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Base Race Upgrade

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Base Race Upgrade Empty Sat Apr 30, 2022 9:41 am



Name: Base Race Upgrade.

Slot: Race.

Type: Race.

Cost: 500,000 Experience, 250 Statistic Points, and 20% Mana Points.

Details: The user replaces their current race with the upgraded burn version. The user must complete the requirements on the actual race page for the transition to be completed after the purchase.  


Base Race Upgrade Empty Mon May 02, 2022 10:37 am


Purchase Details


Experience Cost: 1,000,000
Statistic Points Cost: 300
Mana Percentage Cost: 5,040


Current Experience: 2,008,000
New Experience: 1,008,000

Current Statistics

Current Statistic Points Total: 1668
Current Strength:  631
Current Speed: 463
Current Constitution: 273
Current Endurance: 220
Current Intelligence: 81

New Statistics

New Statistic Points Total: 1368
New Strength: 431
New Speed: 363
New Constitution: 273
New Endurance: 220
New Intelligence: 81


Current Mana: 25,200
New Mana: 20,160


This is a 2500 words topic that shows the conclusion of Esperia turning into a Demon, it is a alternative retelling of the events happening in her epic


And this is a topic containing part of the storyline leading to the events, considering it is + 4000 words I'll meet the 5000 words requirement in that regard.

Turning into a Demon please~

Base Race Upgrade 9SJZlYO
"Saving the world, one slime at a time~"

Base Race Upgrade Empty Mon May 02, 2022 10:47 pm


@Esperia has become a Demon, Congratulations!

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