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That brat again?! [Quest/Solo]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

That brat again?! [Quest/Solo] Empty on Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:54 am

Nastasya Crowe
Some much had already happened in Oak Town, while she had just arrived a few days ago. It was very impressive for the little town was much more to her liking than Crocus had been. But there still needed to be worked and money to be gathered and not forgetting that she had to find a place to properly train her magic without showing anyone how it looked. She might go to the forest that surrounded the hill or the mountains which would be a better place to hide. At this point she didn’t feel like going alone, which was weird because she always liked being alone. Meeting her Guildmates had thus some effect on her and she wasn’t sure if she should be happy about it.

She got up from her bed, she was rather tired because she had stayed up way too long in the one nightclub in town. She had to be careful and she was learning so it was a combination of things. It was still early in the morning, she must have at least three hours of sleep and maximum four but she would manage. She dragged herself to the bathroom in her hotelroom to wash her face and neckline. After that she brushed her hair and decided on what to wear. She would go for something easy, but her heels and skirt she left in the corner of the closet. They had enough adventure, back with Odin three days ago. So she picked a blue pair of jeans and a white with black crop-top. She made sure it looked good on her and casual. She had to look casual, she wanted to visit the library today and get something to eat outside the hotel too. She put on a set of sneakers that she had brought along as well.

With one last check in the mirror she headed out with her bag that contained her Grimoire Heart Mask for just in case. She decided to take it with her all the time. She arrived in the lobby and wondered if she should go to the hotel restaurant or just out. She wasn't sure yet what she fancied and she doubt the hotel would now serve anything but breakfast. She yawned one time and turned her back to the lobby and left. There were a set of small cafés and vendors around and thanks to the market a lot of options. She wondered what to do and remembered the crêpe in Crocus, so she didn't feel like eating that, a sandwhich was just boring. So there was nothing she could think about in the first five minutes and she just stood there in the streets, looking around.

In the end she decided on either dougnuts or a pancake so she went to the cafe that seemed to serve that and ordered blueberry pancakes and a doughnut to go, together with some coffee. It felt like normal eating breakfast, something that didn't happen a lot. She always ate weird things at weird hours. Once before she had a parfait for breakfast because why not.

After her breakfast, which was quite much she put the doughnut in her bag and headed out. She had no idea how to get to the Library but just walked passed some alleys and was looking around. "H-H-Hello." Surprised to hear someone talk to her, but keeping her face neutral she took two steps back and looked into the alleyway, there was the kidd that she scared the hell out with her shadow. "You're talking to me?" she asked sounding as neutral as she could at the moment, hoping that Yumi would have been at least satisfied for the try. "Yeah," he made himself sound a little tougher. I need someone to steal food for me. Enough for a week with friends. C-Can you do that? I-I-I will pay." He was almost cute. She shrugged, why not, it wouldn't take that long. He pointed out the shop where the shop owner had hired her to get rid of him, it was almost laughable. "See you later kid." She said and turned to the shop. The Shopowner seemed to like her and she just chitchatted with him, while getting a paper bag. She put her own bag open and put the paper bag in there, putting some things in the paper bag and when the shopkeeper wasn't looking, she dropped stuff in her bag itself. It was an easy thing to do and she was distracting the old man by just talking to him. Asking him if the kid had come back and how business was. Man this guy could talk.

So she had some apples, dried meat and other things in her back, she added some drinks although the guy had said food, so she put it back and changed it for some more cookies and stuff. She went for package that wouldn't make much sound. She waited the exact moment that the man was no longer behind the counter when she walked to the counter and put her bag on it. She removed the paper bag and closed her own bag a little but removed her wallet and paid for the things that he found in the paper bag. Which was not much, just some apples for herself and some cookies. He wished her a great day and she wished him a good day before leaving the store and heading back to the alley where she had left Jerr. She shook out her apples and cookies and put everything for him in. The paper bag would almost break but it was holding on. Jerr handed her the money and she said it was nice doing business. She left through the other end of the alleyway to find the library again.

Wordcount: 1001/1000

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