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Poseidon, the Master of the Sea [8,500,000J]

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Poseidon, the Master of the Sea [8,500,000J] Empty Sun Mar 05, 2023 8:41 am



Name: Poseidon, the Master of the Sea

Element: Water

Category: Single

Quantity: Limited

Description: A fearsome warrior when he was mortal, Poseidon, brother of Zeus, was heralded as the master of the seas said to be able to control the very oceans themselves without feeling the harsh extremes that come with it. While his oldest brother lead the powerful army of the Sevese Empire, Posiedon commanded its navy influencing the tides of warfare on the high seas for generations. It is largely due to the water god that they were able to cross the seas to capture vast swaths of land to the west and south. Overtime Poseidon grew distant from the mainland retiring to the seas and establishing his own domain there independent of the empire garnering discontent from his brother whose frequent summons were ignored leading to a bitter conflict between ocean and land, brother versus brother splitting the Hellenic Pantheon into a fractured ramble of family rivalries.

Drawback: Owing to their affinity to the water, the possessor of Poseidon, Master of the Sea must frequently acquire and consume copious amounts of water whether it's pure or adultered is relevant. Failing to drink anything in even a short time will lead to the user growing faint while their skin becomes dry and flakey as their body thrives on water.


  • Tyrant of the Oceans: The AoE spells of the user can bypass each other of the same type. This means the spells do not negate each other nor do they affect the spell speed when moving through each other. This means that Offensive-type spells of the user can move through their own Offensive-type spells for example.
  • Beyond the Reach: Offensive-type (AoE) spells can be stacked in the same location to increase the size and power of the spell. Should the user cast 2x A-rank AoE Offensive-type spells on the same location, it would increase the AoE of the spell to an S-rank in addition to the damage increase.
  • Walking in Water: While within any of the user's spells, they can effectively move around freely as though they were flying up to 10 meters in height while their speed is increased by 50%.
  • One with the Seas: Spending much of their life in the sea, Poseidon became obsessed with truly becoming a part of it, as a consequence, he began to rely upon it but in doing so it allowed him to become immune to the damage and any associated modifiers attached to his spells.


  • Minor Water Resistance: The user receives a Minor Resistance versus Water. The resistance is replaced by Moderate Resistance during the transformation.


  • Minor Lightning Weakness: The user receives a Minor Weakness versus Lightning. The weakness is replaced by a Moderate Weakness during the transformation.

  • Salt Water Toxicity: As a consequence of Poseidon residing in the ocean for the majority of their life, their spells also contain large amounts of impurities allowing causing them to be highly conductive as a consequence Lightning single-target spells can ignore the user's Spells and instead deal direct damage to them even if they are inside said spells.


  • The user must either train or purchase the spell listed below when they have unlocked the respective spell slot.
  • The user cannot get another element with this magic.
  • The magic takes up two enhancement slots. The user does not need to have the enhancement slots available at purchase. Should the user ever unlock their first enhancement slot, it will immediately be filled by this magic.


  • The user must be a Human, Dwarf, or Elf.


  • Name: Tsunami
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Requirements: Poseidon, the Master of the Sea
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Water, Frost
    Range: ~
    Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user raises up their hand causing a rush of water to course out as it continues to fill the area unrelentingly dealing devastating damage to the environment around them while leaving the user untouched while they stand within the water, as this spell is sustained through additional topics, the tsunami will increase in volume being able to exceed both AOE and Spell Range size limits, increasing in its original 16 meter size by 5 meters each post and dealing 1x S-Ranks worth of damage per turn to anything within the area.

  • Name: God Soul: Poseidon, the Master of the Sea
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
    Requirements: Poseidon, the Master of the Sea
    Type: Transformation
    Element: Water
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user activates the God Soul and merges with Poseidon causing his lower body to be replaced with innumerable tentacles. While in this form, Walking in water speed increase changes from 50% to 100%, and their equipment becomes immune to the damage and effects of their spells including any potential damage dealt by them. Tyrant of the Ocean now applies for all spell types of the user, this does not include item spells.


Poseidon, the Master of the Sea [8,500,000J] Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 8:37 am


Purchasing this

30% Discount (20% Demigod, 10% Blue Pegasus Perk 2)

Should come to 5,950,000 by my math (8,500,000 X 0.7)


Poseidon, the Master of the Sea [8,500,000J] Empty Tue Nov 21, 2023 8:41 am


Sophia has purchased Poseidon, the Master of the Sea

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