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Just Another Day [Open]

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#26Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:38 am

Odin †


Odin had timed his first attack incorrectly, resulting in his second not even occurring, and the man getting a chance to react. That was folly on Odin's part: he should've have made his first move his last, but now that was not to be. Cursing as he met eyes with his foe in battle, Odin saw his hand move without him telling and, at the same time, a second hand moved towards Odin's jaw, a fist looking to land the same attack Odin himself had planned, but one which would not connect.

As his right hand was pulled to the man's left, Odin's right, the Grimoire mage would follow, passing under the fist which came to him as he spun under the man's arm, grabbing it as he did so to dislocate the man's arm from the momentum and force of the spin. Currently, Odin would now be standing behind the man, holding the man's arm upright in a diagonal with the man either still standing with a dislocated, or likely broken, arm or bent over, his face now on the table that had apparently appeared where Odin had been. With one hand on the man's left shoulder and the other grabbing the same wrist, Odin would apply slight pressure to the arm, causing the man great discomfort and pain. if he didn't concede there, it was very likely Odin would break his arm. It was all up to the man and, in his focussed state, Odin didn't even notice the other man speaking, a fellow Grimoire that the dark mage recognised, his attention was completely focussed on his enemy.

#27Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:46 pm

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya thought about pushing the pool table in between, but not wanting to block a colleague she hadn't done it. Apparently someone else used another table and she rolled her eyes. Giving advantage to the Hothead. She was watching but the idiot that couldn't help but interfere did it again: "What's it to you?" she called to the guy in the back. A prisoner, it wasn't as if by simply having a brawl you would end in prison. Maybe one night, but most of it would be a warning and a fine or a payment to the owner of the tavern.

Her eyes turned back from the corner to the fight. Interested in to see the development of the fight going and besides it was good to keep an eye on them, to make sure no throwing spells or chairs or tables were suddenly coming her way. Though she got her cloak again and made sure it was attachted to herself as well as the knife back in its holder on her back. She had her hands on her hips now, in a matter of seconds, she could get the knife again.

#28Nihil Justus 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:05 pm

Nihil Justus
"Even if he is not landed to prison, he will hold testimony anyways. To discover his true identity, they would need only one step." He answered his fellow guildmate in a harsh tone that only her would hear. Nihil knew that he should avoid unnecessary attention, it was a necessity for him and his allies. The man with glasses was just fighting like a beast, so the dark mage had to intervene in the battle, but his attempt failed instantly as they continued to fight against each other. Nihil had to hold himself now or he would draw more attention than he actually did, for the sake of some companions he had there. His only option was to watch the fight and determinate their strength, since stopping the battle would be a futile effort. "Whatever we do, both are still fighting like animals, like irrational monsters. They are too focused, stopping these two is impossible now."

#29Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:44 pm

Jeremiah Ali

Jeremiah saw as the man moved to his left just in time to somehow dodge his blow, although he was entirely sure that he should have been hit. Could he read minds? Or perhaps he had the power to see in the future? Whatever he could do made Jeremiah even more excited. The Idea of fighting someone who was on his level or perhaps higher made him all fiery on the inside. Even the Phoenix was itching to see what more this opponent had stored. For the people of the bar, this would be an interesting show. Battle of the fittest between two obviously different people, fighting to see who was the better mage. After the man moved towards Ali's left, his enemy attempted to grab his arm. "Dumb move" he said out loud while he spun and performed a sweep with his left leg towards his enemies feet at a quick pace, quick and with enough force to either trip him and make him fall flat on his back. The sweep was easy to perform since he was able to see his opponent move to evade the blow. Since he was reaching for his right arm, he wouldn't even be able to see his leg move since his back was towards the left side at this point.

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#30Nihil Justus 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:59 am

Nihil Justus
"Well, I'm leaving. Make sure 'he' doesn't get in trouble with 'them'". After whispering to Shadow, the white haired man by the nickname of Grudge walked away from the trouble. He already had enough of watching two drunkards fighting for what is called male pride. Nihil was very analytical, but he couldn't understand the concept of masculinity, it was too irrational for someone like him to adopt such. "This is what they call masculine pride? How stupid." Grudge had no time for such trivial matters, so he decided to leave before he enters into trouble, but he made sure to remember this guy with tanned skin before vanishing from their view; not like he moved from this place to another by using teleportation, something he didn't have, it was just his silhouette disappearing.


#31Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:03 am

Odin †

What had started as a lucky dodge had now fallen apart as a plan. Odin had moved as intended to get behind his opponent, only to receive a sweep from his opponent's hidden leg, one that had been completely out of Odin's view. Not having seen it coming, there was no way to avoid it as Odin tripped and fell back to the ground, his eyes locked on his opponent as he quickly scrambled to his feet and backed away, keeping his body aimed towards his foe to avoid any unwanted surprises. Now backed up, roughly the same distance they were before the battle began, Odin had a chance to re-evaluate his opponent: how he moved, his skill in battle (which currently seemed to be higher than Odin's) and how best to counter him. For now, the plan would simply be to wait for an attack to come his way, to observe and then counter. Despite how it had gone until now, Odin was not going to lose. With Nastasya and the rest of the tavern watching, Odin refused to either bring shame upon his guild or himself.

#32Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:56 pm

Jeremiah Ali
As Jeremiah's eyes locked onto his opponents, he immediately brought his fist downward to strike the place where he learned the solar plexus was in the human body. The position both men were in made it easy for the Fairy to throw a blow with full strength. His intentions were clear, or at least they should have been clear to whoever was watching the fight. He was going to knock out his opponent. Thanks to the man attempting to get up, it would allow Jeremiah's fist to hit the target quicker. The hit would most likely land thanks to this mysterious man, but this was a magical world where people could do magical things such as teleportation or completely vanishing. If this man couldn't do any of these things, then it was safe to say that this fight would end. The bar was quiet. The people anticipated what would happen next. Ali's enemy talked big but he didn't seem to be as strong as you'd assume. Perhaps magically he was a genius, but physically he was obviously lacking in skill. Oh well, people shouldn't talk so tough if you aren't good at backing it up ya know.

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#33Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:57 am

Odin †


With his back on the floor, and his eyes on his opponent, Odin could do nothing to stop the punch which was thrown into his solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him and slowing, but not completely stopping, his attempts to stand up. But that punch was the final straw, and Odin wasn't willing to accept any more. But it wasn't Odin's decision, as the young dark mage was now gone. He hadn't physical moved, but he had mentally left the battle, to be replaced with what only could be decribed as a demon. The demon. Lucifer Morningstar had joined the fight.

The moment the punch hit Odin, his body began to change, almost as a response to the attack. Within a brief moment his form was completely different, and he had taken on the form of the demon himself. From his head, two horns grew, as ripped wings sprouted from his back and brimstone covered his limbs. His skin changed colour to a fiery orange, and his eyes glowed a deep red, all of which happening almost instantly. And the moment after Lucifer had arrived he acted, placing his palm in front of him, aimed at his opponent, as he fired out a palm-shaped blast of fire, straight towards the opponent, who would currently be too close to avoid it. If he had moved in response to Odin activating the TakeOver form, the spell would be aimed at wherever the man now was. But, if he still stood in directly in front of and almost on top of Lucifer, the blast would be point blank, leaving almost no time to react.

If successful in driving his opponent back, and causing a bit of damage, Lucifer would get onto his feet properly, and back away from his opponent, speaking in a deep voice that sounded like Odin's, but also not. A deep, angered voice full of malice and deceit, the perfect fusion of man and demon.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, short as it may be."


#34Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 25, 2016 5:16 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
As boring as it might seem she was just watching, Grudge or whatever his name was had a point. It was dangerous to just fight here but he didn't get the point. It wasn't as if they knew who Lucifer was, he wasn't wearing his mask, he was just being himself. Which wasn't really all that smart but they wouldn't just imprison him, maybe she just had to make sure that the bartender wouldn't want them in prison but just get money for the damage in his tavern. They could afford that, but they couldn't afford to be exposed.

She was still standing, alone, next to the pool table. She couldn't say his name, nor his nickname, that would show that she was an acquaintance. She was looking at how Grudge left and what the Bartender was doing, when she saw him turn very pale. With a quick adjusting moment of her eyes, she looked at Lucifer, whom changed into a demon.. or well it must have been his magic. It might have been an option to throw Odin out when he was still Odin but this was going to be a lot more difficult. Her eyes turned back to the pool table. She was certain that the Rune Knights were coming now sooner than ever. She had to do something.

She took a few steps closer, passed the table. Her eyes fixed on Lucifer and the dagger still in her right hand. "Take it outside." she said and her eyes swifted towards the Fairy guy, or well the guy she made a Fairy Tail member in her head. "You can avoid damages and casualties if you take it outside." But most of all, it would be just a brawl and nothing with casualties and it would make it much saver for Lucifer. His looks might have been known. Did she have to calm him down? Did she had to smash a bottle or something on the back of the guys head?

#35Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:18 am

Jeremiah Ali
You see, Jeremiah was actually interested in this mysterious man. It seemed physically he was inferior, but it may have been a different story when it came to magic, that's why he didn't strike with full force. If he had done so, he would have knocked this man out no doubt. Just has his punch landed he saw as the males body began to change but instead waiting to see see what he was turning into, he simply leapt back but in the process changing his form as well, unleashing the Phoenix without the beast forcing him to do so. By the time Ali landed, he was no longer himself and the attack that came his way was to quick for him to dodge, so he took the attack head on.Fire. The Phoenix stood proudly as the attack did nothing Standing in front of the Phoenix was a demon or some type of monster. As the being spoke, the Phoenix put more distance between them and analyzed, trying to at least figure something out about him. The only thing he truly knew right now, was that this...beast used fire magic.

"Hopefully you're a better fighter than your host." With there now being a 5 meter difference between the two beasts, he could hear as a female was brave enough to step up towards the two beings, asking them to take it outside. With his eyes still parked onto his opponent, the flaming bird could only say one thing. "Destruction makes the battle look better. Move." It's been a while since the Phoenix fought someone worthy of his battle expertise so he was relieved to be able to showcase his skills. Not only was it dark outside of the bar, but instead the bar was silent, but the fear of the regular people here was louder than ever. The Phoenix liked it. Although not in his physical body, Ali was still there - this time playing the role that the Phoenix usually played. Take your time. I want to see how this man reacts if and when the rune Knights come.


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#36Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:10 am

Odin †

Moments after saying his words to his opponent, Luicifer felt the gaze of another rest on his form, but not in the fearful way everyone else was currently watching him. Nastasya approached, knife in hand, almost threateningly telling Lucifer to take the fight outside, while giving the Light mage reasons to go outside that she knew meant very little to Lucifer or Odin. Threats of casualties were what made enclosed public fights interesting, but Nastasya did have a point. It was one thing for Lucifer to fight someone and defeat an opponent in a good battle but, at the end of the day, Odin was a Grimoire Heart mage, and Grimoire had rules, the biggest of which being not to arouse suspicion or be found out for who you were. At this point, the TakeOver had already been seen by the public, but currently there were no Rune Knights around to see what had occured. There was still time to uphold the tenets of the guild, and as much as both Odin and Lucifer were not team players, these were a set of rules he had no choice but to follow.

Odin was consumed by rage, and at this point Odin would not care what happened so long as he got to kill his opponent. That was why Lucifer was so useful at these times, to keep the level head when necessary, and to know when not to attack. Against normal foes, the enraged Odin could tear them apart without any issues, but this opponent was far from normal, especially as he seemed to control a power similar to Lucifer, but not a demon. From the looks of it, a bird of fire, a Phoenix, had consumed the man, changing his form and no doubt giving him a similar ability as Lucifer gave Odin. The fire effectively bounced off of the man, who would no doubt possess a similar resistance to his element that Lucifer had.

As well as having a new form, Lucifer's opponent also possessed a new voice, and clearly thought quite highly of himself, as he told Nastasya simply to move, indicating that this new form didn't care about casualties either, which meant this was going to be tough. Lucifer would have to end this battle soon to avoid any contact with the Rune Knights, the only question was how best to proceed. Attacking the man head on failed for Odin, and Lucifer was not willing to initiate any similar experience, so he'd wait for an attack. There was enough distance between them to see any attack coming, and no fire attacks from this man could hurt Lucifer in this form, that much he knew. A physical assault was all that could hurt either of them, but before he did that, Lucifer simply raised two fingers up, almost like a peace sign but much more interesting, although no one but Lucifer could know what he was plotting.

"Well that's no way to talk to a lady, especially one so pretty. I think I preferred the other guy, at least he looked like he could provide a challenge, as opposed to the slightly well cooked chicken I'm now stuck with."

#37Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:46 pm

Jeremiah Ali
The beast that became of the man, and the man who was once the beast were two totally different people if it wasn't obvious enough. Not only physically did they differ, but the way they spoke differed as well. For only a moment the two giants were silent, seemingly analyzing each other before the actual battle began. The ugly beast began to speak, but at this point the Phoenix didn't care what the demon had to say. Once he saw two fingers arise, he dashed forward. At the moment he survived on the fact that he was immune to fire, meaning he had to close the distance between him and the monster if he truly wanted to win. Focused, he moved, but as he dashed towards his enemy, fire raged from his retrices setting everything directly behind him ablaze. When he successfully closed the gap between him and his opponent in no more than a second, his right fist would dart upward, attempting to uppercut the mysterious being. His wings were well beside him and took no physical form, so if he was countered or something else arose, he was always ready o protect himself. There will be no talking, so any dialogue he thought would be said after raising those fingers wouldn't. Those fingers were the start to the fight, I mean how could it not be? He didn't know what this thing was capable of and he didn't want to take any chances. Thanks to the fire behind him, it would cause everything else to catch fire, being the cause of people inside the bar running and screaming out hoping to not be injured or worse. Surely the Rune Knights would be here soon.


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#38Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:26 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
She totally ignored the chicken or whatever fireball thing that Fairy became because she wasn't talking to him or because of him. The only reason she said to take this outside was to prevent Odin from doing anything stupid. Which remained that the fireball still didn't want to go outside and that made it a tad difficult. On the other hand, she could come up with some solutions, if only no one was watching her. Which was some sort of true since well who would watch a girl or a lady when there were two sort of monsters there.. easy guess.

With one last look on Lucifer and a smile towards him she left. She went to the door and decided if they wouldn't take it outside, she would have to take out the Rune Knights. With her back against the tavern, close to the door, she blend in completely with the shadows and it was now time to play with the pathetic little knights that might be coming soon. She was alert for that and waiting to catch their shadows.


#39Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:27 am

Odin †

It seemed Lucifer was not being given the chance to speak, as the beast in front of him dashed the moment Lucifer raised two fingers, getting right towards Lucifer in about the span of a second, roughly as fast as Odin and Lucifer himself but that also meant fast enough to easily counter. The beast had stayed low in his dash, and was no doubt going to attack from below, which Lucifer saw. The low dash turned into an uppercut that was aimed to knock Lucifer off his feet, but it was avoided by the demon stepping his right foot to be behind his left and moving with his body to stand perpindicular to his opponent, but this did not last. The moment his right foot touched the ground behind his left, and Lucifer knew the uppercut was avoided, the demon would send a punch directly to the man's nose, just as the Phoenix creature would be rising with his fist. The fist was a straight punch, using all the force Lucifer possessed to both burst and potentially break the man's nose if it connected, which is seemed very likely to do.

#40Odin † 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:45 am

Odin †

The dodge succeeded, and the punch connected, knocking the man back and heavily bruising his nose, causing it to become a purple blue colour and swell up to a larger size. It looked painful, and the Phoenix had been knocked back and was seemingly unconscious from the single punch. How pathetic... It was at this point that Lucifer, the great demon of chaos and carnage, would end the battle and kill his opponent, but he simply left the tavern, amused at the unconscious Rune Knight's dotted around the area in front of the tavern. He made a mental note to thank Nastasya when next they met. His reasons for leaving were simple: the Phoenix was a proud creature, and clearly loved himself. Leaving him alive in the knowledge that he had lost would be a greater pain than actually killing him, and that was what Lucifer intended to cause. Deactivating his form and smirking, having now calmed down from his previous rage, Odin continued down the streets of Crocus, deciding it may be time to leave the great capital.


#41Jeremiah Ali 

Just Another Day [Open] - Page 2 Empty Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:21 am

Jeremiah Ali
Jeremiah was in the heat of the moment, and as he swung his fist he saw his opponent side-step. Perfect opportunity to make another attack land but then something ironic happened. The fiery beast froze up, sending a large cold flash through his entire body, converting him back to Jeremiah's human body. Unluckily, his nose was met with a fist, causing him to stumble backwards. The young Fairy fell to the ground but not on his back, instead his arms caught himself and for a moment he was dizzy, almost unconscious as he could hear voices around him. A couple moments later people were around him, helping him up as the demon left the tavern by crashing through the wall and jetting out like a little girl. With one eye open, Miah stood up and darted the same way the demon did, but this time not getting his attention, staying low and hiding behind various things to successfully protect himself. After he left the tavern he heard as rune knights entered, but by then him and his opponent were gone. Jeremiah wanted to know who this man was, and why was he in such a rush to leave?

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