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Clean up the Crew [Solo|Quest]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Clean up the Crew [Solo|Quest] Empty on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:53 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya her day had gone well. It was at the end of the afternoon before she first woke up. Which was something that she considered a pleasure that didn’t happen too often. She had continued to live her life as a human or well show that. She ordered room service. Gave most of it to Victoire and sometimes threw it just out of the window in the night. Mostly with drinks that was. Since her room was looking over the hills and forest at the edge of Oak, it was a safe bet that most people didn’t come there. She didn’t want to do it too often. Besides it was just an act to continue and perfect herself. Odin had asked her why she was doing that, why not show the world she was a vampire. Well that would be nice and easier, Oak knew her as a human and she didn’t want people to put two and two together, the vampire doing the jobs that weren’t always that nice. She didn’t want the link towards Grimoire Heart and maybe it was a bit naive. She tried and it wasn’t all that difficult. It was sometimes just waking up too early to her liking.

Waking up to early could definitely ruin her mood very much but today she felt great, mainly because of the fact that she woke up at the right time today. No messages, no people knocking on her door. No dates that wanted her to wake up and get ready for the early afternoon. Nothing! Although she had a job to do today. She had met up with a Martello yesterday. She had done a job for a Martello before if she remembered correctly, since Nastasya was bad with names, it could always not be true. But she had said she would meet him around dinner time but he had told her to hurry, so she decided to go look for the guy right now. Or well right as she was ready. Victoire was still asleep or pretending to be asleep at the corner of the king size bed and thus she let the fox there as she stepped out of bed and took a look in her wardrobe. She picked up a pair of jeans and a sweater and headed to the bathroom to wash her face first. She bound her hair in a knot to wash her face and got dressed after that. She didn’t bother with make-up anymore, and since she let her hair down, she brushed it a few times, she didn’t have to bother about the insignia at the back of her neck. When everything was ready she checked to see if Victoire was already awake. The snow fox was waiting for her at the door and thus the two of them headed out. She wondered if Victoire would become unhealthy because of the food but the fox looked fine. She was even active, running around to keep up with Nasty her long strides and simply enjoying the outside air.

Even though Nastasya hated the outside, because of the daylight, the fresh air felt fine. She looked at the people rather bored. Surprised she could be sometimes so mesmerized by them. Which was actually not a good idea. With a shrug and pulling up the edges of her coat she headed to the Martello that she was meeting today. She remembered his name was Remy or Remus or something when she saw him waiting for her underneath the clocktower of the church. She greeted him with a simple hello and he bowed to her lightly and said her name: miss Oswald. She let him guide her to the building, this job was a disgusting one but it did earn her money. When they reached the building, it was clearly visible that it was under construction but there were no workers. When Nasty asked Remy why was that, he explained that they were waiting for payment. Lucky him, no one to snoop around but her.
When they got inside, Victoire close to her ankles, she saw the ten dead bodies lying around. Remy walked to a corner and came back out of the dark with an axe. He explained he would chop the bodies up in smaller pieces so it would be easier for disposal. She simply shrugged with that idea, it reminded her of what Nate had said a long time ago. It was surprising how she remembered that, it wasn’t her problem. This was the client and she would let him do what he wanted, as long as she would get the money. She would drag the first body towards him, starting with the one the most far away. When she had done three of them and tried to move the fourth to him, not even looking tired by the hard work, he stopped her. Telling her this was one of his kin, a Martello. He didn’t want to chop up this guy, no this one needed a special burial. She laid the guy back on the ground and waited for him to point out the other two and dragged the remaining four to Remy. He asked her to drag the Martello people outside for he wanted to give them a proper burial. She cursed under her breath, even though the work wasn’t that hard for her for she didn’t feel things like exhaustion, it wasn’t much fun. Especially because she wasn’t that tall and the bodies, especially the Martello’s showed proper buff. However she simply flashed a smile and worked on it. Letting Victoire freeze the ground so she could easily go back and forth in a skating form, which wasn’t that easy with heels but she was rather good at it if she would say so herself.
When she finally was done with moving all the bodies, she returned back to Remy or well before she could actually take a step inside, Remy joined her. He handed her the jewels and she counted them before she pocketed them. With that done, Remy thanked her and she left, it was time to go and eat something or buy something. She was interested in some things new.


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