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Red Hades Cult [Quest: Nasty]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Red Hades Cult [Quest: Nasty] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:16 am

Nastasya Crowe
Alright, everything was done and she could go home, sit, enjoy her stupid cup of tea or anything stronger and wait for the sun to rise to take a nap or twenty and sleep till twilight and go on for the rest of her day because my god this priest was annoying. She had quickly walked away from him and was on her way home, talking softly to Victoire that she definitely needed to not forget to give her some extra sweets because Nas had dropped her off two times already for not helping her on quests and she knew how much Victoire hated it. But she also hated to get dirty, it was a tough life to be a white ninetails. She reached for the key in her pocket, took it out, turned towards the door knob when she heard a cough and she quickly turned around, ready to strike with already a knife fished out from some space and staring at a man she had seen once before. Someone who had called her the Scarlet Witch as well. Word had travelled fast. ”What?” she said rather grumpy because she wanted to enjoy her night for now and not do anymore ridiculous jobs, apparently she wouldn’t have much of a choice. She had helped him weeks ago and now he was here again? He was an old man, talking about things that were absolutely not interesting. He told her how great it was that they could practice on the bodies and that it worked out great and that he was grateful and so on until he felt silent and stared at her as if he was about to puke. So she sighed and asked him again: ”What?” But he didn’t say much until he finally seemed to be able to breathe again. And he told her more that one mage had given up on the necromancy course and that he had run off to tell the church and Bishop Santos. Oh great how everything bumped into each other. That’s when she interrupted her own thoughts and turned to look at Adrian, ”You mean now?” If that man went to the church, she could see whole Dahlia crumble and maybe she was annoyed with all these jobs in this night but she had jobs and that was better than nothing. Not after her manor was taken away! She took a deep breath, ”And you want me to stop this person?” The old man nodded for both questions and she asked him what this cultist looked like for she should better stop him as soon as possible. Working for both camps: she had to think about the jewels, that would work for the better. When she got the total description, he was average tall but wearing bright red clothing with the crest of the red Hades cult. It wouldn’t be so difficult to spot him in the end, she was sure of that, but she would have to hurry as well.


#2Nastasya Crowe 

Red Hades Cult [Quest: Nasty] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:16 am

Nastasya Crowe
Before she could leave Adrian told her that he wanted the cultist dead, which made everything more easy compared to wanting to keep him alive and she simply gave a thumbs up. Before she could leave again, he stopped her, ”Make it untraceable to us.”, ”Relax, look who you are asking.” she said and with one shake of her head she headed off with Victoire, how could this old man talk so much to her if she had to stop a cultist from going to the church. So she took that route, it would possibly be the best to stop him before going to the church at all and be the first one to arrive there. He yelled something after her and she gave another thumbs up, alright bring the head. She was close to the church and noticed a few locals, the first she had seen this night and thus she asked them what they have seen and mainly a person that she simply described, hanging up some stupid story about him being drunk and she didn’t want him to create any trouble for the rest of the town. Which they thanked her for, they should have know what she was really doing. When she turned around when someone asked if it was that person, she was almost lucky, he came out of a bar, that made her story so much more believable. So she thanked the man quickly before sprinting off with Victoire on her heels. The person was looking left and right and sometimes stopped to look back, she didn’t look at him on purpose, she looked at Victoire as if she was training her and that’s what she said out loud as well when she came closer. She passed him and hid behind some wall but hunched down to spy on him. As she had expected he took the dark alley towards the church, which was a short cut but also most of the time deserted. So she stood up and dusted off her clothes and walked with a quick thread towards the street and catch up with the cultist not much later, ”It’s better if you stop.” He lifted up his fists to fight her and she simply avoided everything and kicked him down and stared at him, towering over him now that he was on the ground. The cultist started to beg for his life and she took the knife out of her booth and shook her head with a grin and started to cut his head off. It was even more gross than the chicken, now she longed for a shower. She took the body and the head with her and watched a fire in the middle of the town and threw his body in there when no one was watching and took the head from its hiding place and bring it to Adrian who was waiting near her house. He handed her the jewels and she was able to go inside now and she shut the door to let no one enter and turn towards the shower. Done for today.

Red Hades Cult

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