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Some grime business [Caius]

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#1Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
It was again time for another mission. The boss had made the order and again Nastasya was waiting for someone of the guild to come and pick her up. Or well the meeting spot was in the middle of Crocus and she was waiting in front of the Royal Gardens, sitting on a fountain and staring in the water. She was stupidly brushing her hair with her fingers, waiting till the right moment to put on her mask and hide her face for most as she could.

She had no idea what the mission would be, first probably getting information from someone again and probably find out the information and make sure the evidence was destroyed. It was still early in the morning, barely anyone was on the street and the ones that were, were probably on their way to work. She had just eaten breakfast and was dressed as usual in a black attire. She only knew his name was Black and she wondered if they ever met because she was very bad with names and faces.


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Back in Crocus again. He never thought he would see this place so soon but guild work called for it. Caius was walking around with the note he was given by a messenger with mission details. He had some time to go over it on the walk from Worth Woodsea, but he was finalizing it all to memory. Once he was finished, he used his wind magic to tear it to tiny shreds so nobody could read it. He felt a bit insulted that even though he was a high rank member, they still wanted him to have a partner for a mission so simple. Looks like this time around it was going to be Nastasya. She was a young girl but very talented. Now he could see how she performed in the field. He followed the street signs and headed to the meeting place in the gardens.

Navigating through the vast fields of flowers he finally reached the center of the Royal Gardens. A giant water fountain was located there that brought the whole garden together. There he saw a purple haired girl sitting on the side of it. That had to be Nastasya. He walked up to her and put his arm on her shoulder. "You know you should be careful sitting on the side like that. You don't want to fall in. It's very cold this time of year Shadow." Shadow as the nickname that was given to her by Grimoire Heart. This would reveal who he was as only fellow members knew this information. "I assume you know why I'm here."

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#3Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She was actually playing with her finger in the water, making circles and watch how the rings in the water changed. She thought she heard something and was alert with her ears and indeed heard the footsteps, she wasn't that surprised when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to look at Caius or Black, and she finally realized again the face that belonged to the name. So it had been indeed Lucifer she met in the Tavern a few weeks ago. He was rather impressive, not much older than her, she thought. But already way stronger. That only gave her more motivation to become impressive herself. She smiled when he said Shadow, it did fit her and now she truely knew it was him, because of the Grimoire Heart nickname, "It's not an invitation to push me in, but I like the cold." she said and she stood up to make sure that she was ready to go, all she had to do was put on her mask. "You're here to watch me do all the work and impress you.. or was it the other way around." she said teasing. Not entirely sure why Grimoire Heart worked in two, since she had done some jobs with Nate, but Caius was stronger than she was. Maybe even magic wise, she had no idea. "Anyway I looked up the address, it is at the edge of the city centre, not too far from here."


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Caius shrugged his shoulders at her comment. "You would have to something pretty amazing to impress me on a mission this simple. All I care about is that it gets finished.” he smirked. He hoped his words would light up a fire in Nastasya so she would perform at her best. Being a higher ranking member of the guild, it was his job to keep everyone in top shape. So far she didn’t disappoint. She already had found out the address of the target that they were after. It was a good start but he wanted to know more.

He held his hand out making a stop gesture. "Hold up. Just having the address isn't good enough. I just got to town so I didn't get a chance to scout anything out. What's this target like? Do they have any guards we should worry about?" He didn't want to go in without a plan. If anyone discovered where they were from it was over for them. It was a simple mission to gather information but being prepared and having the element of surprise was always a good thing.

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She never thought she would impress Caius, but that was not her point. She would do whatever she thought was the right thing for the job. She didn't plan to be the baby in babysitting orders. However he seemed to notice that she was joking and she answered his smirk with her own smile. However she wanted to be impressive as always so it was not that she would slack.

She wanted to walk to the place when Caius stopped her and informed her that he wanted to be prepared. That was more than Nate did when they were together, but that was because he did the questions and she cleaned up the stuff around. "Fine. The target itself is quite a tall man with some muscles, some dude that thinks he is rather interesting and strong but it's more a stance than really true. There are some Knights in the city but not per se looking at his house. So we just have to be quiet to enter, get the information, clean up and be done with it." However she frowned a little and thought, because she only spied at night that it didn't make sense that a guy whom thought high and mighty about himself wasn't guarded.

"Okay hear my thoughts outloud. I spied last night. But it makes no sense that he is alone, especially because he thinks he is important in this world. So either he is alone at night or he knows we are coming and is planning a trap." She wasn't sure it was just a matter of thinking and she looked at Caius, he probably had more experience with this.


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Caius rubbed his chin thinking of what their plan of attack would be. Nastasya did some more recon work but the details still seemed very vague. Their target was strong by himself and it was unclear if he would have protection waiting with him or not. All they needed was information from the man so it would be an easy once they subdued him. Caius came to the conclusion that the target was male so she could play a crucial role on disarming him.

Caius looked down at his watch to see it was still mid day. The shops would still be open for his idea. He smiled at her anticipating how she would react to his plan. "Shadow how do you feel about me buying you a brand new dress?” he asked. "Since we aren't sure on what awaits us, I think it's best you try to take advantage of him. He hasn't seen your face yet. I'll get you a new dress, maybe one to show off the girls, and you can knock on the door and use your womanly charm work him over a bit. I can sneak in from the back and scout for others while you distract him. Well what do you think?"

He thought it was a good plan. Despite the eyepatch, Nastasya was a very beautiful woman that could win any man over easy. The plan depended on her willingness to go along with it. If she didn't want to they could always just brute force it.

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya went back to sit down on the edge of the fountain and looked at Caius. He seemed to be lost in thoughts by coming up with a plan and she didn't want to bother him by asking what he thought of right now.

She was leaning with her hand on her chin, while resting her elbow on her knee. Still looking at him and the flower garden that was surrounding them. She looked back at Caius when he called for her and asked if she wanted a brand new dress. She never wore dresses anymore, so she didn't really understood but only lifted her right eyebrow to ask for more information silently. And he continued, where she slowly nodded and checked out her girls as he called it, when he mentioned it. Right. "Please tell me I don't have to do this everytime or more often. This isn't why I joined the guild at all." She stood up again, though why say no to a free new dress. She liked dresses, when she was younger. "How will I randomly knock on his door, and than what? Throw in a pair of heels and I can pretend it broke off and I had a fight with my boyfriend that left me in the middle of Crocus. Because else I don't know why I would knock on his door." It was an honest answer, she would even pick the shoes herself and pay for them, not too expensive since she had to break them.

She decided that it was easier to take the eyepatch of and better put it already away now before she would forget. She might have to redo some make-up to avoid the tiny red scars that surrounded her left eye. Apart from that, there was nothing that showed it was a fake eye.


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It seemed Caius had to explain a bit more of his intended plan to Nastasya. A girl randomly knocking on the door in the middle of the night was strange but he had an idea. “Well you see in our target's line of work he has fellow business associates that he exchanges information with. Usually those businessmen send ‘favors’ over to stay on his good side so they don't get ratted out.” Caius pointed to her. “You could say you were one of those ‘favors’ and I’m sure he would let you in without question. That way you can keep them distracted while I get in position and we strike while they are off guard.” He hoped Nastasya wasn't offended by this. It was just a way to have the element of surprise with the lack of scouting they did.

"However, if you don't want to do it that's fine. We can just go in blind and subdue him force. Making such a ruckus could attract rune knights though so we would have to be quick." It wasn't the potential trap he was worried about. No matter how many men the target had, the two of them could beat them with ease. However, fighting in the capital was dangerous due to the heavy guard. It was something he tried to avoid at all cost if he could. He crosses his arms and looked at her. "I'll leave the decision to you. Either way is fine I suppose. I'd just rather get this over with."

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
It started to make sense the minute Caius explained his idea and she suddenly started to dislike the idea even more. Being some sort of present, a possession, a thing, not a human. But whatever she needed to do this job. She might make fun of it, it would be better than start to whine about it. "Fine, it's not something I like to do but it's a bit different for a while. I can do it." besides she liked acting, why not try this, it might even become fun, afterwards. When they got what they wanted. "It might be needed to wear jeans underneath that dress though, I rather run without having to worry about tearing out of my dress." It was more precaution than anything else. She might even want to keep the dress, but if they had to run away because of guards, she would be too slow in just a dress.

"Let's do the dress thing, it sounds like fun." she said, it was indeed time to make a decision and work for it to make sure that it would be done in no time. They even had to hurry if they want to find a dress. Not that she had to be picky, it was just a dress for probably only tonight. After that it might be torn and headed to a dumpster.


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Caius was glad she decided on the more subtle option that was presented. This way they wouldn't make much of a scene once they attacked. Though it might be a bit degrading for her, she would be able to get her revenge once they started to extract information from the target. Caius waved over to Nastasya. "Alright then let's go. There is a shop not far from here." Caius turned and started to walk towards to store in the trade district. Night was falling soon so he wanted to get there before it closed.

After walking for a few minutes, they had finally arrived. It was one of the finest dress shops in the capital. He glanced over out of curiosity to see how she would react. A normal girl would go crazy at the opportunity to pick whatever outfit they wanted. "Go ahead and try anything on. I'll be out here when you're done" He sat down on one of the chairs and decided to wait for her while she picked it out. The store owner complimented him on his beautiful "date" while she was looking. Caius just rolled his eyes and read one of the newspapers to pass the time.

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#11Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya stood up again once Caius said they should go. She was a little surprised that he knew where a dress shop was but of course since she barely knew him, she didn't know how many people he invited to buy a dress for and she couldn't care any less about that. This was because of a practical reason and she wanted to hit someone on the head or hurt someone with her knife after that. She changed in five years into a person that thought that dresses were annoying and definitely overrated. Even though she had tried a skirt a few weeks ago. Also something that she threw away not much later. She followed him quickly to the store in the trade district and simply followed him after entering. Checking twice if she had taken her eyepatch off already. To not forget it later, but she had done that already beforehand.

She was looking to every possible dress that was a given here, it was interesting. Of course she didn't freak out because it was work business but she was still a young woman and well she liked fancy. Hence why she always went for the brand stores and not just random things and she could already see the quality of the dresses. She smiled at Caius before she left him at the chair and went to look around. Too many dresses to pick from and they had to be practical and beautiful as well. There was a dark green dress that was pretty but it more looked like she would play the evil queen than a favor for someone's business. In the end she picked a light blue one where she could still wear jeans underneath, that seemed to look like she would be some sort of fairy and it again still fitted with her hair. She might need jewellery but at least it also showed some cleavage, so it should be good. She asked some questions to the lady of the store before she went to change and showed it to Caius to see his opinion.



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Caius tapped his foot waiting impatiently. He glanced over to see Nastasya looking at her options. After a while, she decided on a blue dress and hurried on to the changing room. He was a bit eager to see what she would look like. Most women in the guild didn’t get dressed up in such nice clothing due to wanting to stay hidden. Sometimes it was nice to treat yourself and if you were smart you wouldn't get caught. The changing room door swung open and Nastasya emerged in her new outfit.

Caius whistled at the site of the new and improved Nastasya. She looked like a princess with the blue dress complimenting her hair and figure. It was perfect. Any man would fall for a woman that gorgeous. “It’s beautiful babe. Only the best for you. We’ll take it!” he said acting like her excited boyfriend. Caius turned to the store owner and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a couple thousand jewels and tossed them on the counter which was more than enough to cover for it. Little did the owner know they were counterfeit. He reached out his arm and offered it to Nastasya. "Let's go babe we have a 'date' and we don't want to be late!"

As soon as they walked out of the store, Caius returned back to his normal serious self. "It really is a nice dress. It's a shame it's about to be covered in blood. Well you know where the target lives. Ladies first." he said waiting for her to lead the way. Now came the fun part.

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya wasn't used to attention, sure she wanted to be impressive but that was not because she was a girl, she wanted to get better in magic and make people fear her, after everything they did to her. But she couldn't help but blush, when she was a kid she had loved dresses and well the feeling came back for a few seconds just because she was wearing one. She didn't have to change again, they were taking this dress and because it was necessary to wear the dress for the mission, it was easier to keep it on, besides Caius seemed to work out the date idea in the shop. She must have missed that, the blush now only came in handy.

She tried to act shy and looked herself one more time up and down in the mirror before she took Caius his arm and left the shop. It was indeed a bit sad for the dress to be ruined not much later. But she would figure that one out herself. "Yes it's a shame, but let's go." She kept walking next to him but gave small hints if she wanted to turn a street and so on. It didn't take long to walk to the district where their victim lived. Besides since the dress was long, she could still wear her black boots underneath. As long as she made sure they were covered. Next time, she would put her louboutin in her purse.

"It's number nine." she said and she looked at the huge mansion that came with the number. She gave him a short smile, "See you later." and she walked to the door, making sure that no one was really keeping an eye on her. The thing she wanted to do was let her shadow follow Caius, so she could sort of know what he was doing, but on the other hand, it was maybe weird to be shadow-less. It was time to knock on the door.


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Caius was a bit surprised when he looked up to see a giant mansion. He didn’t expect the location to be that large. It would be a pain scouting the inside to neutralize the guards and find the target, but he had to complete the job no matter what. Nastasya seemed eager to get it started and Caius agreed. “Alright let’s begin. It looks like the mansion has 2 floors. I’ll go up top and get rid of anyone up there. Once that’s done I’ll give a signal and you can slaughter everyone downstairs. Trust me you'll know the signal when you see it.” Caius then went his separate way and went around to the back of the mansion.

Once he arrived to the gate behind the mansion, he would cover up his body with sky god slayer magic. The blackness it created would help him blend in with the night sky so no lookouts would see him. The outside of the mansion seemed relatively empty so Caius was able to hop the fence and reach the mansion walls without raising suspicion. Black wind would blow underneath his body and give him a small lift off the ground to the second floor window. Luckily, it was unlocked so he didn't have to break it and make any noise. The infiltration was complete.

Right now Caius was in a bedroom with nobody in it. He slowly opened up the bedroom door and saw the hallway was empty. Keeping against the walls, he slowly moved down towards the center of the mansion where the living area was. While passing a door, he overheard some men inside talking about being on guard and having their weapons at the ready. It looks like the target had men prepared for their arrival. Overhearing the rest of the conversation, he discovered these men were the only ones guarding the top floor. Caius smiled as he planned to strike.

Caius generated black wind on his hand in the shape of a dagger and knocked on the door. As soon as a man answered, Caius turned the corner and stabbed him in the throat. The man held his throat gasping for breath as he fell into a pool of his own blood on the ground. Looking inside, Caius saw 3 other men with weapons. Before they could yell anything Caius charged them. While he kept them occupied, he hoped Nastasya was able to entertain their target for a little longer. It would be her turn for bloodshed soon after.

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Without looking back at Caius, because that would be inconvient to the job, she walked to the door and used the door-knocker to let the people inside know that she was there. Not that they knew who she was. A servant opened the door and she gave him a short bow, she had to vaguely remember the way this was handled. The servant simply asked for her purpose and she said she was a present for his lord and that he should immediately come to pick her up. It was a present as he should know and she gave a wink to make sure that he got the idea. She had no idea how the customers were called only their target.

However it was easy to get in and follow the rules, their target told her immediately that he was expecting a present from someone called Henry and thus she gave a reverence and giggled annoyingly to make her feel like some stupid whore.. or well present for tonight.. one of the probably many wives that he had in some other house. She was a pretty present, well it was something. He called for a maid to give her some wine. The servant was standing in the corner, eyeing her. So there were at least three people downstairs, for the chef was also there but still in the kitchen. She wondered about the guards and said she admired the place and asked if she could at least see the first floor, the ground floor, so she would only see more. He showed her after they drank the red wine. She would need to wait for the sign from Caius.


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“So how many other of you guys are here?” Caius would say holding one of the guards by the throat with his sky god blade aimed at his face. The rest of them lied dead on the floor. He had some hopes for a real fight but they were weak. They had some strong melee weapons but had no idea how to use them in battle.. The target must have paid for quantity and not quality. “Hurry it up. If you talk quickly I’ll let you live. Refuse and I'll start hacking off body parts.”

The guard trembled in fear and finally submitted. Caius dropped him and he started to spill what he knew. It seemed for tonight the target only had these guards on the top floor. However, in order to confuse the attackers that he anticipated tonight, he had some elite guards dress up as his servants on the first floor. That was where Nastasya most likely would be. "Thanks" Caius said before slashing the man across the throat. Before he could fall and hit the ground Caius caught him and tossed him over his shoulder. He headed out the door to main hallway with the dead guard.

Walking along, he reached an area that opened up to an indoor balcony that showed the first floor. Carefully looking over the side, he saw it was the dining room. It looks like Nastasya was there with the target drinking wine. Some of the elite guards dressed up as the servants were there too. With the top floor taken care of, they just had to worry about the ones at the bottom now. It was a good time to strike. Caius took the body from his shoulder and tossed it off the balcony before hiding again. It slammed through a small table nearby causing a loud crash. Everyone gasped and jumped to check on the man. While they were distracted, Nastasya had a perfect chance for a surprise attack. He just hoped she understood that was the signal.

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
After the tour, which showed no one else on the first floor, Nastasya and her target moved back to the dining room where again the servant entered the corner and the maid stood in front of the kitchen door. They kept a close eye to Nastasya but she was doing the same, in a different way.

She took another glass of wine and normally she would have spilled it but it was impossible to make it look like an accident with those eyes on her. During the invitation to dance with her target, she heard a loud crash outside. Immediately everyone was on edge and she knew it was her cue to get into action. She threw her shadow dagger at the man in the corner and held a real blade, coming from her cleavage, to the throat of her victim, with only a few seconds to throw another spell at the maid, she send a pair of shadow scissors to her. Which both hit the target because they were distracted. She turned her lilac eyes to the target, "Hush now darling, how many guards do you have left in this building?" the man started to hiccup, not so brave afterall. "F-four upstairs, t-two in the library." Had she missed the Library? Where was it? Did she just hear footsteps? Most likely the people upstairs were dead, since one fell from above, probably. She had to wait and be on edge, the chef might come in too. She only was waiting for either an attack or Caius, which was risky, she didn't want to throw a dagger at him.


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Caius waited and heard some more noise after he had tossed off the dead body. Something was going on down there. He peeked around the wall to see Nastasya got the signal and cleaned up some of the servants dressed up as guards. Not only that but the target was in her clutches as well The plan looked like it was a success so far. All they had to do was get the information from the target and then get rid of him. Black wind gathered beneath his feet as he jumped off the 2nd floor balcony and slowly hovered down to the first floor and walked towards her.

“Nice job. According to my information, their were only 4 guards upstairs that are all taken care of. Down here the guards are dressed as servants so we just need to be on guard get rid of them." Caius reached down and cupped the target by the chin to mock him. "You're so going to regret crossing us here in a minute. You're going to be wishing you were dea....."

Before he could finish his sentence, a fireball was swung towards him from a corridor. Caius crossed his arms to guard and was blasted by it sending him him flying into the wall. The attack had some power but Caius was able to shake it off and stand back up. He looked up to see the mansion's chef standing in front of them looking for a fight. The chef's eyes were locked on Nastasya and his master. The chef charged at her covering his body in flames to get his master back. Caius wouldn't make it time so it was up to her to either get rid of him or hold him off before he could provide some backup.

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
It was good news for Caius that he came from the window and not the doors she kept her eye on. So she wouldn't suddenly throw a dagger towards him. However she turned around to look at him. Still having a dagger at the throat of their guy. She let Caius do his work and explain to her that the guys upstairs were dead. She had expected that but before she could expect anything more there was a fireball send towards Caius. She got up and dusted off her dress as if there was filth on there, there was nothing. She was just getting another dagger. Hidden everywhere.

Instead of knowing what was the best option to do, she stepped into the shadows of the room, knocking out a light. That's when she made sure her shadow was away from her own body and two silhouettes appeared. This was only for distraction obviously she needed to do more and she threw a shadow dagger as well as a normal blade. One hit the chef right between the eyes and she became one again. "There are two people in the Library waiting for him." she nodded to the victim. "Shall I go and finish it?"



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Covering his body in black wind, Caius ran to help Nastasya with the chef using fire magic. Before he arrived, she was already using her shadow manipulation to misdirect the chef. A shadow blade pierced the chef's head as he dropped down limp. It seems he underestimated her ability. Trust wasn't gained easily with him but she had earned some respect today. Caius looked down at his arms to see one of his favorite shirts burned at the sleeves from the previous attack. Minor burns covered his skin but that pain was nothing compared to what he had been through in the past.

They were almost done now. The target was secure and there were only 2 guards left in the library. “I’ll take care of those two. Just focus on getting him to talk.” Caius leaned in to look the target straight in the eye. “If I were you I would start talking. She isn’t known for being gentle. ” He gave him a playful slap on the cheek and headed into the next room leaving it to Nastasya.

At the far left of the mansion, there were 2 giant double doors that led into the library. Caius pushed them both open. Both guards were at a table playing a game of cards. They looked over and saw Caius standing at the doorway and panicked. Immediately reacting, one ran to hide his movements between the bookshelves while the other one charged with a sword. The guard threw out blades of wind at Caius but he just stood there and took it. The air blades dispersed when hitting him, doing no damage. The guard swung his sword down at Caius but a burst of black wind from his body threw the sword to the ground. Caius sliced them guard across the stomach with his god slayer blade from his hand.

Now there was just one more. Between the bookshelves, blasts of lightning emerged aimed at Caius. They were weak attacks so he just side stepped them. The other guard wasn't going to come out of hiding so it was time to force him out. Caius used his wind to knock over all the book shelves leaving the guard exposed. He raised his hand and shot a bullet of god slaying wind that hit the guard in the forehead. Now all the guards in the house were neutralized He headed back to the dining hall to check on Nastasya to see if their mission was complete


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#21Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya her shadow connected back to her feet and she took a deep breath. It was really weird what all happened but it was working and that was at least something she needed. Nastasya nodded to Caius when he said he would go down the Library and find the last two guards. That would be fun, she grabbed the dagger she had thrown out of the table that it hit and walked back to their target. "I don't have much patience either." she added to the fact that she was not a gentle person when it came to interrogation, which was really true. Which most came to the fact that she was just lazy.

She grabbed the man up and pushed him at a chair and pointed the dagger at his nose. "You know why we are here. Talk.". The man started to stutter, which was the reason she only pulled the dagger closer. "I.. I.. there are rumours that a dark guild arrived in Crocus and is taking it in control. More powerful than.. than any other guild. It is said that there are more Dark mages than ever here." Something she had heard from Assama a few days ago but she hadn't know it was about rumours of a guild.. "The Rune Knights are stationed everywhere, even undercover. They make every adjustment that they can and well.. I don't know what you want to know." He said, sweat dripping all over his forehead. She found it gross.

She stood up and looked back at him.. really.. didn't know what she wanted to know? He gave so little information. She tossed the dagger up and down while walking around him, "We ain't stupid. We know that you buy and sell information to know the whole world. We are not here to buy, we are here to get the information. What you just told me are rumours that have been around for long enough. So..." she gave him an ice cold smile: "Talk!


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Caius put his hands behind his back and walked down the hall. He arrived at the dining room to inform Nastasya of the good news. "Well those two won't be a problem anymore. So much for the elite guard." Judging from the look of things, she still seemed to be in the middle of the interrogation. The man didn't have any damage on him yet but was sweating bullets. He had to be close to cracking and just needed a little push.

Caius walked up to him and lifted him by the chin. "You hear that you scum. Nobody is coming to save you." Caius took the man's hand and lifted it up in the air, spreading out his fingers. A black blade of wind extended from Caius' hand and was placed at the targets pinky finger. He looked over to Nastasya to catch up on the situation. "So has he giving anything useful or are we going to have to start lopping off body parts?"

The target let out a small whimper and tears started to flow from his eyes. How pathetic. He had to be all but broken at this point. "All you have to do is tell the nice lady what she wants to know and this ends. ." Caius would let Nastasya finish off the interrogation that she started. If he still refused to talk, things were about to get ugly.

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya had once said she didn't like to do the unnecessary things but this was starting to get necessary and she just had to make up for it and make sure she wasn't falling behind. She turned shortly to look at Caius but her eyes simply went back to the target. "Only what we already knew. The city suspects more dark mages and therefore uses more Rune Knights even without uniforms. Nothing interesting. He doesn't seem the grasp the situation he is in yet. So go ahead."

However the man shook his head violently and said that he didn't know which information they wanted. She gestured to Caius to chop off the first finger. "Listen to me," she said with a sugar sweet voice, "I told you before what we needed, now give the goddamn information! Still sweating and probably bleeding, he told the names of his informers, at least some bit of information. "And there are rumours about six high mages that are able to fight off everyone and they are coming. Coming to destroy everything like their master did a long time ago." Nastasya lifted up her right eyebrow.. rumours again. This was getting boring. "You only come with rumours.. what are the facts?" Although the names were good.. She looked at Caius and back at their target. "Can't we just finish this and head on to another one? This one is stupid."


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Caius held his blade at the ready while Nastasya questioned him. The target gave up some names but the rest was just ominous gibberish. It was clear he was just trying to act like he was saying something important to avoid the pain but had no intention of revealing anymore. Caius agreed with Nastasya  that this was getting boring. He would use force to speed up the process and unlock those secrets he hid.

Caius took his sky god blade and lopped off the mans pinky. He shrieked in pain as blood trickled down his hand. Getting up in his face Caius would scream at the target. "NAMES? WHAT ARE THEIR MAGICS? WHAT MASTER? ANSWER IN 3 SECONDS OR YOU LOSE ANOTHER ONE" The man just sat there shaking and crying in pain. Three seconds past and Caius sliced off the ring finger. The man finally started to talk. He knew about one of the mage's magics and their name but the rest were a mystery. Caius took off two more fingers just to be sure but he swore that was all he knew. Satisfied, Caius stabbed the man in the face and threw him to the ground.

He shook some blood from his hand and turned to Nastasya. "We got we came for. Time to head out. You did good work Shadow. Keep it up and you'll rise through the ranks." Compliments were rare in dark guilds but this one was well earned. Her shadow magic was powerful and easily dispatched the guards. Caius walked by her as he headed to the door. "We should probably go our separate ways now. I'm sure I'll see you back at the base eventually. Hopefully you will be wearing that dress around." He pushed the double doors open and headed on his way out of town.


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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya was actually glad she didn't have to do this alone. She might have killed this guy before any useful information and she learned a little bit from Caius. Breaking fingers, cutting off fingers and just simply yelling worked perfectly. She saved it in her mind in case there was a next time or in case she would have to go alone at some point. She watched the body of the guy, it was necessary and she got up, and looked at the dress. It was fine. She gave it a small smile before she looked back at Caius when he talked to her.

She never really thought she was a girl for compliments but she sort of beamed in happiness when Black gave her a compliment and she went to the door to make sure she could leave. She tried to get rid of the smile and simply nodded but it was still there a bit. "I learned a lot, thanks. And I bet we see each other again." Maybe with the dress because she liked it. She would definitely take it with her. She waited for Caius to leave before she did, sticking to the shadows and remaining almost invisible.


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