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Just Another Day [Open]

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#1Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:17 pm

Odin †

Crocus: the town of the great religion. A place full of law abiding citizens, priests of every rank and, of course, the Royal family themselves. The most radiant and holy town in all of Fiore, and definitely not a place for a dark mage to frequent.

And yet, here he was, Odin Morningstar, sitting in the corner of a shady enough tavern in the centre of the great town, almost willing the Royal Guards and no doubt a few Rune Knights stationed to appear and try something, tempting the beasts to see if he could get a reaction as he sat, beer in hand, watching the world. From his seat in the tavern, he had a clear view of everyone in the building, as well as the entrance, which was his preferred seat. There, he could watch the insignificant people live out their lives and wonder as to what they were doing with them. It also brought him joy to note that he could wipe out every living soul in the tavern without feeling a shred of remorse and, in the long term, the world would not care. The lives of ordinary people were worthless, they could be killed and nothing would change. That was the truth of the world in which they lived. If you were ordinary, if you were weak, you would die and no one would care.

Taking another drink of his beer, Odin would begin to look at all of the people currently in the tavern, and decide how he would go about ending their pathetic lives, if he were so inclined.

#2Káilètte † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:39 pm

Arisa couldn't help it, she couldn't sleep and she just felt like she had to drink more. It's been days in a row that she has been going to the bars within Crocus. It was as if her thirst, appetite and satisfaction couldn't get satisfied. She looked into her mirror of her hotel room, taller than herself. Slowly with her right hand she touched her lower lip, starring into her own eyes, thinking. ''What am I? Why can't I be satisfied? Am I missing something?'' she spoke to herself and turned away from her reflection.

Slowly she would walk to her balcony and stare outside upon the city. ''Maybe I'll just go again. Somewhere else of course.'' she spoke coldly and calmly. Turning away and going towards the door she would exit the hotel room and the hotel soon after. She wore a long red dress with a black choker. Her nails were beautiful red with a mini diamond on each one. Her short brown hair would tickle her neck as she walked down the street to an unknown tavern. 'Maybe here..' she thought as she would press open the door. Her head turned a tiny bit to look around, wondering where to sit and then walked towards a stood that was in front of the bartender. ''I'll have a few strong fruity mixed drinks please.'' she spoke calmly and soft. Her left hand placed on the counter as she then started to look around...at the people.

Arisa would wait for her drinks and as she did she would hum softly. Her thoughts started to roam wildly as she wondered upon who would sit by her and what type of people each one was. She enjoyed guessing games, but which one would be the 'one'?

#3Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:41 am

Odin †

Hmm, that one I would definitely strangle, he looks like someone who boasts about his strength and I'd love to take that away from him... as for that one, maybe a simple decapitation, clean but effective, and a real crowd pleaser that one... and for her, wait is she humming?

The young girl that had only just entered the bar had arrived just as the rest had, and there had really been nothing special about her that Odin could see. Yet here she was, humming as she waited for what looked like fruit juice from the bartender, and probably tasted just as childish as it looked. Studying her now that she was causing a disturbance to Odin's thoughts he saw that, although her hair was plain and like the majority of the rest of the tavern's, her clothes were a lot more abrupt, as she wore a long red dress that one could easily pick out from the hordes of blacks and browns of the commonfolk, along with a black choker around her neck, contrasted against her pale skin. All in all, she was someone that wanted to be seen by all, and admired, which only caused Odin to roll his eyes as he stood up, an action that caused all eyes to glance his way.

Since he had entered the tavern, he had only sat in the one space with his drink and hadn't yet moved, and everyone in the tavern had seen him as he watched them all, silently plotting how best to end them. And now that he stood, they were all curious to see what he was doing, although none stared for too long except those brave few that thought they could take him if the need arose.

But Odin was not standing for any special reason. He simply walked to the bar to request another beer, having finished his own and, after receiving his drink in an instant, and before the girl received hers, he would simply return to his seat, which caused him to stop. Some brave fool had just taken Odin's seat...

#4Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:50 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya had been looking for people and going on and on in Crocus for not much actually. She was trying to find fun and sometimes she did and sometimes she didn't. She was sitting in a tavern. She was in the far corner, where it was dark and where she was barely visible because most of all she had her hair and face cloaked. She could just see underneath the rim of the hood and was looking at what was happening, because it seemed as though the people in the tavern were holding their breath.

She saw someone that looked vaguely familiar but she could be wrong getting up. Boring. She just let her eyes dart further and saw someone whose name and face she did know. She pulled her hood down and finished her beer in an instant and stood up. "Hello stranger." She said as she walked to Arisa, trying to figure out what the rest of the tavern thought of the woman with the eyepatch.

#5Káilètte † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:51 pm

Sitting boredly at the bar counter she would sigh. The music was bland as the people here smelled like they haven't showered in weeks. Her golden brown eyes would then see a man come back and ordered his drink. He wore some 'I'm a mysterious badass' kind of clothes, but was he even? Probably not. Her eyes looked away and ignored the guy, rolling her eyes at the fact he got his drink before her others. She didn't come here to get wasted, just to enjoy her drink. As soon as Arisa got her drink she would turn around and there she caught eyes of someone she knew.

Flipping her hoodie there was Nastasya. Her hair still violet and her rather interesting outlook. In her opinion, Nastasya was rather beautiful in a somewhat fierce way if someone pissed her off. ''Hey Nastasya. Here to drink it off?'' she asked softly and calmly with a smile. Slowly she would sip onto her fruity drink and then cornered her eye at that other guy who was by her for a moment to get a drink. Was something happening? He was just standing there, which made her curious. As it was rude, she would soon return eye contact to Nastasya. Her right hand would then itch the back of her head and then she stood up. ''Want to sit at a table or something? Maybe play some pool and get some music going?'' she wondered with a somewhat excited smile. It was truly nice to have a familiar yet friendly face around to hang out with.

#6Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:48 pm

Jeremiah Ali
This town - no, this world had been a mixture of all different types of people. From Nekos, to old pervs who didn't age, to breast-less females who also lacked the thickness in their booties. Jeremiah often found himself confusing females for boys, especially in Fairy Tail. For some reason there seemed to be a large number of females without the assets required for him to be attracted to them in his guild, besides a vagina of course. That, is one out of the few reasons why he doesn't visit the hall often. Hell, it'd be surprising to him if any of the guild members even remembered his name. According to his mother the women of Savannah were as beautiful, if not more beautiful than the land in which they lived and according to pictures, the land of Savannah was almost majestic.

The Fairy Tail mage fixed his olive green bomber jacket with his left hand, then swept whatever dust may have existed off of his gray jogger sweatpants. Despite only being 17, Jeremiah gripped the glass cup of Hennesy with his right hand as his finger slightly tapped on side of it leaving a foggy print that would fade the moment he lifted his finger. Usually, someone as young as himself wouldn't be allowed to drink, but bartenders often gave him the benefit of the doubt due to how much older he actually looked. Beside him he could see a figure approach before taking a seat and asking for fruity drinks. Quickly he glanced just to see what weirdo it may have been this time, but instead his eyes met a rather beautiful girl wearing a lengthy red dress and a choker. Oh shit? was the only words he could manage as he caught a glimpse of her appearance. Finally someone who matched his fly. Still, he was hardly interested and faced forward once more, taking a sip of his Hennesy filled cup, and staring blankly at the working bar tender.

From behind him he heard the voice of another person greeting a "stranger". Immediately Miah's head turned to see if the person had been talking to him, thought it may have looked like he was being nosey. The girl with the choker who could pass as a video vixen, spoke to the other female, referring to her as "Nastaysa". Without a care he looked at the two speak as if they had been stars of a show. As of now, these two females were the only form of entertainment in this place, it would be dope if they started making out or something. The female with the eye patch was a weirdo, but she was a pretty weirdo... typical guy thoughts. Jeremiah didn't know how these women would react to him just blatantly watching them, but he truly didn't care. Any person could tell that he wasn't watching them with a perverted eye, but maybe they were just that full of themselves? Who knew?

Just Another Day [Open] Haki10
#7Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:02 am

Odin †

For one reason or another, some thug had taken Odin's seat the moment Odin had left it to go to the bar and get a drink, and this was not a mistake due to the smirk the man had plastered across his face as he met eyes with the man who was about to end his meaningless existence. The only reason he did not in fact go ahead with his plan was the presence of someone behind him approaching, someone who he instantly recognised due to her eyepatch, something not very many people needed to wear in a world of magic. A fellow mage of Grimoire Heart, although they would only both know each other by face, not by name. The beauty of Grimoire Heart was its secrecy, in that even the guild members only knew each other through codenames, and most kept their own personal names a secret. None knew of Odin's name: those that had spoken to him (a grand total of zero at that point) would only know him by a chosen codename.

Regardless of nicknames of the other woman, it seemed his fellow guild mate was more intent on talking to the fruity drinker, having previously met her, and surprisingly enough not killed her. Some people... though Odin as he stood with his backs to them, raising an eyebrow and smirking as the fruity drinker introduced the Grimoire Heart mage to everyone listening. 'Nastasya', a strange name regardless of whether it was code or not, but Odin had no way of knowing what the codenames of the other members were. Perhaps, if he found out the codename of this fellow mage, he'd discover what her true name was, but that was for the future.

Ignoring the women for the time being, as they spoke about getting a table and playing music and game, nothing Odin was particularly interested in, he decided to walk over to the man who had taken his seat, and generate a little fun of his own. After all, who didn't love a little excitement. Whispering into the man's ear, Odin said the nine words which always unleashed a man's rage, no matter who they were.

"I hope you realise how fucking pathetic you are."

As if on cue, the man got out of Odin's chair, and threw a punch, which the dark mage let collide, with his nose, not bursting or breaking anything, just leaving a small bruise, before Odin grabbed the man and pushed him into another unsuspecting brute, who attacked the man thrown into him. Within moments the bar would erupt in a brawl, while Odin rejoined his seat in the corner, out of the way of it all as he watched in amusement at all the men desperately trying to prove themselves to all the poor, unfortunate women sitting in the bar.

#8Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:48 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Maybe it stung a little that her name was said out loud but she just gave a smile to Arisa. After all it was her own idea to start talking to her, Arisa wasn't to blame, she had been fairly interesting the other day and well since she was bored as of late Nasty just decided it was the best thing to talk to her right here right now and that had proven to be more interesting.

Although she was fully aware of the people looking at her, she didn't need two eyes for that. Her eye passed the other Grimoire Heart member for a second time, just because she was mildly curious, but she turned back to look at Arisa as she dropped her cloak off her shoulders and showed the clothing beneath. nothing interesting, just black jeans, high boots and a tight fitting crop top made out of dark blue cloth. She didn't mind cold and that was visible. "Yeah, I could use a drink actually. What are you drinking?" She said before she turned to the bar and ordered a martini, she might try Arisa her drink later. She could pretty much hold her liquor. She waited for her drink before she considered to answer. "Pool would be great, let's try it, sugar." Today was a day to show attachment, even if it was for a few seconds. Besides playing pool made her able to still keep her eye on the bar and the people in it, which was necessary because as soon as they moved to the pool table at the other side of the tavern, 'hell' broke loose as some males tried slamming into each other. A smile crossed her lips but it was gone in a matter of seconds, she was now only eyeing.

#9Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:51 pm

Jeremiah Ali
What a shame. Two beautiful young ladies and potential sex partners moved towards the pool table. Without another moment wasting, Jeremiah faced forward and took a sip of the liquor filled in his cup. Shit.. this is way too strong. for a moment the young mages head spun which the exact moment he knew that he probably should... keep drinking. It was working. The liquor had helped him take his mind off of the most important thing in Ali's life. Only a few seconds passed before a a brawl broke out. Every single time. He thought. Still, the dark skinned male sat at the bar facing forward, gulping the last bit of liquid before asking for more.

I swear to god if one of these mother fuckers hit me...
What will you do? Use my power to destroy everyone in the building? Ha! Let us commence in the fight at this very moment! It's been a while since I've had any fun.

The Pheonix always enjoyed a gory battle, but that was the problem. Jeremiah didn't want to fight, he specifically came here to relax but obviously the "No fighting" signs outside of the bar were useless.

No, Phoenix. You are far too dangerous and hurting people ain't fun. Still, the fighting continued.

Just Another Day [Open] Haki10
#10Káilètte † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:08 am

Arisa looked at Nas as she waited for an answer. As she was of course her attention was stricken by what happened to be fighting. Her golden-brown/red eyes would stare in which was taken once more when Nas answered. Her attention went back to her, smiling simply and small. It made Arisa somewhat happy to have her around, she felt friendly. 'Or just being nice.' a darker disgusted sounding voice spoke within her thoughts. Ignoring the voice she would look at her pretty eye and nod. Simply she would then go towards the pool table and grab a pool stick, the triangle and organized it so they could get ready to play. Even though her ears were paying attention to the fighting, her eyes payed more attention to her company.

Something more repeated in Arisa's mind, 'Sugar.'. She has never been called something like that or in which case, a pet/nickname. She knew that some people said those types of things as an originality, but it still felt somewhat different. After putting all the balls into place, she would stand up straight, pool stick behind her neck and bent her arms to relax on the pool stick. Her eyes looked at Nas and then smirked. ''Shall you start? Or shall we wager first?'' she spoke rather womanly yet soothingly. Something felt amiss with how she was feeling, but she felt although she should just let this all roll out. Finally rather or not the fighting of the mysterious guy ends well or not, wasn't her issue as of yet nor was anyone else besides Nas.

#11Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:31 am

Odin †

[From this post on, post order shall be Odin->Nastasya->Arisa->Jeremiah (and thanks for all joining guys I'm really enjoying this)]

Just as Odin expected, chaos ensued the moment he threw one man into another. The entire tavern had broken the 'No Fighting' rule which was made clear to all who entered, but evidently not enforced since there were no scary bouncers standing around trying to break up the fight, except from the fact of the people not joining in. The two girls, Arisa and Nastasya, had smartly moved to the pool table and were setting up a game, clearly trying to enjoy themselves despite what was happening around them. A valiant attempt to say the least, they both seemed lost in their own little world, however they both kept glancing towards the rest of the bar so it was clear that they weren't completely void from the action. Nastasya looked almost like she wanted to join in but she was holding herself back, which evoked a smirk from Odin, sitting in his corner as she was definitely a Grimoire Heart member, both in name and in person. Not letting personal enjoyment get in the way of the mission, whatever her mission was that day Odin did not know however.

But that wasn't what really caught his attention. What really caught the eye of the dark mage was the sole man sitting at the bar, a brawl happening all around him, who was content to just drink and ignore the fight. In Odin's experience, there were only two types of people who didn't join in brawls that involved a great many people: those who cared for their own safety, and those that cared about the other fighter's, although Odin didn't really care about either in truth. The first type was more commonly known as a coward: one too scared of getting hurt to join in a fight and risk getting humiliated. And the second, which this man seemed to be, was the type of person who didn't want to join in because the fight would be over unbelievably quickly, and would no doubt end in everyone except them getting hurt very badly. The man at the bar held an air of superiority around him, he knew he was stronger than the others fighting but, unfortunately for both him and the tavern, the fighters were horribly drunk mostly, and Odin could help but raise an eyebrow as he saw a man get pushed into the man's back, spilling his drink over his clothes and definitely leaving a stain. Chances are, the man at the bar was about to be forced to join in, and Odin couldn't help but become interested in what he was going to do.

#12Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:32 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya was eyeing Arisa but trying also to keep a look out on the rest of the tavern. Which was really annoying if you had only one working eye. She just tried to keep talking to Arisa, when the brunette did, because she didn't want to seem rude. She had to get her act together. She would interfere if someone came to close to them, since it were most men and especially most drunk men. She had seen them eye Arisa, whom was not dressed for a tavern as Nasty herself was. The red dress was getting most people's attention, she wasn't sure if it was like bulls pulled to red or just men turned to women with curves. Hers were most of all hidden behind the cloak. So it did had a function. She had to think into the future, if she would take it off because that would make it easier if people came closer. It was now open hanging on her shoulders but she decided to take it off completely and threw it on the chair next to her. It was just a cloak. There was a knife hidden in the small of her back and one in the top of her right boot. She knew the vessel containing the small dagger was visible, but she had done that on purpose. She was obviously normally a woman alone, she needed to be able to defend herself.

Nastasya kept her eye on Arisa as she was placing the ball, "Wager is more officially. I can start if you want, but you may also start." She noticed someone coming their way, his eyes more on Arisa than on Nasty herself. The right corner of her mouth curled into a small as she stepped in front of him and used the pool stick to hit the white ball (not sure the rules of pool to be honest). However she had taken the step and played just so she could hit the guy with the back end of the pool against his forehead. "I didn't think so buddy. Hurry back to your friends and fight it out there. Don't come closer." She took of her eyepatch, showing nothing but the exact same left eye as her right, just a little bit of red scars next to it, not very scary, it more looked like red make-up than scars, if only the left eye had it too. She turned to Arisa to make sure she was alright and no one from the other side showed up. She was looking quite pissed off but that was easy, she just had a short temper.

#13Káilètte † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:06 pm

Arisa looked at Nas as she waited for her to either wager/make a bet or just start. She didn't really care if Nas wanted to do a bet or not as that wasn't the point of this. She wanted to avoid the fighting as she had a somewhat peaceful outlook. Her golden brown eyes would look at Nas as she would then see a guy looking at the two. 'What are guy's problems these days?' she questioned as she would see Nas hit the white ball. As the white ball would hit the triangle, she would see the ball smack the others. Rather or not one went in, she would wonder what Nas was thinking.

Her attention was then on the stranger who was sitting there alone, avoiding the fight as well. Was he like her or just enjoying the entertainment in general? Slowly she would lick her lips to moisture them and bit her lower lip. Her eyes then looked towards where that guy was from earlier. White somewhat grey hair and it seemed he was the eye-candy of the action. Soon her attention turned back to Nas and to the table. Her back was turned and wasn't looking as she then randomly felt someone bump into her. ''H-hey!'' she spoke softly yet annoyed a little bit. She would turn to look at the guy who had a somewhat smirk on his face. Her eyes closed half way and her smile was straight, disappointed with how men were in here. Using her pool stick she would smack the guy in the face making him go down as it struck his head. 'What a pig...' she thought rolling her eyes. Slowly yet innocently she would turn away and bent over to hit her shot of the ball.

#14Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:20 am

Jeremiah Ali
[OOC: Sorry dudes I've been sick, I'll post for now on since I'm better.]

Jeremiah raised the glass cylinder towards his lips to take another sip of the brown liquid once more but as he did so, one of these obnoxious men who had been involved in the fight actually bumped into him, kocking his cup out of his hands and causing it to spill all over his damn clothes. For a moment there was a pause, as if Jeremiah was unable to move. His left eye began to twitch before his top row of teeth began grinding on his bottom row of teeth in frustration. Ohoho! Get mad! Burn the whole damn place down Ali! Slowly the dark skinned mage pushed the little circular cushioned chair that he'd been sitting on out of his way, then turned to face the man who had knocked into him. Growling, Jeremiah's eyes began glowing a golden color as a fiery Aura could be seen building around him.


Yes, he was drawing the fire from within him, but he didn't use the Phoenix's form, for he was yet to lose all his marbles. The man who had knocked into him seemed to be a bit frightened as a bead of sweat appeared on his forehead while he slowly began stepping back. After gathering a bit of power, Jeremiah glared at the man before him with a frown. He hadn't realized it, but the fiery aura around him caused the entire building to rise in temperature, nearly causing the walls to sweat. He wasn't sure if all eyes were on him right now, or if everybody continued to fight but all he knew is...that this man was going get it. Jeremiah didn't play when it came to his clothes. Quickly the mage darted forward, obviously way too fast for the man who made a fatal mistake thus reaching him under a second.

"YOU SON OF A B***H!!" was his battle cry as his fist connected with the mans stomach immediately after his last word, forcing him to rise off the ground as the impact of the punch nearly pierced a red/gold light through his body. Removing his fist quickly, the man was still above the ground so Jeremiah continued his attack by round-housing the man into the building's wall nearly 10 meters to his right, sending him into a man with gray hair and an eye patch who'd been watching the fight .


Almost there, hoho! Kill him!

Just Another Day [Open] Haki10
#15Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:53 am

Odin †

From his seat in the corner of the room, Odin watched the madness with mild amusement. His eyes were darting from fight to fight, keeping an eye on the main players both in the fight and outside. Over on the pool table, he saw Nastasya, who was trying to start the game of pool, make her move by pulling the cue back into the face of a man trying to intervene. That was what Odin loved about bar brawls. Unlike mage battles, these were far more interesting. In a magic fight, mages were never going to try anything if they had better chances. Like they wouldn't use a weaker spell in place of a stronger one usually. And yet, in this bar brawl, you were stuck using whatever means were necessary, and in this case that had involved the cue, it was truly amusing, but Odin's face was not one to show emotion.

Next to Nastasya was Arisa, the brown haired girl that seemed to be the center of a great deal of attention from the men in the establishment, no doubt due to her curvaceous figure, and clothes which helped show this off. But she wasn't weak herself, using her own pool cue to knock a man across the side of his head before lining up to take her own shot. But there was a moment in between this where it almost seemed like her eyes met Odin's, but the reasoning behind this couldn't be determined by the Grimoire mage. He was simply a watcher in the corner. It mattered little, as the thug bumped into her then, and she lost any interest she may have had in Odin's presence.

Then came the real fun. The man at the bar who got out of his chair, having had his own drink spilled on his clothes from a stumbling drunk who now stood before him. There was a sensation, no doubt felt by very few in the bar itself due to the commotion, but Odin certainly felt it. The temperature increased, all over the tavern, as if the man's rage was taking form. A mage himself then, how interesting. And as if that wasn't prrof enough, his following outburst was all the proof required. Moving at a speed not known from a normal civilian, the man roared at the drunk before attacking, knocking him into the air before kicking him at great speed, directly towards Odin, who now stood waiting for his gift.

Extending his palm outwards in front of him, Odin caught the flying man's face for a brief moment, before tensing his fingers to better his grip and slamming the man's face into the ground, cracking a few of the wooden floorboards. The man's angry shouting and Odin's apparent entrance into the proverbial ring had caused the fighting to momentarily cease, with all eyes on Odin as he looked at the angry man at the bar. Gesturing to the now unconscious man at his feet, Odin opened his mouth and spoke, uttering the first words he had since entering the tavern many hours before.

"Don't start with me, you'll lose."

His words echoed throughout the now silent tavern as Odin returned to his chair, his eyes still fixed on the enraged mage. The fighting soon began anew, whether or not Odin joined in was all down to the actions of the man at the bar. It seemed things were about to get a lot more interesting for the dark mage.

#16Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:47 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Right so this quiet evening wasn't going as planned. She was just here to drink, wait for someone and be gone but well first the person never showed up and second she was playing pool with Arisa. Whom mysteriously disappeared a few days before or so. Or was that someone else? She wasn't sure. She looked at Arisa before she noticed that the temperature was getting higher. She rather had the cold. She had her hand on the dagger on her back, which was no longer hidden because she had taken the cloak off and looked around at every person that was getting closer to them, especially to Arisa. Her curves might be there but Arisa was showing them off in her red dress. It was like the walls were melting and it was for the first time in Nasty her life that she found it ashame that she didn't have ice magic.

She kept her eye on the people at the bar, especially because one man wasn't fighting which was suspicious in her eye(s). She noticed how not much later someone knocked into him and he became angry and shoved the person away. That's when it all died down and people started to stare and suddenly turn afraid or so. She grinned a little, this became more interesting even though she didn't plan on it. Her eyes went to the guy that she was certain about: a grimoire heart. Problem was names.. But well if she thought quickly it was easy. It wasn't Nate, it wasn't a girl. Meant two people left that were of interesting. It had to be Lucifer or Black or whatever it was. She was more interesting in this but joining wasn't really an option unless someone got her involved, poking a stick at someone's face didn't entirely worked.

Someone was walking to her from behind and she simply threw the knife without looking, making sure that his shirt was stuck to the wall behind her close to his shoulder. "Don't touch me." She whispered.

#17Káilètte † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:18 am

She was watching Nas as it started to get more roudy around here. It did start with that dude with one covered eye that was by her earlier for some drink, but now everyone seemed to be fighting. Her head turned to the guy she smacked with her pool stick and then looked at the place around her. It was as if everything was moving in slow motion, although it wasn't really. Her golden eyes looked then at Nas who threw a knife at a guy who was going to walk to her. Slowly her eyes looked and scanned her boddy making her smile.

Things were getting out of hand though, there were two options. Was she to join in on this pitiful playful battle or was she to ignore, even leave. She didn't want to leave the side of Nas though for some reason. This felt more alive than she has in awhile. For some reason it was as if her peaceful being was being closed and a new door opened. Tightly she would grip her pool stick with her right hand as her left hand/arm dangled against her side. Her head turned to look more around and took a soft sigh. 'For now...no.' she thought as she would not even bother joining in on this unless of course someone went for her like the last guy. Slowly she bent over on the pool table to take her shot, shooting the white ball at a lined ball to another lined ball, both going in, but sadly a filled color ball went in as well making it Nas's turn. ''Alright Nas, your turn.'' she spoke softly and stood up straight. Slowly she turned around, plopped her butt against the pool table, crossed her arms against her chest and watched everyone as if it was some Live T.V show.

#18Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:03 pm

Jeremiah Ali

Oh? He looks strong but I doubt he's nothing I- WE can't handle

Jeremiah allowed his power to slowly dissipate as he glared at the man with the eye-patch. His display of fighting has proved him capable of being a formidable opponent which was all the evidence Ali needed. "Care to test that theory?" He asked as the man took his seat, only 10 meters away. Now Jeremiah faced him, and discarded anyone else who was in the tavern at the moment. He wasn't even sure where those girls went, though he did hope to see them again- especially the one with the choker. Jeremiah was more than ready to fight, especially since it's been a while since he's had to use The Phoenix on anyone. The people in the tavern seemed to be paying attention to both men as they watched each other closely. Ali already didn't like him, and it seemed like the Phoenix didn't either.

If you fight this man, I urge you to watch him closely. He looks like a witty fellow if I must say. Jeremiah, we absolutely positively do not lose, so do not lose today.

Shut up, I know what I'm doing.

Just Another Day [Open] Haki10
#19Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:39 pm

Odin †

"Care to test that theory?"

Well now, that was an offer indeed, and one Odin didn't feel like ignoring for once. He had been watching the fighting with mild amusement, but now the obviously strongest man, other than Odin himself, in the bar was engaging, and wanting to battle Odin one on one. Snapping his eyes to the girls for a moment, the Grimoire mage saw his guild mate and the girl, Arisa, still at the pool table, not getting involved except from taking care of those few who came near. Typical Grimoire Heart behaviour, and something that normally Odin would follow. Instigate chaos, then stay in the shadows and watch it all occur. No direct fighting unless absolutely necessary, and today it felt necessary even if it wasn't.

Smiling at the man, Odin decided to stay in his seat as he weighed up the situation. It was clear that, if this fight truly happened, Odin would come out victorious, due to his powers, it was simply the question of whather or not he wanted to. He decided to put it to the man, to an extent. Here Odin was, a potentially enemy sitting down while his adversary stood, ready to fight at any time, there was only one thing that needed saying, causing Odin to speak for the second time.

"Oh trust me...it isn't a theory. Feel free to attempt to disprove it though, you'll fail."

#20Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:13 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Really? This was not the rules of Grimoire Heart. Not that she really cared, she was actually rather interesting to see what this guy was planning to do or well what his magic was. She turned around to get her knife back out of the wall and watched the man quickly ran away from her. Just because she was wearing an eyepatch didn't mean that she was blind or so.

"Maybe we should go or you should go." She said to Arisa softly, she knew she was a mage and she didn't doubt or Arisa could handle herself but still, she had no idea what it would be and even though Nasty couldn't care too much, she didn't like to see Arisa hurt. But the bar-guy definitely used some sort of fire magic, she had seen the walls sweat more or less, if only she could spy better with her shadow. She had dropped the pool game almost but since Arisa seemed to be willing to go on, she took the next step and hit the white ball again, looking at the right angle and how she hit two balls in the right corners and unfortunately hit the wrong one after that. It was again Arisa her turn, if she decided to stay.

#21Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
Jeremiah calmed himself before glancing around the room. He didn't know why this man was so confident, but he liked it. Perhaps he had some advantage towards fire magic? Perhaps he was just an elite mage - who knew? Not Miah. The man with the white hair said that Jeremiah was free to try, but was still fairly confident that he would fail. The young fairy turned towards the bar tender and shouted from where he'd been standing. "I apologize for anything that gets destroyed, I will be more than happy to pay for the damages." Then, glaring at the man who spilled his drink on Jeremiah and was thrown into the ground by this mysterious man, he spoke quickly despite the fact that he was unconscious. "M'bad for acting out irrationally." Reaching behind him he picked up a chair , and simply threw it at the man he wanted to fight. "Stand up." If the man was hit with the chair he would prove himself to be worthless because who the hell would get hit with such an obvious object?

I am ready when you are, Ali. Don't hesitate to go all out, there's a lot you can do a lot with 25% of my power.


Just Another Day [Open] Haki10
#22Odin † 

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Odin †

It seemed things were indeed about to get interesting for the young Grimoire mage, as the fire magic user was getting ready to initiate combat within the tavern. Odin was expected to sit and watch as the man shouted over at ther bartender, turning away from Odin to apologise in advance for any damages and stating that he would pay for them and then apologising to the unconscious man who laid at Odin's feet for overreacting. It was irritatingly noble of him, and showed the Grimoire mage he was likely dealing with someone on the other end of the moral compass from himself.

However, Odin was not willing to sit and wait. As the man, Jeremiah, turned away from his opponent to speak to someone else, Odin acted, dashing from his chair to quickly close the small gap between the two men, bringing his right fist up to collide with his target's jaw just as the fire mage turned back around to face his target. It was a simple enough move, but given the fact that his opponent had literally turned away from who he was about to be fighting, there was little chance of avoiding the punch. Some could say that was playing dirty, attacking an off-guard opponent but, in the middle of a tavern brawl, with a dark mage fighting a light, the rules of honour and combat didn't really exist. All that mattered was winning, and winning was what Odin was planning to do. After landing his punch, doing heavy damage to the man's jaw, Odin would bring his left leg to kick him in the side, forcing him to take more damage as the battle began. Odin wasn't planning on using magic, at least not until his foe did too, but all that mattered was that he won.

#23Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya remained, she didn't want to leave, she wanted to see what was going to happen. Most people left her alone after she shot her knife to the guy at the wall, so that was making things a little easier. She crossed her arms and her right eye followed the scenery. She wasn't sure what to do or how to interfere but it was actually quite amusing, she was silently rooting for the Grimoire mage, not only because he was some sort of colleague but because she didn't like the way the other guy apologized to each and everyone. It was fighting or not, no weak ass behaviour please. Besides he talked about things getting destroyed, what was he a Fairy? They were known for their destruction right? She actually didn't care much. She just wanted to see.

Maybe she would push the pool table between them to tell them to move it outside, but she didn't want to bother the grimoire member. It was just a bit annoying if the tavern was destroyed and the Rune Knights came flying. She disliked them more than potentional Fairy Tail members or Blue Pegasus Members or Lamia or anything that was acting like some sweet little person in a world full of darkness. Blergh.

#24Nihil Justus 

Just Another Day [Open] Empty Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:12 pm

Nihil Justus
"They are really excited for the Rune Knights to spoil their fun." The young mage was hiding into a secluded space in order to not enter the battle royale taking place. Nihil, the name which he identified himself, wanted peace and avoided irrationality at all costs. The struggle between all the males located at the tavern was bestial, and the member of Grimoire Heart by the nickname of "grudge" didn't have any intention of entering such triviality, it would cost his own identity. Nihil knew that if the council took his as a testimony, his affiliation with the most wanted guild of Fiore will be revealed. His loyalty was too great for it. He would make sure that no member of his guild would be discovered, so he needed action. Knowing the magician with glasses was one of his comrades, he wanted to warn him about his doings, even thought Nihil didn't interact with the guy. "Stop with this irrational struggle right now." And with these words, Nihil kicked the nearest table and threw it between the two magicians that were fighting. He wanted to follow the dogma of his guild altogether, he would even sacrifice his pride to make sure no rule would be broken. Nihil was young, but he showed the maturity of a fatherly figure. In a calm demeanor, he took his time to say something to the two fighters, warning them about the risks of drawing attention because of unnecessary pride. "If the council comes, both of you will understand what being a prisoner is all about." He stood in place while looking at the two men.

#25Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
Just as Jeremiah threw the chair, his opponent dashed forward from his seat, quickly reaching Jeremiah who was already waiting for him. Nonchalantly Jeremiah swiftly deflected the punch by using his left arm to move his opponents leftwards. If Jeremiah wouldn't have been facing his opponent, he would have been slumped. His right hand simultaneously shotgun jabbed, aiming for his enemy's left jaw. The punch would not only hurt, but could have caused him to stumble. He wanted to see how strong this trouble maker really was. He knew he had something up his sleeve because he wouldn't have been that confident if he didn't. His display of fighting skills would be done quick and efficiently thanks to the guidance of his father, a highly ranked Rune Knight. Jeremiah was ready, and focused - even The Phoenix wasn't talking.

Almost as if the man didn't have any luck, a table hit his leg. The speed in which it moved would be enough for it to lightly bruise it and knock him off balance, but even if it didn't do much, that wasn't important. Whoever sent the table probably intended on stopping the fight from occurring, perhaps a knight? Whoever it was had bad aim because if Jeremiah hadn't halted this guy's movement with a jab to jaw, the table would have missed.

"If the Council-"

Shut up. He quickly said in his mind, ignoring anything the random voice had to say. He had to stay focused, this was a fight for fucks sake. Ali didn't care at all right now who that voice could have belonged too. Nothing was stopping this fight, it was just beginning and Miah could finally let off some steam. Sure it was a crime but Fairy Tail didn't step down to anyone, so that's not what he intended to do. He was ready to have a good time.


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