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Vampire Intimidation Tactic | Solo | Quest

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Vampire Intimidation Tactic | Solo | Quest Empty on Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:44 am

Nastasya Crowe
What a bloody effort it had been to keep her magic and her new status hidden. Blood magic was difficult to hide but the excuses of using that magic were a lot easier to find. Thank god she had always been pale and thank god there were a lot of people that didn't know her well enough to go ask things but yeah she had wanted to tell one person but it had been difficult. Maybe it wasn't very smart to tell people, maybe she just needed to shut her cake hole.

With a heavy sigh she grabbed the cup that stood in front of her. She was actually trying to make use of her time. She hadn't slept all evening, which was very logical since she turned into another creature that lived by night. It was maybe easier the first few days because her body wasn't used to it again, her mind still stuck in the daily routine but she got to the point that she now slept a few hours in the morning, maximum up to three before she had to run around and pretend nothing happened. Maybe she had to go to another city, so that no one would notice. No one would know her but the people that lived on the street by night.

She was reading a book, just a random book that she had found in the huge library from this hotel that sounded at least a little interesting, Anna Karenina.. well up to now it was just boring and maybe she should have picked a book that was a little bit more modern. She was trying to drink tea but ever since she changed it had no real effect on her. She could still taste food, though maybe for less percentage than normal people, unless she had recently drunken blood but normal drinks.. it all tasted like water. Which was rather boring. But when your life was one big acting show, you had to go on and do what was necessary. But it was a real shame. Would it be the same for every vampire or would her taste for food leave her too? She would really hate that, she loved food too much.

This didn't do her mood any better besides that the time was ticking slowly. She had gotten a request through Mabuz yesterday, or well he told her there was a job and so she went to meet up with Marino. She would see him later today for the details, which was where she was waiting for. Finally after sitting in the restaurant of her hotel for about an hour being bored, it was time to leave the place. She simply left the Anna Karenina book on the table and left together with Victoire. The pole fox was following her every step again and together they went to the bar to talk to Frankie Marino. He was already waiting for her, she didn't care that she was late and he would do better than to point that out. She went to sit next to him and simply didn't order anything. He slowly pushed a paper with an address her way, "That's where you will find him." This job was seriously overestimated.. there was a shop owner that had not paid the money yet, oh bo ho go cry somewhere else. However it was a job none the less and she would take it. She put the paper with the address in the pocket of her vest and moved away from Marino again, "See you in a bit." was all she said as she left.

It wasn't far away from the bar, the shop that is. And she was there in a few minutes. As she had done before with another shop, she first looked like she was planning to buy something, sometimes her eyes glanced over what seemed to be the owner of the shop. In the end there was nothing interesting to look at and she only had to wait for one person to leave, which didn't take long. That's when she sat herself on the counter next to the cash register, "You know why I am here." The sing-a-song voice was probably the reason why the shop owner became angry or the fact that it was just the money that he had to pay. He hit the counter with a fist and tried to explain to her that he wouldn't have the money to pay now, and that he wouldn't pay anything if they didn't stop bugging him.

She couldn't help but laugh about this, "Deary, let's keep things straight. You are not the one to bargain." Which made the owner only more frustrated and it made it more fun for Nasty herself. Victoire was not helping though, she looked to cute for a job like this. Maybe once she evolved. "We aren't bargaining only for money," her purple eyes turning back to gaze at the owner, "Also for your life." This is when she smiled and her fangs were clearly visible, which got the greatest reaction ever. The man stumbled back, tripped over one of the stools that stood there and pointed at her with a trembling arm: "Vampire." She only nodded and kept her fangs visible, "Now write that note that you will give the money this week. It isn't that difficult. Gives you four more days before you have to hand it in." The man stood up, tried to stay as far away from her when he wrote the note and slid it towards her. She grabbed it and jumped off the counter, "Don't tell anyone. I will know where to find you and then I will kill you." She said in a soothing voice before simply waving goodbye and heading back to the bar with Marino to give him the note and get her money for this stupid job, because that’s what it was. Too easy, they could have easily done that themselves. She wondered if the vampire rumour would come to hunt her again, but then she knew where to find him.


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