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Confessions or so [Odin]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Confessions or so [Odin] Empty Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:04 am

Nastasya Crowe
Her third White Claudia had been an entirely different situation than the first and second. Not even once did the shadow showed up as it had done the previous times nor her mother. Which was a good thing. Kept herself a little bit more secret for Odin but than again more or less her bigger secret was outed. She knew or well she guessed that Odin was smart enough to put two and two together. After she had answered his question about her buying stuff at Mabuz his shop. Now it was time to really explain. Something she had wanted to already about a month ago.

She had asked Odin if there was a private spot at the swineherd. As he owned it, it wasn't probably all that difficult. Together they headed there and she let him guide her to a empty room if it was necessary. She didn't know very well where to start. So it was probably the best to just cut the case and start about the obvious: "About a month ago I was bitten and turned into a vampire myself." What more could she say, she would be more or less waiting for questions. But well it felt so left in the open that she quickly added a few extra words, "Mabuz is making blood pills. Hoping it would stop the urge to drink blood. Up till now it doesn't work. He suspects it but isn't a hundred percent sure. Nothing has a taste anymore. Eating even became rather difficult. But I try to act as if I am still.. human." It was the first time she said it out loud that she wasn't human and it actually did hurt her own feelings. She didn't see a positive thing in this change yet. Something she did. Most times she didn't. She clenched her first. She felt also kind of stupid. Being turned into one. On the other hand the vampire that did it wanted to kill her, unfortunately for him he was the dead one now.

Confessions or so [Odin] KTbQ0X3N_o

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This was not how Odin had expected this day to go. He had woken up with a letter from Dr. Mabuz, another request which was completely normal, or as normal as it could be for Mabuz. The quest required both Odin and Nastasya to take a serum that would show them what they both feared the most. Odin had been sucked into a room that shrank, showing him his biggest fear of being trapped with no escape. Luckily, for both Odin and Nastasya, he had managed to get out before doing any real damage, that was the big issue with the fear. Unlike most, Odin didn't lose all sense and cower into a corner, he was a warrior. Instead, he lost all reason and lashed out, becoming a frightening monster that would stop at nothing to get out, even going so far as killing any and all who were in the way. Fortunately it hadn't come to that, but that wasn't the biggest revelation of the quest.

Vampire, the word felt strange to say, even think, as it echoed in Odin's mind. Sure, he had heard stories, everyone had, of the fearful creatures who roamed the night, preying on the innocent to suck their blood and help sate their insatiable hunger. That was what Odin had witnessed when his partner had opened her door. Corpses littering the room, a crazed animal-like version of Nastasya... feeding on the blood that painted the room.

And now here they both were, the demon and the vampire, having walked back from the quest to a private conference room known only to Odin himself inside the Swineherd Pub. They would not be disturbed while they were here, and this wouldn't be a conversation that one would want to have interrupted.

A month ago, that's how long it had been since she had been turned, before any of the missions the two of them had completed as a pair. All that time, and not once did Odin notice any changes, not once did he ask, not once did she say. The dark mage would sit in silence in the room which comprised of two chairs and a small table. Odin simply waited until Nastasya had finished speaking before opening his own mouth, having known what to ask since she finished speaking.

"Why pretend to be a human when you are one no longer? You're a vampire, you are not a human, Nastasya. Now tell me exactly what this new race allows you to do. I know the negatives: sunlight, blood et cetera, now tell me what you can do."

#3Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
She had never been really nervous about a lot of things. It was mostly that she knew that she shouldn't make mistakes. It was nothing to be worried or nervous about, she just had to be careful and thoughtful. Something she was focused on a lot of times. She was a thinker, not a fighter in the first place. Although her instinct lately was turning to the predator version. Which was logical if you would consider what she had gone through.

She had decided from a few days after the change that she wanted to tell Odin. But it never really happened because she didn't take those steps or something else happened. There were moment that she was so close to telling but at the days of their jobs, they walked away too fast again.

She was finished speaking and her lilac eyes tried to look every where except at Odin. She didn't really understand why she was so nervous, she had told someone else. At that moment she had told in anger and stupidity. She had done that a lot but well that didn't change anything at the moment.

His question, came actually as a surprise. She wanted to say something but all she got was a fish effect. "Because.. Because.." she started, not sure what to actually say, how to form her thoughts, which was a weird thing to think. "I thought for now that it was smarter to go with the Human act because it wouldn't be something special. You know, I was afraid I would stand out." She took a deep breath after saying that. He was right, but if she wanted to keep a secret identity, she had to remain a secret in total. But there was more to the question, the positive side of being a vampire. "Oh well the positive sides are that I'm silent. Like most people don't hear me coming when I walk around in the hotel, even if I wear heels. I can see through spells, like I can simply see them, no matter what. I can see people who bleed from quite a distance. I don't know exactly how far. And uhm.. well I now use blood magic?" Which she really had to continue training and make new spells.

Confessions or so [Odin] KTbQ0X3N_o

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As expected, Nastasya had no reaction to his question. In fact, it was quite the contrary, with her body going effectively numb as she only spluttered out words instead of forming any coherent sentences. Odin had expected this reaction from his guild mate, due to the nature of his question. Nastasya had been expecting some exclamation of fear, anger, or at least some kind of emotion. What she got instead was a calm question that she hadn't planned a response to, despite how true it was. She was a pretender, a vampire trying to pretend she was still a human, but she wasn't. She was not a human, she was a thing, and it, now. She hadn't yet accepted that fact, saying that she felt like referring to herself as human would help her not stand out. It was pitiful almost, although Odin stayed quiet until she had finished stating what it was she could now do.

Silent moving, enhanced sight, and new improved form of magic, using blood. It seemed that whatever her issues involving blood and the sun were greatly outweighed by the positives of her new abilities, causing Odin to nod as she listed them off, before finally speaking.

"Nastasya, don't be so fucking pathetic, or I'll kill you myself. You have new abilities, and you have become a different person. Everything has a cost, and it sounds like yours was a pretty good trade off, although we'll need to test out this new magic of yours soon. You'll probably need to get Icarus to change your name though, Shadow just doesn't work as well anymore. Oh, and if you ever try to feed on me, I will kill you without hesitation, that is the only warning you'll receive."

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Nastasya Crowe
Why was she actually convinced someone would understand her way of thinking? They either laughed or apparently pathetic. She was glad that her hands were on her lap, underneath the table. She clenched her fist, what.. pathetic? Really she was getting angry at this conversation, it wasn't like she knew what to do so he couldn't simply command her. She had stayed hidden for the sake of Grimoire Heart. People could easily connect the dots if the girl was a vampire and the vampire was doing the things her guild was doing. Humans weren't that stupid!

She didn't say anything, her jaw simply was shut from remaining to say some things. She ahd hoped he would understand, she had thought.. stupid thoughts. As always she was more disappointed in something she had expected, that would never happen. She should have known, she knew Odin a bit better thanks to the many jobs they had done, why would she expect something else. It was better than crying, that was pathetic, but she wasn't, she was angry.

She rolled her eyes when he was done talking, "Are you done? Cuz that was pathetic too. Warning me to not bite you, no shit." damn this guy, damn them all. She didn't need them, and they obviously didn't need her. She should continue on her own, her own plans, she stared at the white fox that was in the room looking and sniffing around, okay maybe the two of them but Victoire was no human, neither was she herself. "I know that I got a few new amazing abilities, I don't blame that, I don't want to lose that I don't mind being a vampire. I just don't want people to put two and two together. I have been too long in Oak to simply change everything immediately. That would be something that the hotel staff and many people I see in the village might notice. I did it to be careful. However as soon as I go to another town I am no longer going to take on that act." Of course she was simply a thing, simply an object needed for Grimoire Heart, only needed for strength and power and magic. So that needed to be seen. She refrained from sighing, what else had she expected. She always had handled it that way, was she becoming soft simply because of some happenings?

The only thing that she hadn't thought about was a new nickname, Shadow was fine to her. As she was still silent and could see fine in the dark, she was like a hidden shadow, but not entirely the same as she had been before. Did people in Grimoire Heart change nicknames? She would think about it.

Confessions or so [Odin] KTbQ0X3N_o

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Heh, it seemed that Odin's words had really upset Nastasya, as she called he himself pathetic for his threats of killing her, as she thought it obvious. Odin didn't really care, he was more interested in the fact that he had spoken. It was strange how much could change just by saying some things. Humans, and vampires too, were clearly very fragile beings, not just physically, but emotionally too. Odin didn't see a need to react as after being called pathetic, allowing Nastasya to say whatever it was that she wanted to, which soon came out.

Apparently she really liked her new vampire powers, and wouldn't give them up even if she was offered. The reason she had pretended to be human even when she wasn't was simply due to the fact that she was trying not to make it obvious to the people in Oak town that she was now a vampire, because apparently everyone would be able to find out that she was a vampire, which definitely wasn't true. Whatever was going through Nastasya's head, Odin couldn't explain it, nor would he bother trying to. From what he had worked out, she was happy with her new powers, and pretending that she was still human was just a façade. She also seemingly had control over her urges, something Odin wasn't completely sure about, but that was nothing to do with Nastasya, Odin just didn't trust anyone that could instantly turn and attack without warning because of an uncontrollable hunger for blood. It was another reason to distrust her, no matter what gifts she now possessed. It mattered little who she was when in control, she had the potential to become a monster, and so Odin had to be wary, not to mention ready to kill her at a moment's notice.

"Whatever you say. At the end of the day you are now stronger, so that's all that really matters."

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Nastasya Crowe
She wasn't really in the happy mood after the White Claudia incident bu tthat was just in general and of course the fact that he had just called her pathetic. There was definitely no one to connect with in the whole thing of Grimoire Heart. What were friends anyway. She sighed and she didn't even hid it. "Yeah you are right. Which reminds me I have a few spells to fix. You want to see how that goes once I'm done? I can use some training and well depending on you." She had not been happy about this but she shouldn't be a big baby about it. There was a reason why she had to get tough because doh she was in a tough guild, she should be a tough person. What was going on? Was it because of the White Claudia? Nah there was much more.

She looked at Victoire, "That's all I had to tell you." she said with a shrug. She stood up from the chair and lifted up Victoire in her arms and she walked to the door. Unless Odin had something to say to her she would walk away.


Confessions or so [Odin] KTbQ0X3N_o

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It seemed the mood had changed somewhat in the room, as had the relationship between both Nastasya and Odin. Nastasya said all that remained to be said, mostly an invitation for training should Odin wish to get stronger and test out his comrade's abilities, an interesting proposal and one Odin was very likely going to take her up on. But after that she became cold, and just stated that she was finished, before standing up and leaving with Victoire, not looking at Odin as she did so. The young man decided to let her leave, as he had no reason to keep her. He would go downstairs, and grab a drink before going to his bedroom, and sleeping, changing the night to day. Another day, another reason to get stronger, another full twenty four hours with which to use. And what a day this was going to be.


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