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Oak to Era [Foottravel/Kenny]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Oak to Era [Foottravel/Kenny] Empty Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:36 am

Nastasya Crowe
Right so she had made an appointment with Kenny a few days, or weeks ago that she would meet him at the city centre as they were going to leave for Era. She had a good reason for that that he didn't know. She sat on her bag waiting for him, dipping her crossed leg up and down while waiting. Victoire was running around the bag even though Nasty had warned her many times that they still needed to walk a lot. She yawned a bit and watch Victoire settle down as the time was about to come for Kenny to show up.

She had changed a bit over the days, she had a new haircut. But her eyes had changed, they were now red. It was probably a vampire thing. She didn't really care, she wondered if Kenny would see it. He had 8 days to spot it for it was 8 days walking to Era or so. She had once walked from Crocus to Oak, she could do this.


Oak to Era [Foottravel/Kenny] KTbQ0X3N_o

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Okay, no pressure. He was going to be leaving Oak soon, and heading to a completely new place, with completely new people, with his completely new sort of girlfriend, there was no pressure right? Right! All he had to do, was keep his bag on tight, make sure his new clothes were crispy and clean, and of course making sure she forgot when he knotted up and didn’t make a move on her and uh… Ruined her sweater and almost ruined her bra. Maker bless him he was a screw up, he should have gone for it… Well next time the chance comes she was his.

“Lord give me the strength,” he sighed to himself as he made his way for their meet up point, He would soon see the duo, his two favorite girls waiting for him, Vic circling her master, Lilja… “Lilja!” he called out to her, pacing forward bag on his back. Kenny had a wide goofy grin on his face he would crouch down and attempt to scoop her up off of her feet for a hook and a quick smooch.

"I've been excited for this all month! Hey did you do something with your hair?"


Oak to Era [Foottravel/Kenny] Qurywgl
#3Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
She heard him coming, well it would be bad if she had not heard him coming, besides Victoire was anticipating on it. She had only not expected to be scooped up and got a kiss. She gave him one back and waited for him to put her back on the ground. She was dressed in a black pair of jeans and another sweater. Not showing off the cold feeling of her skin. "Hi, you are right on time. Shall we go immediately?" She asked with an innocent looking face, she twirled a strain of hair around her finger, "All I did was get a haircut." She shrugged it off but made a twirl, focus. She told herself. This was Lilja her moment, "What you think?" She gave him a smile and picked up her bag and made her way out of town as soon as Kenny admited he was ready to go. Era here they come. Most of all: job here she was on her way.



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Kenny couldn’t help but keep his grin, “You look beautiful my dear.” he put her back down, looking down at victore, he didn’t quite know how to greet the fox, so he gave her a pat on the head and looked back at Lilja, “Let’s get going!” he pulled on his backpack and stood up rolling his shoulders. Here they go to Era, he had never heard of this place, nor had he been all that curious, but given that she wants to go there he was willing to give it a shot. Worst, comes to worst he could just hide in the hotel room or wherever they stayed their nights there. Did she have a map in mind? Maybe he would need to be the one to guide them there, he hoped against that idea, he didn’t have a clue where they were going so it was safe to assume she knew the route. Here they go to Era, the big E where the knights roamed, though he was more worried about what they would be doing the night they get there. Maybe some music, candles, Vicy goes in the bathroom and they get down to business; backrubs and oil.


Oak to Era [Foottravel/Kenny] Qurywgl
#5Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Obviously Nastasya didn't know what Kenny thought and she wasn't actually prying. She just decided to walk and see what all happened, she hadn't planned much. They had to walk four days and the problem was more that she would have to walk during the daylight, however she suggested that they would walk in the early mornings and evenings, take naps during the hot hours and continue. It wasn't that hot since it was still spring but she hoped that would save herself from the trouble of too much daylight.

Four days was a long journey, especially if four had already passed and she had the feeling she didn't know what to talk about anymore. This whole Lilja project felt like it was getting out of hand. That Nastasya was part of an idea, a concept an art and not Lilja. But Lilja was the silly name of her mother and she had found Oswald somewhere along the lines. She talked to Kenny about nothing, the obvious topics, she talked about Era. What she wanted to do and see, why she was going she kept vague as it was part of her freelance job, that's all she said. She didn't mention Lucifer or Odin for that matter, she had seen the last reaction and she wanted to keep it out of their conversations now.

But at some point after four days of simply walking and talking the conversations became boring and well she didn't have much to tell. She almost told him about her family or her house in Orchidia but that was a bit too close as she had not come up yet with a story for Lilja and she didn't feel like doing that now. She didn't know him that well and her first plan of following Yumi her instructions had failed, she had to be a bit more distant, more mysterious and more attracting.. She felt her haircut did a bit of that, or well maybe it was because for years she hadn't done anything with her hair but let it grow.

Fine nothing to worry about, she spoke about the weather, how strong Victoire got. That she wanted to go shopping and well meet people, the last thing she didn't say outloud, she didn't feel like talking about a jealous conversation.

Finally the city showed up. Which reminded her that the last time she traveled, the shadow of Reyn had been everywhere around her. She quickly looked left and right but she didn't see it. Which was a good thing. She wasn't really afraid of it yet, it was but a shadow, though it gave her the creeps now she understood slightly what Reyn had meant to her and what she did. Only Nastasya didn't fully understand why she had killed him. This realization would probably come later. She wondered how to clearly explain that she didn't want to share a room with Kenny. Well, maybe she just picked an expensive looking hotel, look all innocent and said she was too much used to luxury, "Well see you later, How about Lunch tomorrow?" She needed to catch some sleep first and prepare for her job.

901 - Arrival in Era


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Talk about a downer, Lilja had been distant during their travels, from Oak on. Walking for four days straight wasn’t his ideal means of travel, but they rested in between stops, she wasn’t much for conversation, not that he was either. After that last stint he almost prefered it this way. Kenny felt some what to blame for her pushing away, but he couldn’t blame her, oh boy, he couldn’t blame her. There wasn’t much he could do about it other than nod as she spoke and offer her subtle answers when she spoke ‘Mhmms’ and ‘That’s nice’ were his go to answers, she wasn’t interested and he wasn’t going to force himself on her.

What to do, what to do, he was nearing this foreign city, the person he came with now entirely disinterested and distant this had become a waste of time. Now this was a question of who what, when and where? Who was he going to find, What was he going to do, When was he going to do it, and where was it going to happen. Then again, would he be foolish to give up on the woman with the icy touch? He could hold a glimmer of hope for her, but for now he had to focus on whatever the hell it was he came for besides her. What was even in Era? Knights? Buildings? A kingdom? Fantastic.

He had so many questions, but she would give little answer. This was going to be one hell of a trip, but fuck it he was going to take action. He couldn’t seem too off put by her yardage. This was going to be his chance, his time to develop himself into someone who she think is worthy of her time, never give up right? Fight for your cause, win the day and the girl… Shit he was going to make an ass of himself, but he had conflicting feelings about her. He did not know her on anything more than an intimate level. Where he could have done the unthinkable he lost sight of the finish line and let her go, maybe now he was paying for it.

:Yeah sure we can hang later, get some lunch, check out what’s around.” he chuckled, this would be enough time for him to pull something out of his hat, he had no choice, “Just uh wait for me in your hotel room… There’s something that we need to talk about before we do anything…”



Oak to Era [Foottravel/Kenny] Qurywgl

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