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More Vampire Fears [Quest | Solo]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

More Vampire Fears [Quest | Solo] Empty on Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:34 am

Nastasya Crowe
It was but a day later, the nightmares had not succumbed, especially not after that stupid stuff that Mabuz pulled on her. She was definitely full of anger and it was not something that would easily get away. She hadn’t always thought herself as the person that would hold a grudge but here she was. She was still in bed, her right arm crossed over her eyes to avoid the light of the Sun that was already up. She should get out of bed, she should show up for the people that might be watching her, she should be less interesting than she really was. But being a vampire had thrown around her schedule of sleeping, eating and everything else. Thank god food still tasted like food but water, coffee, wine, tea everything lost its taste and thus drinking was rather boring but an important task that she still performed every single day, it was annoying because digesting things and everything that was related to that, only worked properly when she had blood. As if her body only functioned at blood, so she tried to just eat barely as much as she wanted. Nastasya loved food and this was the consequences she now had to live with. There was a knock on her door, it was probably another job, message or whatsoever. There were but limited people that she spoke with. She clenched her right hand, ”Yes?” she said and Victoire her ears immediately stood up straight, ”Message for miss Oswald. Doctor Stephan Mabuz would like to see you as soon as possible.” Maybe she should get a different hotel, so that the stupid doctor wouldn’t be able to find her, ”Received, thank you.” she said back to the door and heard the footstep of the messenger leave.

That’s when Nastasya rolled herself out of bed as if there was not an option to not go. But the money was needed, thank god she barely needed food and drinks anymore so she could spend all her money on the hotel but she wanted to buy other things too. Most of her clothes she had thrown out and that had been an expensive thing to replace. She had to be more careful for now to not get horrible jobs that would ruin her clothing or get blood in it. Since she didn’t do her own laundry, she burned them. People might want to ask questions she didn’t feel like answering. She got dressed in a pants suit made of a dark blue colour that fitted her perfectly. She tied her hair in a high ponytail and made sure to fix her make-up so no one would be able to see the Grimoire Heart insignia on the back of her neck. When she was dressed, she made sure Victoire was ready to leave too and together they walked to Mabuz. She was sure she would rip him apart if he would pull that joke on her once more.

As she entered the shop, he only got up and nodded to her as a greeting. He didn’t say anything and a cold stare appeared in her eyes. She knew exactly what he planned to do, ”One mistake doctor. And you wish you weren’t born today.” She whispered but followed him none the less, thinking about the money. They went to the same room with the chair as last time and she stared at it, not planning to sit down but Mabuz got it out of the room without saying anything. He held up the syringe and handed it over to her, ”Use it on yourself.” With that he left and she had the feeling he would be watching her. She looked left and right, not entirely happy about the idea that she had to add it to herself. She made a fist of her left hand and ticked in her elbow to see the vein before she pushed the needle in, with a few seconds to rethink she pushed the white liquid into her bloodstream. She got the idea that she would lose her ability to see again and quickly dropped the syringe and kicked it away. That’s when everything turned back to the abandoned factory but this time she was in a hallway. There were many doors and at the end one stairway. She first was too curious to simply go to the stairway and grabbed the door immediate at her right. When she entered it was full of old dolls that were broken and she clenched both her fist and looked left and right, in the middle of the room was one chair with one doll. The doll looked exactly like her mother. She couldn’t help but laugh, it was just funny until the doll her head came up and smiled at Nastasya, ”Look at you so pretty. I can’t believe you are my daughter, my pretty little Nasty.” She quickly took a few steps back, bumped her back against the door, no. Her mother was dead. The doll got up and walked towards her and with her left hand Nastasya tried to open the door to get out before the doll would reach her. Thank god it didn’t had too long legs otherwise she would be late. She fell out of the room and kicked the door shut before the doll would get a chance to grab her.

A bit lost for words, she got up and opened the next door, this time more prepared. The second room looked like her old room, a bit like the one she had seen before but this time she recognized the room she had as a child in Husavick, the room changed shape and became her bedroom in Orchidia, with her grandparents. That’s when another door opened, she hadn’t seen that one before and she looked at herself. Same age. Same clothing, ”Did you miss me?” Her voice sounded different, on the brick of tears maybe but that’s when her mirrored self started to laugh like a maniac, ”Oh you don’t know yet. You will never know yet, it will be too late.” Quickly she left the room, her heart racing, that kid, herself, she sounded insane. She remembered very well what had happened to her nineteen year old self and how she lost her way around. How it took her four years to become what she was now, more sane than ever. But this room was right. She could lose it any second again. She would never want to go to Orchidia, never wanted to see that house again but it was now hers. She had to go, sooner than later. She would burn it down.

She grabbed the first door on the left side now and the room was empty, it was like a rusty old room of the factory but there was one thing there. The shadow that’s been stalking her since she left Crocus and she quickly ran out of the room. Her eyes darting from left to right, there a noise coming from the end of the corridor where she had started. What was going on here? She might not look the deal but she was afraid and hurried to the stairway on the other end of the corridor and it felt like she was falling off the stairs and hit her head. She looked up and around, the room was the room of Mabuz and she saw the syringe in the middle of the room as she was down in the corner. She had probably hit her head against the wall. Mabuz came in and he was grinning, demanding her to tell what happened, she spit at his feet and told him. Leaving out most of the details that had nothing to do with him. He gave her the money and already walked away. Fine, this time he would stay alive. But she would find a way to kill him.


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