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Rotten Dreams [Solo | Training]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
The sun was already setting which was a good thing for Nastasya was done sitting inside and daydreaming about things that didn't make her really happy. Most of her stuff was packed but she wasn't actually sure how long she would stay in Oak and if she would return. She send some packages already through her home in Orchidia, where she had never been and which didn't make her happy about the whole idea of moving. She got so used to Oak Town. On the other hand, she was pretty much done here and besides, messages had arrived that it was time for some action, meaning she would have to leave Oak anyways.

She stared at the clothing that was around in her room. Like a tornado. It was just difficult to pick clothing especially since she now dressed differently. She had new clothes already thrown out and when she thougth about that, her whole mood darkened that Victoire wanted to get away from her. She quickly scratched her one and only faithful companion behind her ears to make sure Victoire relaxed, she certainly didn't deserve a companion such as Nastasya especially not with her foul vampire mood swings. She clenched her fist and finished packing the last of clothing and fall back on her bed.

The last couple of days had made her think a lot. Her mistakes that she made and not only by saying a name out loud. Icarus still hadn't visited her and she was perfectly fine with that. She had remembered something during some of her stupid adventures, stupid plans, stupid things that unfolded. Reyn. She didn't know why or how but her eyes immediately filled with tears. She wiped one away and stared at the tear on her left indexfinger and she quickly put her hands in front of her face. She wasn't going to think about it. She didn't know what happened to Reyn or where he was, he wasn't important. It was four years ago. She yelled out loud, she couldn't care if people heard her, if Victoire whimpered because of the idea. She felt a rage going through her.

She couldn't stop screaming until there was no longer a sound coming out of her troat from all the screaming. That's when she let go of the magic energy that she was calling upon, without actually noticing she did that. She had too much magical energy for her own good and a spear made out of blood came out of her pores of the left hand that she raised up to the roof of her room and a one by one meter sphere appeared and slammed against the ceiling, it exploded and she dropped herself of the bed to avoid the splintering of the ceiling coming on top of her, she had indicated Victoire very fast in that moment and covered the fox with her body. Only a few scratches appeared on her but most was fine. After all it as her own spell that didn't harm her, it was the after effect.

She heard someone knocking on the door, "Miss Oswald?" her fake name repeating times and times before someone finally managed to open the door, "Miss Oswald are you alright?" She quickly had to lie, "You would expect that being on the third floor was safe for weirdos out there." Two of the staff ran towards the windows to check, a third helped her up and she looked at the damage that she created. No one needed to know.

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Rotten Dreams [Solo | Training] KTbQ0X3N_o
#2Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
The lies kept coming and for some reason, she was still trying to hid the tears that were in the corner of her eyes. She had not expected that she would be able to cry. Since she was undead and all now but it was very annoying. The things that were swirling in her mind, decisions and things that she would normally have ran away from and lies. She kept acting as Lilja Oswald so much that she had no idea what was going on. It was like Lilja Oswald started to live her own live. Being a freelancer, having a job in Oak town, almost a boyfriend. She felt like she needed to puke now which is a very conspiracy theory for a vampire. She was guided by one of the staff members from the hotel that she was staying in and Victoire followed the two of them. He brought her to one of the meeting rooms and he said that he would do everything to make her room as good as new and find the bastard that did it. She nodded and he left her with a glass of water and Victoire.

"I'm sorry Vic. I should have known." Nastasya said to apologize to the fox. It was good that Victoire seemed to be okay with it but she wasn't really happy and also Nastasya could understand that. She needed to do something, she needed to get the frustration out of her body. She threw the water into one of the plants and walked to the door and onto the service desk up front of the hotel, "I'm going for a walk but thanks again for the help." again Lilja. It was as if Lilja became the most functional part of the two of them and that definitely felt infuriating as well as simply annoying.

So Nastasya needed the air and Victoire followed suit. They would walk all the way back to the mountains if she didn't have said she was leaving for a short while. A walk wouldn't take hours. The road to the mountains would already take a bit longer than thirty minutes. So the forest would do fine, most people were probably asleep by now. When she passed a street light she stared at the shadow without corporeal body and she knew. It wasn't her mother, Lilja Crowe had a skinny body and wasn't that tall or broad. Victoire seemed to walk as if she couldn't see or didn't care about the shadow but Nastasya couldn't, "Reyn?" Was all she could ask and it looked as if the shadow nodded, she didn't understand why she was crying because she couldn't remember much about Reyn but she quickly ran away from him, following Victoire into the woods that held no lights and thus couldn't show shadows.

It was like the devil was hunting her and that was funny for she didn't believe in that anymore since the day she died and returned to the living. She could still remember that pain but it was something she could hold on to. She found the spot that she had bumped into Yumi before and where she had helped training her for as far as she could, she was a lot weaker there than she was now. She narrowed her eyes, she could see the forest perfectly in the night as well as Victoire since well she was a fox, they hunted at night right?

she didn't want to sit down, she had never used the spell before that she had used to destroy her ceiling in the hotel. She held up her hand and cracked her neck one time to the left and one time to the right. The sound was very loud in the quiet forest, "Okay Nast focus." Lilja isn't here, but she didn't say that part out loud. She felt the blood move through her veins as she focused on her mana and the blood came out of her pores instead of her making a wound in one of her fingers. She thought about what happened before an formed the one by one sphere again and threw it through the trees at one Elm that she had her eyes on. The sphere exploded and destroyed some bark and tiny trees and bushes in the radiance of three by three. Victoire was at least safely behind her, "Unbelievable." Nastasya muttered as she had never made something like that before. She should work on another spell but she couldn't come up with anything. Maybe she needed more inspiration from life?

She nodded and thought about her room again, what they were probably doing and in came a stupid idea but she wasn't going to stop because of stupid ideas, she first wanted to focus on getting her magic without making wounds. She closed her eyes and let the red lights of the magical power of her blood magic play as waves of the ocean around her. Victoire hid behind a tree because she apparently didn't like it. Which made sense but it felt like she got a whole lot stronger with just that and she also felt the difference between her mana from when she was fighting Caius and Odin and now. She clenched her fist and her eyes that had been closed opened now with an angry look in her face. She formed a hammer in her right hand and with a yell she threw it at another tree because why not and she felt so stupid about being so emotional. It was not something she normally did and she remembered how stupid emotional she had done when she first met Kenny. She would again puke about the whole idea if she could.

She shook her head heavily from left to right. She had spoken to Yumi recently and she should definitely work on those emotions but she didn't really understand what was happening. It asn't Kenny but was there someone else that made her feel this way. She clenched her first, no. She wouldn't allow it. Her eyes turned big as she stared at the spot of distruction, that was the whole reason.. why she killed Reyn. She shook heavily as she got up from the ground, she hadn't even noticed that she had some sort of fallen down, it had just happened. She stared at the ground, left and right but there were obviously no answers and again she shook her head, she didn't need to hold herself. It was in the past and the moment she needed to talk to the shadow she would, but not now.

She wondered out loud what spell would be a good thing. She used to be able to walk through walls, but that was because she was a shadow. She thought about a replacement about that and she tapped her foot again as she had done back than but she had also created a walking shadow, her own would go away but that never happened anymore. She decided that the gravity part would make it difficult and she could feel the blood in her body stir and move to her feet and her mind was about walking walls and other objects that were a perfect surface. It felt very scary as she walked to a tree and placed her right foot on there, all that was left was to lift up her left and move on. Of course the first time she simply fell and that made her even more grumpy but she would try and try again and it worked as she was finally standing horizontal on the tree and stare at Victoire on the ground with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She could simply walk back and stop the spell by tapping the floor again and she grinned, well at least something positive happened. With that she could walk back to the hotel to see if the room was already fixed. She didn't need to sleep in the night but she had to pack and leave for Era.

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Rotten Dreams [Solo | Training] KTbQ0X3N_o

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