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A Fine Disaster | Erebus

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-01-29, 7:31 am

Nastasya Crowe
As the two of them had decided to leave their new Guildmate alone, Nastasya thought about where to go. She needed someone to help her try out the ways of her new body. It was towards twilight, the sun was setting and a beautiful few of a red sky appeared around the town of Oak. She looked around and found Victoire coming towards her from one of the allies next to the pub. Her snout was a bit dirty and Nasty shook her head because she had probably been hunting for old rotten fish or something, thank god she didn't smell like that or Nasty would have puked right at the spot.

She waited for Erebus to appear at her side and she suggested that the mountains would be the best idea and she had found a hidden training spot with Odin and Caius a month ago. If he would be willing to join her there she would walk to that spot by going out of the town, into the forest, crossing a bridge and getting onto the secret path, hidden by a yew tree in the mountain to some sort of platform there. She wasn't sure what to say to Erebus, she had seen him now three times before this moment, if you counted the pub as one moment as well. She didn't know his ability, she also didn't know her own ability anymore, it was a bit difficult to say so. "I still think I have a lot to learn." was all she said, especially since she always had easy targets and well it had been difficult with Caius opposite her as well as Odin. She needed to become better at this, "I don't know how well you are in combat but if you are, maybe this could be some sort of lesson for me and not only just trying to wound each other?" was all she could suggest, she needed to know him better to make such assumptions.

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A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-01-29, 8:14 am


The cat was half drunk, but he was not to be underestimated. Upon hearing her he answered with a yes, the mountains did sound fine. Erebus, even if shaken from his alcohol was an incredibly fighter, but relatively weak in magic. By incredibly, I mean he could do any magic at all. However, that wouldn't deter him from doing some powerful hits. "Aye, me too. I've only just began my training here lately... With the Kaidou."

The name would likely ring a bell in Nastasya's ears. Had she any knowledge for the martial arts in the world. Kaidou is considered to be one, if not the most monstrous Nova, a man who finds pleasure in battles and blood. He's taken the lives of many other martial artists and anyone else who opposed him in battle. What spoke of Erebus though, was that Kaidou didn't battle weaklings, let alone train seasoned fighters. This fact alone meant that Erebus was probably dangerous his own right. Plus, he had defeated Carnage in a bare hand match-up, something not easily done. How his physical strength would fair against Shadow's magic was still too early to get an idea for though. He might get dropped within the first few seconds.

However, to elaborate on just how extreme it was to be a student of Kaidou. One had to understand and acknowledge where he came from in this world.

If Kaidou was the current southern star nova, it was pretty likely that Erebus would be the next generation afterwards to take his place. Hence why he was chosen to be the man's legacy. His fighting style, revered as Death Cutter was only just beginning to be learned. Though, in due time, Erebus would be a master of it. Able to end mages in single blows. For the time being, that was not the case. All he had riding for him was the stance, and his own wits in combat.

Information on Novas and Kaidou:
In the world of Martial Arts, the four Novas are recognized as practitioners with the potential to become the greatest fighters some day. The rate at which they grow is considered monstrous, allowing them to surpass their peers easily. Kaidou, the Southern Star, used to be trained in the Satsu Mountains when he was still young. Since he quickly absorbed what the Masters taught him, he caught the eye of a retired Master there who no longer wished to battle anymore. Released from his boredom, he took young Kaidou under him and taught him the way of the Death Cutter. The practitioners of these beliefs believe that killing the opponent is the way to use their martial arts skills. It is the belief that martial arts were created to kill and destroy. During his last training and battle, he was tasked by his Master to use the Death Cutter to kill him or to be killed.

"I can't promise I won't wound you, Shadow. My master is pretty strict with our methods... I'll try and not be too violent I guess. But before we can begin, you should know that it's a belief in my style to kill the opponent."

The cat paused, and shrugged, rubbing his eye to see forward more clearly as they walked. This would be a game in which Erebus demanded himself the victor. Of course, if he did win, it would surprise not only himself, but her too. He'd defeated Carnage already, was it possible to beat this woman too?

"Since this is just us, I'll null that ruling and we'll attempt getting more accustomed to each other. Okay? I haven't battled a magic in a long time, before I joined Grimoire Heart it was my goal to overpower magic... remember? I guess this'll be a fun test of our growths huh?"

The cat mumbled softly, taking her hand into his and waving it around, forward and back. He was pretty drunk, hopefully Nastasya would understand his behavior, since she was the 'one' female he didn't act up around. At least, not too severely. "So what's this place called? Does it have a name?" His was turned, and his glowing yellow pupils trained themselves onto her face. He awaited an answer.

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#3Nastasya Crowe 

A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-01-29, 8:58 am

Nastasya Crowe
She continued to walk but listened carefully to the words of Erebus. For a starter such as herself it wasn't maybe so smart to ask Erebus his help but on the other hand he must be rather impressive. Something she wanted to become. She licked her upper lip and felt her fangs, first she had to grew custom to her body. She had heard the name Kaidou before somewhere vaguely. Problem was still Nastasya and names but she got the idea of what it meant and it did explain also why Yumi couldn't beat him. Maybe that made this an even better idea.

They walked in silence before Erebus started to explain again, that he couldn't promise to not wound her. She smiled because of that, "I'm fine with that. I'm fine with a good fight as long as I learn from it and can be at least a little better the next time." It was stupid but she actually found it funny that his style was to kill. "Well as long as you let me continue to walk on this Earth, I would be grateful." She meant it slightly to tease, it wasn't smart to kill your guildmate when there was no good reason to why. She didn't say she was alive, since she actually wasn't, maybe that's what made it an extra bit funny for her.

However Erebus said he would null that ruling and asked to get more accustomed to each other and she nodded, she liked that idea. She was a little taken aback when he took her hand and went to swing with it. She had noticed he was drunk when they were in the pub but it somehow had slip mind again because this was so important to her. She stared back into his yellow eyes, not sure what to think, "No idea. I came here with Lucifer and Black. I just found it on a stroll."

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"I see, I guess that means we'll have to call it the secret place."

The cat jested, since only Grimoire Heart was aware of this training ground. t seemed fishy to believe that anyone else would use fir the same purpose. I mean, considering it's location and all that jazz. The two walked for what seemed like a long time, the dark would be no bother to Erebus, he could see in the dark if the battle dragged out, Nasty could see blood so she was likely fine too.

However, Erebus didn't know that, perhaps he was hoping it could be an advantage. The idea however, that Nastasya would be getting more powerful during the night-- was her true advantage. One she held over him and he'd soon come to revelations with. As well as her newest magical powers.

"Let's get some distance on each other. Ten meters sound good?"

The cat asked, as they entered the grounds. The whole place was indeed nice, some destruction was left here, Erebus assumed from other mages being here. No worries, he'd use the craters in the ground around here to his advantage, since he was much more nimble than the vampress nearby.

Upon taking his place opposite ten meters of the girl, the cat entered the Death Cutter stance.

Death Cutter's Stance:
Name: Death Cutter's Stance
Rank: None
Stamina Cost: None
Requirements: Death Cutter Arts
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: None
Cooldown: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: In a fully upright stance, the user stands with the legs shoulder-width apart and the right foot a half-step in front of the left. Both feet are parallel, and the right heel is off the ground. The left fist is held vertically about a few centimeters in front of the face at eye level. The right fist is held beside the chin and the elbow tucked against the ribcage to protect the body. The chin is tucked into the chest to avoid punches to the jaw which commonly cause knock-outs and is often kept slightly off-center. Wrists are slightly bent to avoid damage when punching and the elbows are kept tucked in to protect the ribcage. The stance allows the user to attack and move while upholding it. As long as the user remains in their stance, they have +20% Endurance. Quickly dropping the stance and returning to it results into the +20% Endurance not being applied in the brief moment the stance is dropped. As long as the user returns back to their stance as fast possible after attacking, the post will still be counted as a stance post. Every 5 posts the stance has been maintained, the additional Endurance increases by 10% which means that after the fifth post in which the Death Cutter's Stance is maintained the additional Endurance is +30% instead of +20%.

DC Counter: 1

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#5Nastasya Crowe 

A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-01-31, 9:09 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya and Erebus had entered what he now called the Secret Place. Which was her idea of training. She had to get all of this under control rather soon and what better way to learn than put it into action. She looked around and saw Victoire standing behind her, sitting close to the edge of the rocks. She was ready and turned back to Erebus, "Ten is fine." Maybe ten was too far off, but she could probably cover that distance soon enough. She turned her back on Victoire, it was not necessary for her to take a few steps back, Erebus did.

She eyed him when he took a stance. She could see why it had effect or why it was a useful stance. She wondered that if she would copy him, he would attack her. But she wasn't here to copy but she also wasn't here to lose. The problem was, there wasn't yet a plan forming in her head. Which made it for now that she copied him more or less. She turned her body a little made and made her left foot stand in front of her right, turning her to the side, showing the left flank and her left hip. Her right forearm was in front of her stomach, with her hand formed into a fist, both left and right. Her left arm was bend with her forearm a little but up too. She hoped she would be able to be fast enough to block incoming attacks on her head. Besides that she still had the possible ability of her magic. At least he said that she was allowed to fight with magic right?

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A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-01-31, 12:49 pm


While the girl positioned herself, the cat was already advancing, baring sharp canines, his eyes shimmered in twilight. It took exactly two seconds for him to reach her, but his new agility allowed him to react at any change of timeline. Nothing was left to say in dialogue; Yumi had taught him that leaving room to chat was just a way for the opponent to operate in the seconds corresponding.

Hesitant of her magic, but fearless as the beast, the boy would attempt coming in close, holding his stance. He threw three left jabs, focusing on the movement of her shoulders. If she was to switch up her stance he'd know, moving his wrists out of the orthodox boxing position. In which case, he'd have a surprise ready.

With legs maintaining their usual stance, he was read to pick up a sidestep or knee, as well as leg if needed. But as said, most of his eye movement hinted that he was approaching the woman as a fighter. Any movement of the shoulder would open him up to assume movement of the hands, where he would act accordingly. After all, movement of the hands, or the body at all, hinted a folly chance to unleash magical spells. Her advantage was magic-- he would not give her the leverage to use such things. That much he promised.

Assuming his progression towards being a martial arts master, he liked to think the reversals were more in his field of expertise. If Nas was a master fighter too, then he'd pick up pace and prove his methods as one himself, after all, he defeated Carnage. A master melee fighter in her own right. This wouldn't be an easy game, the objective was to challenge Shadow. Erebus would not show her mercy, even if he was dulled slightly by alcohol.


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#7Nastasya Crowe 

A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-02-02, 1:21 am

Nastasya Crowe
Erebus seemed to be the one starting, exactly like she wanted. Her mind was thinking quickly, maybe even quicker than she was used to. He came to her, threw three left punches. It was easy for her to take a step to her own left, his right and avoid his three jabs.

She didn't plan to use magic just yet, other wise it wouldn't be learning something new, now would it? Since she had taken a step out to the left, his right. So she moved her left fist to hit him underneath his chin and moved her right arm into a combination, around herself to hit him on the nose.

Depending on the fact if she hit him, she would stand her ground. If she had managed to miss, she would take a few steps back and try to manage a 2 meter distance between them. Letting Victoire move (no matter if she remained standing or moving) around her to the left but keeping a five meter distance between her and Erebus and Nastasya.

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A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-02-02, 5:35 am


= Interruption =

Just like that, the girl played into the cat's game. As described, he kept his right arm ready for her-- for exactly this case scenario, what had been focused were a few quick jabs from his left, those were his distractions. In the case of dodging them she'd have to be incredibly sped up to do it, due to his swing speed being fairly adept. As she side-stepped outwards, she'd find the cat's body had pressed inward at a parallel to her curvy hips, and with his bent knees coming lower as she moved, a mighty swing from his right fist was almost certain to meet contact with her flesh. If by chance, it landed successfully, and it likely would, long metal claws would rocket out of his knuckles, directly into her vital organs. Right under the rib and right above her hip-line. The attack would deal immense pain, having increased his strength by an additional amount.

The cat would then thrust all his physical force from his left upward into her chin. The uppercut would be the end to his combo, due to the sheer stun that came with a deep pierce of a sixteen inch blade running through you, Nastasya would find herself stunned more than likely. If Erebus had been meaning to kill her, he could've driven his other blade-claws (the other hand) through her skull, but settled for just a raw punch consider the circumstances. He then made a meter distance from her, ready to reversal any counter-plays she had concocted in that time frame. Using  the force behind his uppercut to jump backwards.

Nastasya's fists were ducked in the midst of this combination, however due to the damage latent enacted upon her, she'd have likely fallen just short of hitting him. His body having agility beyond a normal man's, he moved like a snake into the centre of of her arm. His eyes were hazy, but his talents were not hampered by the liquor drunken earlier. The cat's mind stayed weary of the snow vulpix off to the side of the field. It was debatable whether the creature was going to be of much help with such a short interval of time though. Since the trap was sure to go through at this point.

DC: 3

Claws = +20% Strength capping with Stance

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#9Nastasya Crowe 

A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-02-05, 6:22 am

Nastasya Crowe
She was rather surprised that she fell for the little trap that he made and she should have known. It was nearly impossible to apparently avoid his attack since she was mid her own, which he seemed to be able to dodge. She felt something around her stomach area and couldn't help but cough, blood appeared on her lips and between her and Erebus. It was painful but she would manage, however he still tried to hit her with his left fist, even though the pain was there she simply ignored it. Her body had been through enough this week to ignore this for at least now. She moved her own right hand to stop his left for hitting her chin, moving up her head too. She had to think fast.

While Nasty was holding onto his hand, she decided what to do. Victoire came from behind her, she was able to cover the five meter distance in less than a second with her dash of speed and immediately used the icy wind on Erebus. At the same time Nastasya know what to do she needed her own blood and got that from the wound around her stomach, she moved her left hand in a short wave, she took a quick step next to Victoire and while she made the movement the spell started to form the two waves from the Flawless, blood Helix spell appeared and covered four meters in width and would find it's way in a seven meters long wave of blood.

Victoire Spell:

Name: Icy Wind
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Vulpix Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Frost
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Vulpix opens its mouth allowing a rush of cold air to erupt forth before turning into a gale of icy wind that spreads out in mid air 1m wide and 1m high. By continuously pouring magic into it's mouth Vulpix continues to release this gale of icy wind causing C rank damage per post.

Mana: 150/200

Nastasya Spell:

Name: Flawless
Rank: A-rank
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Blood Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Creator uses her own blood from a wound or bites in her hand to create the blood to run free to create two waves of blood that rotate around each other and form a helix that blast the opponent away from her in case it hits and does a A-rank damage with that. The two waves of blood both are 4 meters width and twirl around each other so the size of the total spell is 4 meters and 7 meters long.

Mana: 975/1475

A Fine Disaster | Erebus KTbQ0X3N_o

A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-02-05, 8:41 am


Erebus breathed outwards softly, the smell of liquor was on him. The cat was more nimble than her, this was proven. His race was built for up close combat like this. His ears bent to the side upon hearing the Vulpix slide into place. The environment was his advantage, not the Vampire's. By tilting his wrist. The neko was able to force the woman's nervous system to listen to his next few orders. The truth was, she could ignore the pain for a second, but her body operated with it's own subconsciousness. It would heed the forced movement wherever he aimed it. When the companion launched it's spell. Erebus used his larger strength to thrust Nastasya into the gale's line of sight.

From here, what with her having caught his hand, his other claws would thrust outwards piercing her hand and attaching her to him. With no hand left to move her blood spell with, it would not be able to occur. The Neko pulled his claws out and thrusted into her multiple times, six to be exact. With every pierce of his blades he moved her further into the ice-gale. The golden eyes into his face gazed into her. The boy cracked a grin. "Let's not kill each other okay?" The claw jabbing her stomach retracted and he readied his fist to punch her brutally across the face.

From that he retracted his other claw that had wounded her hand, dodge rolling out eight feet before popping up into his stance immediately. He expected her spells from here out, so he'd have to keep his chin about him. This was a seasoned sorceress. A witch with powers he wasn't aware of. Never get cocky, especially with magic users... The message continued to relay through his head. What could it be, he thought, from here out she'd attempt? Now was the time to find out.


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#11Nastasya Crowe 

A Fine Disaster | Erebus Empty 2017-02-06, 10:28 am

Nastasya Crowe
He suggested not to kill each other and she nodded, she was bleeding enough. "Yeah fine you won." she said and she simply waited for him to let go of her because she was done for. Damn, but she should have known as he was able to defeat Yumi as well.

Since she had given up, which she hated herself, she waited till she got her strength back. "Thanks anyway." With that she turned around and with difficulty walked away from the battle with Victoire on her heels, looking a bit worried to the vampire. Maybe it was good that she hadn't used her magic yet, he wouldn't know.


A Fine Disaster | Erebus KTbQ0X3N_o

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