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Getting Down To Business [Open to GH Members]

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Yumi the oldest member of Grimoire Heart made her way into one of the local Inns of Oak town bags in hand. The Inn was called the 'Purple Mist' a rather shady abode but one with a decent reputation. The old woman had earlier booked one of the open rooms of the Inn and asked for her and her 'colleagues' not to be disturbed. And by colleagues she was referring to her fellow Mage's of Grimoire Heart. The old woman had contacted the Ark discovering majority of GH was gathered in Oak. With that knowledge she had recruited a few ne’er-do-wells to find her fellow members and hand them a letter. Of course she had been discreet, no need for the letter to stumble into the wrong hands. The old woman may have been paranoid but it was that paranoia that had allowed her to survive so long. She had even booked the Inn under a false name, Yuni, a simple single change of a letter of her own name.

Each letter was addressed to a member of Grimoire Heart but instead of using their real names or alias she had used a reflection of their alias, addressing them by the opposite. The letter of Nastasya Crowe was addressed to one Miss. Light, as for Caius it was labelled for Mr. White, Nathaniel Mr. Graphics, Odin Mr. Angel and Nihil Mr. Approve. She knew her colleagues would, hopefully, be smart enough to decode that it was for them, especially seeing as she had labelled the letters from a Miss Peace, the opposite of her name Carnage. She had also sent letters to two other members who had not yet acquired alias's Axil and Cornelius calling them Mr. A and Mr. C on their letters. The letter simply asked for them to meet at the Purple Mist room 11, but if they were to take a closer look they would a small smudge on the 1 that looked like it had been rubbed out, revealing it was actually room 17. The letter also asked for them to meet her exactly at mid-day.

The old woman, along with her familiar Venom who was parked on her shoulder, walked into the Inn. Her familiar drew the attention of those she passed, and for good reason. Her familiar / companion was a two foot tall creature that hovered in mid air with a body made up of a black robe with two bones on it's back. Her pets face was covered by a mask in the shape of a skull and it only had one big red eye that floated between the skulls sockets, over all her familiar looked like a child version of the grim reaper.

Yumi approached the front counter speaking briefly with the owner and retrieving her key. She then made her way up the stairs to the first floor and approached room 17. She unlocked the door and walked in. The room was set up with a round table in the middle and a dozen or so chairs around it. The old woman approached the table removing various items from her bag. In front of each chair she placed a piece of paper that sat upright with the name of each of her colleagues as they were addressed in her letters, and next to each name was a white envelope with a letter A or B.

The old woman moved to the back and sat down in the rather comfy chair and removed a bowl from her bag which she sat on the table and filled with caramel corn and proceeded to eat while she waited for her colleagues to arrive. Her familiar Venom floated down onto the table and munched on the corn. The old woman showed no reaction to the sight of her robed skull masked familiar.

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Odin had planned for this day to be just like all the others: he'd get up, he'd go do a Quest and maybe train his body and mind, then he'd return to his room and rest. This had been his daily routine since arriving in Oak Town, but it seemed today his schedule was going to get disrupted. Not that minded too much, he could admit and understand that his day to day was rather dull, a day only made interesting by the Quest the man would choose, and these Quests always ranged in how fun they were. After all, he got paid to do a job, it didn't necessarily mean the job was going to be particularly interesting, just something that neded done, especially at the low ranks most of the jobs in Oak were for.

And yet, as Odin had walked through the streets of Oak, he knew things weren't going to go as he wished. He felt a tail on him, someone a few metres back was following him, for what reason Odin knew not, but he was going to find out. Darting into an alleyway and disappearing from sight, Odin watched as his tail walked into the alley, out of the way fromthe local populace, only to receive a hand around his throat as the young Grimoire Heart mage questioned why he was being followed. Imagine the surprise when his tail picked a letter out from his bag and gave it to Odin, who let the vagabond go, no longer caring about him but much more interested in the letter he had received.

Now, Grimoire Heart was not a well known guild: none but its members knew of its existence, and so the codenames given to each member was a private thing only known to the member and their guild mates. Thus, to receive a letter designated 'Mr. Angel' was certainly amusing for Odin, who's codename was Lucifer, the demon. It seemed someone intended this letter for him but wanted to be overly cautious about it, a fact made more evident as Odin opened the letter, noting the sender as Miss Peace -no doubt the guild member codename Carnage- and also smiling in mild amusement as he saw the room in which they were to meet. Room 17 that was altered to make others think it would be Room 11, how amusing.

Entering the designated room of the Purple Mist inn, Odin would only see one other member sitting at the long table: a seemingly old and feeble woman who everyone in the guild knew. The oldest member of Grimoire Heart, and one who's longevity had impressed many people. Yumi, Carnage or, for the purpose of today's events, Miss Peace. Odin soon found his own seat, the one still labeled Mr. Angel, and sat down at it, noting the white envelope with the letter B on it. Loooking around, it seemed the majority of the letter were for 'B', while only two were for 'A'. Regardless, this was Odin's first time meeting the rest of his guild, and he had never much been one for conversation, so he would stay silent unless spoken too first, having acknowledged his elderly peer with a glance as he had entered the room.

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Cornelius Darth
One of the most interesting things to Cornelius was how he had never met his associates, his guild mates. Sure, he was able to gain admittance into the guild, though it was only after he had done some snooping, threatened a few people, and a few other illicit actions. It was through all this in which he had found himself receiving a letter of welcome from the guild; it had held no name, signature or mark of address. It was something which had baffled him for quite some time, though he had no way to investigate it. \n\nIt was this situation in which he had found himself in which was so eerily familiar. Having motioned for the messenger to simply leave he would open the letter and begin to analyze it. Well, at least this person seemed to have some wit about them. A fool would simply spell out what they had expected from the others, it would have been a real tragedy if the person who orchestrated this was a fool. It would lead to Cornelius asking questions; it was more than likely that those questions would cause a scene. With a slight sigh he simply began his journey to the destination; it took him a total of five minutes; it was a really epic journey.\n\nIt was as he walked through the town that he realized just how much of a difference he could make. How much a little bit of chaos could change things. How one spark could change the world. Well, it was these ideas that made him a bit unstable; who wasn't tempted to watch the world burn? The screams of those who could not handle the stress of having to survive. The blood of those who once thought themselves powerful. Those same people begging for life; to be spared a horrific death. He would not spare them any of this misery; he would not allow for something as kind as death to embrace them. No, that was not his plan. \n\nWalking into the door of the inn he quickly realized what was going on. He was day dreaming. With a light sigh he promptly opened the door and walked past the man who manned the desk. Following the same path that Yumi had, he would simply arrive at the room. Opening the door he had found something he had not expected. An aged woman, much too old to be physically capable of much, and a familiar. More than likely it was hers. With a simple nod in her direction he would walk around the table, taking a seat facing the door. It was one of the better spots in the room.


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Caius laid in his hotel bed with his arms and legs spread out. He was beat after walking all the way from Crocus to Oak on foot. Though he had missions to do, all he wanted right now was to rest. As he started to drift off, he heard a knock on his door. Probably the damn maid. He slowly got up and saw a letter that was slipped under his door. Picking it up off the ground he saw it addressed to Mr. White. This must have been some type of code. Ripping open the letter it described a local "meeting" at an inn nearby. Reading the sender name, it finally clicked that this was a letter was for their guild Grimoire Heart. He cursed his bad timing as he tossed on his shoes. He used his wind magic to tear the letter to shreds and headed out.

Upon arriving, Caius was a bit dissatisfied that the inn they chose was sub par quality. However, it was in a remote location and there weren't many people in it. This would be good to hide their secrets. He walked upstairs and down the hallway and reached room 17. He gathered up some magic power to prepare himself for whatever was inside and walked in. Scanning the room, he spotted Yumi along with two others he had not seen before. If they were still alive around her then they must be allies. Letters were sprawled in front of the chairs with names on them, including his. He recognized other guild members names so it looks like there were some more on the way. Instead of sitting, he took his letter and leaned against the wall. He turned over to the old woman who arranged the whole situation to find out what's going. "What's is so important that you need everyone to be here Carnage?"

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Nastasya Crowe
Just when she was done preparing for her morning there was a knock on her door. With a frown on her face and simply looking left and right she let her hand slip under the back of her shirt to grab one of her daggers that she always carried with her or well most of the time. "Ma'm someone left a message for you." that of course didn't mean anything but she opened the door and recognized the outfit that belonged to this hotel, she accepted the letter and thanked the person even though the girl annoyed her to the end.

She slammed the door shut and looked at the letter that she got. Ms. Light. That was new.. she was only known as.. oh wait it made sense that it was the opposite. Good thinking. She read the letter, giggled about the smudge and grabbed her black overcoat. She headed to the inn that was in the letter and went to search for the room all by herself.
When she entered she gave a smile to Yumi, Odin and Caius and looked with a raised eyebrow to the third guy that she didn't know. She looked at the table and saw her name again and a letter with A on it. She went to sit down and look around. She would see what happened and stayed silent for now.

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Axileo Rythmii

Doom-chak-chak doom-chak-chak—

Axil had sat down at the piano in the Purple Mist and had been playing something new he was working on. It was rather lucky that the members of Grim Heresy had agreed to meet in this very inn, as it was where Axil had been staying for the past couple of weeks. In fact, he had been in Oak since before being inducted into the guild, and had been hopping from inn to inn, going rather unnoticed. All that anyone could have possibly noted was his musical skill, which he felt compelled to express on any existing instruments within the inns he was at. Not today, however.

"Excuse me sir, that's a beautiful piece. Where did you learn how to play like that?" asked a feminine voice from behind him.

The young mage first jolted up in surprise, as the inn worker had caught him by surprise, and then sighed, as he realized he was now locked into having a conversation that he rather wouldn't have at this time. What if it meant that he was late to the meeting? That would be a dreadful first impression on whoever this "Miss Peace" character was, and he couldn't have that, being a new member in the guild and all.

Axil turned away from the piano to face the lady talking to him. "Oh, er... thank you... my mother taught me how to play. I'd love to chat with you, really I would, but I believe I have a meeting today with a few other people from... um... the musician's guild," he responded. While the sentence was not eloquent, or efficient, it got the job done. The young man really did wish that speaking to people was another trait he had learned from his mother, but alas, it was not so. Speaking of speaking, Axil began to worry about how this meeting would go. He had some assets to provide for the guild, namely his skill of healing, but in diplomacy he was seriously lacking.

He recalled earlier how he had received his letter. When he heard a knocking at his door, he immediately suspected that it was someone trying to get info on Grimoire Heart. Had hidden himself in a closet, and waited for the knocksame to pass. Afterwards he checked outside and found a ticked off street thug with a letter addressed Mr. A. The thug was rather ticked that he took so long to answer the door, and it created a rather awkward situation where Axil had to talk the man down.

The maid gasped, "Oh, I think that meeting was supposed to start a few minutes ago."

Axil's eyes widened as he rushed up and around to get to room 17. Upon arrival, he realized he definitely was late, being one of, if not the last to arrive. "Ahg... sorry for my lateness everyone," he bowed his head, "I lost track of time."

Come to think of it, wouldn't they have all passed by him while he played the piano? He guessed that he must really not look the part if no one was reminding him to come to the meeting, though it was all fair enough, considering how elusive the guild tried to be. They wouldn't want to accidently drag a stranger to the meeting, now would they?

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Yumi leaned back in her chair, back and shoulders straight, arms tucked to her sides with her hands folded over one another resting atop the table left under right on top. Face wrinkled from age. She sat their not even moving an inch her body completely still. Her eyes appearing shut, brows frowned as if deep in thought. Even her kimono was perfectly straightened not a wrinkle, showing she was someone who took care of her appearance. She appeared to as a tiny yet delicate old woman, yet her posture seemed to command a respect about her. Of course this seemed mismatched with her familiar who was devouring the bowl of candy corn with gusto, little pieces flying through the air and sticking to his mask.

The old woman barely flinched or reached when the first of her colleagues walked through that door, she didn't even bow her head remaining still. The first was someone she knew very well and the youngest member of the guild, Odin who had joined at only the age of twelve, seven years ago. The Old Woman had been there during his recruitment when the boy had effortlessly killed off twenty of their own mage's. Oh how she remembered the blood shed well. She may have been old but her mind and memories were just as sharp as ever. The second to enter was another recent addition to the Guild Cornelius a boy of twenty years. The boy may never have directly met Yumi but the old woman had watched him more then once during his trails to join the Guild.

That was when 'he' walked in someone she was all to familiar with and had spoken to on numerous occasions. The twenty five year old Caius who had joined the guild fourteen years ago, again the old woman had been presence during his induction. Yumi would not admit it out loud but he certainly was a powerful individual. The fourth to enter was the young girl Nastasya, the only other female of the group that had been invited to this little get together. The girl was young and had much room to grow. And last to arrive the final member to have been invited, a new addition one Axileo. The boy had yet to meet her as well but she had been watching him, overseeing his induction into the guild from the shadows.

The old woman finally moved the moment the five here seated, leaving only two empty seats. Her eyes began to part revealing the dulled red hues beneath that had once been as illuminate as a shinning ruby but had faded with age. The woman's lips began to part as she spoke in a slightly raspy tone their was no aggression or even desire in her tone not a shred of human emotion, it simple was, "Welcome all to this illustrious gathering on December 5th Year X784. No doubt you all are wondering why I have gathered. First I must offer apologies on behalf of our comrades Approve and Graphics or as you know them Grudge and Rune. It appears Rune has fallen dreadfully ill and no one has seen nor heard word of Grudge for some time." Spoken the old woman her tone while bland was still politely as her gaze fell upon each member of the guild.

"Before we begin would anyone care for refreshments? My familiar Venom will be around to take your order" She would give a nod to her familiar having introduced the tiny reaper, who pulled his face from the candy corn, little bits stuck to his mask. Venom floated down to one of the bags on the floor and with it's 'mouth' pulled out a small pad with a pencil tied to it and proceeded to fly around the room starting in order of arrival expecting them to right what they wanted to order, Yumi having already written what she desired. Once done he would fly out of the room the door somehow shutting behind him.

"Now we may begin. First to those who do not know me I am Yumi or Carnage. " She would then allowed each of them to introduce themselves, the order did not matter. She was only expecting their first name and alias no other information was required. She was not even mentioning the guild name as you never knew who could be listening. It was clear the old woman was paranoid as her gaze would dart around the room now and then constantly surveying it for listeners.

"Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, no doubt you all are wondering just why I have called you here. Why for the purpose of beginning our grand show." A mischievous yet partially dark smile began to form on Yumi's lips that would no doubt look out of place on her elderly features, "In front of you, you will all notice there is an envelope with a letter inside. I have split us into 2 groups. A with two and B with four. Light and White. Peace, Angel, A and C." She was using the code-names she had given out for the meeting, "On the back of each envelope will be a time and date for when it is to be opened. Inside will be a date and time for our show to begin along with a target and location."

By this time her familiar would have returned with a tray on it's head carefully balancing it as it flew around the room handing out drinks, getting to Yumi last. The old woman removed a bottle of malt whiskey and poured herself a glass. She took a sip and continued, "It is about time we take the world by storm once more. We have allowed the last to calm down and now it is time for our not exhibition. Team A will be assigned the primary target with B a secondary. B will perform first drawing attention allowing A to proceed ahead with their task with barely any resistance. This will require us to time things perfectly. A gap of time will need to be stretched between both performances enough time for attention to be drawn to B to draw focus from A."

The old woman then downed the rest of her drink in one shot and placed the glass on the table. Her red gaze cast upon them, "For this performance we will also be wearing disguises." With that she leaned over her chair picking up the last of her bags and from it removed a long black cloak which she threw across the table to be passed around followed by a white emotionless porcelain mask it was rather creepy looking, "This is what we will be wearing to keep our identities hidden. When you get back to your rooms their will be a bag waiting for you outside your door. For those without rooms yet I have taken the liberty of booking rooms here, rooms 4 through to 9 feel free to use them."

The old woman then leaned forward, "Any questions?" If there was one thing about Yumi it was that she tried to deliver all the needed information at once without pause giving out what was necessary and in a clear voice, making sure everything was understandable.

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After Odin had taken his seat, four more of his guild mates followed: two of which taking their seats, one of whom took his letter but decided to stand instead, and one having just walked in before Carnage had started to speak. It was certainly interesting, as they were all, for the most part, meeting each other for the first time, and sizing each other up. After all, the only person out of the five others gathered that Odin knew was Nastasya, but even then he knew little about her in terms of magic, he only knew that she was, for the most part, a decent person and someone he could count on, as she had proven in Crocus not long ago.

The other members proved how varied a guild Grimoire Heart, with Yumi being the only other women besides Nastasya, and the other three men apart from Odin being very different to one another. For a start, there was the well built man standing all in black, and yet the other two were of a similar build to Odin himself: strong but not as bulky, with the new kid being rather scrawny, not that physical strength had anything to do with magical ability anyway.

After her very professional and, in Odin's opinion, unnecessarily flamboyant introduction, Carngae asked if anyone wished to have drinks, which was when Odin first noticed the strange familiar. A creature made almost entirely out of darkness from the looks of things, with a skull mask where its face was supposed to be. It was collecting order for drinks, but Odin passed, not needing anything and more just wanting to know why the hell everyone had been called, which his guild mate finally got onto.

"Odin, professionally Lucifer"

Once the introductions had finished, the subject of the letters was covered. Each one had a date and time to be opened, and inside it would have another date and time with a target and location. At those words, Odin raised an eyebrow from where he sat, it sounded like they were going to have some fun very soon. The actual details of the plan were mentioned, and Odin took them in and couldn't see any issues with the plan, except from the fact that he would only be part of the Distraction Team, but that meant little to him. Whatever the mission, Odin would complete, as was his way.

Then the secretive guild were shown what they'd be wearing for the operation: black robes and white masks, each of which would be waiting for them in a designated room which they were free to use if they so wished, something Odin did not plan on using since he much preferred his privacy in his own room at the other inn that he was currently staying in. And then questions were announced. Odin himself had nothing more to say, but he very much wished to listen, so he'd stay and do just that.

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Nastasya Crowe
After her someone else entered the room. She had just seen him in the lobby. Well she thought she saw him since her memory of faces was absolutely bad but it was not that long ago, she could make the guess. She was a little surprised to see piano boy here because well if you looked at the room, they all seemed to be fitting into a bad guild, but he could totally be in Blue Pegasus and she wouldn't be surprised. She was very curious about meeting him. But it was time for other things and she turned her eye back to Yumi. When Yumi spoke about the two empty seats, she looked at them and wondered where Nate was, as she had seen him in Crocus and he looked fine. She wondered and thought she might find a way to contact him later.

It was indeed a concept of wondering why she was here and why Yumi didn't tell her two days ago, but than again it was now more secure. Miss Light. The room, it made sense and she blinked rapidly to stop her daydreaming and smile at Venom. Today she was going to play a lovely woman, even though she belonged in a guild that said anything about being lovely. She ordered a gin soda just because she could and she wanted something to get through this meeting and make her acting only more perfect.

"Nastasya or Shadow."

Her shine of the moment was short and she turned to look at the others that introduced themselves and was very curious to the new people. She thought she met most of them but she had never heard about them or seen them or at least not that she could remember. After that Yumi finally started to explain the meetings purpose and it did sound interesting. When she explained the teams, Nastasya looked at Caius, working again together, because if she was Light, he must be White. She would make sure to train a little before hand to make sure she could be up to his league, and not be a bother no matter what the task was. She had some things in mind.

She was in a team with Caius, making her the team assigned to the primary target. Great, she should train a little more than just a little. But she looked forward to really doing something instead of just finding the information and killing the informants. Next on the list of Yumi her presentation were the disguises and she grabbed the mask when it was placed on the table. They all had their own right, working for Grimoire Heart involved a mask but it was only great that it would change, she would love her own but she couldn't wait to go back to her room to see it for herself. She slowly shook her head when Yumi asked for questions and stood up to walk to Caius. "Working together again." she said with a nice smile, "Unfortunately no dress this time."

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Another member of the guild Caius hadn’t seen before walked in the room as well as Nastasya. This increased their numbers and even further amplified the seriousness of the situation. Being a higher rank member, it annoyed him that he didn’t know what was going on. The familiar hovered towards him offering to take his order for a drink but he didn’t care for one right now. He waited patiently until Yumi finally explained what was going on. Once they all settled down, Yumi said the letters had dates on them for when their objectives needed to be completed. They were going to take Oak Town by storm. Caius glanced and saw that his had the letter “A” on it.

He looked over to Yumi once she finished her speech. “I’ll trust your old and wise judgement on this one then Carnage.” Caius said emphasizing her age. He pushed himself off the wall and stood up straight and stared down all the members currently in the room. “My name is Black. If you wish to learn more about me complete your task in the letter. Try not to die.” His words were harsh and meant to scare off the weak and inspire the strong. If they wanted his respect, they would execute their task to perfection.

Nastasya walked up to him showing that they were in the same mission group. "So we are together again huh? You were a big help in Crocus so I expect great things from you here." Caius said. He picked up the cloak from the table and threw it over his shoulder. He tossed his mask in his pocket and prepared to leave. Now that he knew what to do there was no reason to stick around and draw attention. "Anyone who has "A" follow me. We have work to do" he said as he walked out the door.


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Axileo Rythmii
The strange familiar of the old woman floated up to Axil, presumably waiting from his drink order. "Oh, if I could get some water, that'd be fine."
The young man then looked around the room, one by one the introduced themselves. The old woman, "Miss Peace," was actually named Yumi, and codenamed Carnage. Since she was the one who called the meeting, Axil assumed she was high up on the ladder of power. Next was another young gentleman, Odin, who went by Lucifer. The naming scheme alone sent shivers up the musician's spine.

These people are rather intense, aren't they? Oh well, I suppose this is what I signed up for, he thought to himself.

The next to introduce herself was Nastasya, who also went by Shadow. He remembered seeing her before arriving. Currently she ssemed somewhat spacey, though knowing Grimoire Heart, Axil recognized his assessment was most likely wrong, or even a purposeful diversion from the actual power she possessed. Then there was the man who only shared his codename, Black. With the air he gave off and the way others treated him, it was clear he was definitely a powerhouse. This only furthered Axil's curiosity about him. He hoped that Black would stick to his word and reveal more about himself if Axil succeeds in his mission.

The last member had yet to introduce himself. The young mate assumed that he was probably new as well, based on the guild members' levels of interaction. Axil figured it was time to speak up.

"As a newer member, I'd like to be rather open with all of you, if only to earn your trust. My name is Axileo, but I go by Axil as well. I'm a rather new member, so I haven't received my codename yet. My magic focuses solely on support of others, so I'm no good in one on one fights, but can be rather helpful in a team," he took his water as it arrived, "It's a pleasure to meet you all." He took his cloak, letter, and mask, "It happens that I'm already staying in room 12, but thanks for the gesture, Miss Carnage."

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Cornelius Darth
Cornelius was a man of few words, and as such he simply allowed for each member to enter the room; he had never met them, but had heard of some escapades. Perhaps he would be able to have a fun time with this group of people. Well, it was going to be an interesting time; this was guaranteed. Glancing down at his card he saw the letter B. Grabbing the card and slipping it into his pocket he simply watched as the room filled; there were not many of them, though even with these few people there was an aura growing. Interesting. He thought to himself, simply looking around.

Taking note of each members name, and alias, he would remain silent until the honor had fallen on himself. "Call me Specter." He spoke with a certain calmness; it was one which did not waver, nor did it imply any sort of followup. It was with this that he simply rose his hand and gestured to Carnage, it seemed he had spoke all he was willing. I do hope this is an interesting turn of events. Having heard her speak of the rooms provided the simply gave a nod of appreciation.

Acting a loner may not be the best of ideas, but it was one that Cornelius was most comfortable with. While he was not sure as to whether this attitude was one that would hinder his progress in the guild it was one that he had used for so long that it was his primary form of communication, or lack there of. It was with this that he would simply sit and wait. Wait for some sort of instructions. This was looking to be a fun day. Time would only come to prove or disprove this.

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Nastasya Crowe
Absolutely wonderful.. he expected great things from her. Hear the sarcasm. She had to train hard and fast if she wanted to catch because she had no idea what the date was. She checked the enveloppe again. And she actually wanted to be impressive. Yes, definitely she could show.. how what go? She turned her head to look at Caius but he was leaving? But the team A people had to follow him. Which was a shame because she was the only one. She turned back to the room, "You heard the man. I have to go." She smiled at Yumi, shrugged and turned to follow Caius with a quick step. Work to do. yeah, she had to finally get those spells done!


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The old woman repoured her whisky filling it to the brim as her colleagues went around the room introducing themselves. Other's were more talkative than some, but it was to be expected. Not everyone had the same level of sociability as other's did. Yumi herself when she was much younger preferred to avoid all kinds of socialising much preferring her privacy. The old woman lifted her glass pulling out of her thoughts momentarily to drink the malt liquid. Her gaze would fall upon every member present. Caius appeared to be the most vocal of the group. The wise crack about her age caused a tick to form on the old woman's eyebrow as she applied pressure to the glass. A loud crack rang through the room showing the comment had annoyed her ever so slightly.

The old woman inhaled calming her nerves; she would give him that comment. No need to cause a scene here, having already caused a small one with the breaking of her glass. Black, however, did not stay around long as he quickly departed calling for anyone else with an 'A' to follow after him. The only one being the young woman Nastasya. Yumi coughed into her hand the moment the two were gone, all that was left were the three she would be working with. Odin aka Lucifer, the boy Axil and Cornelius who had only introduced himself as Specter. The old woman leant back in her chair allowing her crimson gaze to fall upon those who remained present. She appeared to be sizing them up as if analysing them from a distance.

"That just leaves us." Spoke the old woman after a moment of brief silence. The old woman proceeded to raise a white card from her kimono sleeve with a large 'B' in bold black letter's written on it, "As you've all figured we four will be part of Team B. I do hope each of you will be ready when the time comes." Instructed the old woman as she folded her right leg over her left, her arms crossed over her chest hands slipping into the sleeves of her kimono. She appeared to be very relaxed, but her expression remained quite sour, lips pursed in a straight line and brows angled into a frown. Her eyelids looked completely closed as if she wasn't even looking.

"Until the time arrives, I expect you all to be prepared. Train and be ready." Spoke the old woman in a calm, relaxed manner, "Until then I would like to offer a word of advice to our new colleagues." She was referring to Specter and Axil, "This is the same advice I tell everyone, do not get cocky. Arrogance and cockiness will lead to your death's. If I feel you are getting ahead of yourself even slightly, I will not hesitate to put you in your place." There was a series edge to the old woman's tone as she started to release a small amount of magic before it flooded upon like a dam bursting wide open. Her magic appeared like black tongues of fire that encompassed the room and washed over them. It was a display of power to get her point across to the weaker mages. As quickly as it arrived her mana was sealed away sucked back into her body.

"If that is all we are done." The old woman then began a slow rise from her chair grabbing her bags as she did. She snatched up her bottle of whisky pouring one last drink before downing it. She then moved away from her chair making her way to the door, "I will see you all on the day of our debut." With that the old woman and her familiar left the room.


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Shadow, Black, Axileo, Spectre and Carnage, what a strange group Grimoire Heart was, having attracted so many different people. From the hard boot camp sergeant vibe that Black, the current strongest member at the meeting, gave off to Axileo, the newbie that Odin recognised from having watched him play earlier in the inn, just before the meeting had started. The kid was good, and he was also shy, which could always prove to be a good cover if needed. A supportive player, not one for offense himself which many would call useless and weak, but not Odin. Being someone's who's magic was only lightly offensive and more about wearing the opponent down so they couldn't hurt you, the young dark mage knew that a supportive mage was always a good thing to have on your team. And for such a small group like Grimoire Heart to have one in their midst, a useful addition.

Some of the team had already left, Black calling on Nastasya to leave with him to begin training for whatever Team A had to do, and then Yumi herself leaving, adjourning the meeting after giving some well thought out advice from someone that had managed to stay alive in this turbulent world, before she departed. That simply left Odin and the two newbies, so the olive haired mage decided he's impart some knowledge of his own, just to try and keep the other two alive also, before leaving the room, grabbing his bag of items from the room designated for him, and leaving back to the other inn he was staying at. If Purple Mist randomly exploded, Odin did not want the entirety of Grimoire Heart to perish.

"Also, if you want to live. Never, and I mean never, refer to Carnage as granny. Reminding her of her age has killed members in the past. If you get her respect, or the respect of any of the others, don't fuck up. And with that, I'll take my leave, see you both soon I guess."


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Axileo Rythmii
Axil breathed a sigh of relief as everyone began to leave the room. He rather hated social interaction, and that little speech he had given had drained him of most of his energy. The young mage was about to collapse on the ground when he remembered he wasn't alone. He looked up at the other newbie who had introduced himself as Spectre, and managed to force a friendly smile.

"Spectre, was it? I look forward to working with you. I know my set of skills aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you ever need healing... or even entertainment, feel free to me," Axil said to his guildmate, still sweating a bit. "Well, if you don't mind, I'll be heading to my room, see you when the time is right."

And with that, he left.


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