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Gimme the money [Solo | Quest]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Gimme the money [Solo | Quest] Empty on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:57 pm

Nastasya Crowe
It had been just a few hours ago that Nastasya had met up with Remy Martello and cleaned up a building with dead bodies because of something that she didn’t want and needed to understand. It was a job, it gave her money, it was fine. She however now stood outside of their big house as she just had a conversation with Martin Martello, she was sure she had actually met a third but at this moment she didn’t care. She had gotten a map in her hand and was hunched down at the corner of the house, Victoire laying down at her feet. She was looking for the cash house that involved her new job today. It was already night time, but her eyes and ears were on sharp as she was able to focus more properly than during the day. Not that the Martello’s did know that, but that didn’t matter. She traced the path from where she was now to the house and tried to print it in to her memory as she wasn’t the strongest one with that. Routes were fine, faces and names were worse. However it still wouldn’t be the most easiest thing for the young undead. She got up and that made her accidently kick Victoire, whom didn’t seem to mind. It was time to go anyway and the fox wasn’t sleeping.

The two of them walked carefully to the Cash house that was on their list. It wasn’t easy to spot Nastasya who was dressed in all black, which was actually totally by accident but that didn’t matter. There was a little ball of fluff walking next to her for that was Victoire. It wasn’t a long walk or well not in the eyes of Nastasya, she and Victoire simply walked and Nastasya looked around. There was nothing to talk about, although she did that a lot with her little pet, because you needed someone to talk to. By becoming a vampire and living more in the night time, it was impossible for her to see the Shadow that had been following her since the day she left Crocus. She didn’t know where it would be or what, she had a vague idea that didn’t make any sense but she was a bit afraid none the less. Finally after thinking about all thoughts that weren’t needed, she and Vic ended up at the place where they needed to be. It looked like an old diner, and it was far away from other restaurants, shops or houses. Which was fine. She turned to look around the best way to enter and stationed Victoire at the corner of the diner to make sure to warn her if someone was coming, although she doubted that. Who would come here at the middle of the night, except when it was about bad business. Nastasya found the back door and opened it carefully although it still creaked and moaned like all hell broke loose. She cursed under her breath at the idea but it didn’t mind, for the door was open now.

It was dark and that would make it difficult to see but Nastasya wasn’t harmed by the darkness and her eyes functioned just as well during the night as her ears. She simply entered and carefully watched her step with the loose tables and chairs that were littering on the floor. She sharpened her hearing to see if she heard someone inside or either Victoire outside, but nothing, it was quiet except for her own automatic breathing. Something she didn’t even need anymore. There was nothing that looked strange or something, it was just empty and no one seemed to clean up here even if they used it as cash house. That’s when she almost stumbled over two loose tiles, which was ridiculous for she kept looking left and right to see where she was standing, the tile she was on was wobbling, the first of all the tiles she had already passed, so she hunched down and lifted the one she stood on first. There she thought she noticed something, it looked like an old bag. Something like a brown bag like every cliché movie. She grabbed it as she removed the tiles and lifted it on the floor as she checked the jewels inside. She let the jewels slide through her fingers as she counted the amount, it sounded about right. She got up and looked around, now she only had to find a way to put this whole thing on fire. Which wasn’t that difficult considering it was an old building but some places looked rotten, with mould, would that catch fire sooner or less as dry wood? It looked disgusting and she would rather not touch it but the wood would burn and she would wait for that. It wasn’t that difficult to fix and she was glad to see that the fire was catching as she simply was waiting. She had to make sure she wasn’t burned by her own clumsiness of not feeling the heat properly on her skin. So she left after she was sure that the most important parts of this building was already burning. The lighter that she was holding on to, that she had gotten from the Martello’s, she dropped in the bag of Jewels and she headed out. One moment outside, she screamed: ”Fire!” and people came running, which made her able to blend in with the crowd, with a little white fox parallel sweeping between legs. She passed someone from the Martello’s, someone she had seen in the house and bumped into him, giving him the money that he wanted from the house and catching her own bag of jewels which she hid in the pocket of her jacket. She had the feeling that she smelled like smoke, but it was the whole area as the smoke was coming from the burning building. Another job done, she could leave now, take a shower and prepare for tomorrow.


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