstars that she had found in her bag. She must have last used them when she was in Oak, a place that more felt like home than anything else. Yet she had not been there anymore and she was sure that everyone would think her dead. Which only made it much easier.

She was leaving to another town today and she was ready for it. She had left her disasters here enough, enough people that she had used to feed herself with the blood that she needed since she became a vampyre. She easily slung the bag around her shoulder, opened the door for the last time and headed out, threw the key there where she had said she would, a few meters to the left or right didn't matter, right? and she would start walking. It was too long, too much to remember. She didn't care, faces and names were blurs for her. Her old colleagues, her so called friends, masters and so on. She didn't care, she was Lilja or Nastasya, all she remembered were her parents and it didn't make her happy, it gave her a hunger that was never satisfied and she should actually find for answers to get rid of the feeling but also that felt like it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was alive and so was Victoire, she smiled to her companion as they walked on, past Magnolia to the new town she heard off, it sounded like heaven. Dahlia. Which was where she arrived very soon.

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