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On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling] Empty on Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:06 am

Nastasya Crowe
Packing had been far easier when you had barely anything left. Losing her Manor in Orchidia, the one she had as her own safe place but hated because of her grandparents, made her lose a lot of clothing and items. She always got grumpy if she thought about the fact that they would probably be burned or destroyed in another way. She had been very careful not to show anyone alive that she was a vampire, only those that she believed she could trust which were like four persons. She sighed as she sat on the front porch of the apartment that she had rent for her stay in Dahlia. It was rather small and shabby but she didn't like to spend her money on housing. There was a small bag next to her and Victoire sat on her other side. She wondered what was taking Odin so long to show up.

Although they hadn't said an exact time to leave it was getting a bit slow. It was already dark, the best time of the day to travel but on the other hand in the winter it got dark rather early so it was around four o'clock in the afternoon and she would just wait. She had eaten and had food and drinks with her for Victoire, which she would carry herself in case Nastasya lost her bag because of an insanity episode. She had talked this through with Vic and even though the ninetails couldn't answer, she had simply allowed to get the little bagpack for pets on her bag. They had done this as well when they left Era or whatever other place where Nasty had been.

Her red eyes scanned the area that she could see, to not be surprised by any ongoer, because her vampire eyes could see as clear as day while it was as dark as this. The idea of going back to Oak brought her a lot of thoughts, not entirely sure if it was happy. She had left because the guild had organised some party but she couldn't completely remember how that went anymore and actually it didn't interest her. After that it had gone wrong and she had this crazy episode that took quite some time. Now she had to restore the damage, work hard on becomeing sane, perhaps Mabuz had a few answers, he was a science professor or so right, if she recalled correctly, It could be interesting. But now she was waiting for the right time to leave.

421/1100 Foot travel from Dahlia to Oak Town.


On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling] Empty on Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:35 pm

It was finally time to go, and a strange, uncharacteristic feeling of excitement flowed through Odin, appearing suddenly and then disappearing just as quick. The feeling was brought on by Odin's destination, as he was finally returning to Oak town. Despite not actually having any attachment to the place beyond his pub, he had missed the town in all its 'glory'. Sure, it was a place full of criminals, vagabonds, and the odd rune knight or two, but it had never failed to interest the Lich, who hadn't been there in what must have been months. He had left to complete a mission for the guild: the attack on Blue Pegasus, but that had been a long time ago now. Between then and now, he had met many new people, gained new abilities, and even added a new member to the ranks of Grimoire Heart, something he was curious as to the opinion of Nastasya on.

During his death, Odin had discarded most of his material goods, only keeping his two blades, and a change of clothes in the form of dark, loose clothing that covered his body, a pair of black gloves, and a hooded jumper to hide his skeletal face. All in all, he hid his person well, as he made his way through Dahlia to the location that he knew his partner would be, waiting on him to arrive. Nastasya was someone that Odin could trust with many things, and yet there was much he had not told her, mostly about his transformation into the Lich that he was now. All she knew was that he was what he was, and he had gained powers from the change. She knew nothing of Odin's death, his battle against the demon Lucifer, or the item that the dark mage now had safely stored within his inside pocket, somewhere that it would not fall out of, or be detected unless shown.

As he approached, he noticed Nastasya already prepared and ready to leave, with Victoire, as always, ready at her side. It seemed she had been waiting for some time, so Odin only felt it right to apologise and respond, as well as let her known the interesting news.

"Apologies for my lateness, but I have added one more to our ranks, I'll tell you more once we're out of the ears of the town. Are we ready to depart?"


Travelling to Baska

On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling] BTcteu6
#3Nastasya Crowe 

On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling] Empty on Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:54 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya waited and it took quite a while and she had not been so bored in a long time. Which actually made her happy because it meant she could get bored again. She would have never guessed to be excited about something that was so stupid. She didn't plan to say anything about it. She simply could enjoy normal things again, perhaps that was it. She simply drummed with her fingers against her knee and waited a bit longer. It wasn't as if she planned to leave all by herself. She was exicted to go back to Oak but perhaps it was also the right company. She hummed in such a soft tone that even Victoire wasn't able to hear it.

Perhaps it was something Vampire like but she wasn't even aware it. But she was leaning on her arm and looked up when she heard someone's footsteps, they were very soft and she could only imagine one person to make that sound and she was very right about that. But she didn't stand up yet, she simply waited a bit. She smiled though, "Hello stranger." She took her bag and stood up immediately as well as watching Ninetails jump up to get ready to leave, "We are as ready as possible." She looked one more time towards the apartment where she had been staying for a while but there was absolutely nothing that she could have forgotten. "You also got me curious." She said and tried to avoid her normal sarcastic comment and she skipped the last distance towards her friend.. you could say that right?

She would have to walk quite a while but she didn't mind, "I am by the way so glad that we are leaving this town. The whole idea with the Bishop is making me neausous." she said as she walked on to get out Dahlia because she definitely needed her answers



On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling] Empty on Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:07 pm

With the two mages together and ready to go back to where they more belonged, despite Dahlia being a place full of people like them, they started the long journey back. Nastasya was curious as to Odin's new recruit into the guild, but it wasn't until they had left the town and walked for about ten minutes before he started talking more about it. After all, in the business they both worked, one could never be too sure about being followed, especially considering the impact they had both had on the town and its people. They had both worked for the man known as Bishop Santos: a tyrant who ruled over Dahlia as though its Lord, using his influence as the religious leader to call anyone who opposed him a heretic and have them hanged, something both Odin and Nastasya had aided the madman in. He was not someone to be tested, and Odin was lucky to be one of the few people the bishop counted as an ally, despite wanting to kill him. Nastasya was pretty glad they were leaving the town, as she wasn't overly fond of the priest's antics, and he made her nervous. Odin would have felt similarly, as the man had tried to kill him using a feral lycan. It was all business, and cutting off loose ends, so Odin wasn't as bothered, but the priest was still one to keep an eye on. "There's nothing he can throw at us we can't defeat. He's not as intimidating to us as he might appear to the townspeople, yet I'm not sure he's realised that."

A few moments later, when they were really on their way to the west of Fiore, it became time to take about their new member, "Now, as I said, Carnage requested we add to our ranks, and earlier I did just that. He wasn't perhaps as strong as some of the others, but he was resourceful, and he reminded me of my old self. I didn't realise I was once so annoying." A low chuckle escaped Odin's lips as they walked, but he then continued, as there was something else on the dark mage's mind that he felt it worth bringing up to his partner. "Also, there is something we must discuss. I won't be joining you in Oak, not instantly at least. My destination is Baska on this journey. I can't enter the town with you, as it would instantly cause many people to become suspicious of you, something we can't afford. If this is to work, we can't be seen together until needed." It was a logical move, and Odin knew Nastasya would see that too. Soon enough, they would reach a crossroads that would lead to Baska and Oak town: the place where they would go their separate ways. Nodding at his partner before departing, the Lich left with only a few more words, "I will join you soon, Nastasya. Don't get into too much trouble until then." A coy smirk formed on Odin's face, but it was impossible to tell due to his skeletal face.



(1000 from Dahlia to Baska, 10% discount from GH)

On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling] BTcteu6
#5Nastasya Crowe 

On to the West of Fiore [Foot-Walk Traveling] Empty on Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:28 pm

Nastasya Crowe
She wasn't sure if she would want to return to Dahlia, perhaps the idea of giving the Bischop exactly what he had asked for was a rather interesting way, or she could give herself a manicure while watching someone else do it, even better. Although she liked her own way of torturing and hurting people, you couldn't do everything yourself, and if it was more fun to watch someone else do it! Why take that opportunity away? Anyway she simply walked after Odin making sure to keep up with him which wasn't that difficult, she didn't like to walk fast that was all, Victoire also seemed to want to take her time. "You have a point there, it's a shame he thinks he won. Unless he checks his basement for new blood and he would figure out we are gone. Shame we couldn't see that face." She said with a happy tone in her voice as she made a short attempt on skipping, which was definitely not her thing and she walked on.

She nodded, didn't say anything when Odin started to talk again, her red eyes looked at him for a second and she made sure to walk next to him while listening. Yumi, she had not seen her in a long time, she bet the old.. eh now young lady wouldn't agree with her disappearance but she would see when it came to that point. "Don't worry you grew out of it. But sounds interesting, is he going to the west as well?" Tow hich there was no answer possible but at least they had a new person among their mids, perhaps she should try to work that out as well. But first she wanted to focus on her own sanity.

To her big surprise, Odin wouldn't come to Oak and she would almost stop walking but it wouldn't change anything but drama so she quickly stopped her hesitant step and continued to walk on, one foot in front of the other and also listening to what he was saying. Which was a very good point and she nodded, "I'm sure I will catch you later." To which she simply would go on until the crossroad. She wasn't only sure what she thought about not being seen together until it was needed but it happened before. She had no idea how much she had thought about the idea of not being alone, but she would keep Victoire around.

She gave him a short wave goodbye and shook her head laughing about the idea, "I shall try to be nice." She answered and took the hood of her cloak and walked the last few miles towards Oak town with her companion. It felt a bit like coming home.


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