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Vampire Tactics Again | Solo | Quest

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Vampire Tactics Again | Solo | Quest Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:14 am

Nastasya Crowe
It was again time to do a job for Frankie. Man was that guy lazy or not. If he needed the money than why not get it yourself if it was such a hassle. She was still in bed, the little vampire. The sun was setting though and that felt great. She had thought that she would hated to be a vampire but she seemed to get the hang of it slowly. Yes there was still the issue that her mother had been killed by one or something, she would still find that one and kill him or her. She actually always expected it to be a man. If only she could find more answers to the mystery of her mother's death. On the other hand, her mum was dead so why would she care. When she was a ghost, she was annoying and when her shadow.. or well a shadow brought her to the accident of trying to kill her but turned her into an undead.

She had seen the shadow again and it made her angry when she thought about that shadow and she would find it again and find a way to destroy it. If only she was still able to use shadow magic. Maybe it was someone with shadow magic that moved into a wall or something and unable to get out like she had the first time she used the spell herself. The fight with Odin and Caius. She wondered if she should consider them as friends? What it was, how it worked. She sighed and got out of bed while some people started to dream about going to bed. She was hungry as hell, she let the sheets get away from her body and licked her lips and pushed a little to the left fang before she went to wash herself and went to look in her wardrobe.

She grabbed a black sort of onesie, the top was a heart formed one without sleeves and connected to the trousers that reached just till her ankles. She put on the red heels that were next to the door and found a red vest to cover her bare shoulders. As last while she was tiptoeing through the room, she went to brush her hair. Victoire was asleep on her bed but it didn't work, the fox her ears started to twich and she set up straight in a matter of minutes. Nastasya could only shake her head with a smile and continued to fix her hair. She again pulled it up in a ponytail, something she seemed to do often lately, the only thing that was a bit annoying by that, was that the insignia of her beloved Grimoire Heart on the back of her neck.

When she was dressed and put on a black leather jacket, she scratched behind Victoire her left ear which made the snow fox more awake than she already was. She watched how Victoire jumped off the bed and was ran towards the door and looked back at her as if she was a rather slow human being. Nasty shook her head with a laugh and followed the fox and opened the door so the two of them could leave. She put the keys in the pocket of her jacket and went down the stairs. She actually needed food before she would meet with Marino in the same pub as last time. She could also eat in the pub, and just leave the costs too him, that actually sounded like fun.

She yawned while she walked down the streets. It seemed as if she was tired but for her it was still the waking up process. She was actually happy that she had slept quite a bit before she got up. Her confusing schedule made it a little bit difficult and especially since she had been here more than a month, maybe even two now. Damn, she really needed to leave but the Guild was here. Although she had to go to Orchidia and see the state of her manor. But the jobs were waiting and thus she entered the pub. Marino was easy to spot, she had seen him already before.

She went to sit next to him and ordered some nachos, [olor=#993366]"Go on."[/color] she said to start the business. She didn't even order a drink because well it all tasted like nothing. She was really fast with eating and listened while Marino explained what was happening with the shop owner that she had intimidated five days before. He had to pay this Saturday but it was already Sunday and he hadn't done anything. She shook her head and got it, she took a napkin and cleaned her fingers and mouth before she turned away from the chair, "I see you in a bit." This shop owner was pissing her off like crazy. She thought that given the hint that she was a vampire was scary enough. It was already closed, the note on the door was turned from open into closed, but she didn't care, she didn't knock, she simply lifted her right foot and stamped open the door. The owner was still behind the cash register and seemed to be counting the money of today. She rolled her eyes but he already seemed to be cowering behind it. "Mommy's home." She looked at Victoire that remained at the door and she nodded at the little fox as she walked towards the man and leaned over the counter, she grinned to show her fangs, "Remember me? the owner nodded and she gave him a wink to point out how conformtable she was here, "You know why I am here. So you either give me the money now or I'll find another way to get it." There was a muttering and stuttering about reasons why, but she just waved them away and gave a wave of her hand so the scythe like blooddrops made quite a ravage of the store's front. The windows were broken and some parts of the wall had thick looking wounds in there. The owner begged her to stop but she used the spell one more time before a money bag showed up on the counter, "Pleasure doing business." she said and with that she walked away to give it to Morino and get her own cash for this ridiculous job.



Name: Killer
Rank: D-rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Blood Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Water
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: Creator bites in the tip of one of her ten fingers and creates a scythe like form of blood that she can send into a specific direction. The blood line is curved and around 20 centimeters thick and 1 meter long if you make it a straight line, now it's around 65 centimeters in height. The scythe can cut through small objects that are not thicker than 1 meter or are thicker but than the spell has to be used more than once.

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