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Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Nastasya]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Nastasya] Empty on Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:00 pm

Nastasya Crowe
If you looked well in this room, you would not see much. The curtains were enchanted that it wouldn’t allow one piece of light to enter. If you had to see something it would look like something white, like a big fluffy pillow or so, if you would be able to see with light; you would able to recognize it as a snow ninetails. A very pretty creature that slept during the day and was very active during the night. If you would come during twilight, you might spot a pair of bright red eyes staring at you. And believe me for a fair warning: it would be smarter to get out of the room. Because the red eyes belonged to a pretty young woman with almost the same bright purple hair as her eyes but she wasn’t just a pretty woman: she was a vampyre. And she was always hungry lately which had driven her to a point of what seemed like insanity. Only when she had enough blood for a couple of hours, you could call her almost human again. This woman was Nastasya Crowe or Malice as her guild called her, if her guild still believed she was alive for that matter. She growled loudly and turned around on the king size bed that was her own and threw the pillow at the wall opposite the bed. Which made her pet, Victoire as the snow Ninetails was called, look up with a rather bored expression. ”How could I be so stupid.” she said out loud and she looked at the clock with only narrowing her eyes. Her red vampyre eyes would be able to see clearly in the dark and she was glad to know that the sun was setting. Thankfully it was closer to winter that would mean that her time to hang out, outside would be longer than the daytime and the sun. She set up and shook her head to get the long red hair out of her face. ”I’m hungry.” she placed a pale foot outside the bed and pulled it back, she didn’t want to leave it but there was no other choice. She stepped out bed and stretched herself, made some sort of yoga stretches to crack every bone in her body and warm up every stupid muscle. She walked towards her mirror, thank god she still had a reflection and she licked off the sharp teeth as she checked out the rest of her face. Apart from her bed hair do, she looked fine. Her white night gown made her look even more pale and she quickly pulled it off and turned towards the sink in the same room. ”To imagine that we had a manor to our collection.” she grumbled as this house was so tiny and it wasn’t even completely hers, she only had one room and a small thing extra that you couldn’t call a room that had a shower and a toilet. It was absolutely ridiculous.


#2Nastasya Crowe 

Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Nastasya] Empty on Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:20 pm

Nastasya Crowe
She was absolutely not all too happy about that, but she had also not decided to do anything about it and she wondered if all her old stuff was burned to the ground. She wondered even if the manor was still there and she stared at her hands and turned them to look at her handpalms, who knew if someone lived there and she licked her lips again. She wasn’t thinking straight, which actually wasn’t that much of a surprise. She shook her head, she had eaten last night that was fine. She washed her face a little and dropped herself on the bed again and brushed her hair with the brush that was underneath her pillow. Her long hair should be cut short and turned to look at her reflection and turned her head left and right but shrugged and put it in a ponytail to be done with it for now so she could go out and do a job. She placed a mask on her face to cover her expression as she mostly went by another name but the people that had evil/bad jobs for her knew her perhaps too well even for the fake name and she had to be careful. Which is why the mask and it felt saver, it would cost her time to remove the mask before she could put her fangs into someone’s skin to drink more blood. Of course Victoire would always stand out, as the beautiful snow white fox that she was. Once done with her hair, Nasty made sure to dress up in an all black outfit, a black corset and black leather pants and her black boots. With one last look at her reflection and adjusting her make-up she opened the door for Victoire, who went off into the little grass land that was next to her building, thank god she was on the ground floor. She had eaten enough last night, and she tried to tell herself that all the time but her red eyes trailed after people once they passed her, no one seemed to notice her, even though she was wearing a mask. It must looked perfectly, as she thought every time she used it when going on a job here in Era. She was here for far too long but it gave some thrill to stay in the capital of Justice as she liked to call it. She would patiently wait for Victoire to be done catching a rabbit or another rodent to eat before she would slowly walk towards the city centre and to the club that hold the quest board for people like her. She would look left and right, before descending the stairs in the corner of a dark alley and show up at the bar that was underneath there. She nodded at the barman and turned towards the board and crossed her arms in front of her, reading up on the jobs. Most were shitty, had no need for a woman like her.


#3Nastasya Crowe 

Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Nastasya] Empty on Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:51 pm

Nastasya Crowe
”Saved you a job, Lady Alice.” it was Malice but she did forgive this idiot human and she turned her heel slowly. She smiled with her lips closed, she would not show anything with the mask but still, you would never know what this person knew, ”How lovely, would you show me.” She said it in a tone that did not leave any space to say anything else about it so the man only nodded and grabbed a scroll from underneath the bar and handed it to her. She opened it with one last look at the man and rolled it out and read it slowly. She read it twice to make sure that she would read it carefully and understood the message clearly, a grin appeared on her hidden face, this definitely sounded like fun. She licked her lips unnoticed by anyone in this bar and rolled the scroll back up and threw it in the pocket of her pants and thanked the barman, ”Save me a drink when I’m back.” she said and turned her heel again and walked out of this hidden place. She didn’t have to be afraid that she would be spotted and else there would be more consequences for the party that found her than herself, she looked at Victoire for a second and motioned her to the right place to meet up with Gaud, a merchant. Most of it was already explained but she needed to show that she was taking the job. She entered the shop and Gaud didn’t look at her, ”We are closed.”, ”Good since I’m here for a job, you rather wouldn’t talk about I guess.” she showed him the scroll and the man turned a little pale for asking people like her she guessed. She leaned on the counter, ”Now tell me old man, what would it pay me.” and so she discussed the job with him and told him that she would be back soon, this was going to be a piece of cake, she grabbed a piece of his belongings and he complained that she would have to pay for it, ”Bringing it back old man. Believe me.” She said without looking back and waving it away as if it was nothing, she opened the door for Victoire and followed her, ”Now let’s find this Jarjar.” so she followed Victoire that got an idea, she never knew how the fox knew it, just that she did and that not much later found the man she was looking for outside in front of a bar. She would take a seat, the terrace was heated: very annoying for a vampyre but she would endure it. She would order a martini and looked at her victim, she was hungry again. She placed the box that she had taken from Gaud in front of her and stared at it, a little too loud she told her companion the following words: ”I sure hope she shows up my sweetie. It is worth quite much.”


#4Nastasya Crowe 

Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Nastasya] Empty on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:33 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Which brought exactly the reaction she hoped, the man who she had now known as Jarjar looked at her and the little box that she was staring at on her table. She looked at him from the corner from her mask while patting Victoire, ”I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is in the box?” He asked as he leaned closer towards her and she had to act this out, so she held her hand on the box, ”It is a ring sir. Very antinque. I bought it here for a new bride, she is late I’m afraid.” She showed the ring to Jarjar when he asked if he could see it and she made up a whole story about some ancient family name that almost everyone in Fiore must know and else he would pretend that he would know it, she looked amused behind her mask but Jarjar wouldn’t know. She would just tell him and she sighed heavily, watching a clock from a point that only she could see or not see, he wouldn’t know that either. She would make the story of the ring far greater than it was, as she had seen the original price, ”I could buy it from you.” He sad at some point, exactly what she wanted but she shook her head very quickly, ”No, no I can’t. I mean it is probably her wedding ring.” but the guy convinced her or so he thought that he would pay a far better price and he assured her the girl wouldn’t show up if she was already late. It was very easy going and she looked left and right before she said that she would sell it to him, but not here and she beckoned him to come with her to the alley next to this bar and she left Victoire sitting at her table and picked up the box. She would held the box up and he would hand her the jewels and she closed her hand, ”Let me tell you one thing straight, darling.” she said as he looked at her in anger for she still held on to the ring, she would remove her mask and like her lips again, showing the long sharp teeth. ”Do believe in Karma. It will visit you everytime.” and she dropped her mask and the ring box and before the man could scream her teeth were already piercing in his skin and she was drinking his blood until he lost consciousness and she could let go of him. She wiped the last bits of drop from her mouth with her sleeve, picked up and replaced her mask and grabbed the box and the jewels before she walked back to the bar, finished her drink and paid the jewels for the drink and walked away from the bar with Victoire to bring the ring and the jewels back to Gaud and to tell him that she gave Jarjar a fair warning to never do it again. He paid her and thanked her for her work and she walked back to the bar to get another drink with her new earned money.


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