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#1Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
It was around time that the sun was setting and the shadows of Crocus were getting longer. Nasty was on her mission. It was distracting citizen from someone else. She hated doing this job though. She wanted to do the more interesting things. It was obviously halloween outside though. Kids walking on the street dressed up and some adults, or teens. It was interesting to see and made her mask not that interesting anymore. Since it was just a skull mask that reached her eyes. She wasn't wearing her eyepatch, so two lilac eyes were shown.

The bad thing about the sudden change of plans on Halloween was, that she was wearing heels. High, skinny heels.. in bright red. She liked the colour red and she thought she would have a day off, obviously not. Her black tight jeans were not that obvious and neither was her black corset. Her cloak was just a big shawl covering the pale white skin. It might show off that she didn't mind the cold. It must have been her mask or her long wine coloured hair. She ran across the street and into an alley where she pushed herself against the wall when she rounded the corner. Trying to catch her breath.

#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov


As it was Halloween, he was on duty tonight and he was like Oh God, why do I have to do this shit.. and that too he was doing in disguise so that no one would recognize him. His disguise was the best, most stupid ever. He was wearing a panda costume which had holes through the eyes which were covered with sunglasses, the mouth wasn't sewn together so that food can be put inside it, it was holding a cigarette for the meantime and a scumbag hat to garnish it all off at once.Good things that the costume was fireproof, so if the cigarette dropped on him, he would be safe all the time. It was stupid, but of course it was fun.

Seeing someone in the alley, he had a bag in his hand to collect trick or treat. She was a girl from what he saw, wearing skull mask. He was somewhat suspicious of her, with his back bent and preparing a sweet voice. Lowering his back to pose as a child, he went towards here and said "Hey miss! Trick or treat!" Laughable it was, of course. But it was indeed the only way to get something out of her. His posed his voice like he was 18 and was childish enough to play trick or treat.

#3Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Catching your breath wasn't as charming as she hoped it would be. She looked around the corner but no one was following her, thank god. The heels were annoying, making her at least 5'8 now. She turned to look straight in front of her when she was surprised by a panda boy.

He asked her to trick or treat. Which was a bit strange since she wasn't opening a door or something. Did she get the rules of Trick and Treat wrong? She wasn't really sure since she never played herself. But her eye fell on the corner of his mouth, a cigarette. "Aren't you a bit old to play trick or treat?" she said. Besides she had no purse, so no treat. But she would first wait for his response.

#4Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov


The girl looked startled, of course she would be. A Pandaman coming out of nowhere and asking for trick or treat. She asked that wasn't he old to play trick or treat? No one questions his childish behavior! He almost pouted inside and she might have said that because of the cigarette. He replied "Oh this..this is paper with leaves stuffed inside. I don't really smoke, it's just to look cool." to be quite honest, it was weed covered with leaves. This was special weed though, it was odorless so she couldn't detect it was weed.

Alek noticed she didn't had a purse, which almost made him cry because he actually wanted to play trick or treat while on duty rather than just patrol which he didn't like to right now. He asked in a sad tone "So..no treat?" and was almost crying inside his soul. He was childish on Halloween for no reason other than he liked being childish on that day and it was quite fun to play it because he never got the chance to play it as a child.so he really didn't know the age limits about the festival.

#5Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya nodded a bit when the guy explained that it was nothing. "Right, so it's with the costume?" She asked, it was ridiculous, everything about this incident was ridiculous, especially her heels. He was still too old though, she couldn't pretty much guess but he was bending his back to look smaller, she figured that much, but she couldn't see much of his face.

"Nope, no treat." She would rather have a treat herself. Nasty loved ice cream and all sorts of candy and well yeah it didn't work for now. "Besides it is not how trick or treat works. I thought everybody ought to know that you went to visit houses not random people on the street. We might play trick or treat ourselves or in case of the twenty-somethings like me, we go to parties." It was a good safe, problem was that she wasn't on her way to a party.

#6Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov

come away to the darkness

Oh well, her questions were coming and statements were keeping on coming which annoyed Aleksandr as he said "Well, okay. It's Marijuana." as he opened up his costume and got out of it with the weed still in his hands and still lit. He put it in his mouth again and as it could be seen, he was in black flip flops. A t-shirt, athletic shorts and with his hair messy. He would then proceed to say "Yes, I'm a bit older. But I wanted to get off work and wanted to have some fun and Halloween looked like the perfect thing to do. I'm sorry for troubling you with my immature behaviour."

A strand of blonde hair fell over his eyes as his groomed it up and yawned because he was tired a bit from all his work and wanted to take a break from it to relax so that he doesn't have to do drugs all the time. He extinguished the burning weed and threw it into a nearby dustbin and came back to her, introducing himself "Hi, I'm Aleksandr. Pleased to make your acquaintance." and would scratched the side of his neck gently.
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#7Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya lifted her right eyebrow. Why would you tell someone, why would she care or did she look like she wanted to know? She kept on looking, not saying anything and she was quite surprised to see what was underneath the costume, that didn't look bad at all. Her lilac eyes looked him up and down with some approval and she took away the skeleton mask that covered her nose and mouth. "Don't be bothered, don't we all want to get out of work and celebrate Halloween. I know I would if I had to work in the evenings. You work as a delivery guy or so?" She asked because she really had no idea what he could do or be. She just tried to be curious, but not too much. She also didn't like it if people pried into her life.

She watched how he went to drop the weed and came back to her, interesting and handsome. Nice combination. She was tempted to give her real name but she was also tempted to give the fake one she always used, however with his name, maybe he was from the north too. "Nastasya," she said with a warm smile, it was not everyday you hear something related to her beloved North, "Nice to meet you."

#8Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov

Overture Verdure
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The woman seemed understanding of the issues he had with his job, but a job's a job. He asked what he worked as and made a bad guess saying that he was a delivery guy, he wasn't. He was a Seated member of the Rune Knights though did he really want to reveal it? So he would just say that he works as an accountant, yes accountant. So with a face full of boredom, he spoke up to say "I work as an accountant in the civil services." he lied because he did not want to reveal the nature of his job, just for the sake of a bit of secrecy. The woman's name was Nastasya, it seemed she was from the north too remarking that name of hers.

With a bit of curiosity in his voice and with a general tone spoke to her "Are you from the north?" he was of course, from the north. Myras it was, a town which reminded him of his brother in sheer disgust. So he looking around seeing trash and dustbins "Maybe we should get out of this place, seeing as trash around us. So where should we go? A restaurant?" Aleksandr of course was as daring to ask a stranger woman to a apparent date, or dinner at least because he was feeling quite hungry from all of this duty, his shift would be over anyways by now. The girl in his opinion, did not like bad either. In his taste, she was quite beautiful in her own right and seemed interesting to him.

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#9Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya nodded because yeah she heard about the job some time ago, she wondered if they always worked so late. It was well not as late as she thought. It was around dinner time, it might be nice to run out of the office in a panda costume, no one would suspect you. She had no idea what to say but he introduced himself so it was easier to answer that. Because of the similarity in names she could understand the next question, she smiled a little, "Yeah I'm from Húsavick, it's between the mountains at the edge of Fiore's border." She said to explain, maybe he had heard about it but not many did of course they were not from the North, so it did mean it was a possibility. She was waiting for his town and in the end decided that it couldn't hurt to go to a restaurant with him, besides she didn't mind at all. "Sounds nice." Was her reply to the suggestion, including a nice warm smile. "I know there is a diner around the corner." She said as an other option where they could go, maybe Aleksandr had his own ideas. She wasn't sure of course and she still should be careful.

#10Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov

Lavender Lightning
The Pandaman is the supreme authority

Nastasya said that she is from Húsavick, he really didn't know about it though. He was shipped off to school at a young age, he really didn't get time to know what was around Myras. But as a formality, Nastasya told him her town, so he would go ahead and tell her his town "I'm from Myras. I haven't really heard of your town because I didn't stay in the north for a long time, I was shipped off to boarding school at a young age." as to his suggestion about whether they should go to a restaurant or not, she said yes thankfully because he was feeling hungry as hell. His suggestion was also greeted with a nice and warm smile which he quite liked, it had a been a long time since he had seen a nice, pretty smiling face.

Nastasya said that she knew a diner around the corner, it was actually music to his ears because hd din't want to walk much right now. He really didn't have the energy to walk too much. As he would speak "Sounds Good." and he had forgot to ask her what she did for a living so he thought might as  well go ahead and ask here "So what do you work as, Nastasya?" that was his tone of a general bit of curiosity and his face had a nice smile to greet her and ask his question, he would then as she would start to walk, he would also start to walk beside and with her or if she would not walk, he would just stand there.

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#11Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya was quite done with sharing the nice customs about having a conversation, he told about Myras and she had heard about it, had not really been there but that was okay. She smiled at him, his town was way bigger, she was closer to Nanuq but than again between the mountains closer to Myras. Maybe in between at all. "That's a shame. Are you used to the cold though? I always favour that? I mean I can walk around in a bikini in the winter and there are no problems." she grinned, she loved the winter. Summer was annoying because it was too warm.

Since Aleksandr was agreeing with the Diner, she took a walk that way. Making sure to where she put her feet as in not to sway on the high heels of louboutin, with the red sole. She looked up at Alek when he asked where she worked, not taking a role today again, she had to get used to making up roles before she left her hotel, she decided to just be honest or something like that. "Oh I don't work at the moment. I am travelling, today Crocus, tomorrow I don't know maybe Myras, maybe Magnolia. I just want to see Fiore a bit since I left home." She gave him a sweet smile and after that pointed out the Diner.

She entered not much later and asked if there was a table for two and followed the waiter when there was one.

#12Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Nastasya would state that it’s a shame that he didn't hear about it and that he was shipped off too early out of the north. But then she would go ahead to ask if he was used to the cold, the cold never fazed him anyway. The main reason he was in shorts and a t-shirt because he was adapted to living in the cold and it didn't seem to bother him now because he had stayed in the cold long enough to be adapted to it, he would speak to her about it "Yeah, I have lived most of my life in the cold. It was cold where my boarding school was, I lived my early life in the cold, So yeah I'm adapted to it and you can see I'm in shorts and a t-shirt because the cold doesn't bother me." she had started walking beside him towards the diner which they would probably reach soon.

She said that she didn't work as something, she was just traveling Fiore for now, she didn't know where she would be tomorrow and maybe would be in Magnolia or Myras. She seemed a interesting girl to him from the likes of her talking and sweet smiling face. She pointed to the diner as they entered it and she asked if there was a table for two as the waiter led them to one. would pull the seat for Nastasya first and then sit on his and before sitting her would say "Dinner's on me. What would you like to eat?" with a smile on his face before sitting down shortly after (if) Nastasya would sit down on her seat. He would take a look at the menu and pass the other to her so she could select something of her liking.

#13Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
It made sense, that he was used to the cold when dressed in shorts and a t-shirt but she couldn't help but ask if it came because of the North and so he did explain that it was indeed how it happened. They did arrive at the diner and there was a table and the waiter helped her taking a seat. As if she was needing help but she continued to pretend.

She was a bit perplex when he offered to pay, something she definitely liked in other people. She remembered Arisa doing the same and she forced Nate to pay for her. She smiled again, looking at the menu because even though she had been here, she had a huge appetite and she wanted to make sure what she would like to eat today. "I might try the chili fries." she said looking curious at the description at the menu. Maybe a burger, but those weren't fancy to eat and she didn't feel like throwing ketchup in her lap. "Maybe some fried chicken strips." she said out loud, thinking, she was actually curious to what Aleksandr would eat,s o she could decide and fit it with his dinner.

#14Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Nastasya said that she might try the chili fries and maybe some fried chicken strips. Aleksandr kept quiet, looking at the menu and trying to figure out what to get for himself. He wanted something that would satisfy his hunger while also being a tasty, classic dish, some traditional dish maybe? and he just knew which to order. He spoke up to the waiter who was still standing there "I'll take the Welsh Rarebit."and then asked her about what she would take "So, what are you eating for dinner? You have a pretty face by the way." his comment was supposed to catch her off-guard, but then again few people can resist flattery even if it's plain. It would take some time for their food to arrive after all so they had time to talk and not bore themselves to death.

Aleksandr would look around the diner, most of the people here seemed be couples to him. They looked happy from his understanding, not him cause he was known as 'Forever Alone bruh.' which he would always shrug off because he didn't really care about it. He would look up on the ceiling and then towards Nastasya. He was trying not to get bored because that dish would take some time to get prepared or if it was pre-prepared, it wouldn't take that much time.

#15Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She looked the menu up and down again to make sure that her decision was final or that she had a plan b or c or that she needed them. Finally a waiter came, because it would even take hours (minutes) before their order would be brought to their table. Aleksandr ordered first and she still went with the chicken strips and the chili fries, because she wanted to try them. She never had chili fries but it must be nice. She liked all sorts of food.

Before she could order herself she turned to blush, she hated it when her body thought she could simply do that. But he had caught her indeed off guard when he said she had a pretty face. She looked away and muttered her order to the waiter and waited a few seconds before she looked to Aleksandr after that, you would suspect she got used to that. But never thinking about her looks made it that she was surprised by it sometimes, most when she absolutely didn't suspect it and it didn't sound like a sarcastic comment. "Thanks." she said playing like a shy person now. "I must say, you look rather handsome yourself." she said while looking at the table. Playing a role like this was something she didn't do often and she could actually see the fun in it this night.

#16Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Nastasya said that Aleksandr looked rather handsome himself, which he didn't think of himself as. It didn't really matter to him though, so he just laughed her compliment off like she was joking. He looked around a bit and yawned. He was a bit sleepy and tired of his work and playing as a Pandaman. He really needed food for gaining his energy back and filling his stomach with food because without it, there was no life of course. It seemed that they really didn't have things to talk about or at least it was just him who didn't have anything to talk about to her. He would try to think of something so he could talk to her about something, he decided that he should ask her if she'd like to share food or something "Would you like to share some food?"

#17Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya wasn't good with these conversations, with her guild members she could at least try to get to know them because she wanted to, she tried to figure out how to work with them but this was different and she wasn't sure how to work with it. But she agreed to share food and tried to make the best for it. Almost completely forgetting she was on a job so when the food was finished she had to excuse herself. "I'm really sorry, you were a great distraction but I forgot I was on a job. I meet someone and I needed to run an errand for her." she rolled her eyes as if she found the job stupid, she had remembered that she said she had no job and was a traveller well she needed to get money somewhere. "Maybe.. maybe we can meet again sometime." she said, hoping it would some sort of never happen because she didn't know what to do but if they happen to meet again she kind of looked forward to it. She smiled wanted to leave some money and if he accepted did and otherwise put it back in her pocket. After that she left.

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