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Drama and mishaps [Nas:Tori]

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Drama and mishaps [Nas:Tori] Empty on Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:40 pm


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Arisa looked above the sky so high, stars that shined so bright with all their might and the cooling wind that passed by. Truly what was she thinking to be out this late at night? Nothing was really open besides the obvious bars. Never was there a bar though that was twenty-four hours open as the bars only had two more hours left. Two. The number two had a lot of meaning to it. More than what people would think. Two to tango, two for couples, two when the bar closes always and two...A lot of things had to do with two. Her wide hips swayed as she walked towards the bar as once again, it was the only thing open. It being midnight, a lot of people were sleeping. It was a perfect time for her to go drink. Less people there, the less shit that would happen. She was wearing leather pants with a black tank top. Truly Arisa didn't feel like wearing a jacket today so her bare smooth arms were showing as well as her beautiful curves. Covering her feet were some sandals made out of black silk and wood.

Pitty patter, pitty patter~

Her heart was beating rather fast as she remembered the last time she went to get a drink. Her memory recalled Maarschalk and their moment that was rather sociable. What happened next? That would come later within her list of things to think of. She took a deep breather while her hand pressed against the bar door. Truly it was the same as last time. People in here, but not too many. Slowly she walked and looked around for a seat. Something made her stop suddenly as something felt familiar, yet she wasn't highly sure. Arisa was in her normal cream colored skin tone, brown long hair that wasn't tied in a ponytail this time and golden hues that looked forward.

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Nastasya Crowe
She hadn't been awake that long. Her hotel had a lot to offer but it was rather boring to stay there all the time, so she didn't. She rubbed her eyes one more time, looked at Victoire getting off the bed and walk to the door. She took one last glance through her hotel room and made her way out. She was wearing a light pink dress, which was covered with lace formed like flowers and reached just below her knees. She hated this dress but she had to wear something that would fit the outgoing life and it looked rather nice with her hair that looked more red than purple as before.

She was hungry but not thinking about blood. She was craving for pizza, or sushi and even though it didn't taste the same anymore and the after effect was horrible, she was craving it for the whole day or well for the two hours that she was awake and had done nothing but make-up, brushing her hair, throwing clothing around and so on. Which had become a rather big habit of hers now she was planning to stay a little longer, it was extra stupid if you considered that someone might come and visit her. She sighed and shook her head as she walked passed people, what was a nice person that wouldn't be missed? She stared at them looking bored or maybe tired, but it was mainly bored. In the end she shrugged a bit and together with Victoire walked to a bar, she could maybe find someone that was drunk and drink his or her blood tonight and let the person live. If she wouldn't go crazy again, which would be a possibility that happened far too often to her liking.

She was sitting at a table with two other girls whose name she had already forgotten because these two were more boring than two flies.. Which said a lot, they were complaining and drinking but not yet drunk enough. Nast asked to excuse herself and hopped out of the chair and walked to the bar to order something to drink herself. Drinking wasn't that much of a problem but food, it was a shame.

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Tori Lancaster
Laying in bed at her hotel and unable to fall asleep, Tori tried for what seemed like hours to force eyes to close and stay closed, but to no avail. The Fairy Tail mage was restless. A lot had transpired over the last few days, and most of it had happened underneath the moonlight so her body had gotten used to it. She was never a night owl per se, but her time in Era was slowly making her that way. Giving up on sleep for the time being, Tori decided to take a stroll throughout town. Who knows? Maybe Mrs. Right was somewhere in Era at this very moment, looking for her.

Deciding to go with a casual type of attire, Tori threw on one of her nicer shirts. A plain white tee, but looked like a dress shirt when under her denim jacket. Pulling up a pair of nice jeans, she checked herself in the mirror and played with her hair for a moment before approving of her own image and setting off.

It seemed as if Era was slowing dying for the night. Most of the merchants had cleared the streets and most of the stores were darkened during their closing hours. The problem was that she didn't want to walk all night long, but there was nowhere to sit. After walking for about 20 minutes, Tori spotted a bar with its lights and music giving life to the nighttime scene. It didn't seem too terribly crowded, but wasn't a ghost town either so Tori decided why not. Maybe she would at least find someone to talk to for a little bit. Better than walking around town all night alone.

Walking in, Tori found a table near the bar that had just emptied out. She took a seat as it was being cleared from its previous customers and simply looked over the crowd. She was unsure of how the bar scene really operated, truthfully, as she had never entered such an establishment before. She had tried alcohol before but didn't much care for the twinge in her throat. She did decide she was a bit hungry though, and reached for the menu in the middle of the table to peruse the options. Trouble was that she had no idea what some of the stuff was. She could tell much of it was fried, but she had lived on a farm for most of her life and you don't do much deep-frying. Looking up, she noticed a girl sitting only a couple of chairs away from her at the bar. Her reddish-purple hair matching her pink dress very well under the dimmed lights on the ceiling. "Excuse me, miss?" she called out to get the woman's attention. "I've never had most of the food offered here. If there anything in particular you'd recommend?" the blonde questioned. She knew it was weird to ask another patron rather than an employee, but that's how one meets new people right?


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Arisa would look forward to see the people among her eyes. Something felt missing being here. What was it? 'Snap out of it. The person isn't here.' the girly voice spoke as it appeared in her thoughts. What was this voice? It wasn't like the other one, the darker one. Where was she? She tried to hide her sorrowful thoughts as she had a calm expression upon her cream colored face and full lips. Slowly she walked forward as she went towards the counter with drinks. If it had to be, she people who stared and tried to talk to her if any. Every step there would be a click-clack from her boots.

Soon Arisa would be upfront of the counter, next to some girl who was getting a drink. Something was strange though as if she met this person. The same smell of which came from the potion. Minty Who was she now from her past? Perhaps someone that she didn't know anyways? She truly didn't know, but for now she'd get her drink. ''I'll have some cheeseballs and sugar covered strawberries.'' she'd order in her calming cold tone. Her body leaned forward while her elbows rested against the bartenders counter. Her head tilted up to look at the tender, waiting. Not so far away, Arisa would listen in on a conversation from a short haired blonde and the woman who had that minty smell to her. Maybe she'd find out what she wanted to know, maybe she won't.


Truly it was unknown to who the woman was as it could be her friend, but there really wasn't any proof of her being the friend. She'd finish her drink after so long and with that she knew she had to leave. Sighing softly with a sharp turn-around, Arisa would then leave the place.


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Tori Lancaster
After waiting a moment with no acknowledgement from the lady in pink, Tori withdrew back to herself and continued to peruse the menu on her own. She still had no idea what most of this food was, so she figured she would stick with something familiar for now. When her server arrived, she simply ordered some french fries and a glass of water, not trying to build up a large tab since she wasn't going to be staying much longer. She felt herself getting tired before the waitress returned with her food. Eating slowly, she looked around and didn't much care for the atmosphere of the place. It was fine and all, but it was no Fairy Tail guild hall. The guild was so much more alive than this place. Granted, it was the middle of the night but either way, the ice mage had no desire to stay. Finishing her plate and leaving a generous tip, the blonde made her way back to her hotel to finally fall asleep and begin a new day.


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