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#1Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Another day where the sunlight was making her skin look more pale than before. It was crazy to think about it. She yawned as she was getting dressed and ready to head out again, not that she really had places to go to. She picked up a light purple short and high knee socks, a white shirt and a dark blue vest. It didn't take long to all put on and she worked on brushing her hair and putting it in a high ponytail. She covered her insignia on the back of her neck by using make-up and a choker.

In a hurry she put on the black shoes and she lifted Victoire up in her arms and hurried down the stairs. She wanted to get out this room. She had asked for clean service because the mess was too big for her to take care off. She had taken all her daggers with her, one in the pocket of the vest on the inside and one in a holder on her back. No one would be able to see them unless she showed them.

She took a toast from the dining room for show, before she went back to see what interesting conversations at the Swineherd Pub would happen today. Maybe Odin was there. Maybe Aonaka, maybe someone else she knew. She yawned again and tried to walk as quickly as possible to be in the shadows of the pub soon enough. She went to sit at the bar and simply waited for her time to order.


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Her face would be hit by winds that were soft like feathers tickling against her skin. The complexion was rather red upon her cheeks, flawless skin that was cream colored. Her soft lips would depart a little bit to breathe some air as she looked forward with her lioness brown eyes. Her eyes were like dawn as the sun would rise up. The lower half was lighter as the top half of her eyes were darker of a brown. Her heart beat was rather slow though as she wondered about her life. Within her grasp upon her left hand was her book from her mother.

Oddly enough she felt like walking and hanging out at the pub to read. Arisa would walk upon the dirt paths as there were no roads. She was wearing a stylish Chinese doctor-like dress with long white sleeves, a yin and yang brooch ribbon, a red vest, and a skirt dress that exposes her hips/some of her thighs. Her shoes were silk-made Chinese shoes with wooden plats at the bottom so they wouldn't get dirty. She was wearing her black reading glasses and had the back of her brown hair pinned with decorated Chinese pins. Usually she would wear her armor or clothes hiding her chest area, yet today she felt lazy.

Her hips swayed as with each step she took, Arisa would get closer. She could taste the alcohol already as she felt like she deserved it after that Tournament. After she was beaten she then got to see someone, someone she thought she'd never see. Was that truly Alice? Her little sister? Nonetheless Arisa would continue moving forward to find the meaning she hopes to find someday. As she thought about this she would soon be in front of the pub that was her destination. Her hand pressed against the door, her foot walked in after another foot and then looked forward. 'Mmm...something or someone feels familiar in here.' she thought darkly yet soothingly. Her eyes would look around as she quietly walked where her eyes would look. After a couple of seconds she would then see a head and figure that looks rather familiar. ''Well well.~ Didn't imagine seeing you here already.'' Arisa teased in a sweet voice and an innocent smile.

She walked slowly around the table/area to then sit next to her. Her hand gripped the chair, pulled it out to then sit on her butt, plopping down. After that she would sit in a rather legs-closed manner. Her body would lean forward to have her elbows rest against the table of wood and chin on her own hands that were straight up. Slowly her head turned so her cheek was on her hands instead, looking at Nas. ''How have you been?~'' she questioned innocently. Something seemed off though. Was she paler than before?

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Amai Okashi
Oak surely was a little more…lively than she expected.

The ever-youthful Amai had stumbled into town not long ago, seeking asylum from where her mind was tormented. Having seen her older sister in Baska had brought up very painful memories, breaking her down to the point of irrational fear. Her initial run had been hastened and desperate, but she had calmed into a soothing trot, catching her pace, breathing in rhythm with each step. She had been calmed, and she wanted to keep it that way all the way to Oak.

Upon arriving in Oak, Amai sought simple shelter, exchanging refuge for tasks. She wanted to keep whatever money she still had plentiful for situations where she needed to spend it. Even with the passing days, she was just focused on getting by without spending any gold, trying to remain practical and focused. She had wanted to seek the asylum of a guild, but she worried about the one that claimed Oak as a stomping ground. While in control, a less ethical guild would put her in compromising positions down the road, and she needed to keep her options open. With that in mind, she tossed her darkened rose-colored cloak over her shoulders, hood up, and proceeded to the local pub. If there would be anyone of significance in the town, besides at the guild’s main grounds, one would be relaxing at the pub.

Amai entered the pub with her senses heightened toward the center, weary of any agent or even bar brawl that may have been present. She ducked here and there, attempting to stay concealed while seeming natural. All the while, she made her way to the bar area, looking for someone who may have had an air of confidence or pride. She scanned for a moment and noticed a pair of women at the bar. From the back, the sight of one of them was unnerving her; the other one seemed to have the air about her that matched a potential network connection. Swiftly yet silently, she sat in the seat next to this woman in darker blue garb, the woman in red sitting on the other side.

For a moment, Amai stayed silent, listening as the two greeted each other as she arrived. When there was a small break in the conversation, she turned to face the ladies, especially the one in dark blue garb, and addressed her.

Excuse me, ma’am, but I wanted to know if you…

Amai froze.

The woman in red was Arisa.

Her eyes were wide in terror for all but a split second. She quickly turned back forward, pulling the hood of her cloak to block the view of her face. Underneath, her heart was racing, and panic was starting to set in. She tried to stifle herself, to make it appear as though her voice wasn’t there. If Arisa had heard her, then she feared the worst of yet another meeting. She hooked her legs together, trying to stop them from twitching. She was losing her nerve, and it was taking everything not to make another sound.



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"Why the fuck are you making me wear this again?"

"You aren't just another vagabond anymore Lucifer, you are the owner of a pub, and so you have to start looking the part."

With a roll of his eyes, the dark mage looked at himself in the mirror, ignoring the ever-present annoyance that was his name, or rather the lack of. Despite it was one of the rules of his guild, being called Lucifer and named for the demon that resided within him, instead of his true name Odin, was never fun. It was only a minor annoyance, however, and one Odin would just have to accept and live with. Looking at himself in the mirror though, he had to admit that the outfit did look good on him. A white shirt, black bow-tie and matching waistcoat, with a simple pair of black trousers and shoes. It made him look like a true bartender, he even had a thin pair of leather gloves on with his sleeves rolled up, but it didn't beat his normal training attire, which he prepared in case of the worst. In his current outfit, he wasn't able to fight or react as he'd want to. But then again, there should be no need for that, not in his pub at least.

Descending the stairs into the main bar section of the Swineherd Pub, the establishment now owned by Odin, he snapped his fingers, as a gentle reminder to his own psyche. For the pub to flourish, and thus generate more money for Odin himself, he would have to learn to act in a civilised manner, and serve drinks to people that he would otherwise love to pound into the ground. The snap was like a jolt to his brain, to instantly remind him, no matter what he was doing, that he had to at least appear friendly and approachable. After all, he needed to make some profit on the place. With a friendly, yet smug, grin on his face, Odin stood at the bar, and began taking orders and serving drinks, chatting to the patrons as if he were actually a friendly person, and not a dark mage that would one day be feared.

It was during this time that he'd go and take another order, from a group of girls at one side of the bar. Washing a glass in his hand, and looking down as he approached, the dark mage looked up to greet his customers. At the sight before him, he almost crushed the glass in his hands in rage, before having to quickly snap his fingers to calm himself, bringing back the smile. He had been enraged simply because he had let his senses dull, and thus had not noticed the two familiar faces that had spent a fair amount of the day sitting at the bar. But now he greeted them: Nastasya, her brown haired friend that Odin constantly ran into, and a new girl that seemed to know the brown haired one, although she hid her face the moment she noticed. Planning to create some awkward tension despite his new persona, Odin decided to include the third girl into the group, even though she clearly didn't want to be. After all, it was his job now.

"Hey you three, good to see some familiar faces around here. Let's try not to repeat the events of the last time we met in a pub, although that was more my fault than any of yours. Sorry about the delay, it's my first day on the job, what can I get you girls?"

#5Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
The bar was kind of crowded. It seemed to happen more lately and she must say that she never recognized somebody. She still had not ordered but was sort of sitting there bored, swaying her legs back to front. Where was the bartender or well what was he.. her thoughts were disturbed by someone that took a spot next to her. Acting like she was familiar, she stared at the short browned haired woman and simply raised an eyebrow. Damn her memory, it didn't get better since she had become a vampire, that would have been useful! She said something in a teasing way and Nasty tried to remember with all her might, in the way she was talking, they didn't meet here. They must have met some time ago too. They apparently were familiar enough with each other to ask how the other was doing. She had to cover her mistake, "Oh my. Sorry I didn't expect you here, it took me a second. You know how I go by the by, so I'm fine. How are you?" Come on, come on! The face did seem familiar but where did they meet and what did happen. There was a total flashback to when meeting Ash, she didn't want to repeat that.

She turned her eyes back to the bartender.. whom finally showed up but was busy giving drinks to someone else. Which gave a frown on her face.. and a grin. However before she could even call on Odin, someone else appeared on the other side of her. What was up with everyone today! Ma'am? Really? Did she look that old. She turned to the girl on her left hand side but the pink haired girl stopped talking before the sentence was even finished. Nastasya leaned a bit forward, maybe accidently blocking the person on her left from Arisa on the right, "It would be more useful to finish your sentence if you want to ask something." she said with 'alright friendly' tone. She was acting on a familiar basis with the person on her right, so she couldn't just go and show how annoyed she was by the girl on the left.

She barely finished to talk when odin turned to them. Really, almost all at once. She opened her mouth to say anything, but was actually surprised that he seemed to know all three of them. Well explain who the other two were.. use names.. she implied with her silent stare, "You're the bartender, what happened to whats-his-name?" she asked, before she realized he asked what she wanted to drink and actually she didn't drink anything anymore since it tasted like absolutely nothing, which was weird compared to food but fine: show. "Red wine, please."

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Her eyes looked at what was her good friend. She was her friend right? Nas was honestly her only friend as far as she knew or at least the only one that showed friendship towards her. Her hair of brown would be twined by her fingers as she would lean towards that one single hand. The girl seemed to not remember her at all, it saddened her a little. A small frown would curve upon her own soft lips as she thought of how the only friend she made didn't remember her. 'Pity...' the darker voice spoke in her head. 'No... She just needs time is all.' Arisa would respond to that unknown soul-voice.

Nas started to speak as if she thinks she doesn't know. Whispering softly, ''You forgot about me already, didn't you Nas. It's okay...''. She didn't want anyone to hear her name, just her and Nas. Her brown lioness eyes would lower down to look at the ground to then turn straight towards the counter. Was she that forgettable? A part of her felt rather sad, but part of her felt anger that she wasn't really remembered.

Who are you again?

What are you? You Freak! Get out of here!

She remembered those words from a time in her dumb past. It haunted only her inner self that wasn't allowed to be free. Arisa would then put her hands towards her own chest where her heart and book was, remembering the memories of her mother. True she hasn't read everything yet, but for some reason she's getting the memories of what were her moms. Was she going to end up alone and haunted from things as well? She wasn't really for-sure on what will happen...

Her thoughts would go deeper till she would then hear a girl's voice that sounded familiar. Her head cocked towards the girl before she could even do much. Her eyes would half close as soon as she noticed who it was. Right as she was going to say something a surprise came up. A voice that sounded familiar, but different at the same time. Her head looked over and up to see the familiar olive hair and red flaming eyes that were contacted with glasses. Her brown lioness eyes would brighten without even noticing as well as her pupils enlarging. Her heart would thumb, but honestly she wouldn't try to pay attention to it. Her face would warm up, but then looked away. Was he truly calling them friends? Or was this part of the business? Her head would tilt down as she would then wonder on what to drink. This feeling annoyed her. The feeling of warmness upon her cheeks, her heart pounding...What was this? It was nothing according to her own opinion. She would make a fake smile that seemed real, looking up cheerfully. ''I'll have a Pina Wivodk Ball.'' she would reply. Her eyes would look at him in that suit. It suited him well truly and for some reason it felt attractive as sadly she knew she had to snap out of it, but for some reason she couldn't.

Thump thump.

Softly she'd sigh and lowered her eyes. ''I never thought I'd see you in a tux.'' she would say and looked up with shining jewel topaz eyes. Her smile was still there and then giggled, leaning back against her chair. ''You look quite fancy yknow.'' she would say once more with her soft soothing voice. Arisa tried to hide that she was shy, blushing and the feeling in her heart that pained. You'll always be alone...You deserve no one. The voices in her head continued as she knew they were voices from the past, but sadly it was inflicting on how she was feeling. It was most likely true though. She would be alone in the ways she desires to not be alone even though right now her sister was right next to her.

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Amai Okashi




Amai let out another breath, recovering from that momentarily lapse in emotional composure. She was able to bring her back to the present. She took yet another breath and crashed back to reality. Her vision refocused on the bar in front of her, her hood blocking any peripheral vision. The young child-like woman managed to get her legs to stop shaking. This stopped any movements beneath her cloak, halting any twitches. She was able to breathe properly, and her focus was clear once more.

Arisa saw.

She had to have seen.

She knew.

Trying to appear more casual, Amai coughed and just signed for water from the bar tender. She refocused on the duo beside her. Needing to keep herself preoccupied, she focused on their exchange, feeling a little more at ease that they were talking. Embarrassment began to set in as she realized she had just cut herself off mid-question. This wasn't something that would deter her, though, so she spoke once more, her hood slightly concealing her face.

"Sorry for breaking off like that; I just needed to cough. I just wanted to know if you were associated with any guilds. I'm actually 'looking' for a home right now to grow stronger."

It was an innocent and pure question, just as her youthful body appeared. Then again, her very petite frame under her cloak and younger-sounding voice would easily confuse her with a child. The most important part, though, was that it was true. She would sound completely honest in her blunt question. That would easily be a mark of trust moving forward in the conversation.



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1 Red wine, one Pina Wivodk Ball, and a glass of water, a simple enough trio of drinks, except from the one ordered by the girl that just kept popping up in Odin's life. He'd never heard of a Pina Wivodk Ball before, but he knew just what he had to do for times like these. Nodding as he took each of the orders, Odin went back to the bar for a brief moment, collecting everything that was wanted for both Nastasya and the pink haired girl that he had never met, but who seemed invested in the conversations between the two he did know. Nastasya had not specified whether she wanted a glass of wine of a full bottle, so Odin simply decided to bring a bottle and two glasses to where she sat, passing the water over to the girl, before answering his guild mate's question with a smile, before gesturing to another man coming down the stairs of the Swineherd.

"What, you didn't honestly think I'd have gotten rid of Mac when I came to own the place did you? Besides, he knows the clientele better than me and someone needs to work the pub when I'm out. He'll get your strange concoction my dear," Odin said, ignoring his colleague's looks of confusion, having also never heard of the drink, bring still he'd try, using his skills as a bartender to make the girl just what she desired, bringing it round to her seat and placing it in front of her, "See what I mean, how can't you love this guy? Mind taking over for a few while I go on my break Mac?" The resounding grunt was all the reply Odin would get, but he'd just take it as a yes, before pouring himself a glass of the red wine using the second of the two glasses he'd put out for Nastasya.

Smiling at the brown haired girl as she noted the outfit, Odin couldn't help but laugh, "Haha, yeah it's not my choice of outfit certainly, but Mac said I'd have to look the part if I wanted to work here, so the waistcoat and bow tie came out. What I'd give to change though." He fixed his bow tie and nodded as she stated that he looked good in his new outfit, which was very true, even Odin had to admit that. It may not have been his first choice of outfit, but it did look good on him.

Then the water girl spoke out, apologising for her previous abrupt coughing and ending the conversation before, as well as stating that she was currently looking for a home, asking if Nastasya was part of a guild. Noting his partner's seemingly lacking memory at present, Odin decided to answer for her, taking another drink of wine as he did so, and snapping his fingers to keep himself in character.

"Actually, you're talking to my partner in crime there. Name's Lucifer, proud owner of this Swineherd Pub. We aren't in a guild actually, more that we just wander and make money when we can. As for a home, I can offer you a room here if you'd like, but first we need introductions. Lucifer Morningstar is my name, let's go round in a circle, starting with you milady. I've met you far too many times now for us not to know each other's names." His final message was directed to the brown haired, lion eyed girl with the strange drink mix. After all, name's were power, and Odin liked to have as much power as he could. Knowing someone meant you could use them, and using someone meant they could be useful to him. Even as a friendly bartender, Odin was still the manipulative man he always was. It was almost easier this way.

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Nastasya Crowe
There was something that triggered her. Nastasya looked back at the woman on her right. No one called her Nas. There had been someone, there must have been. Her lilac eyes turned a little bit bigger when she remembered, the name was still gone but the face made sense. It was the glasses probably that had made her impossible to remember at the first time but her mind apparently hadn't left her behind yet, "No. You were the one that gave me the snowdrops." She still had them, somewhere, she had made them dry and well they might not be as beautiful white anymore but she had them. Somewhere or not anymore, maybe Victoire had eaten them. The fox was underneath her chair, curled up sleeping. It was maybe smarter to keep her on her lap. She wondered if Odin would say something about Victoire at all, maybe he would simply recognize her. She wanted to know, so she nudged Victoire with the tip of her booth and let her jump on her lap, where she rolled up to sleep again.

Nasty scratched her softly behind one of her ears before she turned back to Arisa, the name would come later. However Odin appeared again after he went to grab some of the drinks it seemed. He made a gesture to the stairs and even though her eyes were lingering on his, she turned her head and finally her eyes to see Mac at the stairs. Ooh right. However that's when the phrase registered in her head and she turned back to look at Odin, "You own the place? Did you do that before too and forgot to mention?" it was a questioned look on her face, not offended it wasn't information you needed to share, she was simply surprised. She took one of the glasses and couldn't stop smiling because she found it rather amusing how Odin was today, she waited till he filled his and softly bumped hers into his, "I like it."

Nastasya took a sip of her red wine and turned to look at the girl on her left, the one with the pink hair. Before she could answer however, Odin did. Her purple eyes switched shortly between him and the girl next to her before she scratched Victoire again a little. Partners in crime? She couldn't help but smile about the idea, that was nice. But he would probably get back to it when they were alone. She really wanted to tell him that she was a vampire, but.. that was probably a bad idea and especially now at this moment because well the girls next to her. The girl on her right knew her name, she had to say it, so that looked like a fake one. She waited for the girl next to her, surprised if the name didn't ring a bell, there must be something else. That's when she turned to the girl on her left again, she tried to put on a warm nice smile, as Odin had done with the idea that they were simply wanderers, "My name is Lilja Oswald. Like Lucifer said, you can stay in a room here. I can show you Oak Town if you want later today." as if she was a happy go lucky citizen.

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She would look at Lucifer as she tried to then look away, hiding how it made her feel. 'Such dumb luck. Running into him a lot....Maybe..' she would think softly and a frown that would be hidden behind her medium brown hair. 'I think it's a chance.~' Ana would speak in her thoughts coldly. Her heart was thumping like a rabbit foot would hit the ground multiple times. Her brown lioness eyes would stare at the counter as if she was waiting for something, anything for this weird feeling to go away. She barely even knew him yet she felt this way. What a confusing life to be in.

'Could be l-' Ana was about to say till Arisa interrupted her with a 'no'. Her eyes held back water as she felt that having such a thing for herself would be a desire... Always just a desire that won't be held. Soon her drink would be in front of her as the orange colored drink swirled a little. Here head tilted up and before she did, she made a fake smile that played well. Her head nodded. ''Thank you.'' she would say softly and soothingly like always. Soon Nas would speak as she spoke about the drops flowers that were given to her.

''Why yes. I was.~'' she spoke in a happy soothing tone. Her head turned to look at her and those pretty flowery amethyst eyes that shined like jewels in the light within the dark. ''I hope they were treasured till they died at least.'' she would respond and tilted her head with a smile. Her head would then turn to Alice and wondered if she had some name that wasn't real too. Was everyone introducing themselves with fake names? Was Lucifer not his real name too? What's with people these days. 'Alright, I'll play along.' she thought innocently.

''Name's Ana. Also..'' she would drift it off and turned to look at her little sister. ''I have a manor that you may stay at if you wish.'' she would say softly. It was the least she could do after all that she has done...that fateful night. After that was done she would look up at Lucifer. He's acting rather different today. Did something good happen? Got laid perhaps? Her face would blush as she would think of that and then looked straight down quickly at her drink. Her hair would hide her blushing face that was light pink. Slowly Arisa's hands would grab her drink to start drinking it. Truly this drink was literally strong enough to knockout someone that normally can drink a lot with just one glass. Finally she wasn't so sure on what to say right now as something felt weird inside her.

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Amai Okashi
Amai straightened up a little in her seat. Her hood was back at this point, her pink hair in ponytails at each side. She focused on each of them as they spoke, giving due attention to each person present. By this point, she would need to shove any hesitation aside and forget her shortcomings. She would need to put her best foot forward, especially if she were to make connections. The two others claimed to be wanderers, guildless “partners in crime” that seemed to know Arisa already. The bartender seemed to have a place potentially for temporary residency. She wasn’t quite sure how to respond initially, so she allowed this man named Lucifer to lead them in a roll call. Lilja was the other woman, and she stated restated how a room was available; she even offered to show her around Oak.

Arisa seemed conflicted. Amai could see it on her face. It wasn’t obvious, but it was there. Memories of her past were making it hard to tell exactly what, but a sister could tell when something was wrong. At the very least, she was thinking about two different things and how they connected. Arisa stated also that she had a manor. This came as a pleasant surprise, knowing that her sister owned a considerable property. This could easily set up some time to talk later. For the time being, her sister seemed to be focused on the male present. She did not question when Arisa said that her own name was Ana.

Amai nodded to the offers on the table. She was not quite sure at the time what the right choice was, but she was answering vague, hoping one of them would give up a little more drive to shelter her.

My name is Amai. I would actually be quite honored if you would help with my situation. I would really appreciate it.

Short, sweet, and to the point, Amai pursued a quick answer, She took a sip from her water and waited for the rest to continue the conversation.



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Quite a lot happened in the brief period of time between now and when Odin had introduced himself as Lucifer, as well as offering a place to stay for any weary travellers, as were the rules of the Swineherd. If it were truly up to Odin, he would gladly watch these people, including Nastasya, suffer in the cold and wet outside by themselves. They could hate him if they so wished, but Odin just wanted to watch them suffer. They had their uses, true enough, but during the night there was no need Odin had for them, so why keep them around, and why waste his own money to feed them, and give them shelter. Where was the point in tha-


"Hah, it's been a while since I've seen this little guy, glad to see he's doing well." Odin's statement was directed to the small animal sitting, sleeping, upon Nastasya's lap. A white fox, a strangely unique creature certainly, but one that Odin recognised instantly from the last time the two mages had found themselves in the Swineherd, from before Odin had owned the establishment, which his friend actually mentioned, curious to see how long it had been in Odin's possession. "I would've told you if I had owned it then Lilja. No, no, I've only recently come to own this pub, good fortune has a way of helping the decent. Who knew?" The irony in the statement amused Odin, but Lucifer made no changes to his face, instead keeping the warm grin as everyone introduced themselves with names. Whether those names were correct or not, Odin had a few thoughts on.

Firstly, Lucifer was stating his name as such due to his guild, which forbade telling anyone other than guild members your true name. As such, only Nastasya knew of Odin's identity, to the rest of the world, he was simply Lucifer Morningstar, proud businessman and powerful mage. But Nastasya, or Lilja in this instance, was using a different name in front of someone who already knew her true name. The pink haired girl would only know Nastasya as Lilja, but the brown haired girl knew the truth of the Grimoire Heart mage's name. As such, it was unlikely that Ana was her true name. After all, if you had a friend introduce themselves with a fake name, why would you then use your true name, it made no sense. The pink haired girl was the only anomaly in this, as Odin had no idea how much she actually knew, or what her name could really be, so he just had to accept her as Amai for now.

It was also interesting to hear that 'Ana' owned a manor that one could stay at, which caused Lucifer to raise an eyebrow as he waited for everyone to finish speaking, before turning to the brown haired girl and, taking another sip of his drink, he decided to ask a question.

"And I thought my pub was cool, you own an actual manor? Where is it, I don't know of any big manors in Oak?"

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Nastasya Crowe
For as far as everything was going, Nasty was slightly annoyed by the fact that there was no opportunity to tell Odin. Maybe this had to make her reconsider if it was a good idea to tell him. Maybe it was fate that was telling her no to. If only she was a believer. She looked at Odin's reaction to Victoire and smiled, "I try to leave her in the forest again but she didn't want to leave my side. So I now have a pet." She gave a short grin while telling and petted Victoire once more behind her ears before she took another sip of her red wine. She was at least glad Vic could remain on her lap, for a few seconds she wondered how the Chimera was doing, she turned her gaze from her glass to Odin, wondering if he thought the same for just a few seconds or if he didn't care at all.

She couldn't help but smile when Odin quicky addepted to the name Lilja. It might look like a smile between partner's in crime. She sure hoped so, "Well business seems to go well for you. Maybe I should invest my money into something too." She didn't feel the need to do that but maybe it was nice, at some point. She first had a few other things to take care off. Like a house. That brought her to the fact that they were talking to the girl on her left and Odin started to introduce himself with his code name. She tried to come up with the real name or the other name that Ana had given her before, not knowing which one was real now. She expected the other one based on figuring out that she had given a fake name. That would maybe go for the same as the girl on her left that now introduced herself as Amai. There was more than meet the eye between Amai and Ana, but she couldn't really figure out what.

She thought about the manor that she owned now but didn't speak a word about. "Apart from the pub, there are quite some hotels here." She wasn't sure what Odin had in mind, but she was sure it wouldn't be for free. She turned her gaze back to Amai again. She wasn't sure what the girl wanted but she seemed to hold it a bit off yet wanted help.

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Still her brown medium hair was hiding her pink blushed cheeks as she thought of things. Hands continued to grip her own glass whilst here thumbs twiddled. Her head started to hurt as she constantly tried to think. 'What do I do? What do I say now?' she thought and wondered. 'Nǐ kěyǐ xuānbù nǐ duì tā de ài.' Ana would say in her thoughts and laughed. As she heard this her face would go bright red, eyes widened and looked down lowered like some down-to-earth girl. 'No...It's not like that!' she would argue back in her thoughts. How dare Ana speak to her in that language. Honestly the last time she heard it was from her grandmother on her father's side. Her heart would beat as she would then shake her head, withering and hiding those memories of that day...the dreadful day.

Her head would then look up after her redness would disappear. Her facial expression would be calm, yet with a simple smile. Her brown lioness eyes would look over to Alice who was calling herself Amai. So were we all really giving out fake names? Arisa would smile more warmly as she looked at her little sister. ''Perhaps I can show you the stuff that was left there for us, Amai-chan.'' she would say softly and sweetly, unlike the tone she's always used - usually calm and soothing. A simple cute giggle escaped her lips as she would show her little sister the sweetness that she once did before the incident happened. She spoke this while Lucifer would speak to Nas about her partner which was rather adorable.

Soon she would finally hear Lucifer speaking to her once again. As she was about to think of millions of different things he could say, he asked a much more simpler question. He asked about her Manor, where it was at. Why was he curious? What was this man up to?

In her mind she could imagine what Lucifer would really say if he wasn't on the job. Something like Who the fuck cares? or Does it even have any use? something along those lines. Her head tilted whilst her left elbow would rest against the counter, cheek against her hand looking up at Odin. This guy was really interesting as his actions, different attitudes just fed her curiosities and wonders. ''It's in Orchidia.'' she would actually tell something that wasn't a lie. A part of her felt there was some reason he wanted to know, other than just knowing. Out of the small moments she has had with him she knew that he wouldn't do nor ask something unless he could get something out of it. Truly though it was that or to cover up his real thoughts on things since he's on the job.

Her eyes would close slowly and slowly tilted back to have her back rest against the chair bars. Her head would tilt towards Lucifer. ''Also your pub is quite nice and relaxing. At least you're not alone in some large ass house.'' she would say calmly and soothing as the sweetness that she spoke to her sister, was gone. She didn't want to be rude to be quite honest, but she felt as if the sweetness was quite annoying. She worried about annoying people, most those who she's becoming a fond of or those she claims as friends deep inside. Finally she would sit up straight, lean forward so both of her elbows were on the counter and took another drink, being silent.

#15Amai Okashi 

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Amai Okashi
These exchanges were quite friendly. The others present either already knew each other or were comfortable with each other's presence. This was much different for Amai, who didn't truly feel comfortable in a heavily social situation. Nothing was happening. Words were being exchanged, sure, but she felt very awkward nonetheless. She was an add-on. As true or false as that really was, it was how she was feeling.

Those thin fingers twiddled around her water glass.

The group addressed her indirectly, happily carrying on their conversation. It would've been more natural without her, even, and it was frustrating to know how insignificant she was in that moment. Words were flying around her, not at her. She was the topic, not the target. She made up her mind to say something.

Just as she opened her lips, though, Arisa spoke up.

"Perhaps I can show you the stuff that was left there for us, Amai-chan."

Those words caught her attention. They were directed at her, and she was interested. She did not look directly at Arisa, but she truly acknowledged her statement. A soft smile on her lips, Amai felt that this would be the best solution, even to grow past this painful emotional barrier that was between them. When she responded, she did not look at Arisa. Instead, she was looking down at the water in her glass as she spoke.

"That actually sounds... kinda nice."

Amai was a little more perked up than just a second prior. She wasn't entirely engaged in the conversation, but she was not leading it, either. She looked to the bartender who had offered her a stay earlier.

"A manor sure sounds nice, huh?"



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Lucifer couldn't help but laugh as Nastasya both told him the story of how she came about keeping the small snow fox currently sleeping on her lap, as well as complimenting how well his business was going. Even he had to admit he was impressed with how profitable owning and running a Pub would be, it had certainly been a pleasant surprise for him, and he was now pretty glad that he was able to have something akin to a home.

It was then that Ana answered his question, stating that her manor was in Orchidia, which gave Lucifer everything he needed to know. He smiled when she gave him the location, still that warm and friendly smile he had been giving everyone throughout the day as he spoke, "Orchidia? I've heard some nice things about that area, although I've never been there myself. If I'm ever in the area I'll definitely pop round to your manor and say hello. Oh, excuse me one moment, duty calls and all that." With that said, Lucifer left to serve a few more customers, still holding his own glass of wine as he served the vagabonds of Oak town, while also motioning Mac over, asking him a simple question, before the man departed into the crowds to seek out answers. In a few minutes, he returned with the information Odin required perfectly. It seemed there were two well known manors in Orchidia, and both owners were sitting in Odin's pub. He snapped his fingers once more, but Lucifer was not completely there at this point. Odin had arrived to say hello, at least in part. Going on a break once more, he returned to the three girl sitting at the bar, with that self same smile that oozed happiness and joy, despite the crushing embarrassment he was about to bring.

"Sorry about that folks, sometimes running a pub requires me to, y'know, actually do some work. At least the pay's good. Anyway, can I get you guys any more drinks? Lilja, Amai, Arisa Rinmizukimi of the former clothing designing family? I think I might get another glass of wine myself."


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Nastasya Crowe
Everything was not going as she had planned, she could have expected that by entering a pub but it was only to find the one person she did dare to tell at the moment. She didn't believe in a god or fate or anything else that would maybe suggest now to not tell Odin about the change of her body, how she could see the veins in all three of them, especially at the neck area if that was simply visible but also people with small wounds around her. She wasn't looking at any others and if someone would pass and she could smell it, she would stroke Victoire, the snow fox on her lap. It felt more difficult than before.

It was that Ana suggested that she would show the stuff that was left to them, inclinging that there was indeed more, for example: something like sisters. Her purple eyes went from one to the other shortly but she didn't say anything. There wasn't much too say. She didn't like the idea that Ana owned a house, a manor in Orchidia, just like her. Thank god she had not said her name and the Manor was only known for the Crowe family and she had just gotten the later that it was left to her a week ago, so maybe Orchidia didn't know yet that there was a new residence. So her grandmother died, a shame it was that it took her only four years to outlife her own son and husband after they died by the hands of her granddaughter.

She was brought back out of her thoughts when Odin excused himself and she could pop off the bar stool and talk to him but she wasn't sure what was nice, she should say something, make a small talk, "Could you tell me more about Orchidia?" She said, it had been four years that she had visit and that was one night in the dark, however before her question was really answered, Odin returned and asked them for another drink but not just that. She tried to hold her face as neutral as possible, and not smile but she actually found it very funny. She pretended nothing interesting happened, but she remembered the name Arisa now, in the Palace Gardens and the Snow drop, "Another red wine for me too please. And a napkin." She could maybe write that she needed to talk to him in private on the napkin. She must have had a pen somewhere.

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Arisa would continue to go back to drinking her alcohol drink as she could feel the booze tingling within her body. It felt warm and rather welcoming yet her body itself felt a little weak. Good thing she wasn't standing or anything, but of course she was a good dancer while 'drunk'. The thing that felt missing though as she thought of that one thing was that there wasn't any music playing. Her eyes would still or would look down back at the counter as her hands would hold her almost empty cup of her strong alcohol. She wondered and thought of what could be said.

All she could hear was a chuckle from the back of her mind, being Ana. 'Gàosu tā tā zài zhè jiàn yīfú kàn qǐlái duōme rè. Yěxǔ nǐ de zhēnzhèng yùwàng shì rúhé ràng nǐ de shǒu mànyóu tā de chènshān hé qīnwěn tā'.' She spoke in a rather demonic womanly tone in her thoughts. Arisa instantly bit her lower lip, blushed and glared at the counter. Her head would tilt down enough to where her hair would hide her face. 'I-I hate you...It's not like that.' Arisa would respond back in her thoughts. Her mind would try to clear itself, but it was so clouded. Soon though her little sister would speak, taking out Ana's words that came out once more. She was interested? A part of her felt happy to know this, but because of what Ana said beforehand, she couldn't really show it right now. After Alice was done speaking she would hear Odin say on how he'd maybe someday pop up in the manor to say hello. 'Ránshāo tā. Huáiyí tā de yìsi shì rènhé làngmàn. Chǐrǔ.' Ana responded in her thoughts coldly.

'Shame huh? I guess so.' she responded back in her thoughts sadly as the blush finally went away. Her head would lift up as she would take another drink. Her eyes followed Odin as he went off and then towards Nas. Was something up with her? As she was thinking of that she would then look towards Alice. ''Yea, maybe after this or some other time.'' She would say softly and sweetly with a rather cheerful cute smile. Ana wouldn't speak any more as of right now as Odin then returned. Out of no where he started to say how her name was Arisa Rinmizukimi. Him saying her real name made her blush and heart skip. Was it because of him saying it the way he did? Him saying it in general or was it because that he did some silly Orchidia research that made him know her name? Either or it was something that felt rather flattering. She honestly was too shy, so out of nowhere she spoke rather womanly yet soothing. ''You flatter me, Lucifer. Didn't know you'd do some researching in Orchidia or me in this case.~''. As Ana spoke this she would shrug and smile, looking straight into his red eyes and oliver soft looking hair. As Arisa realized that Ana went in she would cough innocently and looked down to drink her alcohol. 'God damn you...' Arisa would say flustered. Her eyes would look over to Nas as she seemed rather bothered with something. A napkin? When was she - wait... Softly she would sigh and grab into her thigh pockets to grab a simple pen. Slowly her hand/arm would secretly go towards Nas and nudged a pen against her. To make it seem unnoticed her head would tilt up to look at Lucifer. ''So Lucifer...How did you come across this pub?'' she wondered. Finally Arisa would wonder on what to say to Alice as she didn't want to reveal that she was indeed her sister.

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Amai Okashi

Amai took another sip of her water. She had not before had any alcohol in any real capacity, never finding the need to do so while on her own. Water was really the only thing she drank between sucking on lollipops. It was about the practicality of things: alcohol was not necessary. Living on her own like a true wanderer was just a practice of practicality in itself. She would only use the resources she needed. Her only true sources of luxury were her lollipops.

The sudden departure from Lucifer was a little unsettling, but Amai very quickly noticed that he was serving a guest. She shook her head, thinking herself silly for taking particular notice of the bartender himself stepping away. Her focus turned to Lilja, who questioned Arisa further about her estate in Orchidia.

Seeing Arisa drinking so heavily was a little more unsettling. To Amai, this was her older sister. Arisa was supposed to be smarter, stronger, and more mature. To see her giving into a vice was cracking her vision of the elder Rinmizukimi. Sure, it was just some alcohol, but it was the perception of the older sister that was coming into question. Amai was starting to see her as just another person, helping ease the dark event of their past.

<Ana...huh... I guess there are some things she doesn't want known, too.>

Amai seemed interested, though, in the discussion about the manor. Was Arisa truly offering? Would it be wise to go back to the family from which she ran? She was conflicted, and she was still open to the offer from Lucifer. The sudden call-out from Lucifer was a bit strange, though. He addressed Arisa by her full name and even location. This put Amai on edge. Did he know about her, too? Even in that event, things would still be okay. However, it was yet another thing that bothered the young pink-haired mage. She addressed Lucifer.

"This pub does seem in good condition. Offering a room so openly is very kind of you. I wouldn't so readily turn down such kindness."

Amai wanted to stay on Lucifer's good side. He showed that he had knowledge of things and likely even a network of connections through which he could gather information. This assumption hit her like a sign that filled her entire view.



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Odin made no indication of showing it, but damn that felt good. Revealing to the entire group that one of their number had failed at keeping her true name hidden, and proving it gave Odin a sense of power. He knew her real name, as well as Nastasya's and yet Arisa only thought she knew his. This 'Amai' girl was the only mystery remaining, but a thought to their previous conversation, in light of the current revelation got Odin thinking. If Arisa was offering to 'show the stuff that was left there for us' with us being both Arisa and Amai, then it now seemed likely that Amai herself was part of the Rinmizukimi family, although Odin had little knowledge of a second child of the family. At present, the knowledge was simply a lead that could be followed, not sufficient.

Nastasya simply responded to the question that Lucifer had put to the group, asking for another red wine and a napkin, while Odin knew that she was likely amused by the whole thing, being of similar mindset to the olive haired Grimoire Heart mage. Amai, or whatever her name was truly, simply continued the conversation, saying that the pub was indeed in good condition, and taking Lucifer up on his offer of a room, albeit in a rather unnecessarily cryptic way. It was more Lucifer recognising that Amai was sitting with two people Odin had previously met, and so it seemed appropriate in a friendly way to extend the gesture. Lucifer was being kind to the three people he knew, Odin wouldn't have given a damn.

Arisa, however, she had the strangest of the three responses Lucifer received. Which, given that it was her false name that had been shown to the group and it was through her own folly that the information came to light, wasn't wholly unexpected. The reaction itself though, that was strange. A different, more mature and calm voice than the one previously used, came out of Arisa's mouth, as she thanked Lucifer for taking the time out of his busy schedule to find out the truth. Odin couldn't help but bubbling to the surface, knowing exactly what he wished to say to her. Research? You think you're funny, bitch? You aren't worth my time. I'm just showing the others how stupid you were to try and hide the truth from me, in my own pub. I thought Baska was the pinnacle of your stupidity, seems I may have been sorely mistak-


"It's a natural reflex. In this line of work, I like to know exactly who it is that enters my pub. I hope you'll forgive me if I made anything awkward." The voice that was recognisable as Arisa's own then came back to ask as to how Lucifer came to own the Swineherd Pub, a story that Nastasya had been curious about also. So, with a second bottle of red wine in his hand as he poured both himself and his guild mate another glass, as well as sitting the requested napkin next to Nastasya with her glass, Lucifer recounted the story of how he gained the pub.

"It's actually a funny story. You see, that guy over there, the other bartender Mac, I've known him since I was much younger, and he used to own this place. My father used to come here and knew Mac well, and Mac's always been a good friend to my family, especially after I lost my father. In fact, I was here a few weeks back with Nastasya, but that was before I owned the place. After the tournament in Baska, Mac told me he was in deep debt with some unsavoury characters. I helped him out, and in return he gave me the Pub, so long as I gave him a raise, the sly devil. And that's how I came to own it."

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya looked at Arisa from the corner of her eye as her voice seemed to change, she wasn't sure what it was and the answer was rather appreciating instead of being annoyed by it. She wasn't sure what she would have to say about it in case it happened to her. Thank god she mostly told people her fake name or first name and never a combination of her first and last name. No one would know that she now owned the big mansion of the Crowe family in Orchidia herself. So technically she was neigbors with Arisa as well as Amai as it seemed that the two of them would maybe head to Orchidia and their house at some point. They must be sisters, that would made so much more sense than cousins but the question remained out in the open and she wouldn't ask it just yet. Maybe at some point, she would. Only to make sure that her information was answered.

While waiting for her new wine and a napkin, she watched Odin, not sure what he would say, how he was behaving in this way. Arisa was too calm and yet a bit unnerved. What was the right word she was looking for, concentrating on Odin, she felt a small prick in her right arm. Her purple eyes darted to the side and she might have missed the pin that Arisa was holding but there was a tiny drop of blood on it and her vampire eyes were able to scan blood from far away. This made her incredibly angry, she didn't say anything at first. She just simply stared at the woman beside her, stroking Victoire to try to remain calm, but she was not even close.

Her eyes swifted to Odin, calling her Nastasya, but she let it go, she wasn't angry at him, she had slipped her name before at Arisa, it didn't matter if Amai knew it. He didn't prick her with a pin. Her face remained neutral but her eyes were stone cold. Before Odin finished his story about the Pub, which she really had been interested about, she wrote on the napkin that she needed to talk to him in private. She simply folded it without anybody having seen the message and held it underneath her hand for a moment to give. When the story was over, she turned to Arisa with an angry smile on her face, "Do you always stick needles and pins in other people their body or is it just some way of greeting that I do not appreciate?" She didn't know how sensitive her skin had become but this was something that she really didn't like. She didn't yell, she didn't scream, she simply talked but the anger could be heard in her voice. She was done with this meeting actually and while looking still at Arisa, whom had ignored her previous question also. She made it hard to loose eye contact, she shoved the napkin towards Odin, she was sure that he wouldn't be too stupid to simply trow it away, he was smarter than that.

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Arisa would sit there and listen to what Odin had to say. It seemed like he wanted to snap crackle pop, yet he didn't. He acted the way his other 'whatever you wanna call it' acted. During that episode she would the notice that the pen somehow made her bleed and therefore it made her upset. 'Well shit.' she thought and then she would take her drink, chugged it and then swirled around to then get up. As she reached her pocket for her money she would then turn her body to put it down on the counter. ''Was a nice story Lucifer. Also no Nas, only when doing one a favor of some kind.'' she would say coldly and then looked forward with a calm facial expression. Before she left though she would then say one more thing before disappearing out the door. ''Cya later Amai. Was nice meeting you.''.



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During his telling of the origins of the Swineherd, it seemed that Arisa stabbed Nastasya with a pen, to what end Odin wasn't entirely sure, but it annoyed his fellow guild member and caused the brown haired girl to finish her drink and leave, but not without paying thankfully, for her sake anyway. Odin stayed calm when serving drinks in his pub, under the persona of Lucifer, but if someone tried to cheat him, then they felt the true force of the dark mage. No one had yet to piss him off that much though which was good, no need to get angry and ruin his own illusion, he was almost starting to enjoy it, but with Nastasya bleeding and Arisa away, Lucifer was starting to feel bored of the entire encounter. Facing both Amai and Nastasya, the young mage spoke.

"I think I'm gonna finish up here, serve all of these customers, then close down, you're both welcome to stay. Rooms are upstairs, just let me know." With that said, Lucifer began to serve drinks, which he would do until the Pub closed, before going to bed.


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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya still stared at the drop of blood, it was only one. It would soon be gone. She didn't really understand what happened, but it made her very angry indeed. She turned to Odin, made sure she paid and let Victoire hop of her lap before she would get of the bar stool herself, "Thanks for the offer but my hotel is calling me." After that she left, with Victoire right in front of her.


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